last weekend


Last weekend, the Equality House, the rainbow-painted house across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, was vandalized in a hate crime.

The signature building owned by the organization Planting Peace was spray-painted with the words “Fuk F*gs.” Staff there also found seven bullet holes in a window, and the building’s pride flags were in the street. 

“The blatant acts of hate we experience at the Equality House mirror the acts of hate and discrimination our LGBT family experiences every day,” Jackson told The Huffington Post. “Planting Peace has seen an increase in hate mail, death threats and physical acts of vandalism and violence over the past three months. According to the FBI, the LGBT community is more likely to experience a hate crime than any other minority group.”

He added, “The LGBT movement has made tremendous progress on all fronts, including legislation that protects LGBT fundamental human rights, but we still have substantial work to do to change people’s hearts and minds, which is the most important change.”

Damn. These folks have done some really good work, and it’s terrifying to realize that acts of violence and hate could happen to anyone. Here’s hoping everyone stays safe and that they stay strong. (via the Huffington Post)


Popularity Poll #2 (Toukyoghoul first anniversary)—Special Mention:

#11 Mutsuki Tooru
#12 Nishio Nishiki
#13 Uta
#14 Amon Koutarou
#15 Naki
#16 Takatsuki Sen (Eto)
#17 Arima Kishou
#18 Kamishiro Rize
#19 Urie Kuki
#20 Takizawa Seidou

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