Nicholas opened the door to the cabin, looking in to see if he could find Levi. “Your friend Cisco payed me a visit last night…” He said, as he petted one of the dogs, eyes on the druid.


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Distinguished Alumnus Matthew McConaughey stopped by the  last week. He visited the Advanced Producing: Script-to-Screen class — a course he helped develop that will be offered again in the future.  


I was tagged by @rooks-and-blighters some time ago to d a mood board from my camera roll (which is harder than I sounds because I rarely take good pictures lmao)

1) My cousin that came to visit last night after we haven’t seen each other in two years.

2) My two babies. Tsukishima and Genji, cactus is named Tsukishima because it’s prickly like the actual Tsukishima’s personality, and my aloe is named Genji because it’s green like him.

3) One of my most recent sketches, it’s of my favourite OC, Kacie.

4) Just a selfie I took, it’s one of the ones where I feel I actually look nice ahaha.

5) A background that I used for a while, of my Haikyuu!! husband Trashykawa.

6) One of my five Assassin’s Creed books, this one I brought to school and read during boring classes.

7) One of my few nice selfies I have saved of my literal platonic soulmate @pu-tre-faction (I hope you don’t get mad at me exposing you like this bb) the rest of the nice ones are on my laptop lmao.

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Reminiscing the bittersweet days

Reminiscing the bittersweet days

“Roselle, samahan mo ko Sa San Mateo. Tingnan naman natin yung Bahay,” my Father’s morning greeting. Our house in San Mateo has been vacant for almost 5 months. We have been investing on it by making it a temporary rental house. I used to live there during my toddler days. I miss it so much that I couldn’t even possibly remember the things that I did there. No memory in particular has been stored in my mind since we moved in Quezon City.

I remembered my last visit in San Mateo this February. We cleaned the house and negotiated with people interested in renting the house. It took us some time to select a good tenant so I decided to buy our lunch at the nearest carinderia. As I walk along the street, I passed by a young man who seemed to be in the same age as me. He gave me a friendly smile as if he knew me for so long. I was confused so I just returned a smile.

Later I found out that he resides just in front of our house. “Ate, kilala mo ba Yung nakatira Jan Sa tapat natin?” I asked. “Of course. They are our close friends when we were young. You used to attend in the same school as theirs. Remember Lowell? He was your classmate during your kindergarten days. He is also your childhood sweetheart. Both of you are always hanging and playing near the chapel. You tend to ride the swing with him and spend quality time together,” she replied. I was surprised to hear this and I never knew that I have such thing. I also confirmed that the young man I encountered earlier was Lowell.

‘Lowell’ I uttered his name for about 20 times and somehow some of the memories came back. I used to call him ‘Owel’ when I was still little. We used to eat our baons together, share our experiences, play tag and enjoy the swing together. He used to be my ally whenever my classmates bully me. He always defend me and he hates to see me cry. Yes, I remember my infatuation towards him since then. He always makes it to the top of the class and I am always second to him but I never intended to have a competition with him.

The last thing I remember was our graduation day. I don’t know how but it seems that he accelerated and jumped to grade 1 so he became a year ahead of me. As usual he is the valedictorian and I was the salutatorian. Right after we got our diploma, he held my hand and talked to me. He told me that he will now move to manila with his brother to pursue his studies. He also told me that it would be a long time before we would see each other again. He promised me that he would come back for me and he will never forget me. My heart was broken with the news but I didn’t mind because I never knew how long it would take for him to come back and I thought that manila is just a walking distance from us.

The next academic year, he wasn’t my classmate anymore. I was so sad and made me want to quit school. I’ve been stubborn and lazy for attending school. I never ate my baon anymore and I always cry during break time. That’s all I can remember of my childhood. Somehow I developed hatred towards Owel because he never came back since then. We moved to Quezon City and pursued my studies here. I’ve been a totally different person since then. I’ve been the Kathy unmoved and unmarked by a boy named Lowell.

Now, whenever we meet in San Mateo, the only thing that we can exchange with each other is a smile. Just a small trace of our friendship before. But it is clear to both of us that we do not remember each and every detail of yesterday’s happenings. We don’t even remember our promises anymore. We only knew each other by name. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just another proof of the saying that promises are meant to be broken.


