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96 with Jungkook. Please. HAHAHA

Prompt: “Is that…is that my bra?”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Humour

Summary: Jungkook is your best friend’s older brother. You were never close with him, but in the past few years, you spread even further apart. Naturally, you’re a little confused when you find a certain something of yours is in his room.

Word count: 914 words

It was the last weekend before school started again. You and your best friend, Mina, were having a sleepover to mourn the end of summer.

You both lay stretched over Mina’s unmade bed, music from her speakers playing softly in the background. It was some indie-sounding song about pilots or something.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Mina asked, growing bored of doing nothing. You had rotated between binge-watching Gilmore Girls, eating, and doing karaoke for the past several hours. “I’m feeling Superbad, what about you?”

“Whatever,” you agreed easily, reaching for Mina’s laptop that was sitting on the nightstand. When you tried to turn it on, you were met with a black screen. “I think your laptop just died.”

Mina groaned in frustration, rolling off the bed to locate her charger. She pulled the chord out from under her bed and tossed it to you.

“This old piece of shit takes ten hours to charge,” Mina sighed. She reached for her phone, which was luckily still charged. “We’re gonna have to use the Chromecast on my TV.”

Mina had a small flatscreen TV attached to her wall. Her older brother, Jungkook, used to use it for gaming. He recently bought a new display, passing along the old TV to Mina. Unfortunately, Mina was technologically inept, leaving you to set everything up.

You sat up, wincing as your bones cracked after hours of inactivity. Stretching, you stood up and inspected the back of the TV. The Chromecast wasn’t plugged in. You voiced this issue out loud.

“Oh, right,” Mina said sheepishly. “Jungkook probably has it. I think he borrowed it awhile ago. Can you go get it? I’m too comfortable to move.”

You hesitated. You hadn’t talked to Jungkook very often in these past few years. You had been close when you were much younger, but the two year age gap seemed to grow infinitely larger once Jungkook had started university. He had also started working out and was intimidatingly good looking.

Mina sensed your nervousness and balked. “Oh my god, Y/N,” she screeched, throwing a pillow in your general direction. “Do not tell me you’re nervous about Jungkook. You’ve known him forever! Even back when he had that stupid haircut. And during the emo phase!”

“You had an emo phase, too!” you retaliated, throwing the pillow back at Mina. You succeeded in hitting her directly in the face.

“We all did!” Mina screamed, sitting up and flailing her arms. “We’ve seen each other at our worst! There’s no shame anymore.”

“But Jungkook’s just so hot now,” you whispered, covering your your flaming cheeks with your hands. “And he’s in university. You know, an older man.”

Mina stifled her wail with the pillow. “Don’t talk to me about my brother ever again,” she grumbled defeatedly. “We’re going to university next year. It’s no big deal. Just go get the damn Chromecast so we can watch the movie and forget this ever happened.”

You sighed and shuffled out of Mina’s room. Jungkook’s bedroom was at the very end of the hall. Taking in Mina’s earlier words, you knew you had no reason to be embarrassed in front of Jungkook. No matter how hot he was.

Taking a deep breath, you knocked on his door.

“Come in,” Jungkook called out.

Tentatively, you turned the doorknob and peeked into his room. Jungkook was stretched out on his bed, playing on his cell phone. One arm was propping up his head, and his muscular biceps were sinful.

“Uh,” you said eloquently. “Hi?”

“Oh, Y/N,” Jungkook smiled, looking up at you. He sat up and set his phone aside. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you had the Chromecast,” you explained, wringing your hands to distract from your nervousness. “Mina said–”

Something hanging of Jungkook’s bedpost caught your eye. It was a Pokeball bra, shamelessly on display. It was also terrifyingly familiar.

“Is that…is that my bra?” you squeaked, incredulous.

Jungkook followed your line of vision and blushed furiously. “Oh, fuck! It’s yours?” Jungkook hissed. He snatched it from the bedpost and threw it at you. You caught it with fumbling hands. “Fuck, I swear it’s not what you think. I’m not stealing your bras.”

“Can you elaborate?” you asked, on the borderline of shrieking. You clutched your favourite bra awkwardly by your side, not sure what to do with it.

“I found it in the laundry last week,” Jungkook said, refusing to meet your eyes. “It’s too big Mina’s, so I figured a, uh, friend, left it here on the weekend. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Are you sleeping with people who wear Pokeball bras?” you squealed, slightly embarrassed by the fact Jungkook had seen your most childish undergarment. Your eyes snapped to Jungkook’s, reeling at what he just said. “Oh my god! Have you been bringing girls over the entire time?”

Jungkook shrugged, finally maintaining eye contact. “Our parents are travelling, so whatever,” he smirked. “Is it bothering you? I’m not too loud.”

“I don’t need to know! I don’t need to know,” you chanted as you backed out of the room. Turning on your heel, you hurried down the hall, back to the safety of Mina’s room.

“Hey, Y/N!” Jungkook called after you, his voice taking on a teasing quality. “It’s a cute bra. I wouldn’t mind seeing you in it sometime.”

And if you took Jungkook up on that offer a few weeks later…well, no one had to know.

- Girl in Luv

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“I liked the building, not you.” PT.6

AN: So this isn’t all of what I wanted but clearly had i gone on it would have been much longer. Thank you to @xbetter-than-wordsx and @imgonnaregretthisblog for helping me with the planning of this and the next few chapters. Yall my biggest supporters and I love you. 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 9,547

“So how’s Florida?” I asked into the phone as I laid in bed staying up to talk to Shawn. It was late but I didn’t mind.

“Nice and warm. You’ll be wishing you were here in a month or two.”

“Don’t,” I laughed. “Don’t you dare even mention the word winter.”

Shawn grew hushed over the phone. “Winter,” he finally breathed.

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Nsfw prompt: Eddie (or Richie) is drunk and is snap chatting the other throughout the presses. The other is at work or something and is busy. BUT THEN the drunk one sends scandalous pics of bare hipbones and sheets strategically placed to cover drunk one up 👌🏼

So I’m sorry I’ve been gone for the past couple of days. I’m still really busy with real life stuff right now so I still won’t be able to post as much as I’d like over the next few days. that being said I didn’t want to just disappear to like a week so I wrote this on the bus today for you guys. Hope you like it!

Richie flipped the sink on and let the water run over his hands, washing away the bits of ground coffee beans.

