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couplets for the venus signs

aries venus: looking into your eyes is like lighting a match, and I feel like I belong. And if this feeling isn’t right I would happily die wrong.

taurus venus: you said every passing moment in this transient world is marvelous and I agree, every moment that I’m with you I feel free.

gemini venus: the sound of papers rustle and the memory of you makes me smile. the bass in your car is a fleeting memory, I wish you’d stay a while.

cancer venus: I can smell the scent of your skin on mine, I’m still warm from when we cuddled. I blurted I loved you and you looked at me and whispered “you’re in trouble”

leo venus: my hands tangling in your curls, your hands tangling in my shirt. my hands creeping up your lap, your hands trailing up my skirt.

virgo venus: I can see the words you wrote in the mirror from the mist. “I’m sorry, I should’ve given you one last kiss.”

libra venus: like two doves, we transcended, together & inseparable, but no one but god could ever prevent the inevitable.

scorpio venus: your breath is on my neck, you’ve opened my doors and made a room in me, your love is potent and dangerously consuming me.

sagittarius venus: i wanted you with me but i was tying you down, you left me but you’re able to spread your wings now.

capricorn venus: your cheeks were flushed your voice was hushed and the atmosphere was blue, you turned around, looked down and said “I’m madly in love with you”

aquarius venus: “darling,” you said, and bit my ear, “I want to feel your touch, you fill the void, but even filled, it’s never quite enough”

pisces venus: you taught me to let the waves in my ocean of dreams let me drift away, you told me that home is where my heart wants to stay.


One Year of KDRAMA - 2016

”The things I like:

High places, first snow, small hands, white blankets, those strands of hair. The sound of his shutter, large hands, smiling eyes, large embrace.”

Harry & the Ryman.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, so I will. 

At the beginning of the show, Harry said he basically planned and booked this tour for the purpose of playing the Ryman. He’s been to Nashville to perform now 3 times (March 2012, June 2013 and August 2014) and he’s played the biggest venues in town each time (Bridgestone Arena twice and Nissan Stadium once) and his comment last night meant a lot to me as 1) a Nashvillian who treasures the absolute hell out of that place and 2) a fan who has followed him the last 5 years and seen this meteoric rise he’s been on, but Harry still displayed such reverence for this 2,300 seat venue that used to be a church and community gathering place. 

To see him wave that flag again in that place was special to me and countless others, but I think it might have been particularly poignant for him, too. 

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Go for Venus! Fifty-five years ago this week, Mariner 2, the first fully successful mission to explore another planet launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida. Here are 10 things to know about Mariner 2.

1. Interplanetary Cruise 

On August 27, 1962, Mariner 2 launched on a three and a half month journey to Venus. The little spacecraft flew within 22,000 miles (about 35,000 kilometers) of the planet. 

2. Quick Study 

Mariner 2’s scan of Venus lasted only 42 minutes. And, like most of our visits to new places, the mission rewrote the books on what we know about Earth’s sister planet.

3. Hot Planet 

The spacecraft showed that surface temperature on Venus was hot enough to melt lead: at least 797 degrees Fahrenheit (425 degrees Celsius) on both the day and night sides.

4. Continuous Clouds 

The clouds that make Venus shine so bright in Earth’s skies are dozens of miles thick and permanent. It’s always cloudy on Venus, and the thick clouds trap heat - contributing to a runaway “greenhouse effect.”

5. Night Light 

Those clouds are why Venus shines so brightly in Earth’s night sky. The clouds reflect and scatter sunlight, making Venus second only to our Moon in celestial brightness.

6. Under Pressure 

Venus’ clouds also create crushing pressure. Mariner 2’s scan revealed pressure on the surface of Venus is equal to pressure thousands of feet under Earth’s deepest oceans.

7. Slow Turn 

Mariner 2 found Venus rotates very slowly, and in the opposite direction of most planets in our solar system.

8. Space Travel Is Tough 

Mariner 2 was a remarkable accomplishment, considering that in 1962 engineers were still in the very early stages of figuring out how operate spacecraft beyond Earth orbit. The first five interplanetary missions launched - by the U.S. and Soviet Union, the only two spacefaring nations at the time - were unsuccessful.

9. Not Ready for Its Close Up 

Mariner 2 carried no cameras. The first close-up pictures of Venus came from NASA’s Mariner 10 in 1974.  

10. Hot Shot 

The first (and still incredibly rare) photo of the surface of Venus was taken by the Soviet Venera 9 lander, which survived for a little more than a minute under the crushing pressure and intense heat on the ground.

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if u haven’t heard of sleeping at last, they’re this rly cool band with some gr8 songs about space and the planets and all that good shit!!

like literally they are so beautiful and u all should listen to the song of the planet that rules your sign (also listen to ur moon sign planet and ur dominant planet). some of them don’t have lyrics but it’s still so so so rad bc they just fit so well with that planet

aries - mars

taurus - venus

gemini - mercury

cancer - moon

leo - sun

virgo - mercury

libra - venus

scorpio - pluto, mars

sagittarius - jupiter

capricorn - saturn

aquarius - uranus, saturn

pisces - neptune, jupiter


                     y o u    a r e    t h e        u n i v e r s e       I    a m    h e l p l e s s   i n 

the signs' new year's kiss - got7
  • aries: youngjae
  • taurus: jaebum
  • gemini: jackson
  • cancer: jinyoung
  • leo: mark
  • virgo: bambam
  • libra: mark
  • scorpio: yugyeom
  • sagittarius: jackson
  • capricorn: yugyeom
  • aquarius: youngjae
  • pisces: jinyoung

astronomy in reverse || a callieroxy fanmix

anamanagutchi | prom night ✧ sleeping at last | venus ✧ daft punk | digital love ✧ lemaitre | day two ✧ purity ring | begin again ✧ hayley kiyoko | sleepover ✧ miami horror | i look to you ✧ madeon | pay no mind ✧ giraffage | be with you ✧ carly rae jepson | higher ✧ walk the moon | shut up and dance with me ✧ ari lennox | bound ✧ ra ra riot | i need your light ✧ pyyramids | invisible scream

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Sailor ATLA

Mercury/Katara = Soldier of Water
Venus/Ty Lee = Soldier of Beauty
Mars/Zuko = Soldier of Flame
Jupiter/Azula = Soldier of Thunder
Moon/Yue/Suki = Soldier of Love
Saturn/Mai = Soldier of Death
Uranus/Aang = Soldier of Flight
Neptune/Sokka = Soldier of the Sea
Pluto/Jet = Soldier of Revolution