Going Sane ~2~

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This is all fluff. Reader is finally introduced.

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“No, mom, I’m not starving myself.” I said into the phone to my overly-worried mother. “I know that I barely ate anything the last time I visited, but that’s because dad snuck me some food before. Besides I just got some groceries and I’m about to walk into my apartment.”

“He did what? (Y/n), I’m going to go have a talk with that man.” Her voice was serious and I could tell that she was getting mad over nothing. “I’ll have to let you go babygirl. Call me tomorrow. I love you!”

“Love you too mom.” A smile appeared on my lips as I fumbled with the end call button. The bags in my arms made it hard to focus on doing it all at once and I ended up colliding with someone in the hallway. With my bags on the ground, I quickly started to apologize. “I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz.” An embarrassed laugh came from my mouth as my (e/c) orbs traveled up to be met with mesmerizing blue ones. 

“It’s okay. I should’ve watched where I was going.” He laughed. He dropped down to his knees to help me pick up my groceries that laid on the ground. “I’m Joseph Kerr, by the way.” 

“It’s very nice to meet you Mr Kerr. I’m (Y/n) (L/n).” Joseph was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t help but stare at his gorgeous features. He wore a simple white tee shirt with jeans. Who knew something so casual could make someone look so good? 

“You have a very pretty name to go along with a beautiful face.” His words made a giant blush cover my face. “And please, call me Joe.”

He held one of my bags while I held the other. “Okay Joe, thanks for your help, but I think I can handle carrying these back to my apartment” I smile, trying to hide the embarrassment of the compliment he had given.

Joe shook his head and took a step back. “I don’t believe that. You’ll fall again the minute I leave you alone.” He grabbed the other bag from my hands. “As a matter of fact, just give me this one too. Now lead the way to your apartment, m’lady.”

A bigger smile crossed his features and I felt my insides melt. “I really hope you aren’t a mass murderer or anything.” I giggled and began walking down the hall to my apartment. He followed closely, laughing at my joke. When we reached the door, I grabbed my keys and unlocked it, swinging the door open. “Welcome to my castle!”

He took a step inside, wonder written all over his face. My small cat companion met us as we made it into the small kitchen area. “Hey there Loki! I got ya some more kitty food at the store.” My hands petted the feline causing a purr to erupt from the his chest. Realizing Joe’s steely blue eyes were watching me, I quickly jumped up and scratched the back of my head. “Oops! Sorry I forgot to introduce you two. Joe this is my.. er… roommate, Loki. We’ve lived together ever since I moved in.”

“I thought cats weren’t allowed in the building?” He questioned, a mischievous glint in his eyes. 

“They aren’t. But nobody is goin to say anything, got it?” I tried putting on a tough girl act before giving up. I laughed so hard at how foolish I sounded that he joined in. Loki just sat there with a bored look on his face. 

“Don’t worry your pretty little head, I won’t snitch.” Joe laughed out. He had set the groceries down a while ago and seemed to want to talk to me instead of leave. 

It’s a good thing I’m an awkward human being who says things at weird times. “Y’know, Joe. I really like your company.” My cheeks flamed up again, but I continued. “Would you like to stay and have dinner with me? Loki isn’t much company.” 

He chuckled again, but it seemed a small blush of his own had dusted his expression. “I would absolutely love to stay to eat with you.” I expected there to be a ‘but’ right after that sentence, but nothing came from him. The brown-haired man looked like he actually wanted to spend time with me. “I mean, I am new here to the building and you’re the first non-threatening person I’ve met that lived here too.”

I puffed out my cheeks as if I was offended. “What do you mean ‘not intimidating’? I’ll have you know that I scare off girl scouts every other week.” I crossed my arms over my chest. He laughed at my silliness again. ‘Gosh his laugh is so beautiful. What did I do to deserve to meet him?’ I thought to myself, a smug look on my lips. 

“(Y/n) (L/n), you are one interesting chick, you know that?” His eyes met my own again and it seemed that electricity was given off. We both took a step closer before I made the scene awkward again.

“So… um… How does fettuccine Alfredo sound to you?” I turned my head away, trying to conceal my never-ending blush. I began to pull ingredients from the bags and set up my little work station. 

When I looked back, I swore I saw a childish grin on his face. “I’d love some….” He mumbled something else but I couldn’t make any sense of it.

“Your wish is my command.” I say jokingly to him.

“Perfect.” His voice sounded a bit different than normal, but it was quickly pushed to the back of my mind as Loki began to meow intensely. 

“Calm your tail, kitty. I’ve got some food.” My fingers struggled with the can opener and Joe took it from me, opening it up with ease. 

