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Nikolas sat in the chair across from the bed where Charlotte slept, his elbows resting against his knees while his head lay in the palm of his hands. Last night was nothing but a blur of things. He’d never, and he means absolutely never, let himself get as drunk as he did last night. Hell he didn’t even think he’d had that much to drink.

But he had.

And he had the shiny wedding band on his ring finger to prove it.

He wasn’t upset about the fact honestly. He was actually thrilled about the idea. But Charlotte. His poor Charlotte he knew wouldn’t handle it well.

A dull ache began throbbing at his temples. As he rubbed them Charlotte began to stir. Nikolas sat up as he watched her morning stretching, the one she always did where she looked like a cat basking in the warmth of the sun, and knew that things were about to go down hill.

He held his breath and waited for it to unfold.

Alcohol, laughing, bright smiles and dancing. It seemed like a wonderful dream. As rays of sun washed over her eyes, the woman released a small yawn. Her body stretching outwards, framed rear up in the air, swaying.

It wasn’t until she laid back down, curling up to the pillow beside her when she realized the male wasn’t beside her. Her eyes opened, wanting to make sure. As they had, that’s when she realized the small band around her finger. “Wh-,” Her voice broke. Body shooting to a sit as her other hand moved to hold her ringed hand.

She barely noticed the male in his chair as her eyes gazed over it. How drunk did she get last night? Eyes moved around the room until they caught the male. Silence covering her lips. 

My personal favorite, after-midnight, Love Live headcanon that my friends and I came up with is that Chika and Honoka are both meme-loving fucks. It’s a good thing the two of them aren’t friends, because it would ultimately end up in Honoka texting Chika that picture of the frog on the unicycle at three in the morning with the caption “here come dat boi!!” and Chika would immediately reply with, “o shit wuddup!!!” It then would ensue into a meme war lasting all night. Honoka gets hell from Umi the next day for not sleeping, while Riko and You freak out over Chika passing out cold in the middle of a club meeting for seemingly no reason.

What's going on with Turkey:

I don’t know if I will get arrested for this but I don’t care. I just wanna tell the truths.
First of all, I am not supporting coup and Erdogan. I am writing this for you to know what the hell is going on here, in Turkey.
Last night, the bridges were taken over by military (or at least we know like that). Then our first channel, TRT, was taken over by some soldiers. They said TSK aka military took over the country and if we go outside, we will die.
So it means coup. Erdogan facetimed with CNN Turk because he was in holiday. He said we should go outside and defend our democracy. Right now, they’re saying that the goverment has taken over and coup failed.
Let me explain the real things.
First of all, Erdogan send his people to outside because he needed a flash shield. It was not a fight for democracy. Those people killed soldiers who didn’t even know what the hell as going and was in theirs 20s. They cut the soldiers’ head off, torture the surrender soldiers with their belts, break their necks. The soldiers didn’t even know what was going on. They just took orders. I heard one of the soldiers went to cops, asked about what the hell was going on. So many of them did.
Second, it wasn’t the military’s attack. The source is still unknown -there are rumors but not clearity. People think Erdogan did it or some other forces.
If that was a real coup, we wouldn’t have internet or TV or electricity. Which we had, don’t believe if they say a didn’t, because we had. I was in Twitter and watching CNN -which took over by some soldiers don’t even know what that were doing there, sent by the orders and people who Erdogan sent but not goverment people.
The coup should be in earlier times, not night, when everybody is sleeping so there were no chaos. But it was about the time where eveybody was awake.
It was not planned thing. Nobody, even the people who got orders to do it, knew what was going on and they still don’t know.
They only attacked TRT for announcing the coup, not any channels were attacked at first.
The attacks happened only in Istanbul and Ankara, not anywhere else. If that was a coup, it should be in everywhere, soldiers should be in every streets.
Erdogan wasn’t even suprised or scared at all. The man who stood with him were smiling at cameras. He was sending his own people to death and his flight which should be like 30 munites was more like 6 hours. So he only came when do many people were dead.
100s of people died. 1000s of people injured and 3000s of people for arrested. There were so many war planes that they break the sound barrier which made terrifying voice and everybody woke up in 5-6 in the morning. The mosques are praying all the time and calling people to streets.
I’m 16 so I am not too old to say it but I never ever scared this much in my life. We’re still terrified.
People wants death penalties but for whom? Us, the goverment, the leaders, the polices or for the soldiers?
If you want real peace, you should stop Erdogan and everybody who is leader in this country. You should protect those young souls that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Don’t kill soldiers or polices. Don’t kill innocents. Don’t go outside because our prime minister says so. Stay in your houses, safe. Because those people who are outside are killing innocents or dying innocent.
Don’t believe everything you hear. We’re in a world that not even a single life matters for people.
Stay safe, my friends.

