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psst hey ur headcanons are the best,,, mind if i have some general shenanigans with the space fam??

here’re your shenanigans pal

  • lance, running into the common room, tripping, crashing into the doorframe: “we’re the space equivalent of the brooklyn nine nine
  • coran has had his paladin outfit ready for hundreds of years
    • not because he thinks he’ll ever get to be one or anything! he knows perfectly well that the paladin and lion bond is a very special thing, but you know, just in case something ever happens to someone-
    • *alfor voice* “can you please stop killing us off in these scenarios”
  • “any last words paladin?” “yeah vrepit suck my-”
  • one time allura shapeshifts herself round ears out of curiosity and she legit gags
  • keith: “shiro asked me to lead voltron” hunk: “but… i called head next??”
  • shiro can’t touch his toes
    • lance is. so excited when he hears this
    • lance, putting his leg behind his head: “it’s okay shiro no one’s good at everything”
  • “we lost pidge” “…how did you lose pidge” “okay first of all? give us a break she’s like two inches tall”

I Don’t Mean It Pt 5

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

After dinner and with what Taehyung said, you were heartbroken. You believed his words, although you knew he would sometimes say things he didn’t mean when he was upset. But you knew inside that this time was different. He wasn’t going to ask for forgiveness this time around.

Did he even consider you his friend this entire time? Did any of them consider you a friend? Or were they really only nice because you had information about them. You loved each of them dearly, always wanting the best of them. Ever since they moved in next door, your life had changed for the better. You had always had a special place in your heart for Taehyung too. The way he made you feel when you were with him was indescribable. 

But it seems that all of it was a lie. 

“If he wants me out of his life, then that’s what I’ll give him” you say silently to yourself.

The award show season came and went by in a flash. And for some reason, Tae was itching to text you to tell you all about it. About how happy he was for winning awards. About how he wished you were there to celebrate with them.

But he dismissed any of those feelings and replaced them with his anger. He saw the other boys call and tell you the good news, but he kept his distance, not wanting to ruin their fun. 

A few weeks prior, the group’s manager came up to Taehyung regarding an article that a reporter was going to publish. Within the article was a detailed description of all the places Taehyung frequented in secret as to avoid the eyes of the public. In this article was a detailed description of all the small things that not many people knew about. 

Tae was of surprised. Where had this reporter gotten all this information? His manager had said that he had gotten this information from you when he found out that you both were neighbors. He said that you had received a sum of money for the information. Thankfully his manager had “stopped the article from being published” but he scolded Taehyung for being close with just some girl.

And with that, Taehyung was fuming. He swore never to tell you anything ever again and to have you out of his life. But a voice inside him told him otherwise and he couldn’t push you out completely. He still couldn’t. And he still didn’t tell the other guys yet because he knew it would have only distracted them.

A/N: I think I’m going to end part 5 here for now. I wanted to make this longer, but I’m going to hold myself back and keep it for part 6. What do you think is going to happen? Who wants a part 6? Let me know!! I also want to thank you all for the support once again. And thank you for understanding for when I didn’t post last night! 


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Something more from divorcee au please??? my family is starving the crops are dying

You know I stop working on everything else to update this right lol

Tony heard a knock on the door and froze, unconsciously clutching Peter tighter to his chest. He’d just—just recently gotten a vile voicemail from Stone saying he was coming for Peter. Tony had, of course, sent the voicemail to Pepper who had passed it on to Natasha, but then Natasha had called him with an ominous, ‘Batten down the hatches, Tony,’ and he’d been a nervous wreck all day. And now someone was here.

“Daddy, huwts!” Peter whined.

Tony gasped quietly and loosened his grip. “Sorry, Petie-Pie.” He pressed a few kisses to his cheek for good measure, and the toddler giggled reluctantly. Tony looked around nervously as the knock came again. “I’m—I’m coming, just a second!” Spying the closet, he hurried toward it. “Okay, Peter, you know how we talked about how bad people might be coming after us?”

His heart broke when Peter’s face went from a reluctant smile to a furrowed brow and frown. “I gotta hide and be quiet.”

“Quiet as a mouse,” Tony agreed, opening the door and carefully setting him on the floor. “And what do you do if someone who isn’t me finds you?”

“I scweam.”

“You scream so loud,” Tony said as Peter crawled to the back of the closet. “And then you keep screaming. I’m going to leave the door open a crack, honey. Remember, be quiet!”

Peter nodded and covered his mouth with both hands. It killed Tony a little to close the door on his face until the tiniest sliver of light caught his eye. Peter should have never had to deal with this, have to be taught to be quiet and hide because someone might come and take him against his and Tony’s wills.