AUGUST 29, 2016

anonymous asked:

As Naruto is a shounen, us boys prefer relationships like NH to SS. Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he's not as handsome as Sasuke, NH is equally mutual from both sides; while Sasuke, when he came back in The Last, he didn't visit Sakura but left quickly, and he didn't put any effort in the relationship. SS is popular only 'cause the girls are active on tumblr and other social network, in fact NH is the real couple in most Naruto fans' hearts, not SS

There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

Firstly, please don’t group and generalise male fans like that. I’m a guy and SS is my favourite ship in the series. We’re not obliged to prefer one relationship over the other. It being a shounen is no justification either.


“Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he’s not as handsome as Sasuke”

If that’s your justification for NH being mutual and SS being one sided, then that’s very, very weak.

I can just as easily say “Sasuke loves Sakura and treasures her (Gaiden illustrates this. If you want me to explicitly explain it to you bit by bit then I will), and Sakura was loyal to Sasuke even though he was severely lost in darkness during the main story”.

Thirdly, the mere fact that you’re using Sasuke’s appearance in The Last as any kind of support isn’t doing your point any favours. His journey of redemption wasn’t over and he wanted to be by himself. Why does that portray SS as being one sided?

Fourthly, I’m so sick and tired of this “Sasuke didn’t put any effort in the relationship” nonsense. What do you guys mean by that anyway? Sasuke went on a journey of redemption in order to better himself as a person, so that if he were to enter a relationship with Sakura in the future, it would be as someone who didn’t have all those crimes weighing on his shoulders.

Now, Sakura did put in a lot of effort for Sasuke, but what did you expect? That was required in order to save him from the the curse of hatred. Sasuke was in a very dark place for the entire story, and saving him from that place needed far more than a little bit of effort from both Naruto and Sakura. Do you also feel that Sasuke put no effort into his friendship with Naruto? Because that’s the same flawed logic. Sasuke put Naruto through far more than he did to Sakura. The fact that they both never gave up on him, and that they both persisted in saving him, despite Sasuke’s seeming indifference to both of them, was one of the running themes of the story.

Lastly, again, don’t generalise the ship and fandom by claiming to know the apparent sole reason for SS’s popularity. I also don’t agree with this “real couple” nonsense either. Both NH and SS are canon, and both ships are as real as each other.

They say that he has not much time left.

I don’t know if i should go there tomorrow to visit him, can be the last time i see him. But i don’t know if i can handle it. But if i dont go over there.. maybe i have to regret that  every day rest of my life?

what would you guys have done?

3AM thoughts

A/N: Ah, thank you! It means a lot that you think my writing is good! And, without further ado, here is your request.

summary: Barry’s doppelganger is getting more action than he is and that is unacceptable.

pairing: barry allen x reader // earth two barry allen x earth two reader

After defeating Zoom, Barry went through the breach to take Harry and his daughter, Jesse, back to their Earth. When he took them back, he decided to check up on what his doppelganger was doing, insanely curious after the last visit since he was more focused on Zoom than taking in the alternate reality.

He’d brought a cap in advance, and pulled it closer over his face as he walked into the CCPD, to make sure nobody mistook him for their Barry Allen. The door to the lab was closed, but Barry just opened the door and walked in.

“Hey, remember—” he cut himself off into a stutter, his eyes widening.

There was his doppelganger, lip-locked with Y/N. They startled, recoiling away from each other a couple of inches, Earth Two Barry’s arms still wrapped around her.

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Last year I visited Anime Blues Con ‘15 and Garry Chalk (voice of Optimus Primal from Beast Wars, Grounder from AOSTH, and many others) was one of the guests. I attended his panel and asked him what it was like to work with Long John Baldry. He described Baldry as a gentlemanly sort who was very professional on the job. Since Baldry had no means of transportation, Chalk would have to drive him home. As they would be driving home on the expressway, Baldry would sometimes express concern over Chalk too fast even though he would probably have been driving only very slightly over the speed limit. So I decided to make the above fan art to commemorate the anecdote.