Last night was hell

I spent the first half of the night worrying about my friends calling everyone to make sure all was okay with them, then worrying about my older sister who was stuck outside on the other side of istanbul. I kinda felt okay when she came back and felt better for the rest half an hour (maybe) 

then we heard this noise, something going fast through air, maybe like something falling, really loud.

We thought we were going to die. I thought we were going to die. Me and my sister went straight for my mom and I was on my kness, my head on my moms lap, holding my sisters thinking this is how I was going to die.

Turns out it was a jet flying really low.

Rest of the night I flinched whenever I heard a noise too loud or too mechanical, thinking well, if it wasnt a bomb last time, it surely was this time. This time we’d die.

Thank god that didnt happen but Im still flinching over the slightest noise (wind, cats,etc) we heard explosions far off, we watched tanks on tv, we watched a news room get shut down by soldiers. It was scary to listen to the poor woman who tried her best to keep calm as she went “I dont know how long we can report.” as we listened to the screaming and yelling going on behind her. 

We watched TBMM get shot my choppers and get bombed.

It felt surreal and too real at the same time.Ive never been more confused and more scared in my life.

Now? Now there are theories going around about what happened and why it happened. There are news on facebook going around about how many of the soldiers didnt even know there was a coup happening, that they thought this was going to be a routine work-out until it was too late, about soldiers getting lynched and in one case a soldier having his head cut-off.

People died and honestly dont care about any of the theories you know why?

Because the fear I felt was real, the panic was real.I thought I really was going to die. People have died.

Things seem relatively normal but Im not going out anytime soon. My dad and granny are coming home today. I dont know what else to say

