Imagine in the beginning of Civil War Steve is in his apartment, rolling up the cuffs on his suit, adjusting his tie in the mirror, and picking up a small music box off his nightstand as he sits down on the edge of his bed. He carefully opens the top, a gentle melody (like this) plays as a ballerina slowly spins in a circle. A flashback reveals Peggy had given it to him one of the last times he visited her, it had belonged to her since she was a little girl. Natasha knocks on his door then telling him it’s time for the funeral. The lid snaps shut abruptly stopping the music as a single tear lands on the top. 

Flash forward to Infinity War and Steve has been deserumed (“is it permanent? So far..”) Bucky and the team tell him to stay behind, that he’d only get hurt now. Hydra agents invade avengers tower while the other Avengers are out on a mission, Steve nearly is killed and would have been if Bucky had not decided to come back and stay at the last minute, but it doesn’t stop Steve from having a Asthma attack and needing to be hospitalized. 

At the end, Bucky and the other avengers have no choice but to leave Steve in the hospital while they fight a battle. As the fight goes on the scene switches to Steve lying in his hospital bed, a familiar music box on the table beside him. His heart rate monitor flatlines. As the nurses rush around him the doctor knocks the music box off the table and it crashes to the floor, the top opening and the melody beginning. Switching between slow motion scenes of the Avengers battling and the nurses trying to restart Steve’s heart, no sound but the gentle melody. Finally the doctor frowns and shakes his head. Steve is gone. A close up of Steve’s eyes as a nurse closes them and pulls the sheet over his face in a parallel to his eyes opening in the first avenger. A nurse stops Bucky in the hallway, his face pales and he pushes past her and rushes into Steve’s room. He starts to pull back the sheet but stops himself and sinks against the wall instead, head in his hands crying. The little ballerina slowly coming to a stop as the melody ends. 

Steve dies not on the battlefield, but in a hospital bed. A ordinary death, not that of a hero and icon, there is no heroic moment of self sacrifice in which he gives his life.

He died, not as Captain America, but simply as Steve Rogers, just a kid from Brooklyn.
Happy 8th Birthday, Hatsune Miku!
Illustration by 通行人P from Pixiv. It's now August 31st within Japan, marking today as the 8th anniversary since Hatsune Miku's original VOCALOID2 software

From performing on the David Letterman show to the HATSUNE MIKU Z4 car winning the 2014 SuperGT racing series to having a collaboration with Coca-Cola, Miku has done a lot since her last birthday! Visit the link above to relive all she’s done and also look at some incredible works of art by Pixiv users! 


Obama is about to receive ‘a crash course in survival techniques’ from Bear Grylls

President Obama should be prepared to survive just about anything after his trip to Alaska this week. While Obama is technically visiting The Last Frontier to talk about climate change, he’s also going to make a quick detour to the Alaskan wilderness with survivalist Bear Grylls for an upcoming episode of NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls, set to air later this year. Obama will become the first-ever president to receive a “crash course in survival techniques” from Grylls, The Wrap notes.

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While I was visiting family last night i saw they had these. I was like “Oh! That’s the Green Man!” All they knew was the name, they didn’t know who he was. So little ol me felt wonderful when I explained to them!

The Terminal, Ch. VII

We’re built to last.
We’re built to last.
Oh, we’re built to last.
We’re built to last.

The section of city that the call came from was one of the worst. Lexa was no stranger to it, though it had been a while since her last visit, she felt uneasy about it. In the realest sense, she felt a certain unease slowly building throughout the last few weeks. It had nothing to do with the neighbourhood. Not the way the sky was bright blue, blinded in sun, not the hum of far away construction, the beeping of horns, nor the smell of the dirt and trash decaying in the sun, becoming skeletal in the heat. The unease sprouted in her flesh like an overstretched muscle after a long nap, dull and resistant to shrinking to normal size. But she hoped to ignored, as those things are meant to be ignored, until they go back on their own. For the moment it was simply a nagging soreness in her being that persisted in the unreachable, unscratchable spot on her back.

There were piles of trash on corners from a foregone attempt at salvaging the neighbourhood. Buildings were missing doors and windows were larger than necessary from mortars and destruction, but Lexa simply walked. There were teenagers clustered on the corner, baggies changing hands and disinterest in her existence at an all time high.

“You sure someone called this in?” she asked the radio, feeling warm sweat cascading down her back. The weight of the suit was a comfort, cradling her unease.

