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I’m getting that déjà vu feeling again…

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

(A/N: I finally finished this! I know I haven’t written for Jamie in a while so I made this one extra long and cute. I hope you enjoy!) 

Part Two HERE

Imagine a criminally good date night with Jamie

“Hey Y/N heads up,” Sonny said, jerking his body to gesture behind you before walking away hastily as if to get out of the way.

You spun around quickly and suspiciously to see your boyfriend Jamie walking up to, dressed up smartly but casually clutching a bunch of flowers. You shook your head at disbelief, crossing your arms in anguish, as he reached you with a triumphant smile on face.

“You tricked me,” You pointed out with fake menace.

“Guilty,” He smirked, handing you the flowers and kissing your cheek.

“How much did you pay him to distract me while you got changed?” You inquired, narrowing your eyes at him and flashing him a glare.

“Didn’t have to. Apparently tricking you was all the payment he needed,” Jamie informed, chuckling.

You leant to the side, looking past Jamie so you could glare at Sonny who was watching happily from his desk.

“We’re going talk about this tomorrow!” You warned.

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numinoceur  asked:

TRICK OR TREAT---jk we gotta finish the last day, you already gave me some treats, so how about trick next!!!!!

A TRICK YOU SAY??!??!! So you’re asking for the bad ending??!!

This wasn’t how things were supposed to go.

Noct’s trying to bleed, but all he can taste is blood. He’s not supposed to taste blood—fuck, he’s not even supposed to bleed, but they keep proving themselves wrong every time, they keep becoming more and more human, and it’s too late. It’s too much, they’re too far gone, and it’s all over.

His dad had promised he’d go with them, he’d said—

But he and Prompto are alone, and everything hurts, and all Noctis can feel are eyes, amber and terrible, burning into him.

Noct’s dying, he realizes. It’s a strange realization, knowing that you’re about to die. They’d faced death so many times, but here they are, at the end, and it ends with Noctis, bleeding out and hurt on the pavement, surrounded by fragments of purple horn, by gore and blood and it all hurts so much.

Brokenly, he’s pretty sure Prompto’s sobbing frantically at his side. Noct’s not sure anymore, because the world’s starting to go black. He should’ve known not to go out for Halloween on their own. He should’ve known, but it’s tradition, and now he’s so hurt, there’s no coming back—

Take care of Squish,” Noctis tries to say, but instead it’s a bubbling, choked sound, copper and bloody, as it fills up lungs he shouldn’t even have. Prompto’s sobs are more desperate, more frantic, and it’s starting to rain.

The rain falls hard and heavy and sudden, and the cold touch of raindrops on Noct’s face is soothing. He thinks Prompto’s touching him, too, but he doesn’t know—and maybe it’s not rain, maybe it’s tears.

“Noct, you gotta stay with me—” he thinks Prompto is saying, but the world is going black, everything’s fading away, and then, suddenly, he’s gone.

The world sees its last Halloween, and then there’s one hell of a storm, rain and thunder and tornadoes and tsunamis, but Noct is gone, and soon, so is everyone else.

waltz among tombstones

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Stiles had a love/hate relationship with Halloween. On one hand, there were candy and costumes and parties. On the other were the ghosts. It was very hard to enjoy your breakfast when random people kept popping through your walls.

See, Stiles had a Gift. But it wasn’t like most Gifts. Where other people were Gifted with dance, art, or language, Stiles saw dead people. And on Halloween, the veil between worlds was thinner.

After a particularly gruesome wraith melted through the refrigerator, Stiles dumped his cereal in the sink. Seeing a dude with a sword through his gut didn’t do much for his appetite.

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‘I’ll let you down when you stop crying.’

Not So Randomly - Part 2/?

🌟 Pairing : Im Changkyun (I.M) x Reader

🌟 Genre : Fluff, Angst

🌟 Warnings : Contains a few mentions of underage drinking (both characters are 18 so it’s the not the legal age in Korea)

🌟 Word count : 8.7k

🌟 Synopsis : Whenever you cross the path of Im Changkyun, that guy you hate and that hates you, it seems to be the worst day of your life. But, strangely enough, it also becomes the best and most accurate of moments you’ve ever had. So, the more you randomly end up stucked with each other, the more a question can arise : is it really chance that has something against you, or is it serendipity that drives you one towards the other?

Previous Part .:. Next Part

🌟 A/N : Okay so this part is going to focus more on I.M’s feelings and POV! 

I also wanted to say a huge thank you to the people who have read the previous part, without your attention I wouldn’t have been able to publish this one, so here I am, not letting you down without any sequel! Thank you to those who will read it just now or later too! Hope you like it ♥

Disclaimer : any gifs or images used, even edited, , are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!


