Pyrrha wasn’t the same after the transfer……..

lol this is the cruddiest comic ever but I fully blame @104thscoutinglegionsquad for our Skype conversation

I was gonna make it more??? explicit??? to explain pyrrhas face but                ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m genuinely sorry for this monstrosity 

@104thscoutinglegionsquad made a way more detailed one so go look!! 

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liyuanne asked:

Do you think johnlock will happen like, in the last episode of the last season, when frustration is high and all the non-johnlockers are ready to celebrate then BAM no more subtext and no more episodes, it'll just be those two kissing in the end.

OMG, as beautiful as it will be doing that, I think it’s actually going to be confirmed by the end of season 4… but of course people still won’t get it, because… people. So yeah, last episode? Definitely they’re gonna make it absolutely clear that John and Sherlock are having sex. Not R rated, but they gonna go into a room together as they’re kissing aggressively. YAAAAASSS.

A passionate make-out session will most probably happen on the last episode. YES. OMG YES I NEED THIS.

Open starter

                                “I’m s o r r y.”

Voice numb, empty as the ash in the halls of Mount Weather.
Not even turning around to see who had come, yet knowing it
was owed. She wasn’t fast enough, and now they were all DEAD.
Because of her. There wasn’t much to be done, yet blame flowed
into her thoughts. HAUNTED her every move. Echoes of the dead
clouding her mind. 

So much lost, leaving her in a state of SELF-LOATHING... 
                         Why couldn’t she be better?

                                       “I’m really sorry.”

beanarie asked:

minority report

lowkey otp: blake and arthur… I MEAN… i mean… we could’ve had it all. </3 but really seriously i think lara and akeela. 
highkey notp: i guess… i don’t really know? because there hasn’t been much of anything that would get me highkey upset over a ship in this show. 10 EPISODES. WHY. 
[softly] don’t notp: well i guess on the heels of the last one, i don’t have a notp on this show!!!
highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice: HMMM i don’t think many of the ships are not popular, but i was always on the lara and will train initially. i think. 
highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it: LARA X ME!!!!!! (just kidding.) i mean. i’m also not lying. I DON’T KNOW. this show makes me ship everything. everybody is shippable. ESPECIALLY LARA VEGA. honestly. just lara vega and anybody. i will eat that shit up. 

give me a fandom, and i’ll tell you these things!

Just finished parks and rec, aahhhhhh!!!! I always cry very hard at the ending of shows 😥😭 it was absolutely amazing though, I loved every second of it!!! 💖