C.D: Well, waddya think?
???: It’s perfect! It’s about time that horrible graffiti was replaced with some real art!
C.D: I just hope it turns some heads in the right direction. Towards peace.
???: I hope so too. We’ve been friends since we were kids, but no one else really wants to get along. Y’know since those Agents showed up.
C.D: That reminds me, I’ve been in contact with the Inkopolis Invitation program. They’ve apparently been letting some octolings come live in inkopolis and I gave them the profile sheet you filled out during my last visit. You can leave whenever you want.
???: Really?!
C.D: Yep, just let me know when you’re ready to go.
???: Give me ten minutes to get my stuff!

Welcome to Twinleaf! 4400-6688-3189
Enjoy your stay at two spa/hotels to choose from. Don’t forget your complimentary robe, headband and choice of facial mask or fruit pack in front of the mayor’s place, Exotic Oasis. The kitchen’s a bit sloppy, but that’s because she’s also got mayor-ing to do. The food is always A plus though!
(Remember to take them with you if you decide to visit the Nature Sanctuary Hotel/Spa run by a forest nymph, Cordelia)
Don’t forget to visit the slightly haunted mansion to the north of the town. Scarlett’s friendly, although when she moved in, she put a spell on the other two to turn them into pumpkins. Fortunately, Cordelia knew how to reverse it. The mayor was okay with her new-found head though.
Last, but not least. Visit Cranky Farms, where the crankies run the place and tend to their tulips, harvest fruit, pumpkins, and bamboo. There’s stumps to rest on after a hard day of work. I’ll track the tag #jaxcrossing if you guys visit!

this was a weeks project.. I think. Could be more *shrug*

a while a go, like months ago really,  Sirida showed me a new way to do felting. :3 and i gave it a try then.. and forgot about it until last week when visiting a hobby shop where they had some supplies.

He stands on his own (with maybe over exaggerated and carried away in inspiration) little under 30 cm. Even the book is felted!

and during this whole time I have only imagined this as a voodoo-doll. >:3

“My aunt just asked me if I could babysit for her son next week while she goes to some conference. This is the only toy I have, which I’m pretty sure was left at my place the last time he visited… How do I entertain a ten year old for 3 whole days? Help.


And then, after being hastily dismissed by Alphys, he ran all the way to Snowdin screaming about tacos and Queens. The legend of the blue streak was born that day. The blue streak that almost kills your eardrums when it passes you.

This is Sans and Toriel’s first meeting in which Sansy is an adult. Sans met her as a child a long time ago, but they haven’t seen much of each other since. Sans has had a bit of a celebrity crush on Toriel since meeting her as a child and always dreamed of meeting her again. Alphys used this to her advantage to convince Sans to give her reports to Toriel so she can have some time to visit a certain fish before Sans got back.

And then when Sans got home… well…


He had to make the BEST tacos EVER. No exception. And it took him a while till he made the perfect ones. Sans made so many tacos that they had leftovers for MONTHS. He could feed all of Snowdin and half of Waterfall with all the left overs.

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based on a true story
  • (Lance and Hunk are helping Coran in the kitchen)
  • Coran:Thanks for helping me prepare dinner, boys!
  • Lance:Hey, no problem dude.
  • Hunk:Lance and I used to cook together all the time back at the Garrison, so we're glad to help! What's on the menu for tonight, Coran?
  • Coran:Well, I picked up some ingredients at the last farmers market we visited, and I found something that's a pretty close substitute to Earth's... Nuts, I believe you call them?
  • Lance:... So we're having nuts for dinner?
  • Hunk:Lance-
  • Coran:Yep! I was thinking that we would prepare a salad and then-
  • Lance:Wow Coran, what a coincidence! Nuts are Hunk's favorite food group! In fact, one could even say-
  • Hunk:LANCE.
  • Lance:- That Hunk LOVES nuts!
  • Hunk:You are the worst.
  • Coran:Is that so? I had no idea that Hunk loved nuts!!
  • (Lance cough-laughs into his sleeve and Hunk punches him in the arm. Coran continues, oblivious)
  • Coran:Well, if Hunk loves nuts so much... He should have the honor of putting them in the dish! (He hands the bag of nuts to Hunk) Nut away, Hunk!
  • Lance:(HOLY_SHIT.JPEG)
  • Hunk:(praying4death.png)
An Entry in the Journal of Dipper Pines

