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Snooker: Asif, Iqbal rally into last-4

Shehza­d thrash­ed Naveen Perwan­i 5-0. Asif had little problem in seeing off Mohammad Sajjad 5-2 in arguably the toughest match of the quarter-finals. KARACHI:  IBSF world champion Mohammad Asif will face Shahid Aftab and defending champion Asjad Iqbal will lock horns with…

So I’ve spent the last 4 days or so with my grandparents after seeing 1D in toronto. I am 27 ( no comments on my age )  have a few tattoos, purple hair and am  pagan for lack of a better word. I have spent the last4 days hearing that what I wear for the most part is tacky,  and should be dressed in more business casual type clothing when im not working. I train dogs so while doing that I am not generally dressed well. and I have a uniform for when I am working with our clients. My mom and I run the business and guess who loves my purple hair and is paying for my next tattoo as a birthday present. my mom.   I have spent the last 4 days hearing her tell me that there is something wrong with me because I don’t care if people judge me and decide they dont want to talk on me simply based on how I look. That if the way I look bothers them it is their issue and not my problem. I dress how I want because it makes me happy. I dye my hair because it makes me happy, but in her eyes it means there is something wrong with me.  I have been criticized on my hair, the colour i chose to paint my damn toes, and a shirt i wore that says normal is boring and told that when I buy my first home that it will be a huge mess because i dont know how to clean.  she is basing the cleaning part on one time when she dropped by when i lived on my own and I hadnt vacuumed .   in her world I should be married to a man who makes good money and have a child by now, as well as have a job that makes good money. I should dress in a way that appeals to others rather than what I actually like and enjoy and i should have a maid.  I never expected a family member who I hardly see could make me feel this shitty  in such short time when I spent years getting myself to a place where I like who i am. yes im overweight but ive also dropped 40lbs since november, on my own because i want to be healthier. I have more to lose so im at a healthy weight but it has nothing to do with how I look. Im single and dont currently want a boyfriend and she hates that. I have no plans to ever have kids and she hates that. she is convinced i will have trouble with police because I have my religious symbol tattood on my wrist, and yet I deal with them as part of my job and have never had issues. this sucks and I want to be home now. this was supposed to be a vacation from work and instead it was shit.