last venue

the signs' new year's kiss - got7
  • aries: youngjae
  • taurus: jaebum
  • gemini: jackson
  • cancer: jinyoung
  • leo: mark
  • virgo: bambam
  • libra: mark
  • scorpio: yugyeom
  • sagittarius: jackson
  • capricorn: yugyeom
  • aquarius: youngjae
  • pisces: jinyoung

if u haven’t heard of sleeping at last, they’re this rly cool band with some gr8 songs about space and the planets and all that good shit!!

like literally they are so beautiful and u all should listen to the song of the planet that rules your sign (also listen to ur moon sign planet and ur dominant planet). some of them don’t have lyrics but it’s still so so so rad bc they just fit so well with that planet

aries - mars

taurus - venus

gemini - mercury

cancer - moon

leo - sun

virgo - mercury

libra - venus

scorpio - pluto, mars

sagittarius - jupiter

capricorn - saturn

aquarius - uranus, saturn

pisces - neptune, jupiter

So my friends are getting married on Saturday, Yay!

Interesting thing I found out while typing out names for table signs:

One of my friends, the Bride, her last name will be Park, but as it is now, her last name is still Weise.

And I just found out her mom’s name is Rosa.

Rosa Weise.

Of course I chuckled.

Sometimes I walk off stage and wonder if it was really necessary that I talked about my recovery in that particular situation, like do I always have to find a way to mention it? But then as I was leaving the venue last night one women told me she was 6 months sober and she had that wild look in her eye of someone who is still holding on tight. Someone else told me she is coming up on 4 years and she appreciated my openness. A dad came up to me and told me that his son is currently in a dual diagnosis inpatient treatment center and it made him hopeful to know that a dual diagnosis program helped me. So now, with immense amounts of gratitude, I am thinking about the people who I heard speak from the stage about recovery when I first stopped drinking. Monday will be 18 years off the sauce for me. And even if it’s not relevant to most of the audience or feels a bit redundant I’m gonna keep talking about it. Just in case. Because I know.

Love and service.

***To be totally transparent - I have smoked pot a few times since I quit drinking and was reminded why I was never really a pot smoker. I hate it. I also tried mushrooms twice a few years ago. I discussed it before and after with my psychiatrist. She thought it might pop the cork on a lot of shit I had deeply bottled up. (It did). So this is why I don’t claim to have been sober for 18 years but rather I say “off the sauce”.