The knock came a third time, and Tony took a shuddering breath before he went to get it. His heart leapt into his throat when he found a tall, broad man standing on the stoop, face set in a scowl. He looked like he could tie Tony into a pretzel and then throw him across a football field. Tony wished he’d thought to grab his gun before he’d answered the door.

“These are for you,” the man said gruffly, shoving a plate at him.

Tony had no choice but to grab them. Well, at least he could use the plate as a weapon now. “I—Oh, cookies. Um. Thank you.” Maybe this guy wasn’t a thug.

“Gluten, egg, and nut free,” the man grunted.

Tony frowned. Maybe this man was a thug and was actually trying to kill him via bland food. “You just sucked all the fun out of these cookies.”

“Steve didn’t know if Peter had allergies,” the man grunted.

Tony stared at him, confused. Then it hit him—Steve. Rhodey’s hot blond neighbor. And this—this must be Steve’s grumpy boyfriend. It figured that Steve’s boyfriend would be equally attractive. What had Steve said his name was? Something kinda dumb, if Tony was being honest.

“I’m Bucky,” the man said, thrusting his hand at him.

Tony took it mostly on instinct. Right. Bucky. What an awful name. “I’m Tony. Oh!” He shoved the plate back at Bucky and rushed back over to the closet, pulling the door open hurriedly. “Peter, it’s alright. It’s just one of our neighbors.”

Peter wiped at his eyes and sniffled a little before holding his arms out to him. Tony plucked him up and clutched him to his chest, running a hand up and down his back and murmuring apologies.

Once Peter had calmed down, Tony turned, embarrassed. Bucky looked like he’d swallowed a lemon. “Sorry.”

“Jesus,” Bucky said, appalled, and Tony flinched a little. “I just—No wonder Natasha hired me.”

Tony blinked at him. “What.”

“Natasha, your lawyer?” Bucky replied, raising an eyebrow. “She hired me to protect you.”

Tony narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously. “Natasha didn’t tell me anything about you.”

“Yeah, that mighta been a secret,” Bucky said after a pause. “But man—you have your kid hiding in the closet in case someone comes after you. No wonder she texted me and told me to introduce myself to you.”

Tony stared at him warily, unable to help his disbelief. Why hadn’t Natasha told him about Bucky? Why hadn’t Steve?

“Listen,” Bucky sighed, rolling his eyes. “I can prove it. I’ll call Natasha and put it on speakerphone.”

“Auntie ‘tash!” Peter exclaimed, throwing his hands up.

Tony sputtered. “Wha—Peter, not every woman named Natasha is going to be your aunt!”

“What,” came Natasha’s sharp voice through the phone.

“Except this time she is,” Tony added, confused, as Peter cheered.

“Tony? Peter? Bucky what the—” There was a cough as Natasha caught herself. “…heck. I said introduce yourself to Tony, not spill that I hired you to be his long-distance bodyguard.”

“He had his kid in the closet,” Bucky replied, and Tony fought the urge to wilt. He wasn’t sorry for trying to protect his son, even if it sounded bad.

“Auntie ‘tash!” Peter exclaimed, leaning toward the phone, and Bucky gamely held the phone closer to him. “Auntie ‘tash, I was reawy quiet! As a mouse!”

Natasha’s voice softened into a deep, sweet coo. “Did you, darling? I’m so proud of you. You’re a good boy to listen to your daddy.”

Peter blushed and covered his face.

“Aw,” Tony said, smiling reluctantly. “What do we say when people compliment us baby?”

“Thank you,” Peter mumbled, embarrassed.

“Well,” Natasha said after a moment. “I wanted Bucky’s involvement to be secret for a while so he wouldn’t spook you or anything, but…” She sighed. “But I guess Stone spooked you more. Listen, Bucky’s good. He’s great. He hasn’t failed me yet and he’s not going to fail me now.”

“Yeah?” Tony asked skeptically.

“I’ll kill him myself if he fails,” Natasha told him seriously.

Tony stared at the phone. “…I think you’re a mafia don,” he decided.

Natasha snorted. “You always think I’m a mafia don. I’m not. I don’t have time to rule the criminal underworld.”

“It frightens me that that is the only reason why,” Tony admitted.

“Listen, I have a client meeting that started a few minutes ago. I should probably get to them since they’re paying me. If Stone leaves you anymore voicemails, send them to me,” she ordered sternly. “Especially if they’re threatening like the last one. Worst case scenario, I move in with you guys and commute.”

