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[text]: I may have been showing him a few things on my last three or four visits, but I swear I didn’t realize he was picking it up so fast.

[text]: You’re never going to let me live down that attack by the stray cats, are you? It was a dog this time, and it was big. Really big. 

[text]: We have been fortunate enough to avoid Grimmjow on all of our outings thus far. I hope to keep it that way, but now that I’m backpacking a mini-hero around I fear nothing!

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I've only just allowed myself to look at my phone to find out the great news! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!!!! Also, farewell, Mama K. I hope you had a great last day! Visit us lots, okay? //goes to sleep sobbing out of happiness and sadness//

Thank you soooo much! Even though this is the first full day of being an admin it’s still a little scary. 

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~Admin T

Btw here’s a message from Kai: 

“Nope~! No farewells!!! No goodbyes!! Imma visit this weekend with more pocket-sized bangtan in Switcheroo and to tell you about my first week in the LITERAL PSYCH WARD :))) I hope to see you here when I come by! Miss you already~~~!

♥︎Mama K”

A welcoming feeling. (closed RP with twilights-equilibrium)

Years had passed since his last visit to Ionia. His Geta clacking along the rock path as he moved his way towards the nearest Ionian temple. His breathing in steady pace, nearing the entrance of the Temple. It seemed easily Recognizable, This was Shens home. As Quiet and Tranquil as it was nearly 17 years ago, his eyes wandered towards the single, lone figure sitting near the shrine.

“Shen.. An honor to meet you once again.. after all these years”


my family visited me last week and it was really nice!

After my parents left, my brother and sister-in-law took colin and i on a quick road trip along the oregon coast.  we had a picnic on the beach and then built a fire in the night.  We saw so many stars!  The next morning we had a good breakfast and looked at some tidal pools full of evil things.  

colin scratched his own cornea (on a sand!) and had to go to the ER this morning cause it got real bad.  He stayed home today and we had thai food for dinner.  


Monorail Monday - Entrance to Epcot by Bob Rowan
Via Flickr:
As far as I’m concerned, there can never be too many photos of the Walt Disney World monorail, so if I have a reasonable photo, then I’m always willing to participate in #monorailmonday. While visiting Epcot last month, it occurred to me that I don’t have many photos of the entrance to the park during “normal” times of year. I go out of my way to photograph the displays during Food & Wine or the holidays and the topiary during Flower & Garden, but sometimes just walk past during other times of year. Even without a large display, the flowers, Spaceship Earth, a monorail, and even the Leave a Legacy markers still look pretty good.

“I thought I put it on the calendar” he said before I murdered him

I knew Bryan’s sister and family were coming for a visit the last week of August. I found out while the Penny was here, 3 days ago, that they were staying with us. Which isn’t a problem, per say, if my husband would have told me I would have gotten pillows and towels and sheets and things LIKE THAT. But no. He did not. Also menu planning. Also clearing out Penny’s room so they can sleep in there… his sister, her husband and their 5 (nearly 6) daughter and 3 year old son. I have one dinner planned. Last night as I was getting around to cleaning up all the dog hair (I also had my son’s dog for the week) my husband never mentioned ONCE that he was picking them up today.

Lesson 13.c - Women in the Viking Age, Part III: Were Women “Vikings”?

Komiði sæl og blessuð,

Note: [If you have not done so already, check out last week’s lesson. Visit “Viking History” on my blog to view all of the lessons.]

The modern world longs for a place in our history in which women were not bound by the struggles they have faced for so long. The Viking realm has been no exception to this desire. The women in the Viking Age have presented us with an interesting situation. There is a significant amount of strong, warrior women in Old Norse literature, yet this takes on a different tone. A tone of commentary, not one of historical record. Nonetheless, there is a significant amount of hype surrounding “Viking” women. So, we will answer this question: were women “Vikings”?

In short, they were not likely “Vikings.” But, that is not the end of their story.


  1. Mythological Foundation
  2. Representation in Literature
  3. Interpreting the Realities
  4. Archaeological Evidence
  5. Bringing Everything Together

Mythological Foundation

Many who are familiar with Norse Mythology will quickly note that there are many women who are extraordinary. The Valkyries and Freyja are most definitely not to be challenged nor taken lightly. This description of Freyja in the Prose Edda gives a clear foundation for the possibility of warrior women:

“Freyja is the most splendid of the goddesses. She has a home in heaven called Folkvangar [Warrior’s Fields]. Wherever she rides into battle, half of the slain belong to her. Odin takes the other half, as it says here: (Prose Edda, 35)

Folkvang it is called
and there Freyja decides
the choices of seats in the hall.
Half the slain
she chooses each day,
and half belong to Odin.
(The Lay of Grimnir, 14)”

Here we have a woman who has just as much authority in those that die in battle than Odin does. That is nothing to shy away, either. Mythology shows clear favor for strong women and it does not admire weak women.