June 18, 2013

It’s our second summer here in Gravity Falls, and so far it has been VERY different from our first summer here. No big conspiracies nor mysteries popping up, no ominous hints of things to come, no great divides between family and friends. Everything has been … normal. Typical Gravity Falls weirdness, yes, but … normal. Uneventful, in the grand scheme of things. Safe.

I guess it’s to be expected - everyone’s a year older and an apocalypse wiser. Facing your fears - literally - gives you a different perspective on life.

Ford and I have gone on mystery hunts and scientific expeditions together - but more often than not, Mabel and Stan tag along too. Mabel is still just as boy-crazy as she was last summer (don’t even get me STARTED on the antics she got up to when that theatre troupe visited town last week - UGH) but … she keeps me in the loop now. She actually TURNED DOWN A DATE because ‘Friday night is family movie night, no exceptions.’ I actually checked her with one of Ford’s scanners to see if she’d been replaced by an alien. She laughed and called me an overreacting bean, whatever that means (the test came back negative, by the way).

Stan is still Stan. He makes fun of my ‘nerdiness’ a lot, just like last summer, and he still makes me do any of the difficult or dangerous chores around the Shack (Soos took two months of honeymoon leave for the summer. The wedding was the second day we got here). He’s still the same old miserly, con-artist Mr. Mystery. But … he’s closed the Shack TWICE in the three weeks since we got here. Both on Saturday! And all to have a ‘Family Bonding’ day. The four of us went fishing and hunting for lake monsters the first Saturday. The second Saturday we went berry-picking up in the mountains for strawberries. Ford and I catalogued six different winged cryptids on the hike. Stan started a ‘who can pick the most strawberries’ contest and Mabel almost fell off a cliff trying to reach as many as she could (she won, by the way). And Stan says it’s Family Bonding again this Sunday.

Ford brings his research upstairs pretty often now. Stan yells at him to “get that science junk off of my kitchen table, WE EAT FOOD THERE POINDEXTER” pretty often, but he never chases Ford back to the basement like he would have last summer. There’s no heat in the arguments any more. I think that the trip to the Arctic was a good thing for BOTH of them. They’re finally acting like - like siblings again. Like me and Mabel. And Ford is different too. He doesn’t jump every time someone sneaks up on him anymore. Whenever we go on mystery hunts or expeditions, FORD is the one to invite the others to come along. It’s fun to go on expeditions with just me and Ford, but … it’s nice to be a family.

Soos and Melody have the whole main floor to themselves (along with Abuelita) so Ford’s secret study has been repurposed as his bedroom and Stan kept his room on the second floor. Soos assured me and Mabel that we can stay in the attic “As long as you want. You dudes could move in here with me and Melody and Abuelita and the Mr. Pineses when you get old enough! If you still wanna live in Gravity Falls, that is. Ha ha!” I don’t know about Mabel, but I am seriously considering the offer.

Everything is different now, but everything is the same. I’ve done a bit of growing up this year (I know I say that every year, but it’s really true!) and I’ve realised some very important things.

About last summer.

About family.

About life.

It’s the normal, everyday things that matter most. It’s saying good morning to your sister when she jumps on your bed to wake you up. It’s getting to drink coffee with your Great-Uncle while you work on a map of the forest together. It’s earning a pat on the head from your other Great-Uncle when you split an entire cord of wood in a day. It’s you and your sister feeding her pet pig all your vegetables when no one is looking and laughing with her when you don’t get caught. It’s watching the people you helped save go to the grocery store, play in the park, eat a picnic, fly a kite, laugh with their family, go to the pool, save a kitten, fall in love.

