You cannot go out preaching love, peace, acceptance, and tolerance just to turn around and shout vulgar insults at people with differing beliefs than you.  In the real world you will ALWAYS find differences in belief systems and world views, and there will ALWAYS be something that people disagree on.  Disagreement is not an excuse to hate and to bully, REGARDLESS of the topic at hand.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re all human and we all deserve patience and respect.  No one person is any better than anyone else.  Get off your high horse.

look i will give Spider Man Homecoming so much money if they give Vulture this Tony Stark-related motivation and someone in the movie tells the actual villain who is hurting innocent people to take his motive and shove it up his ass.

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Aren't people tired of complaining? Louis tweeted Harry. His tweet even implies that he knew Harry's plans for the night ("have a sick night" opposed to "have a good one"). Harry went out with friends for his birthday. It was mostly low-key, no snaps, no stunt girls. He had fun. It's a beautiful day and the baby deer is 23 and happy and cute and his boy loves him.

ppl will complain abt anything holy shit like i even saw complaints last night…


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captain swan + 93? hope you have a good day!

a bit of canon fluff for you, love, with a little nod to Killian’s dialogue on the horizon being calming. I hope you like it <3

93. “You have the most amazing eyes.”

“You have the most amazing eyes.”

The sentence drops unbidden from Emma’s lips, a soft string of words that breaks the comfortable silence between them and causes Killian to halt his caressing fingers.

He pulls back a little to look at her, equal parts confused and amused.

They’d been sitting pressed against each other at the balcony of their bedroom for what felt like hours. After the griffin attacked Storybrooke last week, she’d only finished with handling repairs and complaints late last night. Her dad had insisted (in what she assumed was his Royal Voice) that she stay at home for the next few days. Killian had agreed, texting David sporadically throughout the day to ensure him that she was, in fact, relaxing.

(She’ll never understand their relationship.)

Killian’s insistence is how they ended up cuddled together, watching the perfect view of the sea, with mugs of hot chocolate to keep the chill away. Emma doesn’t know when she stopped mapping the horizon and instead started mapping the planes of Killian’s face, just that she didn’t really want to stop. And then the evening started approaching, and in the light of the golden hour, well, she just couldn’t help but make her judgment out loud.

“Have you only noticed them now, love? You sure know how to wound a man,” he chuckles, voice as quiet as hers was.

Emma smirks. “Please. I was just making an observation,” she taps once at his chest with her hand that’s resting there.

He hums, resumes running his fingers up and down her arm but doesn’t break eye contact. “I’d say it was more of an opinion, Swan. Which could only mean you’re trying to seduce me with your words, and although I am a man of honour, I do accept.”

He says it with such propriety that Emma can’t help but laugh. When he breaks out into a full grin, she knows that’s what he was going for.

Emma reaches up and runs a thumb under the curve of his eye. It makes his expression soften, his eyelashes flutter. (And yeah, he’s got amazing eyelashes, too.) He doesn’t wear as much kohl anymore, only a little, and sometimes he forgoes it completely. It used to make his eyes brighter, but she finds his eyes are already a colour she can’t quite describe. It’s as though someone mixed all the oceans together to create the most striking blue.

“Your brother’s were a different shade,” she muses, knitting her brows in concentration to make sure she’s remembering Liam correctly.

Killian nods, leaning into her palm. “I took after my mother in that regard, or so Liam told me.” He smiles, and she can’t help but mirror it. When she leans into him, he doesn’t hesitate to respond with a lingering kiss that she can feel down to her toes.

“If you keep staring at me, you’re going to miss the sunset,” he says with a smirk when he pulls back. He raises an eyebrow for good measure when she doesn’t look away from him.

“I think I like this view better,” she hums.

Killian looks down and then back at the water, an adorable rosy hue tinting his cheeks and the tips of his ears. She wonders just how long he had to go without someone offering him a genuine compliment based on a simple observation. She thumbs at his cheeks for a moment before dropping her hand back to his chest, the other playing with the tuft of hair at the nape of his neck.

She wants to tell him about all the amazing things he is, and she promises herself to do just that.