“Is that my shirt”-Jswazz pt.3

part 1 part 2

You woke up by smelling bacon and the light shinning through your white curtains. You laid there examining your charm bracelet. You shook the memories and got out of bed. You walked in to the kitchen area to see your mom drinking coffee and making breakfast. “I don’t remember the last time we’ve had breakfast. You’ve always opened the diner. You didn’t go in today?”,she asked cracking some eggs. “Maggie didn’t ask me, I’m guessing someone else took it”,you said getting a coffee cup filling it with coffee. “Well I’m glad you didn’t go in, I miss my little girl”,she said poking your dimple. “So, tell me about the party”,she said with excitement. “Nothing really happened”,you said buttering the toast. “Really, so you didn’t come in last night all mad and blazing hell”,she said raising her eyebrows. “I hate thin these walls are”,you said quietly. “So, are you going to tell me, or do I need to hear it from someone else who’s twisted the story”,she said making the plates. “Fine”,you said taking your plate and sitting down. She sat down with her plate and look at you, waiting for you to talk. “I was at work yesterday and John and the boys came in and John invited me to a party. I asked Maggie if she would close and she said sure. So as you know I came home and got ready. John got me a california charm and an envelope filled with 3,000 dollars worth of cash. I got ready, went to the party, and now totally regret it”,you said drinking your coffee. “What happened at the party”,she said taking in the gossip. “I got there and saw Lainey. She told me about her Sorority and I was trying not to be jealous”,you said giving a little chuckle. Your mom gave you a sad look. “Honey, you know if i could afford it I would-”. “Mom, I know. It’s fine. Don’t feel guilty”,you said. “And then I went to the backyard and saw John. And he was playing beer pong with this girl that was really pretty mom, like god she was pretty”,you voice cracked. You took a deep breath and continued the story. “And so I tried getting away from that, but he saw me before I could escape. So he convinced me to play, and it looked like he was rubbing it my face that he had other girls wanting him. So Nate and I kinda pissed him off, Nate was pretending to be flirty with me and John got mad. Then all of your true feelings came out then”,you said. “I doubt she was that pretty”,she said. “Mom, its Heather. Heather Chandler (lol if you get the name ref than I LOVE YOU) remember her mom is the head plastic surgery in the state. And let’s just say she practiced on her daughter if you know what I mean. I bet she’ll get into med school easily, unlike some people”,you said raising your eyebrows. “You deserve so much, I’m really sorry I can’t provide for you like I used to”,your mom said wiping her eyes. “Mom, its okay. I’m glad you don’t provide me with everything, it makes me independent and not depend on people”,you said smiling at her. “I raised a beautiful, responsible, independent woman”,she said. “So what happened between you and John”,she said. “Well he tried to make me jealous and he succeeded. I told him i still had feelings for him and he asked why I ended things. I told him I didn’t want to tie him down, that there would be beautiful girls there. He’d meet someone better. I told him waiting for him is like waiting for rain in a drought. I told him I didn’t want him to leave and I didn’t want to wait. I gave him his money back and told her I didn’t depend on anyone for anything. I told him if you care about something, it always goes away”,you said looking down at your food. “Then he said ‘You’ve become a real bitch since your dad died. That that was the real reason he left me for california”,you said with your eyes watering. “Then I told him the reason I became that way was so I didn’t get heart broken again. He then got mad and said I told him to go. The only reason I told him to go was because I thought about him first, that I didn’t want to hold him back. He told he I wished I did. And then I said at least one of us deserves to be happy and I walked about from him. I came home, threw a tantrum, put on his shirt, and went to sleep. Happy?”,you said getting up from the table and walking out of the kitchen. “Hey, look you don’t have to take this out me okay. I am and will always be here for you. I am your best friend. So here’s my advice, you go back to bed, eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza. Don’t think about work or school and go watch a ton of Nicholas Sparks movies. Now while you do that, I’m going to go pay a visit to the police station and get the guys to go kick John’s ass”,she said grabbing her purse. “Mom, just let it go. It’ll be okay, come watch the movies with me”,you said taking her hand and going to your bedroom. “Alright”,she said putting her purse down. 

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You two were laying your bed under your big white down comforter. “Mom, how could she just left Noah and not came back or thought about him? If you love someone and you break up, where does the love go?”,you asked looking up at her. “Well, you might not in love with them honey, but you never stop loving or caring for them. They’ll always be in your heart”,she said playing with your hair. 

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Just then you heard a knock at the door. “Must be the pizza guy, I’ll be right back”,you said getting your wallet. “Honey, want me to pause it”,your mom said. “Mom, we’ve both seen this 10 times each”,you said chuckling. You walked down the hall to the front door. You look in the little mirror by the front door, and you looked like hell. You tried making your hair better, but nothing helped, whatever. You opened the door to see no pizza, but there was instead a dickhead. “Can I help you”,you said. “Look, can we talk”,John said. “About”,you said putting your hand on your hip. “Oh gosh sorry was that ‘too bitchy’,you said putting your hand over your mouth. “Look, I came here to apologize”,he said. “It’s fine, I’m fine”,you said crossing your arms. “Is that my shirt?”,he raised his eyebrow. “Yea it is, and here take it back. It means nothing anymore”,you said taking the shirt off to reveal your victoria secret bra. You threw the shirt at him and he caught it. “So, is there anything else you need”,you said crossing your arms again. “You”,he said. “You were happy with me once”,he said with his voice cracking. “I’m so sorry for what I said last night, I didn’t mean it. I was just upset”,he said stepping toward you. “Looks like we both regret saying something we didn’t mean”,you said looking down. “I’m sorry I left you, I should’ve just took you hostage and brought you with me”,he said laughing trying to make the situation less awkward. “Wish I was selfish and told you to stay”,you said looking at him with glossy eyes. “Wish I never broke your heart like I did”,he said wiping a tear before it fell. “You didn’t break my heart, nobody breaks my heart”,you said drying up the tears. “Would you stop with the steel heart thing. Let me in and let me love you again”,he said. 