“Of all the rude things that guests do to each other at Disney World, I HATE when people sit their kids up on their shoulders during shows and fireworks, especially after they’ve started. Our last visit to Magic Kingdom, our view of two different shows was obscured by people who did this, and it was so crowded at that point we couldn’t move to see around them. I know your kid wants to see but so do ALL the people standing behind you. We paid as much money as you did to be here. It’s inconsiderate”

Lesson 14.b - Viking Ships and Seafaring, Part II: Primary Examples.

Note: [If you have not done so already, check out last week’s lesson. Visit “Viking History” on my blog to view all of the lessons.]

Komiði sæl og blessuð,

We did all the of legwork last week, so let us enjoy the fruits of that labor and look at pretty pictures of beautiful ships.


  1. Oseburg
  2. Gokstad
  3. Tune
  4. Ladby
  5. The Skuldelev Ships (1, 2, 3, 5, 6)
  6. Roskilde 6


By far one of the most stunning ships that the Viking Age has to offer. Better yet, it was used in a burial specifically for two women, making it a rather interesting piece of history. It also displays the shift from oars to a ship utilizing a sail. Here are the “specs:”

Date: ca. 834 (the oldest single-sailing ship found).
Size:  21.5m long and 5.1m broad. (30 oars)
Type: Single square sail.
Discovery: Excavated 1904-5.
Findings: Two female skeletons, 14 horses, an ox, three dogs, much more.


This ship was stronger, displaying a curved hull and keel. Modern versions of this ship have been able to sail the Atlantic! Specs:

Date: ca. 890.
Size: 23.1m long and 5.2m broad. (32 oars)
Discovery: Excavated in 1880.
Findings: It was painted and had 32 shields lining it.


Date: ca. 900.
Size: 19m long and 4.2m broad.
Discovery: Excavated in 1876.
Type: Longship. (warship, fragmentary)


Date: Early tenth century.
Size: 21.5m long and 2.9m broad.
Type: Unique Style. (also used in burial, Denmark)
Waters: Baltic Sea.

The Skuldelev Ships

These ships were deliberately sunk in order to protect Roskilde, which was Denmark’s capital at the time. These are not all warships, showing some pleasing variations in Viking ship design. Based on some of the wood used, we can figure out where some were constructed. Also, Skuldelev 2 and 4 are the same ship (they originally thought they were separate ships), so 4 will not show up since it is actually the same as 2. They have not survived in such a pretty manner, but you can still admire their framework:

Skuldelev 1

This ship is a prime example of a cargo ship. These ships were small, but carried large loads. In order to achieve this, they were built wide and deep. Due to this weight they were designed to carry, they relied heavily on their sails. Crews would be given an equal share in the cargo as well. These ships were vital to national development and their expansion into the northern Atlantic (Iceland, Greenland, etc.). Specs:

Date: ca. 1030.
Size: 15.84m long and 4.8m broad.
Type: Trade and cargo ship and the largest yet found. (24-tons)
Crew Size: 6-8 men.
Speed: Around 13 knots (24 km/h).
Waters: Open.
Origin: West Norway.

Skuldelev 2

This is the second largest longship we have ever discovered. It is no regular longship either, it was fit to be a chieftain’s. This ship was one that was sung about.

Date: ca. 1042.
Size: 30m long and 3.8m broad. (60 oars)
Type: Longship. (Warship)
Crew Size: 65-70 men.
Speed: Around 15 knots (28 km/h).
Waters: Open.
Origin: Dublin.

Skuldelev 3

Date: ca. 1040.
Size: 14m long and 3.3m broad.
Type: Coastal trade ship. (therefore smaller)
Crew Size: 5 men.
Speed: Around 10 knots (19 km/h).
Waters: Coastal.
Origin: Denmark.

Skuldelev 5

Date: ca. 1030.
Size: 17.3m long and 2.5m broad. (26 oars)
Type: Small longship. (smallest of class)
Crew Size: 30 men.
Speed: Around 6 to 7 knots (13 km/h), max of 15 knots.
Waters: Coastal.
Origin: Denmark. (reused materials)

Skuldelev 6

Date: ca. 1030.
Size: 11.2m long and 2.5m broad. (14 oars)
Type: Fishing. (whaling, seal hunting, etc.)
Crew Size: 5-15 men.
Waters: Coastal.
Origin: Western Norway. (repaired often and expanded upon)

Roskilde 6

This. This ship is the longest longship ever discovered. The interesting story of this ship is that it was discovered during the dig to build the Roskilde Viking Ship museum. It was partially scraped for parts, so not much was left. The image above is a reconstructed version of its framework.