Does this mean that women were warriors in days long since past? Not exactly. Even though the myths favor strong women, many goddesses still behave as one might expect. Freyja is definitely notable, but she is also a bit unique. It is also likely that such an image was done for the men themselves. I am quite sure a “Viking” would have enjoyed women taking him to the afterlife. Yet, still, the point here is that there does seem to be some level of acceptability of strong women.

Representation in Literature

This is where the lines begin to blur. We must move away from vague mythological interpretations and into the earthly representations of women. Old Norse literature seems to be covering a transition between the cultural norms of their myths and Christianity. There is noticeable tension. Yet, it is also clear in many sagas that women as “Vikings” was an anomaly. It was not supported and therefore the woman needed to be “saved” or “converted”, returning back to their acceptable social role. This is when we truly realize that the myths were not likely taken so literally. Here is a prime example:

“Among them was Lagertha, a skilled female warrior, who, though a maiden, had the courage of a man, and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. All marveled at her matchless deeds, for her locks flying down her back betrayed that she was a woman. 

Ragnar, when he had justly cut down the murderer of his grandfather, asked many questions of his fellow soldiers concerning the maiden whom he had seen so forward in the fray, and declared that he had gained the victory by the might of one woman. Learning that she was of noble birth among the barbarians, he steadfastly wooed her by means of messengers, she spurned his mission in her heart, but feigned compliance. (In other words, she rejected him, but played along). 

…Thus he had the maiden as the prize of the peril he had overcome. By this marriage he had two daughters, whose names have not come down to us, and a son Fridley…” (Viking Age Reader, 95-96)

Lagertha is a popular “Viking” woman in our modern age, yet in this literature from which she “originates,” she is merely a prize to be won. An obstacle to overcome. It is sad to mention that even their daughters were not cared enough for in the eyes of history to be remembered. Although women appear as strong and as warriors, this does not mean that is was approved, historically speaking. Instead, women as “Vikings” in historical literature (native literature, mind you) simply acts to personify a battle between freedoms and a the coming of a new age.

Interpreting the Realities

There is a middle ground, though. As we have now seen, women as warriors is acceptable in mythology, but not in society. Yet, there are many ways in which a woman can be strong and influential. The majority of literature reveals women to be strong when acting within their limitations. Women often pushed men to act, and those men often benefited from their counsel.

“Thorgils (a chieftain) said he was not obligated to take up a case that concerned Haflidi’s thingmen. She (Bjorg) pressed him very hard, and when Thorgils saw that, he said that she was in a hard predicament (he husband was killed by Haflidi’s nephew, he is also a chieftain and was her husband’s legal connection - obvious bias).” (Miller, 241)

Thorgils eventually helps Bjorg. It turned out that Thorgils profited greatly for representing her. Here a woman can be very influential and authoritative. She was able to convince another chieftain to act on her behalf. The Saga world was one of men, but women played a larger role in it than most other societies. The sagas did not like weak women just like they did not like weak men. Women were not put on pedestals, rather women put men on them and goaded them to stay there.

If you manage tor read a few Icelandic sagas, keep this in mind:

“The conventional women of the sagas is strong-willed and uncompromising. She is the self-appointed guardian of the honor of her men and as such she generally sees honor as unnuanced heroism.” (Miller, 212)

Archaeological Evidence

Odendisa Runestone

This runestone is known for being dedicated to a woman. It was raised at Hassmyra, Västmanland, Sweden. This woman is praised for what she did within the realm of the household, not based on achievements in battle. I personally have not worked much with this stone, so I cannot offer a translation of my own for what it says, but here is one done by Judith Jesch, author of Women in the Viking Age:

There will come
to Hassmyra
no better housewife,
who arranges the estate.

Here is an image of this runestone:

The Oseburg Ship Burial

This burial was done for two women. It is a burial fit for a queen and the ship itself features intricate detail. One woman was middle aged (20-30) and the other was elderly (50+). They died around the year 830. This burial shows how women could truly achieve an impressive status in Viking Age society, but not through means of war and battle.