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“No, I’m finally over you”,you lied. “No, no you’re not. You told me last night you had feelings for me still. Deep down you and I both know we still love each other”,he said raising his voice. “YOU SAID I WAS A BITCH EVER SINCE MY DAD DIED AND THAT’S THE MAIN REASON YOU LEFT ME! BECAUSE YOU COULDN’T TAKE ME ANYMORE! YOU KNEW WHAT I WAS GOING THROUGH, YOU LAID WITH ME WHILE I CRIED FOR WEEKS. SO I’M SO SORRY I LOST MY BESTFRIEND AND SHOWED A LITTLE BIT OF SADNESS THE WHOLE TIME WE DATE JOHN, I’M SO SO FUCKING SORRY!”,you said pushing his chest and letting all the tears flow. Your mom came out of your room and saw that you were finally letting it all out. She took off her sweater and put it around you. “Let’s get inside, honey”,she said. “I-i’m so sorry baby, I should’ve been there for you more”,John said trying to get to you. “John honey, just go home. She needs some time. I’ll call you when she’s better, but if you ever call her a bitch or bring her father into a stupid argument like this one again. I do have some good friends at the police station who would anything for us”,your mom said shutting the door on John. She took you into your bedroom and laid there with you. “Mom I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a drama show. I was never ready for him to leave”,you said crying into her chest. “It’s okay honey, i’m here”,she said smoothing your hair.

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You wokeup hours later and noticed your mom fell asleep holding you. You wiggled out of her arms and went to drive dressed. “Do you want to go out for dinner? My treat”,your mom said stretching from sleeping. “No thanks, Maggie texted me and said she had extra hours tonight and I took them”,you said putting on work uniform. “Why? You need to stay home and cry and eat pizza”,she said. “I’m tired of crying. I need to stop thinking about him”,you said putting your hair in a ponytail. “I’ll see you whenever I get home”,you said walking out to your car. You pulled up and walked inside to see Maggie cleaning plates. “How’s my favorite girl doing? How was that party you went to”,you said smiling. “I’m fine, and nothing special”,you said grabbing the broom. “That’s not what I heard”,she said raising her eyebrows. “Well, what did you hear my dear?”,you said putting a hand on your hip. “Well, John did come in here looking for you earlier today, and you know my famous pie makes people’s troubles come out”,she said drying her hands. “Is it me Maggie? Am I reason people always leave?”,you asked looking into her soft blue eyes. “I mean first my dad who had a heart attack on scene, then my brother who I haven’t spoken to since my freshman year of high school, and now for the first boy I ever truly love”,you said looking down. 

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“You are definitely not the reason baby. They just don’t know what of an amazing they lost on their own. And you know your daddy loved you, you and him were inseparable. It was just his time and he’s always looking over you. He is always with you, and he will always protect you”,she said hugging you. “He’ll even protect you from stupid guys like me”,you heard a voice say. You turned around to see John standing there. “How much of that did you hear?”,you asked. “Enough of it to hear that I broke you, again. I did it once when I left and I knew you didn’t want me to. Then I do it again by saying something that first wasn’t true, and second something that I knew would break you. Baby, I came back to be with you. I’m still in love with you and I can’t stand to not be with you. I miss you being next to me, kissing you, and holding you. I want to be here. I want to have everything with you. I want it all, I want us”,he said. 