“Yaaaay!” Peter crowed, flailing. “Auntie ‘tash!”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, зайчик?” Natasha cooed. “Once this big dumb trial is over, I’m taking you and your daddy out on a picnic and stuffing you with sweets.”

Tony’s groan could just barely be heard under Peter’s cheering.

“Take care of them, Barnes, or I’m going to skin you alive,” Natasha added cheerfully.

Tony was appalled, but Bucky didn’t look fazed in the slightest.

“G’bye,” Bucky said, then hung up, and then thrust the plate of cookies at them again. “Please don’t make me eat these.”

“I don’t want them!” Tony exclaimed, before his manners caught up with him.

Peter grabbed two cookies and jammed one into his mouth. Then he let out a disgusted ‘bleh!’ and spit it out, dropping the other to the floor. He looked up at Bucky, betrayed.

“It’s not my fault!” Bucky defended immediately. “Steve didn’t want me to kill you with allergens!”

“You’ve made sad disks is what you’ve done,” Tony said, the corner of his lip quirking up. He took a cookie just so Bucky would stop looking so constipated and bit into it. “…This is the driest shit I’ve ever tasted.”

“The batter was awful, too,” Bucky admitted. He stared at the plate of cookies before turning it over, watching them fall to the ground. “Oh no, I’ve dropped them.”

Tony covered his mouth to hide his smile.

Peter pointed at him accusingly. “You did that on puwpose!”

Bucky seemed to ponder this. “…Yeah, but they tasted like dirt anyway.”

Peter pointed at him a moment longer before letting his hand fall, conceding reluctantly.

Bucky stared at him for a long time before he asked, “Do you have any allergies?”

Tony opened his mouth, then closed it when he realized he was talking to Peter. When Peter looked up at him unsurely, he quietly said, “You know your no-no foods, Peter.”

Peter nodded sharply and turned back to Bucky. “Twee nuts.”

“Tree nuts?” Bucky’s brow furrowed. “Glad I didn’t make peanut butter cookies then.”

“Oh, he can have peanut butter,” Tony cut in, bouncing Peter so he’d laugh, and smiling when Peter let out a happy shriek. “Peanuts are a ground nut. He can’t have nuts like walnuts, almonds, pecans. Can’t have pine nuts either. I tell you, my mother rolled over in her grave when I adopted a kid that can’t eat pesto.”

“Pwesto!” Peter exclaimed, throwing his hands up, then patted at Tony’s face. “Down, Daddy! Down!”

“Okay, okay,” Tony said, setting him down, and watched as Peter toddled off to the coffee table to continue their puzzle. Once sure that he was occupied, Tony turned back to Bucky, belatedly adding, “Oh, uh, did—did you wanna come inside?”

Bucky looked down at the cookies on the floor, then back up at him. “No.”

“Alright.” Tony stared up at him for a moment before he asked, “Are you really as good as Natasha thinks?”

“I taught her everything she knows,” Bucky began, then stopped himself. “I taught her most of the things she knows. The rest she developed to kill me and take my power.”

Tony giggled reluctantly. “That’s awful.”

“Well, she’s a lawyer.” Bucky fiddled with the plate, frowning down at his shoes, before looking back up at him. “Listen, I just—I want you to know, I’ve got your back. I’ve done this for years, even worked for Rumlow for a while, so I know what to expect from him. I’m gonna take care of you guys.” He glanced at Peter, turning the plate in circles in his hands. “You won’t have to hide your kid in a closet ever again.”

Tony flinched and turned to look at Peter again. Normal kids didn’t have to learn how to hide and be very quiet. Normal kids didn’t have to worry about someone other than their daddy grabbing them and taking them away. Peter deserved better. And he didn’t even know it.

“Hey,” Bucky said quietly. “You’re protecting your kid. I’m gonna protect both of you.” He reached out his hand, and Tony held his out dumbly, jumping when something cold was pressed to his palm. “You think you’re in immediate danger, you come over to hide. It’ll buy you some time. Steve knows and he’s ready for you. He stays home most days anyway. Okay?”

Tony stared at the key in his hand, then curled his trembling fingers over it. Who knew that when he’d served Tiberius with divorce papers, he’d have to go hide in his best friend’s neighbors’ house? God, he wished he could just go back and change everything.

“Hey,” Bucky said, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey. As bad as this may sound, you’re not he first guy whose spouse is a complete psycho. I’ve worked a lot of these types o’ cases.”

That did make him feel better, in a strange way. Sometimes Tony felt like he was the crazy one, with the way Tiberius treated him, like he somehow deserved it. Logically, he knew that that wasn’t the case. He’d—he’d suffered a lot of gaslighting in the relationship. His therapist said so. (And it hurt to know that he’d needed a therapist to get away from Tiberius; that his therapist might need to testify on his behalf. He felt so weak, that he’d needed someone to tell him ‘you don’t deserve to be hit, Tony.’)

