Hiccup has PTSD after Shell Shocked Part 2 (RTTE S5 Theory)

Okay, so this is a really interesting theory I’ve developed with my most recent re-watch of RTTE Season 4. I’m going to go ahead and apologize because I have no idea how to do that “Keep Reading” thing, and this is going to be long.

So the last two episodes of RTTE Season 4 was named Shell Shocked Parts 1 and 2. Shell Shock was actually the word for PTSD before science declared it a disorder. For those of you who don’t know, PTSD is a mental disorder that is “triggered after either witnessing or experiencing a terrifying event.” 

The name for Viggo’s operation was “Operation Shell-Fire” not “Operation Shell-Shock” It would make no sense from a writing perspective to name these episodes “Shell Shocked” unless they were planning to give a character Shell Shock.

But what event would give Hiccup Shell Shock? A lot of very stressful events occurred during both Shell Shocked parts 1 and 2, but I think we can all agree that the most stressful event for Hiccup was when Viggo held Astrid at Axe - point and demanded Hiccup choose between her and his future or the Dragon Eye. Hiccup, not wanting Viggo to have the Dragon Eye back but also not wanting to loose Astrid, threw the Dragon Eye into the volcano nearby. Viggo chased after it and fell into the volcano, screaming Hiccup’s name once he started to fall. Soon after Viggo’s death (Since we now know Viggo survived we can’t deny how traumatic an experience that must have been for Hiccup just seeing it) we see the volcano on the Edge explode, more than likely taking Hiccup’s home away from home and burning it to the ground. And if the Edge survived, several dragons must have gotten hurt. 

I don’t have a link or anything (Sorry about that, and because I don’t have a link I don’t expect anyone to take my word on it) but I remember an interview where Douglas Sloan and Art Brown - the head writers of the show - said that the last 3 episodes would have the most emotional tests for Hiccup. That is something worth noting.

The show has increasingly been getting darker anyway. Remember Enemy of My Enemy? The Snotlout Anxiety Episode? Midnight Scrum? Berk nearly dying of starvation in Dire Straights?

Now, we all know that Viggo had plenty of deep quotes from Maces and Talons Parts 1 and 2 that foreshadowed future events, the most popular being the one where Viggo says “Black and white can become gray so easily.” However, there is one quote from Viggo that never seemed to connect to anything, until now. In Maces and Talons Part 1, Viggo takes Heather to an edge in his camp and he tells her “A man will never know how far he’s willing to go until he steps to the edge and looks down.” There hasn’t been any other moment in the show that I can recall where a character symbolically does this, except in Shell Shocked Part 2, where Hiccup runs to the edge of the volcano, looks down and says, “It didn’t have to end this way.” That was Hiccup’s moment where he realized how far he really went, and how far he was willing to go.

The Shell Shocked person might have been Viggo since we know he survived. Falling into the volcano must have been traumatic for him too.

But I don’t think so.

It does make sense for it to be Hiccup because it would 100% explain why he is so anti-violence in HTTYD2. From what I have been seeing around the fandom, all theories on how Hiccup became the strong supporter of peace in HTTYD2 revolves around Hiccup realizing that he can change anyone’s mind about dragons by giving them a flight. It worked with Astrid, Stoick, kind of Dagur, Mala, and the other teens in Hiccup’s gang. But what if the real reason he is so anti-violence is for a much darker reason? Part of the definition of PTSD or Shell Shock, is to “avoid situations that bring back the trauma”. If Hiccup never goes into another conflict with violence, then what happened to Viggo won’t ever happen again. No one has to die (or nearly die) from any decision Hiccup made. 

Also: The show is no stranger to giving a character a mental problem, for lack of a better word. In one episode, Snotlout was super paranoid about not being important enough for the gang, thanks to his father’s words. In that episode, Snotlout had some extreme anxiety and was very insecure. And after seeing Midnight Scrum (let’s talk about how violent that episode was), I wouldn’t be shocked if they continued along such a dark path for Hiccup. Especially remembering that Hiccup jumped at Grump’s explosion at the beginning of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Maybe the sound of the explosion took him somewhere in his past.

But that is just my theory and while I’m not sure I like this route that the show has the opportunity to take right now, I can’t deny that it is completely possible and probable.

Also, I am certainly no expert on PTSD and if I mentioned anything in the above that is inaccurate to the diagnosis, please tell me so that I may remove or edit that section.

If you read this far, thank you! I know my thoughts were all over the place, so you might not have understood a word. But thank you for your time! 


Let’s just say he had some help.

Shadowhunters is still trending on tumblr, and I’m honestly so so happy. In comparison to 2a the love for shadowhunters in 2b is so much more. Last season I remember the #shadowhunters tag would reach #8 on trending and then disappear completely by morning. And it just shows to me that more and more people are enjoying the episodes and talking about it positively. The lack of negative discourse in the last 2 episodes has been so refreshing, it reminds me of season 1 times in the fandom and I’m enjoying every moment once again. Here’s to the rest of 2b being just as awesome.

Please let Clace fans enjoy 2x19.

If you’ve seen my blog you know I watch this show mostly for Magnus, Alec and Malec. So keeping that in mind, I ask you lovely people to not hate on the Clace scenes next episode. 

I fully admit I was bitter in the past too, because Malec weren’t being treated fairly while Jace got to hook up left and right. But now that we have 2x18 (a masterpiece) and the promise of Malec fighting together in the finale (and it looks like Todd & co. really got the message), let’s all just enjoy the ride.

