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KISKALOO #26 - Welcome Summer!

Wow, we’re already at the last comic strip included in the KISKALOO book that was released in 2008! There were two additional strips published online at that time, which means that in just THREE more days a brand new KISKALOO will arrive. Each has been carefully hand-crafted with ink and brush to bring you the highest quality comic of the most prestigious and dignified sort. Show your friends your good taste by sharing KISKALOO with them!

Come up with your creativity and show its worth with this last and final comic strip of DIALOGUEBAAZI contest.

Add dialogues of your own to make this scene interesting.

EXCITING PRIZES for the winner and the runner up on the basis of the three comic strips combined.

For rules and regulation follow the link below

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I’m kind of mad with the last fgo comic strip where Evil Jeanne is used instead of Angra Mainyu to represent the avenger class in the class adv/disadv table, but all the original FSN servants to represent each class.

I mean if you are gonna use the original servants, use the freaking first avenger instead of an edgy version of another servant that already represent their own class :/