The coffee shop that he and Bill worked at was mostly empty. a few people milled about, sipping on drinks, all staying to themselves.

“Think we’ll get to close early today?” Richie asked as he returned from the sink in the back to stand beside Bill at the front counter.

Richie look around the sitting area of the shop.

There were 4 people, two girls sat towards the front talking quietly. A man sat in the corner typing on a computer and an older lady sat by the front window reading a book.

Richie looked at the clock. It was just after 11:00PM.

“Nah late night rush will probably start soon.” Bill nodded out the window towards the university.

On certain days a few late night classes got out at the same time and the coffee shop would get a rush of students. Tonight was apparently one of those nights.

“Damn. Bev wanted me to go to a party tonight.” Richie rested his chin on his hand as he leaned against the counter.

“Yeah Stan was telling me about it, I think him and Eddie were going to go.” Bill grabbed one of the coffee pots and took it over to the sink. Richie nodded, smiling over at the two girls who had been sneaking glances his way for the past half an hour.

“Eddie’s going. Hey, wanna close so I can go get drunk with my boyfriend?” Richie asked over his shoulder, half joking. Eddie and him hadn’t really been able to spend much time together with exams coming up. It was rare that Eddie agreed to go out at all, especially to house parties.

Eddie had told him it was the last weekend before he really had to focus on just school. He had also asked him to take the shift off to go with him but no one was able to cover and he didn’t want to leave Bill alone.

Richie dug into his pocket and pulled out his phone as bill switched the water on to wash some of the dishes they had left in the sink.

He had three texts. One from Eddie from about two hours ago and two from Bev an hour after that.

Eds <3: Have fun at work tonight, I’ll talk to you when I get home.

Beverly Hills: Still can’t ditch work?

Beverly Hills: Me and Eddie are gonna to get smashed tonight >;-)

Richie sighed closing the message app down and switching over to Snapchat. He had four from Eddie. He opened them.

The first was a picture of his face smiling at the camera with a bunny filter on it. Richie huffed out a breath. Eddie hated sending selfies but Richie had told him that they were the highlight of his work shift so Eddie would send him one every time he was at work.

The picture disappeared and the next popped up.

This one was taken at whose every house the party was at. It was a selfie of Bev and Eddie. Bev was sticking her tongue out and Eddie was sipping from a solo cup. The room behind them was full of people. 

“sucks to be you” was written across the bottom of the picture, Richie assumed that was Bev.

That picture switched to the next. It was a video of Eddie taking a shot. Music blasted through the speakers as he tilted his head back to drink the liquid. The camera turned from Eddie as he put the shot glass down to Bev who also downed a shot.

Bill had finished with the dishes and had walked back to stand beside Richie.

“Looks like their having fun.” He commented over Richie’s shoulder. The bell above the door rang as a group of university students entered the shop. Richie and Bill looked up to greet them. When Richie looked back down to his phone the last picture had popped up.

It was another picture of Eddie’s face. He seemed to be sitting in a bathroom, his cheeks were flushed from drinking and his mouth hung open slightly.

‘I really wish you were here’ was typed at the bottom of the screen.

Richie quickly clicked his phone off and stuffed it in his pocket. He really didn’t need Bill seeing that and bugging him about it for the next little while.

He pushed the picture to the back of his mind as the late night rushed started. The coffee shop quickly filled up and kept the two of them busy for the next hour or so.

Once the rush had settled down and there was only the occasional customer coming up to the counter. Richie looked around the shop and although there were still quite a few people sitting around he decided he could take a small break.

He told Bill he was going to the bathroom and headed to the back. He pulled out his phone as he shut the bathroom door behind him. He had 1 text from Bev.

Beverly Hill: Eddiee at home, have fun tonight ;-P

He noticed he had four more Snaps. He opened the app and saw that they were all from Eddie again. They had all been sent in the past twenty minutes. He took a deep breath before clicking on them.

The first was a dark video of Eddie, Bev, and Stan. It looked like they were outside walking. All three were singing loudly and Richie was unable to make out anything other than Bev yelling “Come home Richie.” Right as the video ended.

The next video was of Eddie’s face. He was laying on top of his and Richie’s bed. His face was bright red.

“Richie when are you coming home…I need you.” Eddie whined in a low voice. Richie cursed as the next snap popped up.

It was a somewhat blurry picture of Eddie. He was still laying in bed but since he had taken the video he had taken off his shirt. The camera was also angled lower then it was in the video so that Eddie’s chest was taking up most of the picture with his face up in the top corner.

Richie’s mouth fell open as he raked his eyes across the screen. His stare ran down Eddie’s chest, to the bottom of the screen.  Richie could see Eddie’s pushing on the waistband of his pants with his palm, exposing his hipbone.

He nearly dropped his phone at the last picture.

It was a dick pic.

Richie’s kinda uptight rule following boyfriend had sent him a dick pic at work.

Eddie had taken the picture from a higher angle so that it mostly consisted of chest but in the bottom half Eddie had pushed his pants down further so he could fist at his cock. Which Richie could clearly see was quite hard.

Richie screenshotted the image for later use and quickly took a picture of the bathroom floor, typing out.

‘Babe we can’t do this right now, I’ll be home in an hour or so.”

Richie sent the snap and closed the app. He turned on the bathroom sink and splashed water over his face before pulling the door open and joining Bill at the counter again.

Bill turned watched him as he approached.

“Hey man, you okay? You look a red.” He asked as Richie rubbed his cheeks.

“Yeah, fine, how’s it lookin’ out here.” Richie vaguely answered back, trying to switch the subject from himself. he looked around the shop and saw only a few people still around.

“I think you can probably head out if you wanted to actually,” Bill said busying himself with the till. Halfway through Bill’s sentence, Richie’s phone lit up.

Richie pulled off his apron and hung it up as he rushed around, grabbing his jacket as he headed for the back door

“I’ll see you tomorrow Billiam.” He called out to a slightly confused Bill.

“Wait what about your tips?” Bill called back.

“Give’em to me tomorrow. Bye” Richie yelled as he shut the door behind him and practically sprinted to his truck. as soon as he was sitting he pulled his phone out and opened Snapchat.

He pressed on Eddie’s name and watched as the picture popped up.

It was a picture of Eddie’s on their bed again. He was on his knee’s and elbows with half of his face in the picture. His face was still really red and he had two of his fingers in his mouth. he was looking up at the camera with an almost innocent look in his eyes.

