last weekend before school

Latetly I haven’t posted nor done much because it’s my last weekend before going back to school & I have to take care of my baby dog who got hurt & needs attention. Regardless of that, I did a brief summary with the characteristics of the Victorian Age to feel productive. Lovely weekend to you all. 💕

My favourite module this semester is Personality Psychology!! Teapot set from the lovely Derek for Valentines’ day :-) and lots of colorful highlighters and pens to help me through lots of readings.

It’s finally gonna be the last day of school before the long Chinese New Year weekend. I can’t wait for the little breather, and I can’t wait to meet Derek after school later becauseeee we are going for supper at Upp Thomson (and the best part is that… we are finally not taking the train there hehe)


6:37pm // 6:53pm 

the last weekend before school broke up and everyone split off to visit extended family or backpack across distant continents, a small collection of us escaped up the coast, when about two hours in we were disturbed by what jake believed to be the long awaited return of our lord and saviour. it’s strange to look back and see just how small our worlds were. harri and paige were still in love, louise was just an arms reach away and jake was still oblivious to the slightly smaller fish occupying his bedroom tank in place of Jawz who had died in our care last summer while he was off at soccer camp. x


I’m so vain, I bet I think this blog is about me – OH NO WAIT IT IS

so I got the green dye and put it over the blue and it’s SO MUCH BETTER. it’s still a bit too blue for me, but I like it better now. still no word from the retailer about getting a refund or other compensation, though.

but anywho – this was my look for lunch with friends this lovely saturday (my last weekend before school starts back up on monday!) and basically I rocked the fuck out of this amazing dress. [sunglasses emoji]