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“Well, I’ll be counting the money in cash register”,Maggie said walking out of the kitchen. She winked at you and knew she had something to do with this surprise encounter. “Did you really mean the things you just said”,you voice cracked. “Every last word, I’m here”,John said hugging you. “I missed you so much it hurt”,you said holding on to him tight. “I’m sorry for what I said to you. I was a total douchebag and you didn’t deserve that”,he said tucking some hair behind your ear. “I forgive you, just don’t leave me ever again”,you said. John then gave you a passionate kiss. “I love you”,he said rubbing your cheek. “Forever”,you said kissing him again.

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“Last Night”- A G-Dragon Smut

Genre: Smut

Warning: Language/Sex

Author: Admin Mari

Summary: A drunken night leads to an eventful morning…

Word Count: 1.8k Words

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    She awoke to the sound of knocking at her bedroom door. [Name] sat up with a groan, feeling the events of last night catching up to her. Placing a hand on her head, she stayed still until the pulsating headache had subsided. Sheets clung to her like regrets and sweat caked her like drunken tears. As she slipped out of bed, she realized  was completely nude. One question filled her mind: what the hell happened here?

    Sunlight slipped through the cracks of the blinds, and she guessed that it was already late into the morning. [Name] didn’t remember even falling asleep last night. Hell, she didn’t remember much of last night at all.

    “Hey, [Name],” a familiar voice called out to her, “are you awake? We kind of need to talk.”

    She massaged her temples with a sigh before searching the room for clothes to slip on. Next to her bed, there was a pile of clothes that had been tossed aside. Searching through it, she found her lingerie, jeans and blouse along with baggy shorts and a white shirt far too big for her. These clothes didn’t belong to her. It looked like they belonged to a man. But with another knock bringing her back to reality, she could only groan and ignore her discovery. At least for now.

    She just slipped the large white shirt over her body, and grabbed the robe draped over a chair in her room.

    With a yawn, she slowly pulled open the door.

    “Hey,” Ji-yong said, “How are you feeling?”

    She couldn’t bring herself to respond. Her eyes were glued to his bare chest, and exposed legs. Why was he only wearing a pair of boxers? His skin glistened in the light that streamed in through the living room, and she swore some type of angel stood before her.

    Her eyes traced the lines of his muscles, trailing down to the hem of his underwear. While his essentials were covered, the fabric was thin and gave away just enough for her to confidently imagine what he hid away.

    Quickly realizing that she had been asked a question, she tore her eyes away from his body and fixed them to his droopy eyes. She gave him a sheepish smile.

    “I have a pretty bad headache,” she laughed out. “Just what happened last night?”

    Ji-yong blinked down at her, and seemed to search for something to say.

    “Are you saying you don’t know what happened, [Name]?” he said.

    Her smile vanished and she shook her head.

    “Not really. I know we had a few drinks, but that’s about it,” she said, tapping her chin as she thought back.

    He rubbed the back of his neck with a deep groan.

    “We slept together,” he said.

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Piper’s life has officially turned into an MTV comedy series.

She woke up at 8 am this morning in a bed that wasn’t her’s, a bitter taste on her tongue, and a muscular arm wrapped loosely around her midsection. The headache that pounded her skull was just the icing on top of the cake. She’d watched too many episodes of Girl Code to not immediately recognize this situation.

She was frightened at first. What the hell happened last night? She was having the time of her life at Leo’s party, facing off with Percy in countless stupid drinking games, but everything after that was blank. Had she really drank so much to the point where she couldn’t remember anything that happened the past 10 hours?

Oh, she had fucked up. She had majorly fucked up.

Stupidstupidstupid she mouthed to herself repeatedly. She was so stupid. One night stands under the influence are so irresponsible. It’s how you get STDs, or killed by an axe murderer. Or worse, pregnant.

Closing her eyes and counting to ten, Piper willed herself to calm down. She has been undeniably flippant about taking her birth control lately, but she has definitely taken it consecutively for a week now. Maybe she wasn’t doomed. And, okay, obviously if the person she slept with wanted to kill her, he would’ve done it already, right?