The other half of the photo was of Eddie’s body. he had his ass lifted up in the air so that Richie could see the arch of his back.

“I’ll be waiting when you get home.”

That was the message typed across the top of the photo.

“Fuck.” Richie breathed as he threw the phone down and shoved the keys into the ignition and sped down the road to his and Eddie’s place.

Eddie was definitely going to pay for playing dirty like that.

Hope this was okay!

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crave you

summary: highschool au//popular boy jefferson is pining over studious alex super hard and alex doesn’t notice him (yet) (mention of past jeffmads)

words: 1,140

warnings: none! super fluffy

this is totally incomplete but we can change that ;-)

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Hey! I see you don't have a tag for fics set on cruise ships. Would it be possible to get some fics related to that? Sort of like Werewolfs and dolphins? Loooooove you guys!!! 💜💜💜💜 You're legit the only reason why I'm still in the fandom 😂😂😂

tbh the sterek fandom is the best. not because of the characters but because the authors, artists and the fans put so much emotion behind them. derek left the show and we’re still thriving and its just amazing

Go Big or Go Home by Chubstilinski (3/? | 27,348 | NC17)

That’s the moment that Stiles knows he’s not going to stop, that he craves this more than he’d even realized, and he knows, deep down in his bones, that he’s only going to get fatter.

Stranded by princessstalehale (3/3 | 38,108 | R)

Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn’t account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn’t think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long enough to be rescued? And what happens when Stiles soon realizes that he isn’t alone on the island?

The Line Between Love And Hate Is Thin by charlesdk (1/1 | 8,850 | PG13)

It’s only after the ship has sailed that Derek finds out he has to share a kitchen with the man he claims to hate. For 3 months.

Table 815 by SaltySweetLicorice (½ | 10,880 | R)

Assistant Professor Derek Hale is in desperate need of a vacation and decides to go on a transatlantic cruise. Derek has heard that the average American gains ten pounds on a cruise ship, but he’s certain that’s just an urban legend – until he gets seated at senior waiter Stiles’ table. Day after day Stiles serves him more and more courses and suddenly Derek is no longer certain about a lot of things.

Come Sail Away by loveinisolation (1/1 | 907 | NR)

Stiles tries to get Derek to join their very drunk colleagues on the dance floor during the company boat cruise. Derek would much rather stand off to the side and watch Stiles dance instead.

5SOS. Quarter Tank

This was a monster, but it’s done. I can’t wait  to hear what you think. I tried some new stuff out, took it to a couple places I’ve been worried to touch before, but I listened to a lot of what you guys suggested. I listened to Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont a lot while writing, it inspired the name. Enjoy. 

The closed door meant nothing to Miles. It might as well have been wide open with colourful balloons framed around it. March was his twin brother. They had shared everything from conception to now. He wasn’t about to start knocking on his brother’s door and respecting his privacy now. Of course, he did feel empathetic towards his brother. He knew he was nursing a wounded heart with Daphne Hood deciding she didn’t want to be with him anymore only two and a half weeks ago. Still, March’s decision to stay in bed all day and play skateboard video games didn’t keep Miles away. Cagney had advised Miles to just give his brother some space since March had barely leaned on her or even taken to the shower since coming from the airport after saying ‘goodbye’ to his sister and being dumped. Miles pushed his brother’s door open, a pile of dirty clothes trying to act as a weak barricade on the floor as he did, and headed right to the bed where March was wrapped up like an overstuffed and frumpy burrito in his dirty black comforter.

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Jimin x Reader

Word count:3140

Summary: You have everything in your life planned out ever since you’re in high school. But life is such a playful little shit, she pulled you into the world of the ‘untouchables’, if she wasn’t cruel enough, you’d became the favorite of your least favorite person, Park Jimin. (Or is he?)

Warnings: cursing 

Themes: Fanfiction, OC, 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

“Ugh.” you responded to the loud ringing of your phone. You tried to locate it using only your sense of touch until you found it.

“Hello?” you answered without looking who’s on the other line.

You groaned when you heard a very familiar voice. – your mother’s.

“Hello, mom.” You greeted the other line.

She tried to conceal her worried tone with a simple nag about your waking habit.

[Y/N, it’s past 7, you have a class at 8 starting next week. You don’t want us visiting you there because of tardiness, right?]

“Mom, it’s only Saturday. And yes, I won’t be late. I have more than enough alarms here already.” You stopped talking and walk towards your door and slowly open to let the noise of a busy hallway reach the other line. Then you pressed your phone again to your ear.


[Alright, I am convinced now. Have you met your roommate yet?”]

You answered a ‘yes, she is nice.’

but a short flashback played on your head.


It was your first day in the busy streets of the city, your parents rented a van for the convenience and ‘safety’ of your trip. You were wowed by the beautiful infrastructures that greeted your eyes, different establishments that are close to each other. After a couple of hours, you finally reached the dorm that you’ll be staying at.

You’ve settled already but your roommate was nowhere to be seen. You occupied the left side of the room because there’s a police tape fencing the right side with a note that says:


Your parents left and it’s already dark so you decided to sleep early.

Several hours to your slumber, you heard someone’s in your room. You panicked. 

You tried to slowly open your eyes trying to adjust in the light source that you only have which is the lamp post from afar. Then you heard somebody curse. You immediately open your bedside lamp and you saw a someone’s back, wearing all black which made you scream. The ‘entity’ walked towards you and flicked your forehead which made you realize that it’s not a ghost. But a breathing human being.

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Z.” She extended her hand and you looked at it like it was some kind of alien limb. She sighed and took the initiative to get your hand and slightly shake it. She returned to her side of the room and you decided to sleep, leaving your lamp turned on.

When you wake up, your roommate was not there and haven’t returned yet since then.

You returned form that flashback when your mother suggested that you try to make friends as early as possible so you can enjoy school more. You’re about to sigh when you heard your dad’s voice on the background, you smiled.

[Honey, how are you?]

“Dad! I’m fine. How’s the store?”

“The store’s fine dear. Don’t worry. Have you adjusted? Did you explore the area already?” he asked continiously asked.

You answered each question properly and you told him that you plan on exploring the vicinity of the school so you’ll know the whereabouts of different places. When you told him that, your mom suddenly spoke, giving you reminders like turning off the lights when not being used, unplugging your phone’s charger, making sure that the tap’s not leaking when you close it, and such. Your father on the background added locking all windows and doors everytime.

