“I have something for you too.”
“It’s a book.”

Last year when I heard Jenna Coleman was leaving Doctor Who, I was obviously distraught because I love Clara sooooo much. And then when I heard Clara died I absolutely refused to keep watching Doctor Who, again, because I love Clara sooooo much. But I downloaded the season last week to watch it and oh my lord, what a ride. I cried my eyes out like a baby and curled up in bed with Waffles. I wasn’t even able to watch the last two episodes until last night and then I cried like a baby again. It was beautifully sad and wow. JUST WOW. CLARA OSWALD FOREVER!!!!

His Last Vow to feature 'more tears' than ever before
  • Sherlock fandom:These first two episodes are positively uplifting! It's not like the writers to make them so happy! Let Gatiss write them aall they'll be based on fanfiction and they'll be funny and happy and no one will die-
  • Moffat:You think your feels are safe
  • Sherlock fandom:Oh no
  • Moffat:It is an illusion
  • Sherlock fandom:We are ignoring you, you are being ignored
  • Moffat:A comforting lie told to protect you
  • Sherlock fandom:I caaaan't heaaaaar youuuuu
  • Moffat:Enjoy these final moments of peace
  • Sherlock fandom:Nope, not listening we're not listening
  • Moffat:For I have returned
  • Sherlock fandom:Oh God no
  • Moffat:To have. my. vengeance

Agent Carter season two will have 10 episodes! (x)

“What was very exciting is, in a second season she’s grieved over Steve and she’s now about to embark on a new adventure in her life. So she’s in a much better place, so in terms of where she is it’s going to be a lot lighter for her, there’s going to be more humor to her and more warmth. She’s not struggling so much with her identity.” - Hayley Atwell


This was hard to draw considering how much Ford trusts Dipper. The man who literally said “trust no one” finally opens up to someone he sees as a friend. Then this. This would hurt him so much.



Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 

Adrienette Moments Ep: 1-15

Adrienette moments summarized. 

Stormy Weather - Marinette goes to the park to invite Adrien out for smoothies. Not successful. Just a wave from the two of them.

Bubbler - Marinette tries to give a present to Adrien. Fails. We get a nervous/confused hi’s from them. Adrien loves the scarf Marinette made but believes it to be from his father. Marinette chooses not to say anything seeing how happy Adrien is to get a present from his father

Copycat - Marinette calls Adrien but ends up leaving an embrassing voicemail instead (calls him hot). She steals Adrien’s phone to erase the message and replaces it without getting caught. Nino invites Adrien to the Movies. Alya invites herself and Marinette to tag along with them. We get a smile from Adrien and a Marinette jumping for joy.  

Timebreaker - Adrien is impressed with Marinett’s banner that she made. He winks andcompliments her and Marinette giggles in delight. Marinette accidently drops the watch and Adrien catches it. Marinette calls him a cool kid and that he’s good at holding things with his hands. Adrien is shocked/confused. Marienette tries to correct herself but is ultimately embarrassed.

Mr. Pigeon - Marinette designs a hat for a contest and wins. Adrien is impressed with her designs but thought they were Alya’s at first. After finding out they are Marinette’s he tells her she is sure to win. When she wins he tells her great job and touches her hands that are holding the hat. Marinette smiles and blushes.

Lady Wifi - No Adrienette moment. Alya points out to Marinette how Adrien and Chat look similar. Marinette tells her that she can’t compare a nice sane guy like Adrien to someone like Chat.

Pharaoh - No Adrienette moment. Adrien starts to suspect that Ladybug goes to the same school as him though. 

Rogercop - Marinette notices Adrien’s sad when his father doesn’t show up. She also defends him when their classmates start accusing Adrien of stealing the bracelet. 

Evil Illustrator - Adrien talks to Marinette about Chat. Marinette stutters and calls Chat cool but not as cool as him. Adrien takes it as a compliment and pats her shoulder. Marinette says she’s never washing her jacket again.

Dark Cupid - Adrien writes a love letter to Ladybug but throws it away instead deciding to tell her in person. Marinette intercepts the letter and thinks it could be about her. She decides to confess to him and writes a love letter to Adrien but forgets to sign it. Adrien is surprised/excited that someone answered his letter (knowing very well he threw it away) . Hopelessly lovestruck he thinks that the letter could be from Ladybug. 

Horrificator - Marinette admits to Alya that she wants to kiss Adrien. Marinette is nervous that she’s going to kiss Adrien for a scene. Adrien tells her she’ll do great. They go to kiss but Chloe interrupts. Adrien is seems much calmer and more willing to kiss Marinette than Chloe. 

Dark Knight - Adrien says he’ll vote for Marinette if her speech is good. Adrien is seen clapping after she gives her speech

Mime - Adrien sees Marinette and Alya and admits that he didn’t want to see the show by himself and sits next to Marinette. Marinette just smiles and makes strange noises. Marinette says later that she can’t believe she watched a show next to Adrien and asks if it was dream.

Kung Food - Adrien shows up at Marinette’s door to translate Chinese for her. He bows to her at the door in a very Chat like manner. Marinette is surprised to see him and freaks out while stuttering words. Adrien and Marinette have casual conversations thoughout the rest of the episode. Marinette doesn’t stutter and Adrien seems excited to talk about Chinese culture with her. Adrien comforts her when she thinks her uncle doesn’t like her and when he loses the competition (Adrien touches her shoulders and Marinette doesn’t freak out). Adrien smiles at Marinette and her uncle when they are working/talking in the kitchen. Adrien defends them against Chloe. Adrien smiles and touches her back while gesturing her to join her uncle.  At the end they are seen enjoying Cheng shifu’s soup together. 

Gamer - Marinette participates in a school tournament of the video game Mecha Strike in an attempt to be on a team with Adrien for a Region wide tournament. She succeeds coming in 1st place having a much higher score than Adrien who’s in 2nd. Adrien shows up later at Marinette’s house to practice for the tournament. Marinette races around her room to take down posters of him that are plastered all over her walls. Adrien finds out from Marinette’s parents that she talks about him a lot. There’s accidental hand touching x 2 and both are seemingly shy about it. Marinette is shown to be much better at the game than Adrien. Adrien remarks that he’s really not needed and that she would probably do much better on her own. Marinette tries to cheer him up and gives him her lucky bracelet. They end up taking a break at the park where Adrien compliments how good her father’s pies are. The Gamer shows up and attacks the pair. Adrien grabs Marinette and saves her, falling on top of her before grabbing her hand and running away. They get separated and Adrien transforms and saves her again as Chat Noir. Marinette becomes worried for Adrien telling Chat that he’s still in danger at the park and that they have to go back for him. Chat tells her that he’s fine and not to worry. He then asks her to stay on the roof where it’s safe. At the tournament Marinette gives up her place on the team to Max stating she likes video games but doesn’t have a passion for it. Adrien then unselfishly gives up his place to Marinette stating that she’s the better player.