“Here you go, Loki. I’m sorry your master is a weakling.” I pouted at his teasing, but he ignored me. “Eat up. If she can’t open anything, then I might have to take her to dinner instead. Although….” His body turned to me. “I would love to take you out on a date tomorrow night if that’s fine with you. Or do I need to ask mommy and daddy to get their permission to take their sweet little angel out.”

“Ha! You make me laugh Joe.” I chuckled. There was no way that a man like him would take me out on a date. It was obviously a joke, but when I looked at his face, he looked completely serious. “Wait, you’re not kidding. I-I’d love to go with you!”

“Good. You, dollface, have made me one of the happiest men on the planet. Not only am I graced with your presence right now, but also tomorrow night.” He grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it as if he were a prince. “Now, let’s get cooking, shall we?”

A few weeks had passed and going on the dates with Joseph Kerr were some of the best moments of my life. Everything with him was a thrill and he seemed to enjoy being around me. Past boyfriends made it seem like it was near impossible to be around me and my dorkiness, but this man seemed to love it. I didn’t know if we could actually call ourselves as a “couple” and it was way too awkward to go up and ask him. I mean, if I seriously couldn’t tell, then we obviously weren’t. 

“(Y/n), I love this being here with you.” He said one night at our latest date. We were having a midnight picnic under the stars on top of a grassy hill that overlooked the city. It was completely cliche but it made me feel special that he went through the trouble of finding the location. “You are a magnificent woman and I would be stupid to let you slip through my fingers.” Joe’s voice was silky and seductive. It made me want to be there with him forever.

“So… don’t.” I whispered back instinctively. It surprised me quite a bit, but the words were true. We both felt the chemistry between us and we would both be idiots to leave. “Never let me go…” 

His hands caressed my cheeks as he drew in closer. “My pretty girlfriend.” He murmured before closing the distance between us in a gentle kiss. Everything seemed so right at that moment. Us being together just made sense. I kissed back right away and soon it grew passionate. Sparks flew between us and my skin tingled from his touch. 

He pulled away so we could both catch our breath. “Let’s go back to my place.” I said breathlessly. 

And all he did was nod. 

I still think it would have made more sense for the old JSA to have been handed over the Dominators by the US government - even the years added up since the Dominators last visit. Then we could have had an episode where Amaya finds them again on a crashed Dominator ship post-Invasion and they all need to adjust to the new millennium they are now in.

Meanwhile, the Spear of Destiny could have been guarded by some of DC’s supernatural players - Jason Blood for a Camelot visit, the Swamp Thing, maybe a piece stuck in the Dreaming? And the final piece lying half forgotten, dusty and cobwebbed, in a corner of that watermill Constantine lives in.

Last Time I visited here I was like uhhhhhhh 8 or 12 or something anyways I got dippin dots and I touched one of the rocks on accident and some guy yelled at me

me: *minding my own business and getting the mail*
kid: excuse me, are you the lady from halloween house?
me: uh, oh yes. we make this a haunted house every october. did you visit us last year?
kid: yeah
me: oh, nice. did you like it?
kid: yup but who was that creepy lady that was crawling around, she was scary.
me: haha, that was me. i was the girl from the Ring. i hope i didnt scare you too bad.
kid: oh no im fine but my dad liked you alot.
me: haha, thats rad
kid: i guess, i heard him saying something to my mom about how he wished she could walk around like you? saying something about being able to bend her back like that? I hope he doesnt want her to dress up like that for next halloween

You know, I’ve always been really confused about what the initial point of Rose Quartz’s were to Pink Diamond/Homeworld. Because, really, if the plan for earth was this:

then what is the point of having a gem who has the ability to create life the way Rose is shown to be able to do? And if every other Quartz type we see is built like a freaking body builder (with the exception of the gems from the Beta kindergarten we see in That Will Be All, but according to Peridot nearly all of the gems there “came out wrong” so…) and have weapons that can be used offensively:

then why have this single type of Quartz who looks soft and approachable and give them a shield as a weapon? Then this bomb came along and…I noticed a couple of things about that zoo. The first thing was these flowers on the door.

Five petalled flowers with what looks like the centre of Rose’s gem upside down in the middle. Does that look familiar? How about now.

These look startlingly similar to the flowers Rose grows on earth. On top of this, we have the room where Yellow and Blue Diamond discuss Pink Diamond’s death. When I watched this I couldn’t help but think it was strange that all of the Rose Quartz’s were here for some reason.

Like, if this room was Pink Diamond’s version of the temple, why are there no other gem types anywhere? Surely she didn’t only bubble Rose Quartz’s in her time alive. And if they were put here…in memory of Pink Diamond or something then someone would’ve had to take the time to move all of these bubble gems to this location.

Unless, they were already there.

Unless, the zoo is where Rose Quartz’s used to work.

