Wow it was really nerve wracking to go and talk to them and tell them how much the experience all meant to me, and to ask for photos but I’m so glad I did because they were all wonderful.
Wish I could have got to everyone, but it was really crowded and i had to get to my friends apartment.
Thank you again everyone for such an amazing performance.

Who else was in that original production that people might recognize?
  • Julia Albain: There was this one guy in the show, that I think a few people know, his name was Darren Criss and he played Judas. I don't think he's coming back for this one, but you never know. Maybe.
  • ...
  • Julia Albain: You know, Darren is pretty nostalgic. So it's like, that might be where we can really poke him and get him.
  • Joey Richter: Darren loves memories and friends.
  • Julia Albain: He loves memories so much! He hoards memories.
  • Joey Richter: And if we can tell Darren, "Darren, we'll get food together every night when you're there," he will just lose it! Darren loves getting food...
  • Julia Albain: Yeah, Darren is a memory hoarder, he's a memory hoarder. Which is a good thing.
So, I went to "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" on Sunday, and I just wanted to share the pictures with everyone!

Please ignore my ugly self.

It was an absolutely incredible show. Everyone did such an amazing job and I was completely blown away. Wish it was still going so I could see it again! Anyway, kudos to everyone involved! Thanks for putting so much work into the play. It definitely showed!

anonymous asked:

You saw Darren on The Last Days of Judas Iscariot? DETAILS PLZ. I wanna know all about it (and I'm sure lots of Tumblr people do too.)

Well, Julia Albain had it uploaded on her youtube account for about…eh five hours, give or take. and i was lucky enough to actually be on youtube right when she uploaded it. i ended up watching it immediately, and was able to get through the entire thing before it was taken down. i didn’t even think to download it, cause i figured someone else would. cause it would probably be up for a while. (needless to say i will never make that mistake again…)

but anyway, the show itself was phenomenal. i wish i’d have been more familiar with some of the actors then that i am now (for example, i had no idea who njsm was at the time, cause this was pre-mamd. also friends of starkid that i didn’t know of yet, such as reed campbell, pomme koch, and liam white–but i had vague memory of him due to Liam’s Got a Phonecall). but nick’s character was flawless and he did an amazing job. 

Lauren’s character was vulgar and hilarious and so completely Lauren. That girl can do anything. I was crying she was so funny at certain parts.

Brosenthal’s character was endearingly hilarious as well.

And Joey. Oh. My. Gosh. Freaking Joey was phenomenal as Satan. He was sinfully delicious. And holy crap, he played it so well. I was incredibly impressed by his performance. He was just…I don’t know, there was something about it. He was perfect for the role.

And of course, Darren as Judas. My gosh, throughout the entire show, he was just…he was like a kicked puppy. And there were certain scenes where they would go “back in time” to when Judas and Jesus were children. (which is where the pictures with the spinning top come from). And his character had so much innocence and childishness and well, we all know Darren does that obscenely well. But I also remember really intense scenes with Judas, ones where he’s drunk and (i think) talking to Satan. And Joey and Darren were pretty much born to work as a team, because every scene they do together is amazing. But Darren brought a vast amount of relatability to his character, a lot of naivety and also a lot of desperation. His performance was absolutely beautiful.

And the guy who played Jesus (i don’t remember his name) was really good.

Overall…freaking Julia Albain. She is an awesome director. Furthermore, I’ve had people come in my ask before, yelling at me that Julia isn’t even a part of starkid and i don’t have any valid reason to like her. And i’m like “mutha trucka, i’m one of the very few people who saw her production of judas iscariot, and that was freaking amazing. julia is an astounding person, incredibly inspirational, and an all-around talented and caring human being.”

so yeah, there’s my low down on judas iscariot. i really wish we could get access to it. i have only heard of one starkid fan who ever had the show, and she said she would never post it or spread it around, because of the copyright reasons for it being taken down. which is a real shame, because the show was awesome.

(mind you, this is a recollection from a show i only saw once, about 2 years ago. but this is what i recall from it, and the stuff that stood out. i do clearly remember being very impressed with it after finishing though.)