You just said your “yes” to all of those reminders.

[Honey, we called just to check okay? I hope you have fun there.] your mother said. You heard your father shouted, [NO BOYS Y/N!]

You let a soft chuckle.”Tell Potchi I miss him.”

[Will do love.] your mom responded.

After the exchange of ‘i love yous’, the other line was disconnected. You stood up, stretched and decided to get ready for your ‘exploration’. You made sure that every reminder of your parents was followed. You checked everything before leaving. When everything’s okay, you head out.

You left your small, cozy hometown  with a dream of becoming a (your dream profession). Your parents disagreed at first but of course, they knew better. So they’re doing doing their best to pay for your expenses now that you’re in the city. You’ve been here for two weeks and since Its the last weekend before the start of the school year, you wanted to familiarize yourself on your new home for the next couple of years. 

It takes 10 minutes of walking from the dorm to the school. You now calculate the time it’ll took for you from your first class from your dorm. After an hour, you have familiarized yourself with the campus buildings, what classes and what room will you enter, you figured out that your first class, which in the farthest building from your dorm will take another 15 minutes.. You typed notes in your phone so when the time comes, you can get back to it later.

You decided to check the nearby establishments to check where you can eat, or hang out. You passed a chicken restaurant, several fast foods, then you found a cozy looking coffee shop. As you open the door, a bell chimes and automatically, a greeting came your way.

A handsome barista whos holding a cloth and a cup looks at you with a smile.

You can’t help but to be a little embarassed but you managed to respond.

“Hi.” You decided to sit down on one of the stools near him. You looked at the interiors of the cafe’. A mixture of metal and wood. Blacks, browns, whites and occasional pink things. Pink is not really your color but it somewhat compliment the place. Your concentration was taken away when the barista spoke.

“What can I get you?” he asked your way. But the benefit of the doubt in your system is present so you assumed that he’s not talking to you. You looked around until you realized that it was you he was talking to.

You blushed.

“Uh, a large iced mocha, please.”

“Coming right up.” He said. As he create your order, he started talking to you.

“You’re new.” He said simply, with a small smile on his lips, he glanced at you.

Your surprised reaction was a giveaway, so he responded again.

“I know my customers. The regulars and the new ones.” He said.  “…Freshman maybe?” he continued while blending your coffee.


He just smiled at your response.

Several minutes has passed, your order’s now complete, he placed your order in front of you but with a little extra. You noticed that he added a small plate of marshmallows. You looked at his direction with a confused look. He’s now cleaning the blender and other utensils he used to make your coffee.

“Excuse me… I didn’t order this?” you called his attention politely.

He smiled again, he replied “It’s on the house. Consider that as a welcome gift.”

“Thanks.” You started enjoying your food.

When you’re finished you stood up and went to the counter which is a few steps away from your seat.

“How’s the coffee and mallows?” as he presses buttons on the cash register.

“Delicious.” You smiled.

He smiled back. He handed you your change and you smiled at him and said

“Uh, thank you for the mallows again..” you looked at his nameplate which reads Jin “..”Jin.”

“See you soon. I hope you’ll be one of the familar faces this year.”

Then you left. You added that coffee shop to your ‘must visit regularly’ place in your head.

A couple of hours passed, it was already 2 in the afternoon and you felt your feet getting tired. You’ve managed to ride a bus from the nearest shopping district without getting lost and you mentally tapped your shoulder for that. Now you’re riding  a bus to your dorm.

When you reached your dorm, you greeted it with an “I’m home”, you held your heart due to shock when someone responded.

She flicked your forehead again making you realize that it was your roommate. She guided you to the small living room for you to sit down, giving you a chocolate drink. She plopped down on the single seater couch, lazily turning towards you.

“When will be the time that you won’t either scream or almost die because I tried greeting you?” she asked flatly.

You felt embarassed so you looked down muttering a ‘sorry’ and it actually sounded like a squeak.

She chuckled.

“I’m kidding. So yeah, let’s formalize this thing. Hello. My name is Z, it’s my third year in this school, a major in childhood education and minor in psychology.”

You looked at her, quite impressed in her chosen field 

“Oh, i’m Y/N I’m a freshman taking up (your course/ dream course). You shook hands.  You looked at her, she’s pretty. she’s wearing a black tank top with a band’s logo and an acid washed shorts.

“Ooh. Good choice. So, I assume you’re trying to familiarize yourself with the school and other places right? Okay. Let me give you my own discovered shortcuts and shit. Oh before that wait. Lemme order take-out. Don’t worry, it’s on me. Whaddya wanna eat?” she asks casually.

When you didn’t respond immediately, she stepped outside and ordered.

While waiting for food, she told you her ‘rules’ regarding the use of stuffs around the room. She was the one who basically brought almost every utensil in the kitchen and she bought stuff for the bathroom. She assured you that whatever’s on your side of the room will be kept untouched until you have permission to do so, same as hers. Right after your agreement, there’s a knock on the door and it’s food.

While eating as to what you consider early dinner, she let you see her handmade map of the university area. She let you sign first an ‘agreement’ that you will not tell anybody these secret shortcuts or it won’t be convenient anymore.  And you agreed.

You’ve learned a lot in the hours spent with Z, and you actually think that she’s really nice. You’re both watching Iron Man movie when her phone buzzed.  She immediately ran towards your shared bedroom and when she returned, she brought with her her guitar case, a duffel bag and zoomed towards the door. She locked it behind not looking back as if you didn’t exist. You just let an ‘oh well’ in your head, trying to focus your attention back to the movie.

You accidentally dozed off, when you checked the time, it’s already 10 in the evening and your roommate Z, hasn’t returned yet. You felt a pang of hunger so you decided to go to the convenience store since it’s the nearest establishment from the dorm.

You bought one of those tasty looking packed food that’s microwaveable and of course, your favorite ‘convenience store’ hot dog on a bun that you can only taste every once a month (or maybe two) because the nearest convenience store from home is about 30 minutes away. By bus.

You left the convenience store while eating a strawberry flavored yougurt ice cream.

You returned home but still no sign of Z.

You just watched TV again, now animated movie ‘Up’ is on. After the movie, you returned to your room and noticed that Z left something on your desk.

A note that contains her phone number and several chocolate bars.

You smiled and kept the note, you’ll save that tomorrow.