“I’ve got your back,” Bucky repeated, patting his shoulder, then turned to leave.

Tony sniffed and hurriedly wiped a tear from his cheek. “I hope—” He cleared his throat. “I hope you don’t have too many of those awful cookies left.”

Bucky looked pained. “I’m gonna make Stevie eat ‘em.”

Tony couldn’t help a laugh at the image that came to mind of Steve trying to choke down those dry-ass cookies.


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You don’t know Bucky Barnes well, but you know that he has the power to infuriate you. One day he especially gets on your last thread, but the scenario where you confront him goes a lot different than you expected.

Warnings: SMUT Unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it), oral (M receiving), fingering. SMUT. Anger, some angst?

Word Count: 2530

A/N: My first first reader insert and smut like this so sorry if it’s shitty. Feel free to send in prompts for reader inserts anytime. :) ❤️

To say that you weren’t happy was an understatement. You were pissed. Fuming. No. You were livid. How dare he call you out in front of everyone. How dare he belittle you, and underestimate what you can do when you did what you did for the sake of the mission. It was beyond you.

         You continued to punch and kick the punching bag with fierce attitude, pretending that the bag was in fact the one and only James Buchanan Barnes.
         You both were on a mission together earlier that day, and you might have made some mildly risky decisions. But it wasn’t any more dangerous than anything else you had ever done before, or anything the rest of the team hadn’t done a million times. You were fine…Until Barnes went off on you about how you could have messed up the mission by putting your life in danger, and how it could have ruined everything.
         Just thinking about how he went off at you in front of the whole team made your blood boil. You were so sick of him making you feel weak, and little. Just because you weren’t a super soldier, or didn’t have powers. You could easily hold your own without any of that.
         It took you a moment to snap out of it and realize that your phone was buzzing. You looked at the ID and you could see that it was Nat. There were a bunch of texts from her saying that there were some more leads on a situation that you had been involved in trying to crack for a while, and that there was going to be a briefing on the next plan in an hour.
         You sighed and decided to make your way back to your room to take a shower, coming to peace that you had blown off enough steam for the day and that you’d simply have to turn your frustrations somewhere else another time today.