Burials of women are found in all parts of the world that the Viking went to. This does not mean that they were participating in raids though. Women, children, and livestock were often brought along for settlement reasons. Raids began to take on the role of both temporary and permanent settlement. This is the case because not many burials of women are found where settlement did not also take place. Women were colonizers, and their grave goods reflect aspects of commerce, not war.

Here are only a few of the items found in this burial:

  1. A cart
  2. Saddle
  3. Twelve horses
  4. Three beds
  5. Chairs
  6. Lamps
  7. Buckets
  8. Four looms
  9. Fine textiles
  10. Custom shoes for arthritis
  11. And much, much more…

Here is an image of the ship they were buried in:

Bringing Everything Together

We now have a very complicated picture. Mythology reveals women in battle, literature represents woman as powerful warriors, and society suggests women who were strong, holding up their family and their husband. It is understandable that the image of women during the Viking Age is so often contested. So let’s finally answer that question.

Women were, historically speaking, not “Vikings.” At least, it is highly unlikely based on current evidence.  Yes, there is some evidence floating around out there, but it is not secure evidence (so far). Yet, regardless, women had an unspoken authority.  They were self-appointed heroines. Women gained their status in society through other means. They did not have to gain honor through battle.  Women made due with their situation and managed to become influential and strong in their own way. They were by no means weak, and the men knew this. Sometimes men envied this, but they also benefited from women, whether they liked it or not. The women of the Viking world were strong and they were admired for it.

Yet, it is alright if we use these warrior women, like Lagertha, as heroes to look up to today. Our young women need strong women to look up to. They have the potential to rise where they were once forbidden to do so. Still we must not allow that to cloud the past. We interpret material much differently today than it was meant to be understood in another era - keep that in mind. History is not always the way we would like it to be.

“…it was the men, not the women, who were meant to die on raids…” (Miller, 208)

Skál og ferð vel,
— Steven T. Dunn.

Next Week’s Lesson: Lesson 14 - Ships and Seafaring.



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Images (In order of appearance):

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  2. (link) Oseberg ship, Kulturhistorisk museum (Viking Ship Museum), Oslo, Norway.

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As Naruto is a shounen, us boys prefer relationships like NH to SS. Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he's not as handsome as Sasuke, NH is equally mutual from both sides; while Sasuke, when he came back in The Last, he didn't visit Sakura but left quickly, and he didn't put any effort in the relationship. SS is popular only 'cause the girls are active on tumblr and other social network, in fact NH is the real couple in most Naruto fans' hearts, not SS

There’s so much wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.

Firstly, please don’t group and generalise male fans like that. I’m a guy and SS is my favourite ship in the series. We’re not obliged to prefer one relationship over the other. It being a shounen is no justification either.


“Naruto loves Hinata and treasures her, and Hinata is loyal to Naruto even tho he’s not as handsome as Sasuke”

If that’s your justification for NH being mutual and SS being one sided, then that’s very, very weak.

I can just as easily say “Sasuke loves Sakura and treasures her (Gaiden illustrates this. If you want me to explicitly explain it to you bit by bit then I will), and Sakura was loyal to Sasuke even though he was severely lost in darkness during the main story”.

Thirdly, the mere fact that you’re using Sasuke’s appearance in The Last as any kind of support isn’t doing your point any favours. His journey of redemption wasn’t over and he wanted to be by himself. Why does that portray SS as being one sided?

Fourthly, I’m so sick and tired of this “Sasuke didn’t put any effort in the relationship” nonsense. What do you guys mean by that anyway? Sasuke went on a journey of redemption in order to better himself as a person, so that if he were to enter a relationship with Sakura in the future, it would be as someone who didn’t have all those crimes weighing on his shoulders.

Now, Sakura did put in a lot of effort for Sasuke, but what did you expect? That was required in order to save him from the the curse of hatred. Sasuke was in a very dark place for the entire story, and saving him from that place needed far more than a little bit of effort from both Naruto and Sakura. Do you also feel that Sasuke put no effort into his friendship with Naruto? Because that’s the same flawed logic. Sasuke put Naruto through far more than he did to Sakura. The fact that they both never gave up on him, and that they both persisted in saving him, despite Sasuke’s seeming indifference to both of them, was one of the running themes of the story.

Lastly, again, don’t generalise the ship and fandom by claiming to know the apparent sole reason for SS’s popularity. I also don’t agree with this “real couple” nonsense either. Both NH and SS are canon, and both ships are as real as each other.

