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Give You What You Like [Stiles Lacrosse Week]

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 2, 781

Warnings: nsfw, very sinful + daddy kink 

A/N: So this is my fic for Stiles Lacrosse Week for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski, this would have been posted earlier but i’ve been super busy, but it’s finally here. 

listen to this song on repeat !!

I scurry to the bed, grabbing my phone and unlocking it as quickly as possible, noticing I had a text from Scott to tell me he was on his way over. I smile at the text before going onto Stiles’ contact. I twiddle my thumbs over the screen of my phone, furiously typing an apology to my boyfriend.

Me: sorry i couldn’t make it to the game baby, lydia texted me the scores! I’m so proud of you baby well done! Xx

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distractions » jjk » m

» request: plus size reader w jungkook ?? maybe kookie is a basketball player and the reader is a cheerleader? also: smutttt, thanks !!!

» genre: smut

» author’s note: i love plus size reader fics tbhhhh. i need more of them. also this felt so long to write but it’s not even that long :/// and i might make a plus size reader series if you all like this enough, so be sure to let me know! i love you honeybuns~~

» word count: 3.6k+

» warnings: plus size reader, basketball au, body worship, fingering, dirty talk, unprotected sex, etc.

[nsfw under the cut]

A discontented groan sounds from the back of your throat as you pull your uniform on, a frown gracing your features as you realize the skirt is too small. The length is almost an inch too short, leaving your ass free to see. You swear under your breath, striding to the front of the locker room where your coach stands, chatting with the cheerleading captain.

“Coach, do we have another size up in the bottoms?” You ask, frowning as her eyes travel to your exposed rear end. She shakes her head with a scowl on her face, “Wear your safety shorts, Y/L/N.” She instructs, waving you off and turning back to the captain. You sulk back to your locker and look through for your safety shorts, sliding them on. Even your safety shorts have grown a bit too small, the very bottom of your asscheeks peaking out from the bottom of the thin white cloth. 

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Epilogue ❤️

A/N: Here it is you guys! The Epilogue! *cries historically* I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who’ve stuck with this story! It’s my first series and y'all are hella awesome for all the positivity!! 😭❤ Pls excuse any misspelling! And most of all, enjoy! - Delilah ❤


“Ms. Y/L/N,” Friday chimed. “Mr. Barnes requests your presence in his room.”

You couldn’t stop the grin that spread on your face. Bucky and you were an official couple now, and you couldn’t help but feel as though the world was twice the better place than before. You’d never say it out loud, but you were falling for him. And you were falling hard.

Giving Friday a subtle okay, you made your way down the corridors to Bucky’s room. As you walked, the memories of your drunken endeavors replayed in your mind. In some weird way, you had Tony to thank. If he hadn’t have stumbled upon Let’s Pretend, you and Bucky wouldn’t be in the very happy relationship that you were currently in.

Opening the door, you were met with the sight of your boyfriend on his bed, the laptop once again on his lap. He grinned at the sight of you and patted the empty space on the bed beside him. He looked so handsome it was almost painful.

“What’s up?” You ask, sliding into the space and throwing an arm over his middle. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked at the glowing screen.

“The fans are going psychotic over the videos,” he says, peering down at you with a smile. And he was right. The video had been posted two days ago and the entire site was losing their minds. The three videos were released at the same time, but of course, the real one was the highest in views.

The fans were literally divided. The first half argued that the first video was real because of the subliminal messages (even though there were none). The other half believed that the third video was real, based on the fact that instead of the usual background, the video took place in a swimming pool; thankfully they were wrong as well.

Now the third half, those were the smart ones. Instead of looking at the whole plot, they noticed small details. Like how Bucky’s hair was shorter the last time he wore the 40’s uniform. Why would he have longer hair? Why couldn’t one of the girls shapeshift him with short hair?

Another huge giveaway was your tattoo on your hip. You hadn’t told anyone that you had it, even your close friends didn’t know. So when the fans caught a glimpse of the small heart on your hip, it raised some eyebrows.

But despite all of the solid evidence, the fans were certain it was real, not because of the physicality, but the chemistry. You and Bucky were in love and it only made sense that your first time would be rather passionate. In the previous videos, it was mostly sexual playfulness between your characters. But when they saw the way your eyes stared into Bucky’s with pure passion and the way he made you orgasm so hard that you cried, they instantly knew.

The comment section was an adorable war zone.