         You had 30 minutes until the meeting. It wasn’t like you needed to be making your way down, but sometimes Barnes took your seat and you really didn’t feel like going down for his murder…At least, not today you weren’t.
         You were scrolling through your phone checking through different messages and emails you had gotten as you entered the elevator. Just as you were going to press the button, you noticed that the elevator was already going down to the floor you wanted…Which meant you weren’t alone.
         You finally looked up from your phone turning to find of course, the one and only Winter Soldier standing quietly behind you.
         You exhaled sharply through your nose and tried your best to ignore him, but the longer you both kept quiet, the more you just wanted to give him a piece of your mind.
         “You know what?” You blurted out, confidently.
         Bucky looked straight at you, un-phased. Which mostly succeeded in angering you further.
         “You do not have the right to tell me what to do. I did nothing wrong, okay? Thanks to me, the mission was successful, everyone was safe, and we got back on time. So, who are you ‘Mr. High and Mighty’ are you to tell me that I was risky?”
         You rambled on for what might have been a good two minutes. You didn’t even realize that the elevator had reached its destination, and closed its doors again leaving it idle on your destination floor. And all Bucky did was stare at you.
         Your heartbeat started to quicken when you finally stopped, and he stayed there leaning against the elevator walls.
         “(Y/N)” He said, nonchalantly.
         “What?” You retorted.
         He stepped forward coming closer and closer to you until there was no more than an inch between you.
         Your heart skipped a beat, and you swallowed a nervous lump in your throat. A feeling that unfortunately occurred while you were around him, no matter how much you tried to push it back.
         But you had no explanation as to why he decided to stand so close to you all of a sudden. At least, you didn’t until his lips met yours.
         Part of you wanted to slap him and walk away. You were still so angry with him. But the part of you that was so curious about him took over.
The truth was, you had fantasized about a moment like this with him for months…But you never thought that it would ever actually happen.
You wrapped your arms around his neck as you kissed him harder, and deeper. Damn, he was good.  
Before you knew it, he had you against the wall, resting you on the railing allowing you to wrap your legs around him.
“(Y/N)” he moaned against your lips as you moved your hands under his shirt, feeling all of his muscles on his bare skin. His mouth trailed down to your neck leaving lustful kisses and bites along it, leaving you absolutely breathless.
After a few moments, you couldn’t take anymore. There was too much tension, and you had to make the next move.
You moved your hands lower, and lower down his torso until you reached the hem of his pants, teasing as you slowly moved your fingers lower and lower and bringing them back up before you touched him where you knew he wanted you to touch him most.
“Is that how you want to play, doll?” he rasped, bringing his lips back to yours.
Without a word, you pulled away and lifted his shirt over his head and threw it to the corner of the elevator floor, before doing the same with your own. His expression changed when he noticed that you had no bra on under your shirt.
“Fuck, (Y/N)” he let out under his breath.
You watched him as he unbuttoned your pants allowing you to do the rest and take everything off.
You went back again to where you were on the railing, wrapping your legs around him again, grinding your naked core against him, feeling his obvious desperation for you straining against his jeans.
Bucky moved his right hand from your side and moved it down, now toying with your sensitive little bundle of nerves in between your legs.
You let out a small, high pitched whimper, rolling your head back and closing your eyes.
“Look at me, doll. I want to look at those pretty eyes of yours.”
You let out a desperate moan when he stopped because you didn’t listen. So, you did as he said and looked deep into his bright, blue orbs.
Just seeing the lustful look on his face, and his gorgeous eyes were almost enough to make you unhinge before him with minimal touching.
You could feel him pressing his fingers at your dripping core again, toying with your clit in a teasing manner.
“Mmm, Bucky stop playing with me here.” You breathed out.
“What is it, doll?” He asked, playfully. Knowing exactly what he was doing to you. Especially with a nickname like doll.
         He slipped one of his fingers inside your entrance. His thumb still circling around your oversensitive bundle of nerves.
         “Mmm, yes like that.” You moaned as he continued pumping his finger in and out of you.
         He couldn’t help himself but to lustfully press his lips back against yours as he slipped a second finger in you, beginning to stretch you out just perfectly.
         You let out breathy moans against his mouth as his pace began to grow faster and faster, and you knew that by the way you were starting to tighten he could feel you getting close to your finish. You were like Jell-O in his hands.
         “B-Bucky I’m gonna c-”
         And just at the last moment he pulled his hand away from you.
         “Not so fast there, doll. I’m not done with you yet.”
         You let out the most pathetic whimper you had ever heard. No one had ever touched you as well as he did, and just as you were about to finish he pulls out. You were not having it. No way he was having full control of this.
         You kneeled down in front of him on your knees, slowly pulling down his pants, along with his gloriously fitted Calvin Klein’s down to his ankles, his gorgeous member springing free. You almost had to stop yourself from staring at it too long in awe. How was it possible that he was so perfect all over?
         You softly wrapped your hand around him, circling the already leaking pre-cum around his tip before placing some soft licks along it.
         “Fuck.” He let out softly as you slowly wrapped your lips around his tip giving him a dough eyed look as your mouth started to bob down his throbbing shaft. You make your way back up, sucking on his tip again and back down again to the point of him almost hitting the back of your throat, using your hand at his base in circular motions where you couldn’t quite fit him in your mouth.
         “Fuck, (Y/N) You look so good taking my cock in your mouth.”
         You moaned around his length sending vibrations up his body. You knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. You could tell by the way his right hand was shaking as he caressed your hair, and the sides of your face.
         “(Y/N) Don’t stop. You feel so good.” You had him on the ropes.
         Finally, you went for the kill. You brought him so far down your throat you nose hit the base against his pelvis, and you swallowed around him, before pulling back and gasping for air.
         You looked up at his stunned expression. His mouth was almost wide open, brows furrowed, and his pupils almost completely dilated. You could tell that he couldn’t believe what just happened.
         You stood up before him, not wanting to wait a second longer for him to be inside you. You now wanted him so bad. And feeling him throbbing in your mouth, and hearing his deep, sexy moans while you pleasured him made you so hot you could feel your wetness dripping down your legs.
         He picked you up, placing you on the railing once again using his metal arm to keep you balanced. You let out a breathy moan as he started lining himself at your entrance. Once again teasing you as he rolled his tip up and down your folds, lightly brushing your clit.
         “Nmm. Please, I can’t much longer.” You were already breathless; you couldn’t wait to feel him inside you.
         His metal hand was against the wall, and his flesh hand resting against your waist as he slowly, and torturously entered you.
         You cried out softly feeling your walls stretch out so much that it stung a little bit. It was perfect, mixed with the contrast of the mind-blowing pleasure that was rushing throughout your entire body.
         You moved your hips against his, picking up a faster pace the more you got used to each other. You moved your bodies closer together, and you moved your lips to each other’s at the same moment, moaning into each other’s mouths which only heightened the pleasure you both felt.  
         You couldn’t speak a word. His pace now so fast you almost had tears coming from your eyes, and you weren’t going to last long.
         You threw your head back against the cool wall relishing in every single sensation you were experiencing. His cock pumping in and out of you, his hands moving up and down your body, his breaths against the skin of your neck, and then his lips against yours when he moved away from your neck, and hearing the metal plates of his metal arm stir around at certain moments.
         “Ah, Bucky I’m close.” You said, your hands gripping harder and harder against the sides of his torso.
         “Go ahead, doll. I’m right behind you. I want to feel you cum around me.” He said before kissing you, passionately once again.
         That was enough to push you over the edge. You cried out against his lips at your release. You were a shaking, whimpering mess as he still continued his pace riding out your orgasm as he was just about to finish.
         “Oh god, (Y/N) I can’t believe how-” But he never finished his sentence before reaching his own finish, filling you up with his hot cum. You may have already finished, but you relished in every sensation it brought you.
         You took a moment to catch your breaths, neither of you moving an inch for at least a minute.
         “So…Umm…” He panted with his forehead against yours while pulling out of you.
         “What were you mad about again?”
         You let out a giggle realizing how ridiculous you had probably sounded earlier. You were so wound up and hotheaded at that moment, you couldn’t even remember what you had even said to him.
         “Umm…I’m not going to lie,” You said, putting your clothes back on as he did the same.
“I can’t even remember what I blurted out.”
He was quiet for a moment, pulling his pants up, and picking up his shirt that was on the other side of the elevator.
“Hey, you alright?” You were worried that maybe you had said or just done something wrong.
“Yeah,” He replied softly.
“I just…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to single you out, I just can’t imagine what I would do if something happened to you.”
Your features softened at his words. He had never been that sweet to you, and you liked it.
“I like you (Y/N). A lot. And, I guess I just don’t know how to act around you sometimes.” He confessed, looking down like a shy boy.
You smiled at his words. It was one of the realest moments you had ever had with him. And you wouldn’t believe that he had actually shared the same feelings that you had kept in for so long.
You didn’t know what else to do but to wrap your arms around him, burying your face in his chest. You loved feeling so close to him.
Suddenly, the elevator doors opened revealing Natasha on the other side. You both straightened up facing forward, trying to act like nothing had just happened between the two of you in the elevator. But you could tell that she most definitely knew with the most obvious smirk on her face.
“(Y/N) You didn’t check your phone. I was coming up to tell you the meeting got cancelled.”
You stood there wide eyed, but still tried to play it cool.
“Oh! My bad, I must have it on- um silent…” You stuttered.
“Hey! You two are wiping down my elevator!” You heard Tony yell out in the background.
You blushed incredibly hard.
“Have fun you two.” Natasha said, before slyly walking away from the situation.
You and Bucky looked at each other, a smile cracking on the side of his lips.
“Well…Do you want to grab dinner now that we don’t have plans?” He asked shyly.
You smiled, feeling more than happy that he wanted to spend more time with you.
“I’d love to.”