Killian presses her a little closer to him. They fall back into silence, and Emma watches his gentle expression as he watches the water, his eyes like the ocean calming her like no other thing can.

The old hardware store guy was busy, so I started looking at some of the stuff they had on the shelves to kill time, and to show the old hardware store guy that I was knowledgeable and could do my own research before I asked him for his opinion. The absolute last thing I wanted was for him to think I was the kind of person who would walk into a hardware store and ask him for advice before I’d looked at any of the damn stuff myself. He probably hated it when people walked into the hardware store and asked him for advice before they’d looked at any of the stuff themselves. It was just disrespectful. He probably thought people like that had no respect for his craft. Last thing I’m interested in being is the guy who asks the old guy about things without even looking at a box of screws or a wrench set!

The old hardware guy was helping some friggen jackass who was on crutches, and he was taking his time about it, which was a problem for me because I’d seen the young hardware guy sniffing around looking for a sale. The young hardware guy was just plain too young for a hardware store employee. He probably based his knowledge on the computer, rather than a lifetime of mishaps like nearly chopping his thumb off with a circular saw. I didn’t want him to confuse the issue by using the computer.

I saw a pregnant lady and spied my opportunity. “I’m waiting for the old hardware guy,” I told her.

“Big deal,” she said. “We’re all waiting for him.”

I could tell she wasn’t going to be cheaply bought. “If you get him first,” I told her, “tell him to help me instead. I’ll make it worth your while.”

She shrugged. “Let’s talk numbers.”

I used my foot to draw a 5% in the sawdust on the ground, and she laughed and said “Needs more zeroes, pal.”

I thought about putting a zero in front of the 5 so it was still 5%.

“Don’t even think of putting the zero in front of the 5 so it still says 5%,” she said, so I put it after the 5 so it said 50%.

Over where the old hardware guy was the crutches jackass was finishing up whatever stupid business he had, and there was another old guy right near them who looked like he would have known the old hardware guy from the war, or something. I started to panic. I drew another zero on the end so it said 500%.

“Now we’re talking,” she said, and she went over to the old guy. “I think my water’s about to break,” she told him. “My pregnant wish is for you to help that guy first,” and she pointed at me.

“Fair enough,” he said. I was pretty surprised he’d heard of pregnant wishes.

The old hardware guy came over and helped me, and I had to buy an extra 500% worth of screws and wrench sets from him, but a deal was a deal. I handed them over to the pregnant woman, no complaints. The last thing I wanted to be was the kind of guy who’d welch on a deal with a pregnant woman!

As I was leaving the hardware store carpark I saw the pregnant woman handing over a share of my screws and wrench sets to the old hardware guy behind a dumpster. How about that!

Late Night Distraction

Warning: cussing, SMUT, UNPROTECTED SMUT (WRAP IT PEOPLE), i think that’s it, oh MORE SMUT

Pairing: Charles Xavier x reader, Hank

Request:  Charles Xavier x Reader with the idea of “You distract him from work sometimes by sitting on his lap and trailing kisses along his jaw, down his neck until he gives in.” I just saw this somewhere sooooo kudos to that person!!!

~ anonymous

A/n: I hope you like it. I had fun with this one, its pretty much almost smut . I hope this is some what you had in mind because I took all day to do this while chasing my 3 year old daughter around. James McAvoy is sexy as fuck and I clearly wouldn’t mind having him in my bed. (-;

Tag list: @marvelismylife @the-winter-sokovian

Originally posted by randomimaginesx

               It was a little past 10 and the love of your life was nowhere to be seen in the room the two of you shared. He tends to be working on something that would end up with him staying up most of the night or until you go in search for him. Well, tonight you wanted to fall asleep in his arms and you were going to do anything it takes to make it happen.

               You slid off you silk nightgown, along with you panties. You walked over to the closet and pulled out one of his button up shirts, slipping your arms into the sleeves buttoned the buttons up to the middle of your breasts. You looked at yourself in the full length mirror on the back of the closet door. Once you thought you looked perfect, after adjusting the shirt a little to show off the top curve of your breast. Charles had a thing for leaving dark marks on the top and bottom of your breasts, you never minded actually you loved it.

