Animaaaaation~ (it’s very sketchy)

sadly, I wont be able to finish it x,) (i don’t have enough time :,3)

At the end, Error was supposed to wake like it was all just a bad dream ;u;!

“facing reality”

(i’m so sorry for that last one xD..) hhhhh i’m drawing too much fan-arts X,D … 

MommaCQ is definitely my favorite AU now :,D! (hhhhh these poor kids x,D!)

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illuminati4  asked:

I went and reread your Order 66 AU. And I read the cuddles in your most recent updates. I'm just filled with fluff haha. Could we see a little more of Caleb and Depa reuniting with the rest of their battalion? Or maybe just Styles?

Rubbing his cheek against the fluffy hair beneath him, Styles couldn’t help a tiny smile as Caleb instantly burrowed into him with a quiet grumpy mewling noise. “Fluffy.” He teased quietly.

“You’re fluffy.” Caleb yawned.

“You’re both fluffy.” Grey grunted from where he was laying on the floor with Depa and romance novel.

“And you’re weird. Romance novels are weird.” Caleb stuck his tongue out at both at them even as his master gave a soft laugh and patted Grey on the head.

“Don’t listen to him, he likes my adventure novels.”

“They are weird.” Styles agreed in a stage whisper and grinned when the padawan giggled into his chest before coughing.

Grey took the chance to quickly slap Style’s leg before focusing back on reading with Depa, entirely engrossed in the story as he laid beside the one eyed Jedi.

Styles just grinned and tucked the blanket around Caleb’s small form before tucking him in close to his body again while holding him. Then he rubbed the delicate line of Caleb’s spine, smiling slightly more as the boy snuffed a bit.

It would never cease to amaze him how something as strong as Jedi could be so…soft.

Vulnerable even.

So many of them had died in the war and in the fiasco and betrayal that had been Order 66. So many empty spaces and so much loss that even the Jedi were looking at each other as they tried to rebuild as the peace keepers they had once been.

And Jedi padawans…

Their commanders…

Were even more fragile then the adults and yet they had thrown themselves into the war for the Republic.

Arguing semantic, you could say that clones themselves were like that too, the oldest being twelve years of age. But based on that same semantic you could also argue that clones were slaves.

‘Not here though.’ He looked at Depa. ‘Not with them. Not with our Jedi.’

The Jedi had encourage their culture, their names and identities, had seemed to glow with pride as they excelled past any ‘program’ the Kaminos had put in them.

There’s a soft snore against his chest and Styles shifted a bit to peer down at Caleb, smiling when he saw the still snotty teen asleep against him. “Um, Gen-”

“Depa.” The Jedi said absently.

“…Depa, kids asleep.” Styles cuddled him a bit, reluctant to give him up when she looked up.

“Oh, you should lay down with him then, he sleeps better with you guys around. Remind me, bring the rest of the troopers tomorrow, I was going to order in some takeout since he’s finally over the worst of it.” She went back to her novel.


“On the couch, there’s another blanket if you get cold and pillows.” She hummed, not looking back up.

Grey gave him a half envious look before going back to the novel too.

Styles blinked down at the shape in his arms before gingerly shifting them both around, trying desperately not to wake Caleb as he laid down with Caleb on his chest, settling slowly.

‘Our Jedi’s…’ He smiled a bit.

riplizz  asked:

can you do suga?? :)

Originally posted by zeino-edits

Can I do Suga? oh you bet I can ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • NOTP: ~~
  • BROTP: AsaSuga^^ I’d ship them romantically too but I like their bro’ness as well heheee.
  • OTP: DaiSuga!
  • second choice pairing(s): OiSuga this pairing is so beautiful too omg.
  • fluffy pairing(s): SugaHinaaaaa ;DDD 
  • hottest pairing: Both my OTP and 2nd OTP’s are so hot but also hello IWASUGA.
  • angsty pairing: KageSuga tha setterpairrr 8)
  • favorite poly ship: IwaSugaOi holymoly /)////(\ also love the AsaDaiSuga chemistryy<3
  • weirdest pairing: SugaYama, SugaKen and SugaNoya - never seen anything of them ever but these ships just sail around in my head sometimes yk.XD

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theetechnoneko submitted: 

Sorry I’m just a stupid XD anyway, this is what I do when I black out I guess XD but not including the comic page, they’re named “AcK, wHY THE HECKing HEcK, YES IT IS THEM” and that last one XD if you can’t read the end it says “INSERT TOUHOU REFERENCE WHICH IS A REFERENCE TO JOJO I THINK” XD

I don’t need anything else but your love!

Nothing but you means a thing to me, I’m incomplete!

When you’re not there, holding me, touching me,

I swear all of the rest could just disappear.

And I wouldn’t even care, as long as you’re there!

Take these words,

Don’t let them go unheard,

This is me reaching out

I hope you can hear me now!

‘Cause baby, my heart says stay

Take it, it’s yours to break

I’d rather try and lose

Than keep this love from you!

Domi x Noé – I think I’ll cry about the fact he doesn’t realize how much she loves him until realization finally falls upon him;;