“@NuggetQueenxx no it’s the first vid! Her hair is darker!!”

“U guyz r hella dumb. It’s totes vid #3. Bucky’s dick is bigger!”

“Guys trust me, I’m THE Y/N expert! It’s the second video.”

“It’s the second vid y'all! Look @ how he kisses her! They never kiss!!!!”

“@WhiskeyxPrincess I SAID THE SAME THING OMG!”

“It’s definitely the third one. Bucky’s arm looks shinier!”

“Nah the first one is real. My friend knows them! (;“

“@Bucky-Owns-This-Azz LIAR!”

You and Bucky continued scrolling through the comments, giggling like children at the crazed fans. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t reach out to them. If word got out that The Winter Soldier and Y/N Y/L/N had a sextape, no one would take the Avengers seriously anymore.

Not to mention, your family would be extremely disappointed in you. And Tony would be there cackling like a crow through all of it.

You felt Bucky press a tender kiss onto your forehead.

“At least we look hot,” he says cheekily, making you both erupt in laughter.


A week later, Bucky’s in Tony’s lab getting his usual repairs for his arm. Everything was going great, until Tony brought up his beloved missing camera that he had mysteriously stumbled upon in his old room.

Bucky nearly fell off the chair. He must’ve forgotten it after moving out of his room. You both decided that he should keep the camera, as he’d be suspected less. Everyone always suspected you when it came down to missing stuff and you never knew why.

“Maybe you left it there?” Bucky murmured. He needed to stay calm. Maybe he hadn’t seen it yet, and all Bucky need to do was sneak back in there later and delete it. Problem solved! No need to lose his head ye-

“I found a rather interesting video on there,” Tony says with a smirk as he tinkered with the super soldier’s arm. “Care to elaborate on that?”

Oh God, Y/N was going to murder him.

“I don’t know what your talking about,” Bucky meant for it to be a plain statement, but instead it came out like a question. A very squeaky question.

It’s as if life had a personal vendetta against him. Of all the people to need assistance from Tony, Steve walked in, broken iPhone in hand with a small sheepish smile. This was the fourth time cracking his screen.

“Speak of the devil,” Tony smirked. “Bucky here was just telling me about the ol’ war days.”

Steve cocked his head to the side curiously and eyed his best friend. “Oh really? You’re memories are getting better, Buck.” He pats his friend on the shoulder and pulls up one of the metal stools.

“Yeah! He was telling me about the time you got shot up and the nearest hospital was like….ten years away, haha!”

Oh no….

Steve followed Tony’s laugh with his own. “You’re gonna have to be more specific about that,” he says. “It’s happened more than I can count.”

Tony let out a cackle, clapping his hands together. Bucky was never going to get out of this. Why did life hate him so much? This is not what he had in mind when it came to karma. Death by humiliation sounded like an inane way to go.

“Well, from this particular story, a LOT happened after that, if you catch my drift.” The black haired man said with a wink. Bucky covered his face with his hands in shame.

Steve, being the pure angel he was, was completely oblivious to the innuendo. He stared at his friend, trying to recall the many near death experiences that ended in anything peculiar. But alas, he found none.

“I’m not following,” Steve admitted after a pregnant pause. Bucky let out a sigh of despair.

“You know what,” Tony says, walking to his toolbox and digging around. “I think this’ll help refresh your memory a bit.” In his hand, was THE camera that Bucky and Y/N used for the video.

“YOU KNOW WHAT,” Bucky exclaimed as he stood from the chair and began to drag Steve away. “I FORGOT WE HAD TRAINING!”

Steve wiggled in his friend’s grasp, grabbing onto various things in an attempt to make him stop. What had gotten into his friend?

“What the hell is going on?” You say, crossing your arms over your chest.

The three men freeze, staring at you with wide eyes. Tony didn’t plan on having this conversation with you present, but now he had no choice. He might’ve been a egotistical little shit, but he was certainly not a whimp.

You narrowed your eyes at him.

Okay, maybe he was a little bit.

“Tony was just trying to show me this video Bucky made for me, but he won’t let me see.” Steve replied, straightening himself up.

Your eyes widened when you saw the camera in Tony’s hand. “It’s really nothing, Steve!” You tried your best to convince him. “Like, really. Nothing.”

“Oh, it’s definitely SOMETHING.” Tony chimed in.

