I watched the three last episode being like ‘’omg tumblr must be crazy right now’’ ( Since i didn’t have access to  )

Come back, scroll the tag. I know this fandom to well. Matching clothes motherfucka.

anonymous asked:

would you like it if charles is completely innocent and theres an uber a we will find out in the last episode of season 7?

i don’t think c will be innocent, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re not the root of all evil in rosewood and there’s an uber A. i’d definitely be okay with there being an uber A, mostly bc i’m a bias fuck who doesn’t want wren to be A, altho is fairly sure that wren is A, and thereby there being an uber A allows for there to be someone else to be revealed still lmao

also i like the mystery. but i dunno about finding it out in the very last episode ever omg. that would be like, omg

Kuroko’s Basketball

So, I just finished Kuroko’s Basketball, or Kuroko no Basket or however you want to spell it haha. I have to say, it was better then my expectations! I thoroughly enjoyed it! 75 episodes of great quality stuff :P

It took me awhile to get into it though, I’d say it took the whole first season for me to actually love the characters but after that I was completely hooked. I really loved the way it portrayed the basketball moves like powers from a shounen action anime, it had me on the edge of my seat just like one ;) 

Excuse me as I go rest my voice cause it’s gone hoarse from all the screaming I just did watching the last few episodes omg… Anyway, wonderful anime, I really love all my basketball sons <3 and it succeeded on making me cry on more then one occasion~ I’m glad I gave it a watch.