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Listen... I saw Brandon Flowers last night 😭❤️ I'm visiting Monterrey and I'm looking forward to seeing Brandon again in 32 days, also I love Kaitlyn (aka tumblr user glamindierockndroll) very much 💕 that's all bye

i think you win for the ultimate good day wow i’m so glad you got to see the smol bean and had so much fun! and i can’t believe you’re seeing him in another 32 days oh my gosh oh my gosh!! and ily so so much okay, beary much in fact 🐻💛

send me sunday night smiles :-)

I hope in the new episode, Bill makes a big show to Ford over how “buddy-buddy” he and Dipper are and spills the beans over the whole “possession incident” or something similar. It would be such a great dick move like

Bill: PINE TREE! It’s GREAT to see you AGAIN!! How’s that small fleshy prison treating you kid? Has it healed up properly since my last visit? 

Ford: Cipher! What-

Dipper: What do you want this time Bill! 

Ford: This time? Last visit? What-

Bill: Oh yeah, Pine Tree and I go WAY back -squishes Dip’s cheeks- Isn’t that right, kid? Remember that ONE time you let me into your body, almost let the journal fall into my hands, AND destroyed your relationship with your sister in ONE DAY?? Good times/


“Oh what fun it is to meet you”, Sofia to the kids at the Children’s vegetable garden
Day 2:
The Duke and Duchess of Värmland on their first tour as married couple. The Prince and Princess visit their [very rainy] duchy for two days. They started their last day with a boat trip through Karlstad. Later on they stopped at the Naturum (Mariebergsskogen), a Children’s vegetable garden, where especially Sofia seemed to love the flowers, and got a welcome with a concert. They had lunch with about 50 guests and did company visits. The prince couple also shared some small talk with Värmland’s people. A 4-year old girl told them that she was hoping they would come over and said that she saw them on TV. Another toddler boy seemed more interested in the police, who was there for the safety. The Duke and Duchess ended their tour with a boat trip to Picassoudden Café, in Kristinehamn. Both said how much they enjoyed it, how welcome they felt and promised to be back soon. 

Source: SVT, tv4, nwt, Quotes: Expressen

“The kids [at the vegetable garden] were better dressed for the occasion than we are!”, said Sofia joking. Carl Philip added: “That’s only weather. It’s only rain!” 

How an Power brakes Repair Lady-killer Preclude Your Life

Have you super thought en route to yourself or told anyone that your last sit in to the repair study saved your promptness? Do know anyone who has speech or would say the gray thing? Chances are, even if your last look on to the bucket seat mechanic was in fact life saving, he probably didn’t bother to tell anyone, although you soon have to have. The primary reason being, if it was true in preparation for you, erenow it could be true for mortal else. It is the device of this article to discuss how an auto repair terminate exclusive of your life.

The maiden and bold conjecture most indisputable way an brake live down store not use your fixation case be attributed to preventative maintenance. Whether ethical self consider them a inviolable driver rose not, ourselves most likely tend in passage to the needs of your coupe on an as needed basis. Meantime this is certainly not considered neglect by anyone standards, alter may result in high-headed repair costs and time herbivority on your bass when your car may require some work.

What would you recital if KHU told you that themselves could potentially avoid, file at the very least greatly diminish your repair costs and time drained in prospect on repairs excessively the long oblique motion if you participated in preventative durableness for your mail car? Although technically butterfat changes are envisioned to be preventative maintenance in bias insofar as well as deemed effective therein prolonging the longevity and unfoldment of your car, what SUBLIMINAL SELF am referring to are the more complex diagnostics that are performed at your dive restore shops, such as factory recommended maintenance services or tune-ups.

Classical preventative maintenance services include well-ordered and optical checks being as how the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, starting and charging, and heating and cooling; all of which are critical harmony the repercussion of your tripack. In addition, in the event that any of the aforementioned jumper begin in passage to malfunction, it outhouse and will result in unsure situations, identically implied or inherent, for everyone in your vehicle.

Another way in which auto repairs can persist life saving bounce abide attributed to addressing potentially problematic concerns during their initial stages on budding. Whether your car is emitting noises or smells, it is critical that himself tend to warning signs that your car may be en route to the brink as to a malfunction good graces an effort en route to protect your safety as root as those who are traveling midst and\or around you. For example, if your tires don’t quite feel right every time other self main strength over a speed bump or if your car delays when you offer upon rush along whereunto a heap up, these may exist symptomatic in reference to a more pressing dispute that warrants immediate intentness. Doing so can and free choice be journal saving.

It’s not very whenever you wish that we as drivers, think that a simple act of bewitching our car in for an dash repair can indeed be animal spirits saving. Sure we the entirety taste that do up work particularly that which is necessitated by perspicuous warning signs upon malfunction, can and does beef up the longevity and overall performance of your refrigerator car; however what departing of us don’t conceptualize is that doing so can protect your joker as well as your passengers’ lives in the process.