  • Taehyung: I want Yoongi hyung to cremate me after I die.
  • Namjoon: Why?
  • Taehyung: So he can roast me one more time.
  • Seokjin: Well, I want Jungkook to lower me into my grave when I die.
  • Taehyung: why?
  • Seokjin: so he can let me down one last time.
3 Billion Dollars [Part 11] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by peaceminus8ne

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: idk for this one honestly. angst?

Warning: swearing, graphic imagery, probably incorrect medical stuff, mentions of blood, my writing in general

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21}

A/N: I’m so sorry. So much stuff happened this weekend and I got barely any writing done. I swear I’ll work on more stuff I promise. I have a few request I’m working on and will hopefully be posted this week. I also have a very rough draft of like two series so yeah. I’m sorry my life’s a mess. Enjoy! Please leave me stuff in my inbox I love getting things! I kinda really need some motivation to finish my last few scenarios. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


You rushed to Ji Yong’s side, kneeling down over him. He groaned on the floor, blood pooling out of his arm. The boys quickly surrounded him. You put your hands on him, lightly holding him down too quickly look at the wound. Ji Yong clutched his shoulder, putting pressure on it as he groaned and shouted out in pain.

“Ji Yong move your arm,” you say, trying to pry his hand away from his shoulder. He glared at you, his grip on his shoulder getting tighter.

“I don’t know if you can fucking tell, but I just FUCKING GOT SHOT. NO THANKS TO YOUR FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND,” he yelled. You rolled your eyes and continued to try to pry his hands away.