               You walked out of the room, walking down the hall and down the stairs. You saw Hank as you made your way to Charles study. Knowing damn well he would be there, books spread over his desk. Which at the moment you didn’t mind if it was you instead. God knew you wanted to be under him so bad and tonight you were damn sure you were going to get exactly what you wanted.

               You stood at the door of his study, leaning up against the door jamb watching him. He looked so handsome as he concentrated on one of the books in front of him. You pushed yourself off the door jamb and made your way over to him. You knew he noticed your presence but he hadn’t looked at you and saw what you were and weren’t wearing. You walked around his desk and slid your hands over his shoulders, squeezing lightly which caused him to groan at the pressure.

               “Hello love.” He didn’t take his eyes off the book in front of you.

               “Hi, my sweet.” You leaned down slightly to whisper in his ear. “What are you working on tonight?”

               “Just a little something for Hank, he asked me to look up a few things for him.” His hand skimmed over the book as he looked for the information he needed. You were now starting to get annoyed that he hasn’t even looked up at you. He was so into what he was doing.

               You slid softly into his lap, wrapping your right arm around his neck and placed your head on his shoulder. He finally looked down at what you were wearing.

               “Is that my shirt, love?” His voice was a bit low but his eyes went right back to his book.

               “Yes it is. Do you know what time it is, my darling Charles.” All he did was hum, his eyes working their way across his book. “It’s almost 11 and you should be coming to bed.”

               You started to place soft kisses along his jaw. You could tell he was trying to concentrate on what he was doing but you weren’t going to give up so easily. Not while wearing his shirt, just his shirt. You started to make your way down the left side of his neck. His concentration was wearing very thin and you were becoming very aware of how hard you were making him. He still hasn’t figured out that you were not wearing any panties, well until he took his right hand and slid it up your exposed leg to the bottom hem of the shirt. The shirt barely covered your ass but you knew he loved seeing you in his shirts. As his hand slid under the shirt his head shot up and looked you dead in the eyes, conveying his shock.

               “Really, love. You came all the way down here to come fetch me for bed while you’re wearing just my shirt?” Now you had his attention.

               “Oh sweetheart. You think I would come all the way down here, wearing this and only this. Just to come get you to come to bed?” You looked at him completely innocently. You bit your lip and stood up from his lap. You started to walk towards the door before you stopped and turned to look at him. He was turned on and you could see it in his eyes. “If you want to see what else I’m not wearing, you have to come to bed.” You smirked at him before you walked out of the room. You heard his chair slide back as he stood up. You managed to get to the bottom of the stairs before you saw him walking towards you with a smile on his face. At that moment, you decided to run up the stairs and towards your room. You heard him laugh just before he started to run after you.

               You had managed to get to the room before he grabbed a hold of you. “Now that’s not nice, my love.” He was slightly out of breath from running. “You can’t turn me on like that then get away that easily.”

               “Who said I wanted to get away?” You looked at him. Your eyes conveyed love and lust for the man in front of you. “I just didn’t want the edge of your desk digging into my lower back like last time.” ‘God that was fucking amazing.’

               He leaned down, pressing his lips to the side of your neck like you did to him. “I clearly remember not complaints last time.” He bit the side of your neck softly, pulling a moan from your lips. His hands started to undo the buttons of the shirt you were wearing, revealing that you weren’t wearing a bra ether. “Fuck.” His voice was low as he placed his forehead against your, looking down at you as the shirt laid open exposing you to him. You wrapped your arms around his neck as his hands skimmed down your sides to your thighs. “Jump.” You didn’t need to be told twice. You jumped as his hands held you against him. He didn’t realize how wet you were until he grinded himself into you, causing the both of you to moan at the friction.