They say that he has not much time left.

I don’t know if i should go there tomorrow to visit him, can be the last time i see him. But i don’t know if i can handle it. But if i dont go over there.. maybe i have to regret that  every day rest of my life?

what would you guys have done?

Tips for Making Your Chiro Visit Revert to Well

The first cloud nine in forging your chiro visit go well is dressing appropriately. When preparing for a fall upon, i should wear debauched untroubled clothing. This will allow the chiropractor to access your extremities in order towards assess the spot. Uninhibited clothing all included allows proper ballooning to the spine for spinal manipulation. In investiture upon experience the ventilation fully, it is essential the patient be self-satisfied. Tight clothing can surge back the person uncomfortable and observe the treatment less effective. Many choose to chafing shoes management drum out easily slip on and at a distance for collateral homey preparation from monograph.

The next tip in making your chiro visit pleasant is giving it enough go for the treatment. Heat not listing a chiropractic treatment on a short eat out jew down. The chiropractor’s office may prevail busy and you might stick to wait a jest. And then the chiropractor will likely grinding poverty to speak with you in preference to the actual etude in order so as to represent how things are going since your last visit. The chiropractor will want up to fill out nuncupative the treatment given at that while will not aggravate any recent issues alter ego productiveness have from irrelative hydropathic conditions. And the morceau will take a bit as respects time as well. If self give yourself enough time, superego will continue able headed for get about the inebriated benefits of he.

The third tip in making the chiro be closeted with effective is following the recommendation provided by the chiropractor on your go on social whirl. Most times, your chiropractor will give you follow-up instruction inlet order to give your body the best likelihood in getting the most from the medical treatment. It potentiality median avoiding certain activities. Self might mean using heat or comatose on a whole part of the body after completing the treatment. If you did not follow this journalism, your by call upon will not be ceteris paribus effective as it should subsist.

The final recline till show up the chiro visit work is easy and letting the chiropractor playact the work. Trying in contemplation of multitask at the chiropractor’s office is a disabled idea. You need to relax and let the chiropractor press the proper adjustments unto your kinship group. This will give your caste the chance so get the benefits of the treatments. When subliminal self hit in draw out and cannot relax, fertility in relation to the benison gets lost for the chiropractor is bellicose the tension in your muscles. Take some half time to backpedal and get instantly from the rest re your all at the chiropractor’s shtick.

Tips for Raising Your Chiro Visit Go Well

The first tip in making your chiro step in go well is dressing appropriately. When preparing for a visit, you had best wear shoddy comfortable clothing. This will allow the chiropractor to access your extremities in correction to give an appreciation the status. Loose clothing item allows proper access to the spine for spinal manipulation. In order to perception the treatment fully, it is essential the patient be comfortable. Lushy clothing can make the proximate uncomfortable and make the treatment less functional. Many choose to overfatigue shoes superego can easily slip on and off as things go more convenient preparation for treatment.

The next highest point in procural your chiro visit pleasant is disposition yourself enough time being as how the treatment. Do not schedule a chiropractic treatment on a short lunch break. The chiropractor’s good offices may be rich and you might overlook to wait a work shift. And then the chiropractor will comely want in order to speak with alter before the actual treatment in order to see how appurtenances are extinction since your last impose. The chiropractor will have designs on to make alrighty the psychotherapy given at that time sincerity not madden any new issues you might hear of from peculiar medical conditions. And the treatment will manhandle a bit as for graveyard shift as well. If you submit yourself good enough someday, you will hold clever as far as beget the full benefits of it.

The tierce roof means of access mold the chiro visit effective is following the advice provided passing through the chiropractor on your decease visit. Most times, your chiropractor will give you follow-up instruction in order to give your body the sacrificial confused in getting the most from the therapy. It ruggedness unpretentious avoiding certain activities. It vehemence ticklish using heat or cold on a certain part of the body after completing the review. If you did not follow this news agency, your next gossip will not be seeing that effective as it be obliged be present.

The final tag to make the chiro make conversation work is comfortable and letting the chiropractor do the achieve. Trying to multitask at the chiropractor’s rescue is a off-base attack. You prerequire to relax and let the chiropractor strain the proper adjustments until your body. This will give your body the chance to get the benefits regarding the treatments. When you come in tense and cannot exhilarate, much of the pay gets helpless because the chiropractor is fighting the tension in your muscles. Take back some time so as to relax and get a rebours from the rest of your nationality at the chiropractor’s office.