Your entire Sunday was spent in preparing your things, planning what will you wear for tomorrow, packing stuff in your backpack. Checking and repeating such for about a hundred times just to ‘make sure’ that everything is okay and you only have to wait for Monday itself.

You paused and let yourself relax. You don’t need to make this a big deal. It’s just first day of school.

So you exhaled slowly.

You remembered Z’s note so you quickly got the note and dialling the number. The first few tries were directing you to voicemail so you decided to check on her through text.

You wasted your last day of vacation in watching random anime and movies. Night came and a call from your parents made you smile and face palm at the same time. It’s actually a video call and it’s your dad.

“Hi, hi.” You greeted him.

He asked you again basic things and you tried to be as normal as possible, avoiding eye rolling and sighs.

Your dad says goodnight and passed it on to your mom. You shared what you did yesterday morning with an exception with the encounter of a handsome barista. Then your mother finally said that she misses you a lot. You returned her worries by assuring her that you’ll take care of yourself and will be in touch often. You ended the call and continued watching some more. You tried waiting for Z until 10PM but she didn’t showed up so you called it a night and sleep.

You woke up annoyed because the sunlight is in your face. Then you suddenly sat and checked the time.


“SHIT!” you literally screamed and rush towards the bathroom for a reaaallly quick shower. You managed to do that in just 5 minutes. You ditched your ‘planned outfit’ and wore jeans, shirt, and sneakers, grabbing your backpack along the way. You took your time in locking the door but rushed towards the elevators for the first time because you are running late.

You checked your watch for every second spent in the elevator, counting down how many more minutes you have left before making a negative impression not just to your classmates but with your professor as well.

You now jog towards the university when you saw a hughe number of students same as you, entering the school premises. But almost all of the students you see are just chill. While you’re panicking. Now running towards the  building  of your first class when you saw a flash of red approaching you.

A speeding car was in front of you. Fear took over your senses.

You froze.

Suddenly somebody grabbed you from behind, making you fall on your butt. The speeding car blared it’s horn and sped up. You looked around, nobody seems to be paying attention to you or the incident. You then realized that whoever did that saved your life. You remembered that you’re running late so you ran again, forgetting the shock that you have.

You’ve reached your classroom, a few minutes earlier than you expected. You’re actually late. But as you peeked, several students were inside the room already but still no teacher. You entered the room. you chose to sit in the left side, choosing to be in what you think the ‘middle’ part of the rows. Not in the front, not at the back.

You let out a sigh, trying to calm your nerves after that cardio and ‘almost accident’.

You were distracted by a fit of high noted giggles and the room was suddenly filled by a strong scent of sweet – smelling perfume. They were seated at the back, two rows from you to be specific. one seat apart from each other. You find this weird. They were spritzing a bottle of that perfume everywhere. Then you overheard them talking.

“I can’t wait to see where would Jimin sit.”

“Like he’s gonna choose you.” The other one said.

“Yeah yeah whatever.” She replied.

As the minute passed, the vacant seats in front are now occupied. Even at the back.

Then someone entered, you assumed that this is your professor. A few minutes into the introductions, she was called so another round for chitchat.

You noticed that nobody was seated beside you on both sides. Not that you mind but it kinda felt lonely. You observed the people in front of you starting making friends.

Again, you were distracted by one of the girls at the back.

“He’s here, he’s coming.” One on the farthest left said.

“Girls, behave normal okay?” one holding the perfume earlier said.

You faced front, still no sign of your professor so you started pulling out your phone. You texted Z in the hopes that she’ll reply and that she’s okay. You sent a short message to both of your parents, completely oblivious of what’s happening around you. You heard murmurs and such then you saw someone opening the door in the front, earning gasps and squeals at the back. Someone entered your classroom, he’s wearing a gray hoodie sweatshirt. You don’t actually see his face. He went infront, looking for a seat. You don’t really mind so  you continued typing your message to your father when you realized someone sat beside you. When the message was sent, you shoved your phone in your bag.

You slowly looked to your right, nobody’s there.

You looked in front, still no teacher, and that’s the time you looked at the person to your left.

His hoodie covering most of his head, for a second you’re suspecting he’s bald. But what surprised you was that  he’s already looking at you, with a smirk on his lips.

So you just looked in front.

You saw his smile grew wider through your peripheral vision.

Your teacher returned and started collecting your class cards again.

In the middle of the discussion, he tried passing notes to you.

You declined because you’re serious about what your professor is saying but he keeps on doing it until you accept that piece of paper.

You unfold it and read:

I think you owe me something.

You were surprised but you fight the urge of responding until the professor ended the discussion. As the other students leave the room you returned the piece of paper into him.

“I don’t understand, what are you talking about?” you questioned him.

He stood up, and smiled at you. In a swift motion, his lips were on your ear. And wisphered: Walk inside the pavement. Be careful. Then he ruffled your hair and left.

You stood there in shock because of so many things that happened in  that short span of time.

You slowly made your way to your next class not knowing that there are several envious pairs of eyes staring at you, witnessing what happened between you and that boy.



First of all, thank you for reading. 

 It took me tons amount of courage to post this. I am new to this but sooo many writers inspired me to write, and several people convincied me to push (post/publish) this.  This is my first fanfic so yeah I hope y’all stick around and enjoy it. Please let me now your thoughts! My ask/DM is open.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

A/N: This kinda took on a life of it’s own from the one-shot it started as! Hope you like it! Beta’d by the ever amazing @just-another-busy-fangirl. I used the song ‘Never Felt Love’ by Little Big Town. 

Warnings: None that I can think of…

Word Count: 3541 with lyrics

It has been more than three years since I met the love of my life, but I didn’t know it until a year ago when Rob Benedict asked me out on that first date and the rest is our history. Truth be told, I was smitten with him three years ago when I first met him at during a photo op, but I was married and he was recently divorced, which I also didn’t know until a year ago.

The past year has been a roller coaster. You’ve been on a roller coaster, right? Or at least have seen one? The ups, the downs, the twists, the turns, the loop-the-loops. That is what love feels like. It has highs and lows. It has twists that you don’t see coming and loops that turn your insides to mush. My relationship with Rob was no different than that roller coaster that makes you squeal with delight, cry in fright, or fear you may throw up.