It’s life, with all its normal joys.

Don’t get me wrong. I will never stop loving the strange, the weird, the unknown. Dipper Pines will hunt monsters and mysteries and ghosts his whole life! That is a promise! But I will appreciate the normal. I will embrace the everyday. I will cherish the known. Because life isn’t just one or the other.

It’s both.

I’ve made friends with creatures most people don’t believe in and most will never see. And I’ve seen that it’s the same for them. Behind the strangeness and differences are creatures that live lives just like us. They eat. They breath. They play. They cry. They laugh. They love. They live. All of the little things that I am learning to appreciate in my life, they appreciate in their own weird way.

There is a lot that I don’t know, and there is a lot I still have to learn. But I have people I can trust by my side. I have a place full of adventure I can always come back to. I have a lifetime ahead of me to appreciate, to learn, to grow. I have time on my side and my family at my back.

So I forge ahead with confidence into the great unknown of life. “Ad Astra Per Aspera!” as my Grunkle Ford likes to say.

(He also says that space travel in this dimension is extremely primitive and he won’t be caught dead being launched in an Earth spaceship, but we’re fixing up the UFO from last summer, so space exploration won’t be a problem soon.)

Anyway, that’s all for today’s entry. Mabel’s cooking dinner and I heard something about “experimental glitter chicken” so I should probably go do damage control. Stan doesn’t usually care as long as she doesn’t set the house on fire, and Ford will eat ANYTHING. I for one don’t want glitter coating my insides for the rest of eternity. But I’ll let Mabel eat her wacky concoctions. They haven’t killed anyone yet and they make her happy, so live and let live I guess. And as usual,


-Dipper Pines

P.S. I hear the smoke alarm going off now. This will be fun.

Dipper Pines reminds me a lot of myself when I was becoming a teenager. I shared many of his doubts and fears - trust no one and if I’m not the smart guy, then who am I? chief among them. But I also learned, like he did, that you don’t have to grow up so quickly to be smart and liked. That you can trust people, and things will still turn out okay. To love and appreciate the people you have while you have them. That there is so much more to each of us than a single defining feature. That you can be a child while you are a child, and being silly and having fun is not childish. It is living. 

This little excerpt is what I imagine Dipper’s own journal entries to be like. I drew inspiration from the introduction and conclusion to the series that Dipper himself narrated, as well as the snippet of his writing that we got to hear at the end of the first episode. I always imagined that the entire series was being narrated by Dipper either to potential readers in his own journal or to his classmates in his “Summer Report” for school. 

As always, stay lovely my dears.


“Serafine, could you go and get some biscuits for me and my guest, please?”
“Uhh, sure…I mean, yes, princess!”

“A sweet girl, Twilight, but isn’t she a bit…bumbling?”
“That’s why her parents sent her to me, Fluttershy. She has a lot to learn.”
“You would think she has never seen a draconequus before.”
“I would be surprised if she had! It’s been quite a while since you last visited and even longer since Discord departed from the Equestrian dimension!”
“Oh my, it has been a while, hasn’t it. I’m sorry Twilight, time passes differently in the…chaos realm. And Discord always has something new to show me!”
“Really? Even after all this time?”
“Oh Twilight, I wish you could see it. I never dreamed the universe could be this big!”
“Well, you know me, duty calls…”
“You’re not overworking yourself again, are you?”
“No, no, no…but you know how it is…it is a big responsibility. Sometimes I really wonder how Celestia and Luna managed.”
“They probably had lots of friends to help them.”
“Yes. And I’m glad I do too…”