You shot Bucky a panicked glance, trying to fight the urge to cry. You just KNEW Tony would do something with it. He might go as far as posting it on the Stark Industries website, because that’s right up his alley.

The sound of metal being crushed broke you from your trance. Bucky had grabbed the camera from Tony’s hand and slammed it into the floor, shattering it into a million tiny pieces.

“WHAT THE FUCK, BARNES!” He shouted, his face turning an angry scarlet.

Without another word, Bucky had scooped you up and threw you over his shoulder, running as fast as he could out of the lab. The last thing you heard was Tony’s angry swears and threats.

Impressively, Bucky didn’t let you down until you both were in the safety of your shared room with the door locked. He set you on the bed gently before plopping beside you with a satisfied sigh.

You turned to him and gave him a small smack on his behind, making him jump. He frowned, turning his head and looking at you.

“I told you like ten times to pack the camera!” You pouted, narrowing your eyes at your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry, doll,” he sighed, propping himself up on his elbow. “You know how forgetful I can be.”

You roll your eyes playfully and run your hands through his hair. He leaned into your touch, putting softly.

“You know,” you say. “We could always make videos on our phones. No one will find those.”

His eyes flew open in surprise, making you laugh.

“You promise?” He asks adorably.



Steve and Natasha stared at the purple fluorescent background of Let’ Their eyes trailed over video after video of the pair. But what caught their attention the most was a certain video in particular.

“Captain America Gets A Fourth of July Blowjob By Black Widow!”

The thumbnail was a picture of Natasha with her finger on her lips in a shushing motion. She was dressed in only a bikini with little American flags printed on them, the top was a few sizes too small and barely covered her nipples. She was kneeling seductively in front of a semi nude Steve, who was wearing only the same white cotton briefs from before.

And dare she say it, they looked hot.

The blond took her silence as a sign of discomfort, to which he let out a small cough, gaining her attention.

“I-I’m sorry if this is too weird,” he says, reaching for the laptop, only to be stopped by Nat.

She grabs the collar of his shirt and pulls him closer, ghosting her lips against his.

“You’ve got two minutes, Cap. When get back here I want you on your hands and knees. Got it?” She asks, her eyes burning with desire.

Steve’s eyes widened at her sudden dominance before nodding, his erection already forming a tent in his gray sweatpants.

“Yes, Mistress.”

FIN. ❤

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader 
Part: 1/?
Summary: Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. 
A/N: So I was inspired by this Sinful Sunday post and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. It’s not exactly what the ask said but thank you for the inspiration anon! Please come let me know what you think.
Word count : 1,704 

“You did what?” his voice was low and you felt your heart drop at the hurt in his tone. He stepped closer when you didn’t answer. “You did what?” he repeated, each word escaping through gritted teeth.

“I joined the army nurses” you whispered, looking at your feet afraid to see the emotions etched on his face. When he remained silent you tilted your head up. He stood there, jaw slightly clenched simply shaking his head.

“Buc-” you tried reaching your hand to touch his arm but he stepped out of your reach.

“What if you get hurt?” tears and anger strangled his voice.

“What if you do?” you shot back, trying to look away from the sergeant uniform hanging by the bed.

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Fanfiction - Happier

I wrote this short thing for the needle wizard, pencil sorceress and all around magnificent friend, the lovely @outlanderedandoverhere. Master Seamstress shares with me the love for Ed Sheeran and I couldn’t resist the urge to have her doing a happy dance over this. Enjoy! X


I entered the small coffee shop, unfolding my scarf as soon as I felt the merciful warmth of the heating system, aiming towards a quiet table at the corner, as I shook off snowflakes from my curls.

As I waited for the small waitress to bring me my cranberry scone and a large cup of steaming tea, I opened my notebook and started reading the notes I had taken. It was a very hard case, a young patient with a rare tumor compressing his bile duct – presenting with jaundice, looking like the most recent character of The Simpsons. The previous surgeon in charge of the case had announced it to be unresectable, which gave him about three months of life expectancy. At the age of thirty, you are seldom ready for your life to end – least of all without throwing a good fight.

And that was what I was planning to offer him – a risky procedure, only done in the past by a handful of surgeons in the country. If it worked, he would be cancer free – and it was my job to guarantee it worked. I had barely slept the last couple of nights, immersed in planning the surgery to the finest detail.

