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I really don’t get why people think Ravaa chooses a human host each time an Avatar is born. 

Ravaa was quite clear: 

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‘We are bonded forever.’

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“Don’t worry. We will be together for all of your lifetimes.”

This quite clearly means that each reincarnation is a reincarnation of Wan and Ravaa. But just like the Doctor each reincarnation is different from the last.

Also: Aang was put on trial for a ‘crime’ Kyoshi committed and Aang talked about Kyoshi in the first person. 

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and look at that switching from Wan to present day Korra!

Plus adorable wee!tiny!Korra claimed Wan’s teapot as her own. 

Ravaa doesn’t hop to one soul to another, Ravaa is bonded to Wan’s soul, through every reincarnation and she fused again with Korra in the harmonic convergence. 

So Wan was Kuruk, Yangchen, Kyoshi, Roku, Aang and now Korra.

Also, if Ravaa were to choose again she will always choose the soul that was Wan, in whatever reincarnation or form. 

it’s been only a few days since these teasers started but honestly i feel like i’ve already aged years….i just graduated with honors….i started my dream job….i actually got married…..i’m expecting my first 3 children……i just put down a mortgage on a house in suburbia….in the past 4 days my life has jumped forward 10 years…..