Who did she sleep with?

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So I went to a party last night and got drunk as hell. So of course, I had to write a drunk kabby fic. I had time to kill babysitting my niece anyway. This was nothing like i had intended it to be but then it just kind of…happened. I guess i was reminded of this one big bang theory episode. Anyway, enjoy!

Mild crack fic, cannon compliant, set post S2 pre S3.


Abby Griffin was drunk.

She wasn’t just tipsy or a little unsteady on her feet, but stumbling, face flushed, laughing and throwing her arms around Jackson, smashed off her face.

It had been three months since Clarke had brought down Mt Weather and rescued their people. Since then, everyone had been picking up the pieces and starting again, enjoying their period of peace, something that everyone (specifically Clarke, Raven, Monty, Harper and Jasper) believed was well worth celebrating. So with much persuasion and Marcus’s eventual support, the kids managed to convince Chancellor Griffin to let them throw a party.

Fortunately for them, free trade between the Skaikru and Trikru meant that their people could purchase goods they hadn’t had access to before; ripe grapes, apples and pears, and extracts from other fruity, spicy plants. This meant that moonshine was no longer their only alcoholic option, but Monty and Jasper were now able to brew wine, cider, and a rage of alcoholic spirits for the party.

Marcus wasn’t sure how much Abby had to drink, or how she came to drink so much when she had never been a heavy drinker; although he suspected that Jasper and Monty - who were sharing wide eyed, disbelieving looks and bursts of laughter as they watched their drunken Chancellor dance on the floor - had something to do with that.

Nonetheless, Abby had drunk enough that she felt as light as a cloud of helium balloons and tingling all over, alcohol clouding her mind so she was filled with nothing but the dizzying desire to keep on spinning, dancing and laughing with Raven, freeing her spirit from her body.

And Marcus couldn’t stop watching her.

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“Man, I’m so bummed out I don’t even feel like battling today. I already passed on sailing with my big bro, but damn, that documentary last night was sure as hell effective if it aimed at breaking my heart.”

“Can I ask more about the documentary?”

“It’s about this new species of Pokémon discovered in Alola called Mimikyu. It’s this half-Ghost, half-Fairy type that no one’s actually seen the real form of because it always has a disguise. And its most common disguise is that of a Pikachu because it wants to be loved just like one. I mean, come on, how freaking heartbreaking is that?

“The worst part is how it hits so close to home. I’ve battled so many trainers who act like Steven Stone or Wallace or some other amazing trainer just so they could feel stronger, or as a way to convince themselves that they could defeat me. And that goes for me, too. After losing to Brawly so many times I figured I had to imitate his style more so I could improve in battle. And knowing that there’s a Pokémon out there who feels the same way I do…

“Man, I’ve bummed myself out even more. Sorry to be a downer, kid. But don’t blame Mimikyu, you hear? The documentary made me want to catch one for myself. I’m gonna love it so much that it’s never gonna feel lonely again.”

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m!a body swap: choose another muse for your muse to switch bodies with for 3 days. (Must have mun's permission)

((permission granted by @cmnupxpldy))

Oh fuck. What the hell did they do last night for her to feel this awful? Rolling over in bed, she fought the need to purge her stomach of it’s contents. Oh god…is she pregnant?! Sitting up in a flurry of sheets, Hana looked down at herself….or himself. 

What kinda dream is thi-oooohh fuck. Instinctually she raised her arm to hold her head but realized there was only a stump. Looking to the side, she blinked at the sight of her own body laying down beside her, curled up soundly…..

“Are my ears really that small?” 

Claping her one arm over her mouth, Hana quickly tried to get out of the bed but only fell flat on the ground. Riiiight….other stump. Oh and what a perfect time for this horrible ringing to come in. What the fuck was that?

“J-Jamie! Help please!” 

She was having trouble sitting up and climbing back onto the bed.


This asshole put us through hell and back last night. (Please ignore my screaming and horrible cinematography)

PS @trianglesgoding I heard you were looking for this!