I loved my job, fiercely – even in the moments I hated it. I never lost the tingling on my palms when I held the scalpel or the sudden feel of a jump inside my belly, like I had missed a step, whenever I finished a hazardous procedure. Besides, it was a very welcome distraction from the wreckage of my personal life.

I sipped my tea, delighted with the smoky taste of the Highland blend, strong and homely on the back of my tongue. It reminded me of the taste of his skin against my lips and I swallowed hard, slightly shaking my head to disperse unwelcome memories.

The bell above the door rang, a small tornado of snow allowed in as new customers entered the cosy place. I bit the back of my pencil, tilting my head to better discern an approach, as I mobilized the invisible pancreas before me. I smiled, seeing the vessels and ducts so well exposed in the eye of my mind, ready to be conquered, and raised my eyes to ask for a second congratulatory scone.

I saw his back but recognized him immediately – I had kissed that spot just behind his ear, where his hair curled at the nape, countless times.

He was wearing his pilot uniform underneath his overcoat, the flight captain’s hat placed next to his elbow on the table. I had a sudden flash of his hands placing that hat on my head, a playful smile on his full lips, his slightly callused hands roaming my otherwise naked body. No.

Without thinking, I was already making myself small on my table, shrinking to the point where I could almost hide under the tasteful tablecloth – wishing I had gone to another place, in another time, in another world.

Only then I noticed he had company - a cute blonde girl wearing stewardess clothes, her lips painted red to match the satin scarf prettily tied around her neck in a bow. She sat in front of him on the table, a complicit smile plastered on her face, as he talked – probably sharing something about a recent trip.

He was always coming and going, flying around the world – I remembered all too well setting my alarm to the middle of the night, just so I could listen to his voice in Tokyo. Kissing him goodbye – there had been so many goodbyes, not enough hellos – before he left to New York. Texting him, unsure where in the world he was exactly – but painfully aware it wasn’t by my side.

The nights became so long, always craving, always wondering. I felt split in two, half of myself scattered in the wind, travelling on the air - while the other half was forced to anchor it, bearing down, struggling with heaviness. There weren’t enough kisses to ease the constant ache, as much as he tried – and he had tried.

“Do ye not want me anymore?” He had asked me on the final night, broken – Oh, so broken.

I hadn’t answered him and in my silence he took his leave, shoulders hunched in pain. In truth, I couldn’t fathom a time when I wouldn’t want him – and that was the problem, wasn’t it? I kept wanting and wanting and wanting, wanting so much everything hurt, wanting so much I feared I would physically break.

The flight attendant touched his hand – to my horror he didn’t shy away from it. It lingered there, natural and possessive, and I felt the scone doing cartwheels inside my stomach like a flour acrobat.

She leaned over and told him something, slightly sticking her tongue out in mischief and he laughed. Throat and lungs and vocal chords, clapping and singing, an orchestra on a perfect rendition of amusement. Standing ovation from the crowd. Claire Beauchamp dead in the audience.

He used to laugh like that with me. Jamie always laughed with his entire body. He was that kind of man – whole in everything he did. I recalled the sensation of his laugh as I laid my cheek on his chest, a scientist studying the mechanisms of happiness. For a moment I closed my eyes and covered them with my hand, foolishly disturbed by the realization I didn’t hold his laughter in exclusiveness.

Jamie looked happy. I could see the outline of his smile, the corners of his mouth turned up in contentment. Had he been that happy with me, once? Before I filled our lives with insecurities, demands and frailties?

She squeezed his hand – fingers touching, skin meeting, hearts melting? - and got up, putting on her elegant coat. With a swish of blonde hair, she kissed his cheek – clearly no amiable kiss demanded such duration, in my opinion – and with a light caress on his forehead, left him finally alone.

He looked around, searching for the waitress to ask for a refill and – of course – spotted me. It was like standing on stage, two spotlights beaming on us, everything else left in darkness. Jamie glanced at me and I proudly endured his gaze, asserting that I saw his happiness and wasn’t shaken at all by it. Liar.

Slowly I made my way to his table, a slug crawling on a lettuce leaf, ugly but brave. I seemed to be ken on eating every crumb of my cake of sorrow and then smile, pretending it was sweet.

“Hello, Jamie.” I greeted him, bracing myself on the notebook I carried. His hair was somewhat shorter than the last time I had seen him, a couple of months ago, his uniform impeccable, the tie on his neck just a bit loose. I used to make his knots and suddenly panicked, fearing that the blonde girl was a master of turns and twists, able of fixing his heart as well as his tie.