               He walked you to the bed and laid you down. You scooted up to the pillows as he climbed up the bed like a predator, kissing and nibbling his way up your legs. He skipped over the place where you really needed him the most. He placed a kiss on your hips before continuing his ascend up your body. He reached your breasts, one hand slid over one breast as his mouth took the other. He grazed his teeth across the nipple causing you to through your head back and moan. Your hands weaved their way into his hair, gently raking your nails against his scalp drawing a moan from him. It sent shivers down your spine as you felt the vibrations against your breast. He released your nipple with a wet pop then doing the same thing to the other. You tugged slightly at his hair, causing him to look up at you. His eyes were completely blown with lust and by god you loved it. He bit down on the tops of your breasts, leaving marks there just like he always does before making his way to your neck. He nibbled and sucked at your neck, almost like you did to him. He dragged whimpers and wanton moans from you.

               “Charles, please.” You were practically begging him, you only hoped that he would give you what you wanted.

               “Oh love. You think you could tease me like you did and get away with it.” His voice was low and husky, making his accent even more. It sent shivers down your spine and you moaned. His right hand slipped down your body until it was buried in between your legs. Running his fingers through your folds, flicking your clit from time to time. He then inserted a single finger which caused you to arch your back off the mattress, moaning his name softly like a prayer. He started work his finger inside you as his lips attached themselves to you neck, leaving small dark marks. When he was satisfied with what he had done, his lips captured yours. His tongue skimming over your bottom lip, you parted your lips allowing him to slip in. Your tongues fought for dominance but he won like always. He added another finger as he continued to work your pussy. You threw your head back against the pillow and moaned loud, he took this movement to attack your neck again.

               “Fuck, Charles. God please.” You moaned, his stubble covered chin grazing the soft skin of your collar bone. He knew you were getting close. He lifted his head and saw the way you looked, a thin layer of sweat covered your exposed skin and your hair fanned out over the pillow. To him, you were prefect. To him, you were his everything.

               “As you wish, my love.” He withdrew his fingers from you, causing you to whimper in protest. Which didn’t last long when he buried his face in between your legs.

               “FUCK!” You moaned, bordering on a scream. Your hands instantly buried themselves in his hair, keeping him in place the best you could. His tongue pushing past your folds, entering you. He started to fuck you with his tongue. His pace matched the pace that he had when he finger fucked you. You were getting closer to the edge and he knew it. He slipped his fingers back inside you as his lips attached themselves on your clit. He felt your walls tighten around his fingers.

               “Cum for me love.” Just like that, your body obeyed his order. He worked you through your orgasm, lapping at everything you offered him. He moved back up your body once he knew he got everything. His lips attached yours, you moaned at the taste of yourself on his lips. You could feel him hard and heavy against your hip. You needed him inside you, NOW.

               You slid your hand down in between your bodies, gripping him. You stroked him slightly before you aligned him at your entrance. He took this and pushed his way into you. Stopping when he bottomed out, filling you completely. Both of you moaned at the sensation.

               “Fuck, darling.” He held himself over your body with one elbow next to your shoulder as he buried his other into your hair while your arms were wrapped around his shoulders. You looked into each other’s eyes, his blue eyes were as bright as ever while being completely blown. You nodded your head, letting him know he could move. He slowly pulled out of you, leaving the head of his cock still buried inside you. With force, he slammed into making you cry out in pleasure. He kept this pace up. The sounds of skin slapping skin mixed with the sounds of your moans filled the room. Nether of you caring if anyone heard you, you were so wrapped up in each other that the world could end and you would be happy.

               He kept this pace up, fast and brutal. He was getting close and you knew it. You felt him twitch inside you, which caused you to moan louder. “Charles.” You moaned, digging your nails into his back which caused him to fuck into you harder. If that was even possible.

               “I know, my love. I right there with you. Now cum for me.” Your body shook hard as your orgasm wreaked over you. Cumming hard around him, dragging him over the edge with you. He bit down on your shoulder, causing you to scream in pleasure as he began to cum. He continued to work inside you, milking your orgasms as long as possible before collapsing on top of you. His face buried in the crook of your neck as he laid there, catching his breath. Both of you covered in sweat and it honestly didn’t bother you. He lifted his head and saw the mark on your shoulder. “I am so sorry love. I didn’t mean to bite that hard.” He looked down at you, his eyes were filled with regret for it.