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The Other Side Pt.1     By: Y.Black

I was 16 when it happened. One day, one instance forever molded me to the man I am today. You see I was on the fast track to either a casket or the penitentiary.  I grew up without a pops and mom worked way too much to keep tabs. I did my own thing since I was about 9, that’s when my Nana went into a home and I began flying solo in a sense. I was introduced to the streets by my cousin Jonathan a.k.a. Jon-Jon. He was a few years older than I so naturally I looked up to him. Jon-Jon was about 13 at this time if I remember he became a part of my everyday life. He was my care taker in the evenings until mom came home from work. Jon- Jon’s mom was a junkie so Nana had custody of him for as long as I could remember. When she went down he came to live with us in our 2 bedroom apartment.

He was the coolest dude I knew in my young 9 years. He had nice clothes and shoes, the way he talked was different than I was accustomed to. He had a gang of friends, and they all talked about having bitches and hoes. At the tender age of 9, I was being molded to see the world through a narrow lens. I was the youngest on the block and had no concept of what was going on originally. By the time I was 11, a year and some change in I was pitching like a minor league player with aspirations of making it to the big league. I was living way too fast pushing Nicks and Dimes, profit was the main focus, and soon after became bitches and hoes. That summer going in to 7th grade I lost my virginity.  I lost my shit running a train on a chick from around the way. The crew pushed me into the room and was like “When you come out you’ll be a man.” I didn’t quite understand, but I did what the crew said and took on the persona as such a man.

Everything changed that summer. The respect for others dropped dramatically. Me and mom dukes we’re clashing left and right, and I spent many nights, hell even a few weeks at Twan’s house. He was a part of the crew as well, we were closer in age though. He was a year older and we went to the same school. We’d stay up playing video games, smoking out back, and killing the fridge in the middle of the night. I became an expert roller fucking with Twan. He was more of brother than Jon-Jon. He spent that whole summer locked up on a petty possession charge. So Twan became a bigger influence on me that summer. His mom died of cancer when he was 8 and he didn’t know his pops either so we hit it off on the strength of that.  He stayed with his aunt who gave less than two shits about him. She just wanted the check that came for him every month. That day we ran the train he was after me. He lost his virginity the same day I did and to the same chick. We were close.

That summer we made it our thing to stack up for the upcoming school year so we could be fresh every damn day. I knew mom’s pockets were going to be tight and Twan’s wasn’t about shit. So we went hard. Even started growing a few plants of our own. We were booming in own right.  We skimmed from the older niggas, they weren’t as smart as us. They made their little profits off of us but we had set it up so we could do our own thing come next summer. We made due this summer and by the time August rolled around we had 1500 a piece to do some school shopping. We hit four malls over that last two weekends before school was set to start. Our business boomed as we walked home from school with more kids, namely high school kids. The older niggas in our crew were either all in alternative school or had dropped out so this market was ours for the taking.  We did just that.

We were the number one suppliers at Pascal Middle shit, and High before we were even enrolled there. Twan left to go to Pascal High the next year while I still had a year left in the middle school. That year my grades slipped some as plenty of days I would have to buck class to meet up with Twan to exchange product mid-day. We had a bit of a reputation, and being young we just thought we were popping. Little did we know we had eyes on us from the upper classmen.  Now on the block we had safety in numbers and here at school it was just us. This one day while we were making a routine drop between each other some niggas ran up on us and got us for our product and about 800 cash.

We met behind the corner store like we always would.  We dapped up and soon as the bags opened up 4 niggas hit the fence on our ass.  The first nigga swung on Twan busting his lip, I tried to grab the bag with the cash and take off, but a nigga clipped the fuck out of me. I hit the deck skinning my calf up.  Crazy thing is, we knew these niggas from passing. They were from another hood, but you know how shit goes. The third dude drew down on us and was like, “Give it up my G.” We had no choice, we took the L. We let the block know and they were like, “Consider this handled.” Jon-Jon gave me a little 25 after he found out what took place. He didn’t take to kindly to that. Plus he had previous issues with these same niggas. It was actually them who were partly to blame while he was locked away that summer.  Jon-Jon felt indebted to me too, on the strength that I had him straight when he came home. His pockets were straight and I shot him a couple OZs to get off to get right. Even as a youngin’ I was big on integrity.

Jon-Jon and the crew had us scoping the niggas hood out in two Box Chevys. We rolled thru maybe five minutes apart. We didn’t want to stirrup too much suspicion Twan was in the first whip and I was in the second.  We rode dark tint most of the time, one because it was Miami, and two we didn’t like niggas in our face. We pointed out the same niggas both times. We didn’t roll with them when they got busy though. We didn’t want them to know where the hit was coming from. Shit was handled and we reaped the benefits of the lick. The crew came up on about 5 racks and beat the fuck out of the four clowns who had hit us over the head a few weeks back. Twan and I got about 250 a piece and we were satisfied. Twan said he saw one of the fools a few days later in the hallway of school. He said that boy was all lumped up and had his arm in a cast and shit. It felt good that the homies went to bat for us.

Time went on, and things were rolling pretty well. We perfected our business.  Niggas got jammed up and went away, a few homies didn’t make it to see 21. We remained as low key as possible and under the radar. We both maintained GPAs above 3.0.  It was the end of my sophomore year when shit hit the fan. First it was Peanut, he got knocked off on the expressway on the way to the beach. That one hit the block really hard.  He was a solid dude. Jon-Jon took that one the hardest he and Peanut grew to be something like brothers over the years.

I went over to Jon-Jon’s apartment to check up on him after I hadn’t heard from him in a few days. Twan was with me as well. I had a key since Jon-Jon was like big bro and I often took lil breezies over there to smash. Come to think of it Miami Lakes had become my second home. I was at moms during the week for school, but mainly on the weekend I was here.  When we got to the spot the vibe clearly changed from the Young Dro that was bumping on the way over. As we walked in, you would have thought it went from day to night. Every shade was drawn shut, no lights were on. I could smell light remanence of incense that was over powered by the weed aroma. Jon-Jon was on the couch in the corner of the room, he was visibly zooted. He had had Glock on the end table, Henny in one hand, and a blunt in the other. He handed Twan the spliff as we sat on the adjacent couch. Silence filled the room for about 20 minutes before he spoke. He reminisced about the time he and Peanut had growing up. He laughed and cried, and we were there for him. After an hour and some change, Twan and I were able to get him out of the crib to grab a bite to eat. We got him out of that funk, but he was hell bent on finding out who did our boy in.

