Part Three: Boys will be Boys. (The Real Ghostbusters S05E09)

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Word Count: 5,496.
A/N: New part like I promised! Sorry for the bit of delay in writing as per usual, hopefully I can get the very last part out tonight! (I had this all written yesterday, but I failed to update as I fell asleep pretty early last night.) I hope you guys enjoy!

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dempszachary  asked:

Would you rather live one day with the people you love or live infinitely with people you hate ??

One day with the people I love, one last hooray ya know :D (plus I have a short temper so loving infinitely with people I hate wouldn’t go well)

Last Night of Freedom

Prompt: Amelia, Meredith, Callie, Maggie, Arizona and April are arrested during Amelia’s bachelorette party. The guys (including Derek) have to bail them out of jail.

They say your bachelorette party is your last night to be single, do whatever your heart desires, dance on tables, be wild, your last night of freedom. It’s supposed to be one last hooray with your closest friends, one last time to get crazy and be stupid, the last night before the life of marriage consumes you. As Amelia thought about this, she realized maybe one last tonight of freedom wasn’t the best idea, seeing she was sitting in a jail cell with Meredith, Maggie, Arizona, April, and Callie.

Four Hours Earlier
Amelia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, only in her bra and underwear, putting on the finishing touches of her makeup. Owen was in their bedroom, throwing on his bachelor party outfit, praying the guys didn’t want to get too rowdy tonight. He knocked on the bathroom door for his fiancé, “Aims you almost done in there?”

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