The zoo is meant to be calming to humans. A place where they live a life of complacency and safety. Would it not make sense that the gems working there would be approachable to humans should they ever need to go into the enclosure? Would it not make sense that they would be able to grow new wildlife should something happen to the ecosystem in the enclosure? Rose Quartz’s would make the perfect guards for such a place.

At least until one of them decided she liked humans a little too much and didn’t want the planet they came from to be destroyed.

“I’m the link between him and the rest of the world. It can be an exhausting role. When things go well, I feel an increased sense of responsibility. It felt like the audience was clapping for both of us when he graduated from primary school. But I also feel an increased sense of responsibility when things go wrong. He has difficulties in crowds of people. A few years ago he got very nervous at the supermarket, and he pushed a young girl. Her father got very angry and started screaming at me. Part of me felt guilty for what happened. But part of me wished that more people understood what I go through. We haven’t been to a supermarket since that incident. The best moments for me are when he’s able to link to the world without me. Last Thursday we were visiting another girl with Downs Syndrome. And she was having a bad day. There was very little communication. So he tried to give her a box of dominos as a gift. But she refused. So he tried again. But she refused again. They went back and forth like this for a while, until the girl started to view it as a game, and she started to smile. Then he gave her a hug. A real hug with feeling. He made a connection. And it was his idea. Not mine.”

(Rosario, Argentina)


Please feast your eyes on the wonder that is Mr. Beef (aka Broccoli Salad)

(does anyone have any guesses as to which breeds he may be? He’s quite tall and has some marvelous speckles)


As we prepare for President Barack Obama’s final days in office, we celebrate the profound legacy he leaves behind. Today, we look back on Christopher Jackson performing “One Last Time” during our visit to The White House. Teach ‘em how to say goodbye. #ObamaLegacy


“In the United States, and in every place I have visited these last eight years, I have met citizens, especially young people, who have chosen hope over fear, who believe that they can shape their own destiny, who refuse to accept the world as it is and are determined to remake it as it should be. They have inspired me. In every corner of the world, I have met people who, in their daily lives, demonstrate that despite differences of race or religion or creed or color, we have the capacity to see each other in ourselves.” —President Obama during his final trip abroad to Greece, Germany, and Peru. See the whole trip in photos:

Zutara Month 2016, day 7- Unexpected Visits

So this is an AU with only one deviation from canon: in Ba Sing Se, Zuko didn’t betray Iroh but fought alongside the Gaang. He and Iroh were captured by Azula, allowing Katara to escape with Aang. (See @peacockarehot’s metas). Then when he shows up at the Western Air Temple, everyone is delighted to see him- especially Katara.

“So I guess you could use this room,” Sokka said. He gestured at the sparsely furnished monastery cell. His eyes never left him, tracking the prince’s every movement, but apparently he trusted his sister’s word enough to stop protesting. He’d have to do his best to earn this boy’s trust, Zuko thought. He hadn’t fought alongside him. It wasn’t strange that Sokka still had the image of him as the enemy in his head. But Zuko was confident he could turn that around in time. After all, he had the Avatar and Katara vouching for him. That should say something.
After one last mistrustful glare Sokka left him and turned back to the main hall. Zuko put down his bag and looked around his new- what? His new home, he guessed. It felt weird. The last place that felt like home had been a tea shop in the Earth Kingdom capital. With a sigh he took a framed portrait out of his bag, and placed it on the windowsill.
“I’ll make you proud, Uncle,” he whispered. “Trust me, wherever you are.”
A squeaking sound made him look up. Katara had appeared in the doorframe. He couldn’t help a smile.
She smiled back at him.
“Good to see you again,” she said.
“You, too.”
She kept her hands on her back and wiggled her foot on the ground, as if she tried to dug her toes into the stone floor like an earthbender.
“So… I guess you’re one of us now.”
“I guess I am,” he said, still smiling unsurely. She let her eyes wander around the room, avoiding to look at him, and her gaze fell on Iroh’s picture. Her lips formed a small ‘o’. Then she looked back at him, and he almost imagined the skin on her cheeks turned darker.
“I wanted to thank you,” she said hesitantly. “For, you know. Ba Sing Se.”
Zuko nodded.
“It all happened so quickly. I couldn’t even say goodbye.”
“No, I don’t think Azula would’ve waited for that,” he laughed. The left corner of Katara’s mouth turned upwards.
“I never got to thank you properly,” she said, and stepped closer. He swallowed.
“That’s alright, I-”
“And…” she put her hands on his shoulders, “I never got to do this.” Then she rose to her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his.
His eyes widened for a second, but then his mouth naturally adjusted to hers, and his hand naturally found its way to her waist, and he leaned into her more closely.
Carefully, he placed his other hand against the door to keep it shut. He might have shown up unannounced, but they didn’t need any more unexpected visitors today.