“Hello, Claire.” Jamie replied, his voice cautious. “How are ye?”

“Good.” I smiled nervously. “Are you back from work?”

“Aye.” He fidgeted with the mug in front of him, a soft hesitant smile on his lips. “Just got back from Brazil. It was a wee furnace there.”

“Ah.” I swallowed hard, struggling to come up with other pleasantries I could share with him. Do you smile in your sleep when she touches you? “You look good. Happy.”

“What are ye asking me, Claire?” He avoided my gaze, his face abruptly serious.

“Nothing.” I replied in a hoarse voice, well aware that he could spot the tears forming on the corners of my eyes, in the fountains of my soul. “Just that. You looked happy with her.”

“She’s a good lass.” He glared at me, his eyes outrageously blue and intent. “She understands what life is for me. I feel that I can talk to her.”

“As you couldn’t talk to me?” I tried to smile again and failed miserably, the glass of my face polished and glistening, reflecting the thousands of small sorrows hidden in the corners of my eyes.

“I told ye all my soul and heart.” Jamie lowered his eyes, grabbing his hat. “In the end it wasna enough. That is my utmost regret, Claire - that it wasna enough.”

I stood there, speechless, as he gathered his things and left. I thought of the bleeders that elude the most capable surgeon, the cardiac arrest that lasts forever, the hands inside where we are most private, touching the core of what we are, unable to reach what had been lost. I slammed my heart at him as he closed the door behind him – “Jamie!” – knowing all too well I had no one to blame but myself. I had traded all for nothing, convinced it was a worthy bargain – blind, blind, fool.

I crawled home, shaken to the very marrow of my bones, oozing love and loss – sticky and queasy with it. In medical school they had told me how the brain works to protect itself – the clever barrier surrounding it, the plasticity, the temperature regulation – and yet my brain seemed decided to finish me, incessantly playing memories of Jamie, smacking me with my own recklessness. I had no self-preservation left, for I loved him to the atoms of me.

I had seen him happy without me – there was joy there to be sure, in knowing him well. But the pain was almost unbearable, no last redoubt of magical thinking left, where I could hide and pretend we would find our way back to each other. He was gone. Pushed away by my own two hands.

I collapsed on the couch, curling into fetal position, making myself small and smaller. My ears were filled with the sounds of my own heart and I willed him to stop, to let go of beating, to be still and let me be.

He kissed my cheek on our first date. I kissed his lips on the second. Loved all of himself by the tenth. My heart leapt when I saw him, tall and gallant in his uniform, almost running to hold me in his arms at the hospital. When he told me flying was his second favourite thing. When he told me I was first. Red Jamie, my Jamie.

A knock on the door, fast and rhythmed. A secret code for the lover coming.

I padded to the door, afraid and wanting. Hopeful.

I opened the door and he was standing there, snowflakes turning into rivers on the brim of his hat. He reached out with his hand and I took it, already knowing I’d never let go again.

“I was happier with ye.” He whispered in a husky voice. And I remembered it all, the happiness and love I’d known, waiting in him as kisses on his lips.


it’s the last day of sixth form so we had to wear our old school uniform, can u believe the last time i wore this tie i had long hair and thought i was straight lmao

5 ways to say “I love you”

Fluff drabbles with Hanamiya, Murasakibara, Imayoshi, Midorima, and Kuroko.(´ω`♡)Please smile, I give you all the hugs, my awesome readers! ♡♡

The weather was warm and sunny, you had a long break, and you ended up loitering at the school rooftop. Himuro was sipping on his orange juice, you were playing with Murasakibara’s hair, and Murasakibara himself was napping with his head on your lap.

“Did you know that Atsushi talks in his sleep?”

“Does he?” You frowned, trying to decide whether Himuro was joking or not. You looked at Murasakibara’s peaceful face. “I’ve never heard anything.”

“That’s because you have to talk to him first,” Himuro explained. “Watch.”

Himuro leaned down, bringing his face right above Murasakibara’s ear.

“Atsushi,” he whispered, “did you filch Liu’s mochi yesterday?”

For a moment, there was silence.


Your jaw dropped and you stared at Himuro with wide eyes. Murasakibara didn’t open his eyes and he went back to his light snoring right after he muttered that confirmation. There was no doubt that he was asleep.