“If you didn’t know, I went to medical school,” you say, pulling his arm. He shouted out in pain and you rolled your eyes. “So shut up, let go of your arm, and let me fucking heal you.”

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Hickies (Wonpil Comedy/Smut)

Request: Can you do a wonpil scenario where you give him hickies in a very obvious place?? Please & thank uu

Summary: Teasing Wonpil, hickies and Day6 don’t go very well together.

Tags: Comedy, slightly smutty (teasing and hickies), mentions of sex

Word count: 830

Note: Enjoy this short blurb of comedy/smut hahaha.

Originally posted by demfluffycheeks

You had no regrets. You had been teasing the hell out of Wonpil for the whole day, walking around in just his oversized shirt and panties, brushing against him ‘accidentally’, and bending down to pick things you ‘accidentally’ dropped.

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Ok look we all want a captain swan child but….you cannot expect me or anyone else to believe that they dont adopt
-Emma, who grew up lonely and bitter and hating the system, making sure that as few children as possible grow up like she did
-Emma, who gave her son up for adoption and then came back into his life at 10 years old and loved him like they’d spent their whole lives together
-Emma, who basically adopted Henry when he was 10 and raised him into adulthood
-Emma, who loves her big family with all her heart and knowing that the joy of finding a family is something every foster child deserves to experience
-Emma, who’s early life was largely shaped by finding love in a guardian figure (think Ingrid and Cleo) and tries to be that figure for as many kids as possible
-Killian, who was abandoned on the high seas as a boy and does his best to make sure that no one else has to go through that feeling of abandonment alone
-Killian, who grew up with Liam for a parent, and although Liam is gone, still needing to be that figure for another kid like him
-Killian, who knows the haunted look of a Lost Boy (or girl, or neither, or both) and tries his best to see that no other child needs to wear that look
-Killian and Emma, who agree that children who were abandoned, like they were, are the ones who they can help most

And imagine them adopting disabled kids
-they adopt a little boy with a prosthetic leg
-killian helps him with his disability, while emma helps him deal with his childhood in the system
-imagine killian and his son going 2 buy something and someone offendedly remarking that the thing will cost an arm and a leg and the moment of glorious inspiration before killian rips off his brace and hook and the lil kid takes off his prosthetic leg simultaneously because theyve been practicing for this very moment

Thank u 4 ur time

24/7 Marriage Counselor

Words: 13k
Genre: Fluff
Read the sequel drabble: here
Read more at Service Series

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Briefcase? Check.
Suitcase? Check.
A wonderful smile and everything perfect? Automatically checked.

Fantastic! He puts his fist to the door in three firm knocks in rapid succession.

The door opens without a moment to spare and on the other side is a bright grinning woman. “Good morning, Mrs. Kang. How are you doing today?”

“Oh please~” She slaps a hand to her blushing cheek. “You can drop the formalities. Call me Sunny. But don’t just stand there! Come in, come in!”

As if the mint coloured house and the honey brown porch wasn’t enough, the interior of the home, although small, is cozy and even cuter. It’s all light hardwood floors with ivory walls, open concept with the kitchen seen from the front door. The living room carries pops of teal, perfectly neat and impeccable like the white picket fence and freshly cut grass outside. But he knows the things that often seem immaculate are usually there to make up for what isn’t; it’s the surface of the ocean.

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  • Taehyung: Us kissing. What was I thinking? Could you imagine that?
  • Jungkook: Yeah. [chuckles nervously] I definitely wouldn't want to kiss you.
  • Taehyung: ...Oh, well, I didn't realize it was such a horrible option. Sorry I suggested it.
  • Jungkook: No. No. I mean if it was a choice between kissing you and dying...
  • Taehyung: ...Wow
  • Jungkook: What? I’m saying I'd rather kiss you than die. That's a compliment!
  • Taehyung: Well, I'm not sure which I would rather do! [storms off]
  • Jungkook: ...What is wrong with me?

whelp, way to murder us Oda, for real u :’))))

Continuation of the what if scenario from last One Piece magazine. (is it just me or it’s the same place where Roger and Whitebeard talked about the will of D. back in the day? -probably Wano-)

It says the true meaning will be revealed in the third and last part :’)

translation from Yonkou Productions.