I kinda dislike having characters that I like run around without a proper setting, so I decided to put Discord-shy into a future AU where I may or may not put some pairings I usually don’t ship. For instance, Serafine is a future daughter of Spike and Ember, put into Twilight’s care to learn the ropes of an assistant, princess duties and other related stuff that may help her as an even future-rer ruler herself. She’s usually rather headstrong and sarcastic, but life with Princess Twilight and her friends has caught her off-guard.
(Some of you may remember a little dragoness I once created called Minu, who I also didn’t have any plans for, but who now, thanks to a name-change and some minor colour tweaking, got her purpose as Serafine. ^^)

The plan is to keep this separate from my “main fanon” (Lavender etc.) and just have fun, but with Fluttershy being able to hop dimensions, who knows…

Also, hey, commissions are open! I really need to make rent money, so if you have an idea you’d like to see realized, go check out the commission info!

17/07/16: Went to Germany last weekend to visit a friend, and bought this cute notebook to document my time there, isn’t it super cute? Also as I have just finished my bachelor, I will start working full-time now, and am kind of excited about it (just a little bit).

Now I am no longer a student, you will see different posts on my tumblr. But I’ll try to keep it cool.


“After All These Years”

art prompt #1

Bucky and Steve sitting on the beach of Coney Island years after their last visit. Some things don’t change. 

“Look at this photo, Stevie, you were so… I guess you still are”. 

For the freaking awesome @winterstudmuffinbarnes , I’m really sorry that there’s no ice cream! I was going to add it, I swear, but something happened on the way…You know how it usually goes.

Thank you for sending me your prompt!


So my sister visited last weekend for some serious cleaning. I posted about my terrible room before but like always, things went back to how they were about a week later. This time we went through all the junk I owned, threw most of it away, donated more of it, then vacuumed and dusted EVERYTHING.

My room feels like an oasis now. The rest of my life can be shitty but I have this nice place to come back to. I’m happy with what we did

They say that he has not much time left.

I don’t know if i should go there tomorrow to visit him, can be the last time i see him. But i don’t know if i can handle it. But if i dont go over there.. maybe i have to regret that  every day rest of my life?

what would you guys have done?

Submission by Skelesister: AND PEGGY the spy

Peggy was under the kiddie table. 
Peggy was being a spy. 
Go Peggy!

She was giggling as she was thinking this, trying to keep quiet still as her sisters talked above her. They were talking about the other kids at the daycare and the gross middleschool kids and how Spy Peggy was the coolest!! Though that part wasn’t true, Peggy knew that if they knew what spying is, they would be constantly talking about how amazing of a spy Peggy is. 

The last time she visited the other kids, Hercules taught her all about spy stuff and how to be a spy and how they were so cool! Hercules even told her about how he was spy for the daycare, and Peggy wanted to be a spy too! She also  wanted to make a mud pie to throw at Thomas but that’s different.  

Hercules taught her how to be sneaky and cool and stuff and here she was and it was so fun! Even though the kitchen floor was cold and the kiddie table is small which meant she has to make sure not to hit her sisters’ feet, but spying isn’t all about fun. It was about getting the In–fo–mation though Peggy didn’t understand how you specifically got in it, just that it was a thing and an important one! Peggy would certainly make sure to ask him-

When she sneaks into the day care!! 
Yeah Peggy was being a spy, and the best spy 
Cause she was hiding her giggles and listening VERY carefully, though Angi and Eli were really just talking about Philip and how much of a dummy Thomas was, listening would still be very important,

Because she was Spy Peggy.

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anonymous asked:

(Starter?~) *Marsh had arrived at Maura's doorstep. It had been a while since they had last visited, and they hoped they could find Fera and apologize to them... They were anxious to see Maura again. They got their gifts ready and knocked on the door with a cat paw. The extended tail certainly helped.* @ask-marshandrachel

*a note falls out the door and it reads: we have moved! If your trying to find us please talk to the person behind you! -love the Maura family: then, a creepy giggle comes from behind cat!marsh* hello…….