More Excel… Had such a fab time browsing the fabrics and just had to come away with these :) a new ironing board and a new quilting ruler too, which I’m hoping I won’t be able to misplace as its neon! The swallows is perfect for a shirt and was actually an offcut hanging from the stand, whether it was the last of a roll or just something someone had decided they no longer wanted, I’m not sure but I love it! The peacock feathers is just beautiful and I’m thinking either a nice skirt or a dress. The hedgehogs was an impulse and pureply because I thought it cute! Looking at whipping up some little bags, what would you do with it? The feathers is a silk jersey and just enough for a loose fitting top for myself. Adding a little colour to my wardrobe. And last of all, the comic strip of which I managed to get the full amount of the story, I’m thinking a nice cushion and possibly a corset… There was a beautiful mirrored image silk fabric that was both psychedelic and modern at the same time but unfortunately it was £60 a metre! Allbeit amazing, entirely out of my budget! It reminded me of a dress I bought from Matalan. What would you make with these fabrics? I’m intrigued…

Quantifying your Life

Quantifying My Life

Drawing up my 400th Ginger & Shadow comic strip last night, I started thinking about numbers.  I’ve been at this for 20 years. Including Embrace the Pun, Rafferty, Star Crossed and Ginger & Shadow I’ve drawn about 1450 cartoons. In that time I’ve published 5 Trade Paperback collections and 2 Comic Books.

I couldn’t stop there.

I played in Ice Hockey leagues since I was 20 and stopped at 48.…

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The Last Saturday - Chris Ware

“The Last Saturday” by Chris Ware is a weekly comic published in The Guardian.

The comic follows the life of Putnam Gray, and the lives of the people he interacts with. Reading the comic, I particularly like the story, and I think different aspects of it relates to various ages and types of people, but in particular young adults (due to the nature of the narrative and The Guardian’s demographics).

The comic is drawn in a very contemporary style, it almost looks like a video game, which compliment’s The Guardian’s “new age”, techy niche.  The colours are very bold and bright, again, much like a video game (reminds me of Mario). It’s not really my “style”, I like to draw things that are dark and musty, but I can appreciate “The Last Saturday” for what it is. 

The story covers some very “real” life situations, like fighting parents, school bullies and crushes. It typically covers the main aspects of life in high school, but differently, Putnam is a “boy genius”, loves sci-fi and has a very strange look about him. I think he sticks out, maybe due to his grey hair, red button nose and his thick, dorky glasses (sorry Putnam).

What really draws my eye, is the text. I love the way you can read the conversations of other characters in the background, but they’re situated slightly off the frame, so you only hear a snippet of it, much like how Putnam would hear it. So it really puts you in to Putnam’s shoes, and helps the audience sympathise, or even empathise with him. I wouldn’t want to steal this very unique idea, but I could invent something similar. 

In relation to my comic, reading “The Last Saturday” has made me realise that most stories about a kid in high school are so so typical. I think I need something in my story/comic that will stand out, and make it a great read. I think I’m on the right track with aesthetics (still needs refining) but the story definitely needs something else. 

The Future

Do you ever wonder how you’ll turn out? Where you’ll live? How you’ll live? Will you ever find out what love is?

Well..I have, and I haven’t a clue what I want to do with my life…

I saw this comic once..of a teenager whose head was an unsolved Rubix Cube.

The last tile in the comic strip showed him in a suit…wondering why he ever worried about his future.
I worry. I don’t even know what kind of job I want. All I know is that a can not be stuck behind a desk, otherwise, I will go insane.

I considered journalism….I’ve considered computer engineering..even a pastry chef…

…And I am yet to find a job I want to do.

I’ve gotta pick electives for grade 10 and I’m afraid of picking the wrong course..wish me luck.