Reasons to (un)Stan Kush

- High pitch “oppaaaa~” screech   

- Zion.T no. 1 fanboy

-Can’t pose for shit

- 9/10 times rubbing his nose

-Gets wrong fitted suit 

-Subtly tries  to hide behind Zion.T 

-Believe it or not he’s Zion.T’s boss…

-Extra level 5892496

sometimes I wonder why I stan this man ^^;;

A little push from the universe. (part 1)


Author’s note: so this is just a quick little scenario I came up with because I drank a little too much champagne and when alcohol flows through my veins, the beauty that is Kang Daniel keeps popping up from my subconscious. So there you are. I know the last 2 scenarios I’ve posted were pretty short but I’m slowly getting back into it. Don’t hesitate to send in requests!

Genre: neighbors!AUfluff kinda, cringe a lil bit, very soft cursing

Word count: 923.

Summary: Ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, your mind had been elsewhere. But when you forget your keys and have no way to enter your apartment, the cute neighbor makes you forget about everything.

Originally posted by wooijn

          “I swear to god.” There you were. Stuck outside your apartment. Again. It wasn’t even the first time. That week. Lately, you had been so out of it, you couldn’t seem to remember to take your keys with you before leaving the apartment. You couldn’t even seem to remember to put on your shoes before leaving your place. Ever since your boyfriend had broken up with you because “I love you so much but… I just love her more” you couldn’t seem to catch a break. And so there you were again, stuck on the other side of the door, locked outside of your apartment. You cursed at yourself, at your ex and at your roommate for being out all night long. She had told you beforehand you’d have the entire apartment to yourself. Which made you ecstatic. Apparently, she needed some alone time with her boyfriend and he did just move into his new apartment. You were expecting a nice relaxing night. Just you, some nice jazz music and a warm bath. But the universe had decided otherwise. Your back against the cold, uninviting door to your apartment, you slid all the way to the floor, staring at your phone waving you goodbye as your battery died in front of your eyes. The universe had decided to fuck you over. 

          And that’s when you heard him arrive. From the corner of your eye, you saw a tall figure approach, clumsily trying to open the door to the apartment next to you. You could feel the tall man’s eyes on you, the pity he had to be feeling for you seeping through your bones. You felt like you had to explain yourself. Or at least try to get yourself out of this situation. You propped yourself back up, slowly moving towards the blond haired man as you saw his tall figure freeze in an instant. You moved towards him, stopping about three steps away from him. “Hi.” you realized this might have just been the most awkward introduction you had ever graced anyone with but you couldn’t really help it. Let’s say you didn’t know anything about your neighbor except for the fact that he: 1. was extremely handsome 2. was an amazing dancer (you had once seen him with a group of friends perform on the street) 3. he seemed to make the few women he took home very happy. And as you stood a few meters away from him you couldn’t help but remember their voices. You couldn’t help but remember those high-pitched screams, desperately crying out for his name like he was some sort of god who’d only grant them orgasms once they’d screamed his names enough times. You shook the thought and tried to cover the slight blush crawling up your cheeks. “Hi, so sorry to bother you, I promise I’m not some creep, I just got locked out and my roommate is at her boyfriend’s house because she hasn’t seen him in way too long and my phone also just died and I literally have no way of getting into my apartment so I was just wondering if I could borrow your phone to call her and piss her off by asking her to drop off her keys. Maybe. Please. I’m begging.” You spoke so fast you weren’t even sure he understood a single thing you said but then you saw that half-smile grace his face and you started to relax. You may have been a complete weirdo but at least you made him smile so it couldn’t be all that bad, right? He reached into his pocket and handed you his phone. It wasn’t locked with any kind of password, which kind of shocked you. You thought that a guy like him probably had a lot of secrets to hide from all the girls he was seeing but maybe, just maybe, he simply was a straightforward kinda guy.

          You called up your roommate and explained the situation. She cursed at you. A lot. And then she told you to figure it out yourself. “Just ask the neighbor to sleep at his place. Surely a good fuck couldn’t possibly hurt you.” You handed him the phone back as the monotone beeping kept ringing in your ear after your roommate hung up on you. Shit. you whispered to yourself. The tall blonde seemed to catch that as he raised an eyebrow and you explained the whole situation. Your explanation made him erupt in laughter as he shoved his phone in his back pocket, finally opening up the door to his apartment. You had omitted the last part about your roommate casually urging you to sleep at his place in order to get a good fuck and opted to simply mention her insane idea of letting her best friend enter some stranger’s house which earned a low chuckle from him. He stepped inside, leaving you in the hallway for a couple of seconds before his head popped back outside, a slight smirk tugging at his lips. “Well, aren’t you going to come in?” Your eyes widen slightly as you stood there frozen in place before suddenly your body started to move before you had even made a decision. As the door to his apartment closed behind you, you were left with a feeling of excitement and apprehension. Maybe the universe wasn’t trying to fuck you over after all.