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Cerulean Lies

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Pairing: Jimin X Reader

Genre: slight humour, fluff, angst, light smut (light as a feather!) swimmer maknae line au! / Swimming scenario + Jimin ‘ex boyfriend’ + free! Anime

Word Count: 5,094K  ||  inspired/not requested || drabble/oneshot

Keywords : trespass , devilish Jimin , forgiveness?

Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook crash into Y/n’s dorm to go visit or more like trespass into the Samezuka Academy’s swimming pool, as Taehyung wants to compete with Jimin as they are from an opposing academy yet both the greatest neighbours. However what they don’t know is that Y/n had been dating Jimin and they broke up recently, to the fact that he was cheating? She can’t bring the courage to declare how she feels but some reason touch explains it way better…

Self note : lol don’t mind that saucy gif oMg, but anyways here’s a revamped story that I wrote two years ago so I edited it and now I’m posting it! Feedback is greatly appreciated~ Enjoy!♡♡;D

“No!” I blurt out for the last time, a vein protruding my temple as they crash into my dorm, ripping away silence, their voices eating away my conscience, tearing it out of place by sudden rebellion striking their passion. Their ultimate passion, well mostly Taehyung’s is to glisten with pride once competition swallows him whole.

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