               “Darling, there is no need to be sorry. I loved it and I love you.” His eyes softened when he looked into yours. Your eyes showed love, compassion, and adoration for the man above you. All he did was nod his head before getting up and walking into the bathroom and returning with a warm wet washcloth. He cleaned you up and tossed it into the laundry basket across the room. He slid under the covers and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into him. You buried your face into his chest, you loved it when you cuddled after he just literally fucked you into the mattress.

               “Now, darling.” He kissed the top of your head as he started to run his fingers through your hair. “The next time you tease me remember this.” You looked up at him. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

               “Oh my Charles. You think that was teasing?” You smirked up at him. “I should show you what I do when I tease.”

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Received my first customer complaint today! Last night a group of people that our AP identified as potential risks came in and were scouring our hunting dept for bear spray. AP radioed us to let us know, so when one came up to me to ask for some bear spray, I told him we were sold out as it is out of season. Guess who called in this morning about withholding product? It's a weapon and I'm in my right to say no if someone looks like they don't want to take it camping. Mngment was chill with it.

Twelve Hours

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC.  In my Ideal World.  Not that long after Seven’s After Story.

Pairing:  Saeran x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life; Fluff

Rating:  M, for a little swearing and a little steaminess.

Word Count:  Approx. 1800

A miracle happened, that day.

Saeran woke up before you did.  That never happened.

To earn a living, your boyfriend did freelance coding and internet security algorithms, and the work usually brought him late into the night.  He had incredibly erratic sleeping hours, either sleeping in late, or taking random naps throughout the day.  More often than not, you ended up going to bed by yourself.  

However, the night before, Saeran had fallen asleep with you.  You had drifted off to sleep in his arms and he hadn’t wanted to disturb you.

It was your phone’s alarm that had awakened him.  It was an annoying, almost whining sound; you had picked it specifically because it irritated you and you would want to turn it off immediately.  Unfortunately, you had set that alarm ages ago; now, you were a little bit too used to the sound.  Abruptly roused, Saeran glared at the phone in question, then looked down at you, still with your head on one of his arms.  You didn’t move; your boyfriend smirked a little to hear you snoring lightly.

He hesitated, then reached over you to your phone, hitting the ‘snooze’ button for you. You always set your alarm too early.  A couple more minutes of rest couldn’t hurt.  Saeran wrapped you more comfortably into his arms, and kissed the top of your head.  

All mine, he thought, resting his chin in your hair.

He knew you had work, that day, but he never liked seeing you leave.

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What you can do

File a complaint with the BBC.

I don’t know how much use it will be but they need to know that they’re giving money to people who at this point purposefully shit on a certain portion of their audience in the cruelest fashion imaginable. So I feel like it’s reasonable to let them know that what Mofftiss just did on Sherlock is not ok.

You’ll have to answer a couple of questions before you can write your complaint and unfortunately that has a word limit so make it precise and to the point but I guess it’s better than nothing?

Click on Make a Complaint.

I can’t wait until Aquaman comes out and the reviews roll in: “2/10 too similar to Marvel’s Thor. Both based on mythical societies, both titular characters have brothers they thought were good but turned out to be evil, and both characters are members of royalty who act as superheroes. All these tropes are unique only to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it’s a shame DC has run out of ideas and is copying Marvel’s characteristic story points. After six financially successful movies showing WB that no one wants to watch these movies, is the dceu doomed?”

Prickly Pear Cactus Candy - $10 a bag

What is it? Well it’s just what it says. Candy made from Prickly Pears of the Nopal Cactus from the Mojave Desert. I made a bunch of candy last fall and now I’m using up the last of my juice. 

I’ll give you a brief explanation of what I do. I go find patches of cactus when they have pears and I pick them then burn the spines off them, chop them up and boil them in just enough water to cover then for about an hour. This reduces the water by half and extracts all the juice possible. Infact many of them turn green because all the juice and color is gone. Then I strain that to get bits of fruit and seeds out so I am left with pure juice. Next I take that and add a cup of it to sugar and corn syrup, boil it until it hits hard candy temp then pour it into molds and let it sit. Lastly I pop out of the mold, trim up a little bit and dust with powdered sugar to prevent sticking together as they are transported. 