You don’t have to fall in love with Clace, I doubt I ever will, but if there are beautiful moments (like that glowing rune scene, that looks very pretty) let people get excited about it without hating on them. 

*Kat Barrel in the opening credits!*

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One of the reasons Supergirl struggled all season is because they failed to juggle far more plot lines than they could handle. And this all came to a head in the finale, because despite all of these plot lines basically none of them paid off.

Jeremiah Danvers and Cadmus? No payoff there. We haven’t seen him since he fought with Hank Henshaw and the only time anyone seems to remember him is in the face of Lillian Luthor.

Speaking of Lillian Luthor? What about the whole Cadmus story line? Not resolved; she still runs Cadmus and it’ll likely still be a problem. But what about her and Lena? Okay, so they worked together to make the lead thing. But we don’t see them at all beyond this. Lena still doesn’t like her (rightfully so) and Lillian really didn’t cause any problems so nothing really came out of them in this finale.

But what about Lena? Like I said, there really was no payoff with her mother. No payoff with Rhea because they didn’t interact all episode. And her friendship with Kara/Supergirl didn’t really have a payoff either. They barely interact in the episode. You can’t even say that it paid off because she made Supergirl that remote. Because A) That could’ve just as easily been Winn’s doing and B) That seemed to more so come from a place of distrusting her mother.

So what about Winn? He helps, but does he really have his own plot? No. His biggest plot all season was Lyra and even though she got a mention this episode, she has been MIA for several.

Well, what about James? If you think James has had any sort of payoff all season, I could laugh at you. He was almost entirely absent from the finale. He’s barely been present for a plot all season to even have a payoff. The whole Guardian plot? I honestly don’t understand at this point. At the beginning, this was a big thing he really wanted to do. But these last few episodes it seems like they’re almost trying to undo this whole plot.

What about J’onn? Honestly, his story arc this season with M’gann might actually be the only one with a payoff. He’s happy to see her again, and he is not at all put off by the white martians she brings to help.

Cat Grant? Honestly, her return was one of the biggest things carrying these last two episodes. Her return was great and helpful to the plot, but because she has been gone it’s not like we’ve been following an arc of hers all season, waiting to see a payoff with her.

Alex? Alex had almost no impact in the finale. Honestly, had she not been in it nothing would’ve changed. And what about her big arcs this season? Her dad and Cadmus? All we got out of that was her distrust of Lillian Luthor which really didn’t affect anything. And Sanvers? They should have left it at “I hope so”. Sure that would’ve been a little disappointing for shippers but Alex’s proposal takes away from her whole arc this season with Maggie. Alex was really learning to grow into herself through this relationship and now it just feels disjointed with a rushed proposal that really doesn’t even make sense. They just said “I love you” like two episodes ago where not much time has passed.

But the lack of payoff that pisses me off the most has to do with Mon-El and Kara. And this really has nothing to do with shipping.

Do you like Mon-El? Then you should probably be pissed that they gave you so much of him all season only to take him away. Don’t like Mon-El? Even if you’re happy he’s gone, you should still be pissed that they spent so much time on him this season for him to wind up completely gone anyway.

So with him now gone, that begs the question of whether or not the entire Daxam plot had any payoff and the answer is no. With them being off of Earth for good, they won’t directly affect the show going forward.

As for indirectly? Mon-El is arguably the only Daxamite that had any impact on every other character, but I don’t think anyone expects Alex or James or Winn to be affected by him being gone.

The only person he was ever intended to impact was Kara. And for what? The purpose of breaking her? People may argue that he developed through Kara all season. But Kara didn’t develop through him all season and guess what? She’s the goddamn protagonist and he’s gone now anyway. So her lack of development all season really shines now.

The scene where Mon-El leaves is all about how “no matter where he ends up he’ll be better because of her”.

And I think that sums up the season pretty well. It’s all about him, not Kara. You can argue that he didn’t grow at all anyway, and really almost none of the characters have. And even if all of that were true, he’s gone anyway so it doesn’t matter. Just like how pretty much every plot of this season doesn’t matter because none of them paid off in anyway.


“Why are you talking about the next life?”

“Ah, hurry up and promise me.”

“Then I want you to promise me something as well. Make sure you come back alive. It’s an order.”

An arc 3 1/2 years in the making.

I always knew that Lars struggled to like himself, and how that fed into his problems.

I’ve been that guy for most of my life.

That’s why I never could get in on the hating of Lars within the fandom. It always rubbed me the wrong way.

Upon rewatching the last two episodes, it seems really obvious how this whole part is basically the payoff for Lars’s arc. 

Now here’s the part where I pretend to be really deep and meaningful while talking about a children’s show. 

For people who don’t live in total denial of their problems, seeing other people going through a struggle you’re dealing with can be painful. 

Especially when seeing someone who has it much worse than you do.

But, sometimes it can help you to see things more clearly.

Facing that part of yourself can be hard. It can be scary. It can be god damn terrifying. And that’s okay. Real, meaningful change? It’s not easy. 

Deciding to face those demons can be the hardest thing in the world to do. 

But, sometimes, the things in life that seem terrifying and impossible only seem that way because we spend so much energy running from them.

Sometimes, when you find the courage to stand up to them, you find that it’s not so impossible. 

The truth is, the strength to overcome it is there. It’s always there. You just need to reach for it.

But in doing so, you won’t be the same afterwards. That’s how change works.

By facing your demons, you grow. You evolve past them.

You leave behind the person you were. And you become someone new.

And that’s a beautiful thing.