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So we recently got a new GM right before the holidays that is total shit useless, but the guests love him since he's the one to give away meals for free because of very minor complaints (the bacon on the buffet took longer than 2mins to be refilled). And he yells and screams at the cooks and anyone he feels like while in the kitchen. He's told me that he doesn't trust anyone to do their job. Too bad we recently found out that he's been fired b4 for embezzlement at his last job. Bye bye asshole.

This is the second time I’ve responded to an ask about someone in a manager position stealing from the company. How the hell do they get so far up the food chain without getting caught? -Abby

Jungkook Vampire AU

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Jungkook Vampire AU: Part 9

Published: December 20th, 2016

Word Count: 2,960

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

[I’m finally back to writing this! I’m officially on winter break and even though it took a while to get back in the swing of things, here is part 9! Enjoy!]

Your POV:

“I came to say goodbye, y/n.”

   You blinked twice before furrowing your eyebrows in confusion and opening your mouth hesitantly. You made a small sound, like you were about to say something, before closing your mouth. Slowly you opened it again; this time you were able to speak, “What do you mean, Jungkook?”

   Jungkook rubbed his hand over his face and you saw his rings sparkle in the hospital’s harsh lighting. “My…” He hesitated, “my father called me to work for him in Hong Kong; to learn how to run his company. I wanted to say goodbye to you before I left for the airport.”

   Your mouth opened slightly at the sudden news. You stumbled a step backwards before regaining your composure and forcing a smile onto your face. “That’s a wonderful opportunity,” You said in an attempt at casual words, “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

You began walking out the doors of the hospital until you stood at the curb with Jungkook’s familiar car in front of you.

   You turned to the boy that you had grown to enjoy having around you and reflexively, you lifted your arms for a hug. You saw Jungkook’s eyes grow slightly and began to lower your arms awkwardly when you saw him rush forward and felt his arms wrap around your waist as he pressed his chin into your shoulder. “Goodbye, y/n,” He mumbled into your hair.

   You sighed happily, wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and smiled.

“Goodbye, Jungkook.”

*Three months later*

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Arthur Bishop was a Mormon and homicidal pedophile who claimed the lives of five children. In the 1970s Bishop had been a missionary in the Philippines, but following his pedophile activities had been excommunicated by the church in 1974. He claimed his first murder victim in October 1979 and his second in November 1980. The following year, Bishop disappeared after embezzling $9,000 from his former employer. Bishop struck again in October 1981; there was then a two-year gap before his next victim in June 1983. In July he killed for the last time, whilst under suspicion of another embezzlement charge. The police arrested him for fraud and interrogated him regarding the murders. He confessed and was executed by lethal injection in June 1988.