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The Maximoff Twins were never supposed to be born. Their mother, Wanda, was the head astronaut leading an experimental mission to start a colony on Mars. The settlement, Genosha, was only supposed to be running for four years. Unaware of her own pregnancy, Wanda finds out that she is pregnant two months after the shuttle already began its nine month trip to Mars. She makes the hard decision to continue with the journey, gestating the twins in zero gravity- a feat which was never attempted beforehand. 

Shortly after the team lands on Mars, Wanda goes into labor. Thomas and William are born, the first children ever born in space. But Wanda isn’t so lucky, dying shortly after the babies are stabilized. 

Sixteen years pass. The twins are one of Nasa’s biggest secrets. No one knows that they exist; their mother’s death was attributed to a suit malfunctioning due to a pressure issue. While Tommy is accustomed to Mars, Billy wants to set foot on Earth. Billy breaks into his mother’s possessions that were locked in storage, finding a photo of her and a man. Billy thinks they finally found their mother. 

With assistance from Kate, the woman who had helped raise Billy and Tommy, Billy goes through an experimental surgery that will help him live successfully on Earth. If all goes well, Tommy should be able to join him only months later. 

But Tommy and Kate don’t know that Billy had been speaking to an Earth boy, a young man named Teddy. Teddy had been in the foster care system since he was only four years old, and its made him guarded and stand offish. Billy is the first person he thinks he can truly be himself around. 

Billy, aghast on Earth when he learns that he won’t have the freedom he craved, runs away from the NASA station he had been staying at. He finds Teddy and they begin a trip looking for the one person who can give Billy the information he desperately wants about his mother. 

Things start to go wrong, however, when they find out that Billy’s body can’t handle the Earth’s gravity, and that his organs are beginning to fail. 

Billy learns that just because you may want something, it may not want you back, and maybe that the truth isn’t worth the price

We Will Be Alright

Forgive me for writing another Star Wars Rebels one-shot but after that promo for “Visions and Voices” I have to write for it. Because ugh that promo! *squees and cries* I can’t even write now, because I’m legit scared and excited for this episode and I’m super glad that most of you on Tumblr that re-blogged my video to the promo feel the same way, really glad I’m not alone in this.

So without further wait, here is my one-shot for my expectations for “Visions and Voices”, what I write will most certainly be AUish because most of what I write is but there’s nothing wrong with having AU’s.

“Sabine, please.” Ezra spoke out as he dodged and blocked her attacks from the artist’s newly found Darksaber, which still baffled Ezra that she could use such a weapon, because as far as Ezra knew, only Jedi could wield a Lightsaber. He shook his head, back to the matter at hand. “Sabine, I don’t want to fight you.” Ezra shouted, his voice echoing off the cave walls as the young Padawan stared into her eyes, where they had once been a light, copper brown but now they were a deep emerald green that made Ezra sick to his stomach, because this wasn’t Sabine and he knew that, but that still didn’t change the fact that he wanted to fight her.

He didn’t want this, he never wanted this to happen, he came here to sever his connection towards Maul for good, but instead he ended up getting Sabine and Kanan possessed by these evil spirits, seeing them standing side by side, that deep glow of green in their eyes so strong and intense.

This was all his fault

“This isn’t you, Sabine! Please!” He found himself begging.

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Hey y'all! Sorry to be so quiet online these past few weeks–as some of you know, I just had some eye surgery done, and today was the last surgery! My vision was -11 and -11.5 with severe astigmatism (and a retina condition in my right eye, ugh), but I’ve always hoped I could get corrective eye surgery one day. Enter: Visian ICL with a lil'bit of lasik for the astigmatism. There were multiple steps and all of them weird (Eye ultrasounds! Zapping holes in my eyes with lasers so they can drain! Eyeball suction!) but I’m so grateful to finally be able to wake up and just SEE for the first time in my life! I’ve worn glasses for 25 years and contacts for 18, so this is going to be an awesome adjustment. Thanks for all of your well-wishes, and sorry for the dorky post-surgery photo. (Am I giving a thumbs-up for my vision or the cheeseburger I was about to eat? The world may never know…) 👁👓🍔 (at Scottsdale, Arizona)

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