Date: ca. 1025.
Size: 36m long. (40 oars)
Type: Longship.
Crew Size: 78 men.
Waters: Open.
Owner: Possibly Harald Finehair.


“The icon of the Viking Age is the Viking ship. Praised by poets and the writers of saga, depicted in art and graffiti, and even taken to the grave by members of the elite, these vessels were certainly the most important means of transport in the maritime societies of Scandinavia, but they were also symbols of power, wealth, and prestige.” (Viking Age Reader, 151.)

I hope you enjoyed the beauty of these ships. There are many more ships, and there are even more detailed stories behind them, of course. I merely provided the basics. A rough overview of these fascinating vessels. If you are curious about more, visit the websites of some of the Viking ship museums. They all have interesting stories to tell us.

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn.

Next Week’s Lesson: Lesson 15.a - The Settlements at Home, Part I: The Longhouse and the Village.



  1. Jennifer Dukes-Knight, “Ships and Seafaring,” Lecture, Viking History, University of South Florida, 2015.

Images: (In Order of Appearance)

  1. Oseburg
  2. Gokstad
  3. Tune
  4. Ladby
  5. Skuldelev 1, 2, 3, 5, 6
  6. Roskilde 6

Lesson 14.a - Viking Ships and Seafaring, Part I: Development, Construction, and Navigation.

Note: [If you have not done so already, check out last week’s lesson. Visit “Viking History” on my blog to view all of the lessons.]

Komiði sæl og blessuð,

This lesson begins a two-part lesson on the impressive ships that allowed the Vikings to expand their presence in the medieval world. This portion of the lesson will be discussing the reasons for such advanced maritime development in Scandinavia, as well as their methods for construction and navigation. The second portion will provide many examples of various ship types (yes, there is more than just the longship). So, be on the look out next week for those examples (lots of pictures).


  1. Maritime Development in Scandinavia
  2. Complexity Built from Simplicity
  3. Navigational Techniques

Maritime Development in Scandinavia

Fair maid, I saw the ship slide
from the river’s side to the sea.
Behold the planks of the proud dragon
lying off the land.
Over the ship shines the
serpent’s mane, streaming light;
bow and stern bore pure gold
as she sped from the slipway.

                     - Thjodolf the skald

Scandinavia had a culture that placed great significance on the sea. The poem above is among my most favorite, for it so beautifully demonstrates and admiration for the sea and their ships. Scandinavia was well suited for heavy maritime development, because it was far easier to travel by sea than by land (unless it was winter). Also, do recall Lesson I, in which we discussed that coastal regions were prime settlement points (fertile soil, less severe, etc.). Scandinavia is host to many inland waterways that lead to the sea. So, given their geographical advantages and conditions, maritime development was inevitable. As a result, we see a strong symbolic importance attached to their ships and the sea.

Through experimental archaeology, scholars have been able to gain insight into their process of shipbuilding. According to these efforts, it took around 40,000 working hours to build a 30 meter longship. This resulted in a surplus production of 100 people in one year. Sailing and maintaining a ship of this size required 70 men. This resulted in 460 workers of surplus, but was usually paid for through plunder. In the end, building a ship was a huge financial expense. We see in later records the rise of a tax to help pay for shipbuilding as Scandinavia began to centralize, called leiðangr.

Scandinavia’s obsession resulted in, arguably, the most advanced ships of the medieval world. They were lighter, slimmer, and faster than other ships. Their shallow drafts allowed them to navigate rivers, yet also open waters. They were also large enough to carry quite a lot. All these benefits in their ships is what allowed them to raid the coasts of Europe by being able to “park and raid” to the complete surprise of the inhabitants.

Complexity Built from Simplicity

As the amount of labor and expense suggests, building these ships was much like artwork. As a result, shipbuilding itself had an “art” to it. Overall, their methods for construction were very natural. They had lost the technology of the saw, and so they split wood along its natural grain, which actually resulted in stronger “cuts.” To obtain the required curve, the wood was naturally bent and fresh. You can bend wood by soaking it and slowly moving it into the desired curve.