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A Little Too Tight

Pairing: Hux x Reader
Summary: You decide to wear a pencil skirt that has grown a tad bit too tight and General Hux definitely notices. 
Warnings: Wayyyy NSFW. In fact I’m probably on my way to hell right about now.
Word Count: 4K
A/N: This is my very first fanfiction of anything ever! Hopefully yall like it. If not, oh well this was a nice experiment. Let me know if you want me to do a second chapter to this where he actually trains his new kitten! ;D 

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Dear Journal,

Sirius and I went to Mum and dad’s tonight to tell them that the orphanage was going to let us have the baby boy. We talked about kids and they knew we were thinking about addopting soon. We were getting ready and Sirius wore a button down shirt. The last time I saw him with one, he was wearing the Hogwarts uniform.

“You took out your old button downs?” I asked, a smirk on my face.

“I want your parents to think i’m ready to be a dad!” He giggled.

“babe you would be wearing a potato bag and they would still like you.” I smiled, sitting on his lap.

“Yeah.. That’s the Black charm..” He smirked.

We took the train to my old house. When mum opened the door, she smiled and jumped in my arms. I had to bent my knees so I could hug her properly. The whole house smelt like my favorite soup.

“Oh my Remus!” She smiled.

“Hi Mum!” I giggled.

Sirius was standing behind me, hands behind his back, trying to look presentable. He was always nervous when we met my parents. He didn’t want to disappoint them.

“Oh Sirius! Well you look so nice! I’m gald you came!” She said, giving him a big hug too.

“Oh thank you.. I’m happy to see you Mrs.Lupin, you look great too.” He smiled.

“What did I tell you about calling me Mrs.Lupin?! It makes me feel old!” She laughed.

Dad arrived from work a few minutes later. We sat down at the table and ate mum’s soup (she made my favorite). Then, I spoke up.

“Hum.. Mum, Dad… We have some news.” I smiled, taking Sirius’ hand under the table.

“Oh really?” Dad asked.

“Yes. Sirius and I received a letter from the orphanage.. We’re going to be parents!” I said.

Mum gasped and put her hands on her mouth. She had tears in her eyes. Dad stood up and hugged me.

“Well I’m so proud of you boys!” He said, a big smile on his face.

“Thank you.. Mum are you okay?” I asked.

She just nodded, crying of hapiness. I hugged her.

“Well when is the baby joining the family?” Dad asked.

“In a few days. We need to make a room for the baby first!” Sirius said.

“Will it be a boy or a girl? Do you have a picture of the baby?” Mum asked, drying her tears.

“It’s a newborn baby boy! He was abbandoned when he was only a week old… but yes I have a picture! Tommorow we’ll go to the orphanage to meet him for the first time!” I smiled.

“Oh i’m so proud of you two! Show me the picture!” Mum said.

I took out the small picture of our future son. He looked so small.

“Oh look at him honey! Isn’t he so cute! Does he have a name?” She asked.

“No.. we are still thinking of something..”

“Well i’m proud of you both! I will be a grandpa!” Dad laughed.

“Oh we’re so old honey!” Mum laughed.

Sirius and I washed the dishes while mum and dad were slow dancing in the living room. Sirrius leaned on the counter while drying a plate. I could feel him look at me so I turned my head and caught him staring. He was smiling. He kissed me.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.”

April 7th 1978

Two Time’s The Charm // Seungcheol

Originally posted by hansols

Synopsis: Who said fleeting moments with a random stranger in a random setting can only happen once?
Word count: 1.2k
A/N: A follow-up oneshot for the short Encounter at The Grocery and yes, I am aware of the actual phrase third time’s the charm. This one’s for @aesthedick-cheol. It’s really plain and basic but I hope you like it. Also, I had this video in mind while imagining Cheol’s expressions~~

Bubbly foams of fruit-scented shampoo trickled down your hair as cold water from the shower ran down your body. Lathering and rinsing for a couple of minutes, you took the large bottle of conditioner from the shelf, only it wasn’t conditioner.

“What the hell?”

The word ‘shampoo’ printed out in plain and medium-sized font stared right back at you before the dumbness of the situation hit you in the eye. You gritted your teeth and sighed before yelling at your roommate,

“Shane! Wait up! I’m going with you!”

