Well folks, I’m excited for SDCC 2016. Bryan and Michael are supposedly going to have some exciting news about the future of the Avatar series. In order to channel my excitement, I’ve done an Aang companion piece to keep Korra company. Hope you all like! And be sure to check out the Korra/Avatar panel if you’re going to Comic Con this year!

Swift as the wind
Smooth as the river
strong as the earth
with passion like the fire. <3

I shouldn’t be allowed to look at pictures of dancers dancing..
Stuff like this happens..


I CANT I JUST I CANT IM DEAD 😂😂💪 fucking black avatars hahahaha #avatar #lastairbender #aang #black #funny #repost

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Made a process gif for my Avatar piece showing at Gallery Nucleus. This and all the other Avatar and Kora pieces are only up for two more days; make sure to go and check them out if you haven’t.