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Date a skater. Take my advice. They may not always have polite words or the most kind thoughts towards the police, but I can promise you that no matter how big the struggle, they won’t quit on you. It’s in their nature. Allow yourself to tolerate the crashes and games of “skate” in the street that last all afternoon. Don’t roll your eyes at sweaty pairs of socks or their younger and older friends. They are family. Invite them in. Smile at them. Let them rant about their tricks for hours. You’ll learn the language quickly enough. If they break an arm, don’t tell them that they were being foolish. Tell them they were being daring. Watch their videos. Gasp when they fall; gasp when they don’t. Listen and accept the fact that they know more about shoes than you. It’s okay if they wear shoes with holes. They’re a lot like badges of success. They don’t hate cops because they’re bad kids; they hate cops because they stop them from doing what they love most. Skaters will stay with you like they stay with their passion. Skaters are loyal. They aren’t quick to judge. They’ll invite you in and they’ll talk for hours about location, board size, and legendary people. Don’t just listen. Watch as their eyes light up at the mention of a city. They’re part of a culture, not a trend. If it rains, don’t be alarmed when they’re upset. Understand that the water can wash away their day. If it doesn’t rain, kiss them goodbye and watch them push to the end of the street. Don’t worry if he doesn’t text you or call you. He’s too busy trying to perfect the last trick of the day. He isn’t talking to other girls. He’s talking to himself in the 90 degree heat, sweating and bleeding and swearing. A skater will break his board, not your heart.
—  Not from me.

This is an idea that has come to me over the last few days, and I think it would really work. We have some extremely talented people in this fandom who have pulled off some amazing things (the Fanzine, Valentine’s and Christmas, The Leavers Ball (coming up), SnowflakeFaces, all the other things I can’t think of right now). I believe we could pull off one more great trick.

In the last few days I’ve seen a lot of calls for a Carry On Musical. And while this seems like a massive, impossible task from across our phone and computer screens, I think we can pull it off.
That’s right. A fully fan-crated Carry On musical.
Think about it - a song for everything.
Leaving the Orphanage. Simon’s list of things he misses. PENNY. BRILLIANT SONGS WONDERING WHERE BAZ IS. BAZ ARRIVING AT WATFORD.
Rosebud Boy. Sour Cherry Scones. LADYBIRD LADYBIRD.
Chapter 61!! (A song (or songs) titled either Chapter 61 or And Then He Kisses Me.)
Fighting the Humdrum. Simon Says. jEANS.


My plan - it obviously wouldn’t be a stage show, but a movie. We could make it as big as we wanted to. All the little details.

We would need actors, and sets, and CGI.
But most of all we would need scripts.
That’s where we all can help out.

Like with the Fanzine, everybody could contribute something. Write a song, write some music. Help with casting - refer and request actors. Help with CGI and design of sets and characters and everything.

I know this would be a massive, probably expensive job. It seems unrealistic. I know you all probably think I’m hugely ambitious for trying to do something like this, but I know that we could do it. We are strong, there are so many of us. We are so diverse, I know there are people who could help with this.

Please guys. Please consider this. Please consider helping in whatever way you can.

I need a show of hands who would be interested in seeing something like this, even if you can’t help. If I get enough, I’ll create a blog for this, and a GoFundMe page.

This could be incredible. Please share it around. Please help.

Edit: here is a blog dedicated to running the project: @carry-on-the-musical

2017/10/31 Blog post by Hikaru 『キレイナモノ』

『Beautiful Things

Hello everyone.
When the streets are not flat
and my arms are not free because I am carrying a lot
I’ll end up falling. This is Hikaru.
[“do-dou/michi-roud”; “riyo-ryoute-both arms”, “ku-kurai-about” => “doryoku-great effort]

Today is the last day of October! Trick or Treat!!…speaking of which, I got Halloween nails done (`・ω・´) How is everyone doing?

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The last day of trick and treating is here! If you want the final gift from me don’t be shy and send me a message or an ask! <3

Sorry for starting today a bit late - I’m ill and was sleeping all day :(

Anyway today the gift is the set of matching walls and floors for TS4.

Also, I remind you to be anon OFF so I will be able to send you a link for my gift.

Последний день сладости или гадости - пишем мне аск или сообщение, если хотите получить сет стен и полов!

halloween is always so boring where i live i barely even celebrate it


October 27, 2017 - trick or treat + last day before sembreak 👻

Hello! I’m a day late but when did I ever post something on time? Lol. As a person, I suck at time management so… yeah. This is what happened yesterday!

I woke up earlier than usual because daryl came over. We ate the spicy noodles “x4” but it’s not really “x4” it’s just teriyaki flavored or something hahaha. But nevertheless, it was still spicy and it made our stomachs hurt. We went to school after that. My school is just a 2-minute walk away from my house haha (but im still late sometimes idek).

So when we got to Seed, it was a ghost town haha. All of our classmates left us coz some joined the field trip to Corregidor and some did not go to school. So it was only the 12 of us who were there. We watched twilight and just talked about random things in the classroom. I left at exactly 11:30am.

Dennise was late again (what’s new) and then we went to Erica’s to deliver her parcel! She bought from our shop so hehehe. You guys should buy from me too and let’s meetup!! (@wear.sapphire on ig) and then after that, we went to the mall to eat. The milkshake was good but I prefer chocolate :( maybe I’ll try the chocolate ones next time! We also ate at buffalo’s wings and things after. I prefer their wings compared to frankie’s :( It’s spicier!! I always order the armaggedon, the second before the spiciest one. I was about to order the spiciest (the one with the waiver required) but they don’t have it :( if u know me well u must know that i really love spicy foods.

After that we bought some new stocks for the shop and then went home to prep for the halloween party! Idek what I am but I applied a dark make up aka smokey eye and it’s my first time to not look like a zombie! I have some candies now and it makes me so happy hehe ❤️

I’m currently fixing my blog! Any theme suggestions?

my porch light is on!

today is the last day to trick or treat! most of my downloads will go up on halloween, but today’s is v special and won’t be given out after today!! (it’s literally just my fave sims it’s not THAT special)