10x11 "There's No Place Like Home"

“He’s better. I mean, he has calmed down now.”

There were a few of these tiny moments in the episode, that made me really happy. Not only because Cas was very present in the episode even though not physically. I loved all these scenes of Sam talking to Cas on the phone. I just really really like that they are bonding and together focus all their attention on Dean to help him. Overall I am just really enamored by how Sam and Cas are growing closer through their shared worry about Dean.


Would Felicity be disappointed to return to Starling City? If it happens, do you think she and Oliver have a chance to stay together? I guess the hardship of what they are going to deal with now is if they can do this as a couple and what comes first, and if someone want out that’s how I can see them breaking up.

Do you think Felicity would ever break up with Oliver? I think Felicity is too invested because in the past three years she has found something that she loves so much more than sitting behind a computer. She doesn’t feel like computers are her only friend now, which is really sweet.


Sansa/Tyrion moments [25/?]