A week later granny took a dive and didn’t recover so she was gone.  That was followed up by Cam and Greg both getting jammed up by the law. They had a trunk full of work, we had just loaded them up for a road trip the night before.  We knew they weren’t going to be home any time soon. I felt like we needed to slow down. Twan felt otherwise.  I stressed that too much was going on and shit as way too hot right now. Reluctantly he complied.  We chilled for a few weeks into the summer, we were still pretty comfortable financially since we’d done so well for so long. Honestly, we still had plenty of loud still stowed away we just weren’t making moves like we used to.

Twan was itching to do something though. He would come to me at least twice a week asking if I was ready to jump back in. I shot him down often. He proposed the idea that we start running in folks spots and snatching what we can. I wasn’t for it initially. He went for it and made out the first two times. I continued to ward him off and tell him that he needed to chill. He stressed how easy it was and how I was missing out.

We were chilling one evening, over by Jon-Jon’s spot.  Trav, Twan, and Jermaine were there as well. We were just kicking back, smoking and shit. Everyone had been moving real low key. We got to reminiscing about Peanut and the wild times we each had with him. It was just a real cool laid back vibe. We ordered some pizza to cure the munchies we knew would be coming. Trav went and answered the door when we heard a quick knock at the door. He was talking shit over his shoulder at me as he opened the door. Two shots rang out and I hit the floor. I didn’t have shit on me, but I knew I kept a few in my room in the back. Twan knew that too. I saw him hit the deck as well as he jumped off the bar stool. I scurried along the floor towards the back. I saw Jermaine bussing back and Jon-Jon was behind the couch clutching, the sawed off 12 gauge.

I made it to my room and ran into my closet. I grabbed two sticks. I chucked one at Twan as he made it back here as well. I knew I had to hurry up and get out to help cuzzo, I knew he only had 5 rounds before he was tapped out; maybe 6 if one was in the hole. I heard a few bullets wiz passed the door way so I dropped down. I heard cuzzo cock the shotty again and that made me go in over drive. I heard him lick a shot and a nigga dropped as I was creeping down the hall way. I hit the nigga a few more times to make sure he was done. Twan was up high ringing out with the K. I had the AR clearing everything out from below. As I came into the opening I saw Jermaine was leaking something serious. I saw Jon-Jon standing to my left, he nodded and I hit the door. I ran out to the parking lot and caught two niggas getting in a candy painted cutlass. Twan and I shot the back window out as we licked at the clowns. They hit the corner and we ran back upstairs. I saw two more niggas stretched out on the other side of the breeze way. They were done for. I ran back into the apartment, I told Twan to check on Jermaine while I went to find Jon-Jon. I went into the back, he was bagging a shit load of cash. He told me to help him get it stowed away. It was only then did I realize he was hit.  I bagged it up as quickly as we could. Twan came in and helped saying Jermaine didn’t make it. We got all of it bagged up and hopped in Jon-Jon’s whip. We took him down to Jackson Memorial to be treated. We scooped Tasha along the way to help his alibi. Story to be told he was at her house in the Pork N Beans (The Beans), when some niggas beefing down the way were getting to and Jon-Jon caught a stray. Bloodied and still running on adrenalin, I headed back to my mom’s. I dropped Twan off and headed around the corner to my crib. I got home and ran the shower and basked in the water until it began to chill. I had watched the blood that stained my skin streak down the white tub into the drain. I was numb; my mind was racing, but no real formulated thoughts.

I got a text from Jon-Jon letting me know that he was cool and that he was about to head up the road for a few and get missing. I didn’t respond, I knew he’d be by to get the cash we bagged, I figured I’d just talk to him then. I wasn’t in the mood for nothing or no one. As I thought, a few hours after that text cuzzo called me and told me he was outside. We met up and he hugged me and for the first time ever he told me he loved me.  I didn’t even know how to say it back. He thanked me for coming through for him, and shot me a little over 10 racks to hold me over. He told me he would get at me every so often to make sure I was good. He dapped me up and hoped in the whip. Tasha mouthed thank you to me and I nodded. I watched him pulled off, the taillights getting smaller the further the car got.

anonymous asked:

Can we just take a moment to imagine a moment with Shawn and his gf going through all her old photo albums and Shawn being there for her as she goes through a rollercoaster of emotions on the iconic white couch 😂

“Did I really walk outside the doors in that outfit?”

“Oh gosh, what was my mom thinking about?? Giving me a fucking pink dungarees on to wear everyday for a year?”

“Who’s that, babe?” “My grandad, coolest guy in earth. He used to take me on these hiking trips the last weekend before school starts. You would have liked him” “I would have love to meet him”

“Is that your mom in a wedding dress?” “Yeah, isn’t the lovely?” “Not as lovely as you”

“What’s in this album?” “Shawn, close it. Now” “Is it naked baby pics?”

“Your brother looks just like your dad in that age” “He does, it’s scary” “But you, you have his smile” 

anonymous asked:

Are there any sterek fics with storms and maybe getting stranded together somewhere?

There is! - Anastasia

Originally posted by brightindie

Of Snowdrifts, Jockstraps and Sex by Wolves_of_Innistrad

(1/1 I 3,613 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek and Stiles are stranded, Derek’s Subaru stuck in a snowdrift off the side of the road with no way to call for help. As the nigth turns colder, they must resort to desperate, and sexy, measure to stay warm.

Or the one where Stiles finds out Derek wears Jockstraps and teases him until Derek shuts him up.

Vendsgiving (AKA Derek and Stiles Meet at an Airport on Thanksgiving) by jsea

(1/1 I 5,571 I General I Sterek)

Derek already hated traveling, so getting stuck in the airport overnight? And on Thanksgiving no less? That was going to be a nightmare.

Then Derek met Stiles.

One Star Awake by zjofierose

(1/1 I 9,502 I Teen I Sterek)

When Stiles gets stranded in the snow one dark and snowy night, he’s in real danger. Fortunately, he gets rescued by a man on a horse.

How They Met and Other Disasters by ArientheSun

(1/1 I 11,801 I Teen I Sterek)

The story of how Stiles and Derek met, which involved one destroyed diner, a bus fire, an uncomfortable Native American god, some murdered reindeer, and one emotionally scarred child. And Christmas. ‘Tis the season!

Come Fly With Me (Or Don’t) by stilinskisparkles

(1/1 I 15,325 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles is overworked and stressed out when his flight home gets delayed due to copious amounts of snow. He finds entertainment with one Derek Hale, whom he hasn’t seen since high school but really doesn’t mind getting reacquainted with.

