last one before uni

Just a lil redraw from “Super Watermelon Island” so how many years since Jailbreak? I still wasn’t in the fandom back then yet I watched that ep for the blue-red canon gay ship


If you listen closely you can hear me screaming.

you might be from the moon or mars || jace/simon, 2k+  || read on ao3

“You know I have angel blood, right?” Jace asks scathingly instead of letting his mind grasp the idea of being breathless in Simon’s arms too much. It’s hard not too, though, when he sees Simon’s fingers drumming restlessly across his thigh, hands just slightly larger than Jace’s. Jace wonders how the cigarettes would look against Simon’s fingers, and then he wonders how his own fingers would look sliding up against Simon’s, sure and steady.

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7/100 days of productivity | 7 september 2018 

this morning i had a revision, so i woke up early to fix the last couple of things before going to uni (one day i will stop doing everything last minute, i swear) 
this afternoon is been just notes, notes, notes for the exam. 

i also had the time to make a good vegetarian lunch + a not so deserved nap, so i am quite satisfied  ~

(rainymood softly playing in the background because i am craving autumn weather so bad)


final fantasy type-0 personality types:

№15. Rem Tokimiya (insp.)


i present to u : six selfies of 2017 ! tagged by @princeyugs ♡ 

these are pretty much in chronological order .. I’ve had a middle parting pretty much all year which is super weird for me because I had a side parting since I was like 10 !! (but now I hate the way I look with a side parting ha) 

thank u for tagging me ✨ 

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The end of Throne of Glass will genuinely feel like the end of an era for me. I read the first book when I was 11 in 2012, the summer before I started secondary school, and I’ll read the last one in my last year of school before Uni. This series has followed me throughout my time at school, and at this point it almost feels like I’ve grown up with it, because I went from an awkward little preteen to a legal adult while reading them. My time at secondary was spent thinking what would Celaena/Aelin do in this situation? when I was almost too nervous to function, and the answer would always be get back up and keep your head held high. This book series means so much to me on a deeper level than just ships and characters and world building. It’s been a part of the definition of my teenage years, and I know that it will definitely be the book that effects me the most.

I got like 6 messages in the last 2 hours asking for a kissing video or just a video of some sort so here’s a video we took on one of our last nights together before she moved for uni