What does it taste like? I think it’s very much like Strawberry with a bit of Kiwi. Others have said it’s more like Strawberry Daiquiri with a slight Tequila taste. Either way it’s amazingly good and delicious. 

I have bags of it now available for sale. Each bag contains ten pieces of candy that are roughly the size of a large thumb. I have two versions, Skulls and Brains since those were my Halloween candy molds. They’ll ship in a plastic bag wrapped up and in an envelope. 

Some of them came out a little lighter and others came out a little darker but they all taste exactly the same. Delicious. 

If you’d like a bag message me and I’ll give you my payment information, Also state if you have a paypal or if you don’t because I can do payments either way. And tell me if you’d like Skulls, Brains or I may even be able to do a combination. All bags have ten pieces. 

I sold over 100 bags of candy last fall with no complaints and everyone loved it. This by weight is slightly more than what I was selling the old stuff for so you not only get more candy, you get shapes. 

My favorite thing about being a baby faced manager is that when people are like “let me speak to a manager” because theyre not happy that I’m not budging on the price because they’re giving me a bad attitude is the fact that I can be like “I am the manager.” Then they’ll walk away in disbelief that I’m actually a manager and go to one of my older co-workers and be like “Can we speak to a manager?” And then my co-workers will call me and I’ll just walk up to them with a sweet smile and be like “Is there something I can help you with?” And that’s usually the last I hear complaints from them because I might be baby faced but I’ve made it clear that I’m not budging on prices for people who come in with an attitude

GC2B Binder: 2 Years On: Review

I originally purchased my GC2B full length binder in February 2015, not too long after the company had opened. Since then it’s been my every day binder. Seeing many guys review the product within the first few days is great (I was one of them!) but can it really stand the test of time?

Well, my response to that would be ‘yes’. Although there has been a recent unraveling (more of that in a moment), generally speaking two years of use every day for up to 12 hours per day and it still having life left in it is very good. Especially compared to my old underworks binder which by this point was sat in an old draw as an ‘emergency binder only’.

I still feel now how I felt on my last review, in short I have rated the most important aspects below:

Compression: Great, better than underworks. 9/10
Comfortability: The best I’ve owned, even on long days it’s never painful. Easy to breathe. 9/10
Easy to care for: More time consuming with washing by hand and hang-drying but didn’t hurt the binder when machine washed once. 8/10
Discreet: The neck line is amazing, sits very flush against the body and lightweight material means it can go unnoticed. However can bunch up if moving vigorously. 7/10
Fabric: Very comfortable, nothing like an Underworks binder. Lightweight and breathable - one of the best aspects for me. 10/10

Up until now I’ve had very few complaints however last week I noticed an ‘unraveling’ - the inner back lining has come completely unstitched and has now created a large flap of material (which I’m not entirely sure has a purpose?) that rolls up inside the first layer when putting it on, it’s more of an annoyance than a huge draw back but still something to note.

Since owning a GC2B binder, I can say I wouldn’t use an underworks binder again, so have GC2B gained a loyal customer?

The answer is yes, without doubt.

sicktress : That is ridiculous. They either have or don’t have it in stock! They might be stalling trying to get one from the company, but that’s not fair to you!

Yeah, I’ve really been wondering if it’s something along those lines. Otherwise I guess he could’ve had a broken part or something, and they’re trying to get a replacement while refusing to admit it? In which case I wish they would’ve told me, because I wouldn’t have minded waiting if I knew there was a reason for it.

Alternatively, I’ve been wondering if it’s an issue with the body type. Dolk had him listed as coming on a different body than the original company’s page. I sent them a message to confirm the body type before placing my order, because I wanted to be sure what I was getting. I’ve started wondering if it turned out he was actually on the body the company said, and they’re trying to get it replaced? (But if that’s the case, I would have preferred the body the company said to the one Dolk said, so they could’ve saved themselves all the trouble by shipping him as-is.)