Especially when it turns out Derek is surprisingly hilarious and will reluctantly play snap with him. And can walk on his hands.

Through A Forest Of Wilderness by WhisperElmwood

(5/? I 15,360 I Teen I Sterek)

So. His plane crashed, the pilot died, he lost almost everything to the bottom of the lake, and he’s in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees for as far as the eye can see. He’s been visited by one bear already, and a porcupine, he’s pretty sure he’d rather not see what else there is. Stiles Stilinski needs to ensure that he survives long enough to be rescued, but winter is coming on fast. And now, suddenly, there’s a wolf watching him. A wolf with bright blue eyes, and an uncanny intelligence…

Etheria by FlamingBlueEyes

(16/? I 31,649 I Explicit I Sterek)

Stiles had been accepted to be an engineer on the prestigious space ship Beacon. However, when a Hunter attack leaves the ship in pieces, Stiles is forced to evacuate. He and the first commanding officer, Derek Hale, get stranded on an alien planet. While waiting for rescue the two must figure out how to survive and deal with their feelings towards each other.

Stranded by princessstalehale

(3/3 I 38,108 I Mature I Sterek)

Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn’t account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn’t think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long enough to be rescued? And what happens when Stiles soon realizes that he isn’t alone on the island?

Latetly I haven’t posted nor done much because it’s my last weekend before going back to school & I have to take care of my baby dog who got hurt & needs attention. Regardless of that, I did a brief summary with the characteristics of the Victorian Age to feel productive. Lovely weekend to you all. 💕

My favourite module this semester is Personality Psychology!! Teapot set from the lovely Derek for Valentines’ day :-) and lots of colorful highlighters and pens to help me through lots of readings.

It’s finally gonna be the last day of school before the long Chinese New Year weekend. I can’t wait for the little breather, and I can’t wait to meet Derek after school later becauseeee we are going for supper at Upp Thomson (and the best part is that… we are finally not taking the train there hehe)

theworldwasinblackinwhite  asked:

Can you possibly update the feral Derek tag or make a demon Derek tag. Thank you so much!

demon!derek tag was just updated, here’s some feral!derek

feral derek:

Stranded by princessstalehale (3/3 | 38,108 | R)

Stiles Stilinski just wanted to have one last crazy weekend with his best friend before he enters graduate school. He didn’t account for getting thrown over a boat when he tries to break up a fight, and he really didn’t think he would end up stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere. How will Stiles survive long enough to be rescued? And what happens when Stiles soon realizes that he isn’t alone on the island?

I’ll be the Jane to Your Tarzan by Laluna92 (3/? | 9,353 | NC17)

The wolf man moves down to Stiles’ chest, frowning at the offending clothing that is blocking his way to more of Stiles’ skin. He brings his clawed finger down the front of Stiles’ shirt and rips it straight down the middle. Stiles starts to protest but he’s cut off by a threatening growl. He proceeds to rub his stubble across Stiles’ chest making his nipples harden at the rough feel of his jaw. Once the man is satisfied with his work, he moves his clawed fingers down Stiles’ stomach to remove the jeans from his body.
Stiles wrenches away from his touch and glares, “No. I’ve let you have your fun but there is no way your clawed fingers are going anywhere near my dick, dude.”
The wolf man tilts his head and his eyes narrow in anger. Suddenly, his wolf face transforms into one of a young man in his early twenties and holy fuck this guy is hot.

(Or Stiles gets lost in the woods and comes across a feral wolf man who claims Stiles as his own.)

A Wild Heart’s Desire by mikkimouse (1/1 | 13,410 | PG13)

If there’s one thing Stiles Stilinski knows, it’s that Deputy Derek Hale absolutely Does Not Like him. The only reason Derek even tolerates him is because their kids are worryingly codependent.

So Stiles is understandably confused when a very feral Derek shows up in his backyard after a call gone wrong and proceeds to move in with him.

So Long And Lost by AsagiStilinski (1/1 | 4,030 | PG13)

I’m missing me…

Stiles has lived completely alone for so long now that he almost has forgotten what being with someone else feels like, and then he meets a feral werewolf in the woods, well… “meets” is a choice word… he frees him from a trap but still, and Stiles watches him, sees his feelings transition through anger and curiosity and pain.. so much pain.. and he wonders a little bit if healing this man might just heal himself a little bit too

The good son and the bad wolf by promisingahurricane (1/1 | 6,330 | NR)

For once, Stiles listens and stays home instead of running through the forest. He hates it. Still, he gets what he wants when a soaking wet and monosyllabic Alpha barges into his cozy room.

Wolves in the Timber by adeepeningdig (3/3 | 17,217 | PG13)

Stiles had always thought that Derek would understand, maybe. If Derek had been around to talk about it. He would know what it was like to think that maybe it wasn’t a fluke, maybe there’s something in you, something twisted that pulls blood and betrayal and death to you, like a remnant of your mother’s disease, her monstrous confusion, still encoded in your genes. Stiles still dreams of that day in the loft, the water lapping at his ankles and the dirty light. Derek’s stricken face. He wonders if there are days when Derek wants to tear his own hands off too. But Derek wasn’t around, and now he’s a wolf. So.

He’s 28 years old, it’s been years. He’s past all that. He should be past all that.

There’s a black wolf panting on the floor of his apartment like an accusation. Stiles knows that there’s nothing that Lydia can say or do. He’s not projecting, it’s the truth, it’s the kinship he’s always felt with Derek, and if he could curl into his animal self, he would, and maybe he would stay there. It would be easier that way.

Hi guys! Here is the alternate version to Hide and…? the original can be found HERE (which is a lot lighter and has a bit of smut) This one took a bit of a more serious turn. I hope you enjoy. TW: Mentions of bullying (but no actual example.)

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Hide and…? (alternate version)

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These are some of my most recent and favorite pictures, I was free in a way I hadn’t been since before school last weekend.

Even now I sit here to post this and I just want to delete a few because I look lumpy, or I look just undesirable. And why I aren’t I big like the other girls are big. Why am I big there and not there.

That’s bullshit.

I’m pretty and it took someone comparing me to a cartoon character that’s noticeably shorter and thicker to realize. Amethyst had a moment were she had self esteem issues and one thing I should realize is that, we all do. And I do. And as long as I have people to tell me that’s I’m beautiful the way I am, then I’m fine because I know I’m beautiful but sometimes I get scared.