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astronomy in reverse || a callieroxy fanmix

anamanagutchi | prom night ✧ sleeping at last | venus ✧ daft punk | digital love ✧ lemaitre | day two ✧ purity ring | begin again ✧ hayley kiyoko | sleepover ✧ miami horror | i look to you ✧ madeon | pay no mind ✧ giraffage | be with you ✧ carly rae jepson | higher ✧ walk the moon | shut up and dance with me ✧ ari lennox | bound ✧ ra ra riot | i need your light ✧ pyyramids | invisible scream

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                     y o u    a r e    t h e        u n i v e r s e       I    a m    h e l p l e s s   i n 

if u haven’t heard of sleeping at last, they’re this rly cool band with some gr8 songs about space and the planets and all that good shit!!

like literally they are so beautiful and u all should listen to the song of the planet that rules your sign (also listen to ur moon sign planet and ur dominant planet). some of them don’t have lyrics but it’s still so so so rad bc they just fit so well with that planet

aries - mars

taurus - venus

gemini - mercury

cancer - moon

leo - sun

virgo - mercury

libra - venus

scorpio - pluto, mars

sagittarius - jupiter

capricorn - saturn

aquarius - uranus, saturn

pisces - neptune, jupiter

Sailor ATLA

Mercury/Katara = Soldier of Water
Venus/Ty Lee = Soldier of Beauty
Mars/Zuko = Soldier of Flame
Jupiter/Azula = Soldier of Thunder
Moon/Yue/Suki = Soldier of Love
Saturn/Mai = Soldier of Death
Uranus/Aang = Soldier of Flight
Neptune/Sokka = Soldier of the Sea
Pluto/Jet = Soldier of Revolution

the signs' new year's kiss - got7
  • aries: youngjae
  • taurus: jaebum
  • gemini: jackson
  • cancer: jinyoung
  • leo: mark
  • virgo: bambam
  • libra: mark
  • scorpio: yugyeom
  • sagittarius: jackson
  • capricorn: yugyeom
  • aquarius: youngjae
  • pisces: jinyoung
Break-Up Novella.



It’s quite a short part… I’m sorry! I just lost all inspiration for this one, I think. Harry’s hit with the vicious green-eyed monster in this part to the Break-Up Novella. But, he deserves to suffer, don’t you think? One step closer to them getting back together though, I can assure you. 

I can’t promise you that part four will be any better but part 5 will be so jam-packed of a whole load of things and emotions.

Thank you SO much for the feedback on the last two parts to this little novella/story. I’m stunned that Part One is getting close to 500 notes That’s insane. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much for that. I really do. I think that is the most amount of notes I’ve ever received on a story; and for it to happen on one that I was a little weary on? It just makes me feel even better about it.

As always, feedback would be incredible! You guys know how much I appreciate that.

Enjoy! xx

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Vague Horoscopes for May 6th and 7th, 2017
  • (Moon is in Libra from early afternoon Saturday on, so I'm just lumping it into one post).
  • Aries: Our self worth is on our mind today. But, do others see you how you see yourself? How you want them to?
  • Taurus: Conflicts have begun to did down, so making a choice on what to do about it, and the person who caused it, is clear today.
  • Gemini: You're putting forth motions that seem rather impractical, today. Remember the binds of your own flesh, and those you care about. Otherwise, backlash is imminent.
  • Cancer: The "family" - both blood and not - could be full of drama today. At this moment, escape and solitude may be your best option.
  • Leo: Be sure to incorporate what you've learned from the last Mercury and Venus Retrograde. It'll be a blessing in hard times.
  • Virgo: Secrets may be revealed today, Virgo. Remember: In all lies, lies a truth.
  • Libra: The solitude you have put yourself in is doing you many favors. Do not worry about significant others, they understand. If they don't -- today is a good day to explain so they will.
  • Scorpio: Sex -- Refrain from turning your fantasies into realities. It doesn't bode well for you, or your partner.
  • Sagittarius: Something has been put into action, but you aren't quite sure if now is the right time. One would suggest to wait, or end it completely, especially if you feel it conflicts with your morality.
  • Capricorn: Your ideas are coming off as more idealistic than usual, Capricorn. Be wary of what you start, and why.
  • Aquarius: Having "family" - blood or not - trouble? Today may be a good day to lay low. Who knows... maybe they'll miss you. Or realize they need you.
  • Pisces: Your friends and family gather to support you, Pisces! Things are looking up!