This IS NOT the last Calvin and Hobbes comic. In fact, this is not an actual Calvin and Hobbes comic at all. It was created by a writer just as speculation as to what the last comic could be.

Watterson announced in November of 1995 that he would be ending the comic. Later that month, Frank Ahrens, a Washington Post writer, wrote an article titled “SO LONG, KID – AN OBITUARY FOR A BOY, HIS TIGER AND OUR INNOCENCE”. The article was about the end of this great comic that so many have loved for so long and contained some conjecture as to what the last strip would contain. The comic above appeared in that article and was NOT created by Bill Watterson.

The actual last comic strip was upbeat and hopeful. It appeared on December 31st, 1995.

Anyone else have this? You have a screen shot all lined up (or even just some lovely view you’d like to stop and admire) and then WHOOP one of your companions (or all) flings themself right into the shot, ruining it. And then you try to line up another shot, and they just dash around wildly and frantically in front of you >_<

Really guys, really? :P


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