They say that he has not much time left.

I don’t know if i should go there tomorrow to visit him, can be the last time i see him. But i don’t know if i can handle it. But if i dont go over there.. maybe i have to regret that  every day rest of my life?

what would you guys have done?

3AM thoughts

A/N: Ah, thank you! It means a lot that you think my writing is good! And, without further ado, here is your request.

summary: Barry’s doppelganger is getting more action than he is and that is unacceptable.

pairing: barry allen x reader // earth two barry allen x earth two reader

After defeating Zoom, Barry went through the breach to take Harry and his daughter, Jesse, back to their Earth. When he took them back, he decided to check up on what his doppelganger was doing, insanely curious after the last visit since he was more focused on Zoom than taking in the alternate reality.

He’d brought a cap in advance, and pulled it closer over his face as he walked into the CCPD, to make sure nobody mistook him for their Barry Allen. The door to the lab was closed, but Barry just opened the door and walked in.

“Hey, remember—” he cut himself off into a stutter, his eyes widening.

There was his doppelganger, lip-locked with Y/N. They startled, recoiling away from each other a couple of inches, Earth Two Barry’s arms still wrapped around her.

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Welcome to #mypubliclandsroadtrip 2016, Week 9 – Best Wildlife Watching!

Last week, #mypubliclandsroadtrip visited places on America’s public lands to beat the summer heat – from favorite ocean spots to out-of-the way lakes and streams.  Check out our new @Stellerstories book that recaps Week 8 of the roadtrip.

From August 9-14, #mypubliclandsroadtrip features our favorite places for watching wildlife, from california condors to sea lions to elk and moose. Follow along all week as we add new places to the #mypubliclandsroadtrip 2016 map and new Best Wildlife Watching journal.

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Re: Christianity and therapy...I grew up in a house where my mom did (and still does) believe that depression can be cured by vitamin D and prayer. It wasn't until I was in college that I was able to get actual help. Growing up, my youth pastors were well aware I suffered from an eating disorder and did nothing. Last time I visited my church the speaker called having an eating disorder and depression as personal choices. I can definitely relate to feeling ostracized by other Christians.

It sounds like you are describing awful people who self-identify as Christian, while completely ignoring the teachings in the New Testament where Christ makes it pretty clear that He wants you to take care of yourself.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t sound like you’re ostracized by Christians as much as you are ostracized by assholes.

“Of all the rude things that guests do to each other at Disney World, I HATE when people sit their kids up on their shoulders during shows and fireworks, especially after they’ve started. Our last visit to Magic Kingdom, our view of two different shows was obscured by people who did this, and it was so crowded at that point we couldn’t move to see around them. I know your kid wants to see but so do ALL the people standing behind you. We paid as much money as you did to be here. It’s inconsiderate”

I miss you... (A Whink Diamond Fan fiction)

“Pinky?….I’m back!…again…you know it’s been all too long since my last visit hasn’t it? I’m sorry to keep you waiting but I had quite a bit of business to attend to! I’m here now right? Ha…it’s a shame the rest of this place is in such poor condition, I’ll be sure it’s fixed up for you! After all it is what you deserve! Your beautiful, silk like locks of hair, your sweet and passionate lips, your soft, perfect, peach like skin…I’m sorry I can’t help but describe you! You’re just so, well…Perfect! As to be expected from your stature!….I…I miss you…I miss you so much Pinky… I-I’ve felt so alone without you by my side…that damned Rose Quartz! I don’t know what you saw in her but I saw something about her, something un trustworthy!….I’m sorry, I know you hate it when I’m mad…but you…your colony…your planet…your court all-….I’m sure you don’t want to be reminded of what you already know. I wish I could stay here with you forever my love…but as you want me to be I shall be patient, just as you are, I know you’re going to be waiting for me to come back! And don’t worry I will, when I do come back this place is going to be all patched up, no more cracks in the walls and gravel across the floor, you will continue to be honored and respected just as you deserve!…I love you Pinky…I hope you still love me too…and I have something for you…your favorites…” White Diamond then placed the bouquet of white and pink arrow glass flowers she had been holding on the empty thrown, she turned away heading toward the only exit of the room “I’ll see you again soon, I promise.” She closed the door slowly and walked through the emptied halls, all of which were faded and distorted pink, except for the chamber doors she walked out of, still as they were thousands of years ago, ordered to be kept in perfect condition, as if the owner of the chamber was never shattered…