This was posted by a friend of mine who went downtown last night. Please boost the hell out of this, it’s really important that people know what’s really happening.

can u imagine thranduil is just completely smitten with bard like cannot keep his shit together

he’ll be all cool and suave and the ever regal elven king but then bard would literally just have to do the smallest of intimate of gestures like squeeze his hand or kiss his nose or his cheek or caress his ear with his fingers oh so lightly and thranduil would just lose his shit and blush right up to the tip of his ears just

look at my boyfriend did you guys see that he’s so fucking adorable look at him go my man my lover that’s all mine he is perfect


I was so hesitate on posting this but after getting a bit of fedback last night I decided to hell with it. It’s super simple but easy to edit and I think it’s kind of cute though I might be a bit biased. It could probably work for just about anything with some editing but that’s left up to you. All you’ll need is one PNG and five image/gifs of your choice. The fonts used were PixelMix and Bira, neither of which will be found on your computer. None of the textures or images are mine so all rights go to their rightful owners. Feel free to edit/rearrange for your own personal use but please do not edit/rearrange and redistribute and claim as your own. If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Credit is not necessary, but highly appreciated. Please like and or reblog if you found it useful and or download.


anonymous asked:

what were you wearing.

last night?? okay what the hell
a) what I wore had noTHING to do with how those guys treated me they should’ve left me alone regardless of whether I was wearing a bikini or a turtleneck sweater
b) I was wearing a big, oversized coat that went to my kNEES and was buttoned up.
c) by asking that question you’re slut shaming and insinuating that my clothing choices would encourage men to do awful things to me
d) screw you