Their construction method is known as Lapstrake (or “clinker” construction). A detailed diagram of this construction method can be viewed above. The ship was constructed on the backbone of the keel, stem, and stern. There would then be a “shell” of planks that overlap (hence the “lap” in “lapstrake”) and are then nailed together. These nails are then sealed with wool. There is then a frame inside the hull for additional strength.

The end result was a strong yet flexible ship. All using simple tools such as axes, hammers, wedges, planes, rivets, etc. Large iron anchors and rivets were made separately by smiths. The steering oar was placed on the starboard side, which itself comes from the word stýra (to steer). As for sails, they were adopted just before the Viking Age, from around 800 CE. The oar remained in use, but the sail added an additional advantage. Many agree that the development of the sail is what enable the Viking Age to begin so strongly.

Navigational Techniques

In general, there are no navigational tools that we have confirmed without doubt. By that, I mean that the evidence and scholarship remains very contested about them. There are a few, though, that have been popularized and could likely have existed. Such tools might be the famous “sunstone” that allowed them to see the location of the sun in the sky even during a cloudy day. This has been shown in Vikings on the History Channel.

Another popular navigation tool could have been the sunboard, also seen in the show. Again, much like the sunstone, the existence and usage of such a tool seems to still be in question, probably due to little archaeological preservation. Yet, that being said, there have been some findings, though only a fragment. Therefore, the sunboard still leaves unanswered possibilities, much like the sunstone.

Both have good probabilities, but they also are very elusive. Good history means remaining skeptical until we can be more confident, so until then, we will leave these methods to possibilities under investigation. As for other navigational methods we can be more confident of, they made use of the starts, coastlines, wind directions, wave directions, and currents to find their way out at sea. After all, Scandinavia had always been very sea-oriented, so their ability to observe natural occurrences to deduce direction would have been very keen.


“Thorberg the Woodcarver was responsible for the stem and stern, but there were many others involved in the work as well. Some of them felled trees; some shaped the wood; some forged nails; and some hauled timber. All the materials use were of the best quality, and the ship was constructed with large timbers.” (Viking Reader, doc. 32, pg. 152)

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn.

Next Week’s Lesson: Lesson 14.b - Viking Ships and Seafaring, Part II: Primary Examples.



  1. Jennifer Dukes-Knight, “Ships and Seafaring,” Lecture, Viking History, University of South Florida, 2015.

Textual (In Order of Appearance):

  1. Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald ed., The Viking Age: A Reader (Second Edition). (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014), 152.

Images (In Order of Appearance):

  1. Lapstrake Construction Diagram:
  2. Vikings Screenshots:
I miss you... (A Whink Diamond Fan fiction)

“Pinky?….I’m back!…again…you know it’s been all too long since my last visit hasn’t it? I’m sorry to keep you waiting but I had quite a bit of business to attend to! I’m here now right? Ha…it’s a shame the rest of this place is in such poor condition, I’ll be sure it’s fixed up for you! After all it is what you deserve! Your beautiful, silk like locks of hair, your sweet and passionate lips, your soft, perfect, peach like skin…I’m sorry I can’t help but describe you! You’re just so, well…Perfect! As to be expected from your stature!….I…I miss you…I miss you so much Pinky… I-I’ve felt so alone without you by my side…that damned Rose Quartz! I don’t know what you saw in her but I saw something about her, something un trustworthy!….I’m sorry, I know you hate it when I’m mad…but you…your colony…your planet…your court all-….I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded of what you already know. I wish I could stay here with you forever my love…but as you want me to be I shall be patient, just as you are, I know you’re going to be waiting for me to come back! And don’t worry I will, when I do come back this place is going to be all patched up, no more cracks in the walls and gravel across the floor, you will continue to be honored and respected just as you deserve!…I love you Pinky…I hope you still love me too…and I have something for you…your favorites…” White Diamond then placed the bouquet of white and pink arrow glass flowers she had been holding on the empty thrown, she turned away heading toward the only exit of the room “I’ll see you again soon, I promise.” She closed the door slowly and walked through the emptied halls, all of which were faded and distorted pink, except for the chamber doors she walked out of, still as they were thousands of years ago, ordered to be kept in perfect condition, as if the owner of the chamber was never shattered…