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anonymous asked:

Hey, so I've read how to train your galra and he who fights monsters, which both have a broganes theme and I was just curious about why thiv has klance/sheith/shance. Have a nice day! (Also your writing is great)

hey! well, I’m actually not a huge fan of the “broganes” thing, simply because I feel like it simplifies Keith and Shiro’s dynamic and relationship too much. I adore the complexity of it in the show, because I feel like their relationship has great emotional depth and meaning for two male characters who are outwardly aloof, who have been through a lot, and yet who are able find solace in each other and trust each other implicitly. Whether it is romantic or not, that depth doesn’t change. 

in my 2 previous klance fics, keith and shiro weren’t actually related but had close friendships and saw each other as family. I don’t think that aspect of it has changed in thihv, although of course now there is actual Sheith. I’ve shipped Sheith all along, though, haha, and you may not have picked up on it…but there were definitely people who read the 3rd part of how to train your galra, Star-Crossed, and sensed some definite Sheith-y vibes when Shiro was comforting Keith. Not on accident, that. For starters, Shiro literally offered to help Keith through his heat, which is NOT a brotherly thing to do. Secondly, they had a conversation while Lance was in the healing pod which intentionally but subtly hinted that Keith & Shiro were not always platonic. These are the passages I’m referring to:

“This place reminds me of the Garrison,” he said.

Shiro turned his head, expression unreadable. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Keith murmured. “All these white walls and people in uniforms. And you.”

Shiro exhaled. “Keith…”

“The last time I felt like this was when I heard the news about the Kerberos Mission,” Keith told him. “Like nothing mattered anymore.” His mouth twisted. “I got kicked out of the academy right after that. But I didn’t care. How could I care about something like that, when you were…were…”

“Keith, stop,” Shiro whispered, rolling onto his side and touching Keith’s face. “Stop. Remember what I said about beating yourself up for no reason?”

“I missed you,” Keith whispered back. “I thought I would never see you again.”

And this:

Keith nodded and closed his eyes, shuffling closer to Shiro’s warmth. “I miss him,” he said. “I miss him like I missed you, but different, too. With you, it was…I was angry. I couldn’t believe how unfair the universe was, to let something like that happen.” He shuddered, remembering fights, fists flying and a bloodied lip, bruises littering his skin for weeks afterwards. “But with him, it’s…quieter. Sadder. I was angry at first, but now it’s just…”

“Empty,” Shiro finished.

So! I guess that’s what you’d call subtext. There’s more, I’m sure, like how Shiro frequently jokes about Lance & Keith’s sex life, which is NOT something I’d do with my sibling, but with my best friend who I may or may not have had a crush on or a thing with at one point before mutually breaking it off on good terms? Yeah, sure.

Sorry, this was long! But it’s a good question and I felt it should be addressed.

[170207] PENTAGON Wooseok to Star News (about his graduation):

“I go to the graduation ceremony and wear my uniform for the last time. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was too nervous. I am so thankful because many people congratulate me. My parents also came to my graduation ceremony. I am so happy and I hope today’s graduation ceremony will end up well.”

“I’ve graduated from high school and now I am an adult. I personally wanted to have a drink together with my Pentagon hyungs (members). There has not been a big difference (change) being an adult, but I feel like my responsibility is getting bigger than before. I thought I should be more careful with myself (my image).”

“As much as I’ve grown as an adult, I will show you a better image as a Pentagon’s member.”

trans. cr; pentagon1010-trans @ sweetest souls | take out with full credits

fuckablejughead  asked:

I just read through the books and I’m hung up on what happened to Violet’s hair ribbon at the start of The Penultimate Peril. She had one in the pocket of her uniform, and then Kit gives her one, but there’s no mention of her having two. And having two might have come in handy in The End when Ishmael makes her give it up. So did Kit, like, pick her pocket and then give her own ribbon back to her?

No, I think it has something to do with these damn Queequeg uniforms. The last time we saw Violet’s ribbon, it was in the waterproof pocket:

With the other hand she reached into the waterproof pocket of her uniform, and drew out a ribbon to tie up her hair.
[The Grim Grotto, Chapter Seven]

It’s assumed that once she was done inventing, she put the ribbon back into the waterproof pocket. And we know the Baudelaire orphans still had their uniforms on when they met Kit Snicket on Briney Beach:

“Don’t be absurd!” Mr. Poe sputtered. “I don’t know where you’ve been, or how you got here, or why you’re wearing a picture of Santa Claus on your shirts, but –”
“It’s Herman Melville,” Klaus said. “Goodbye, Mr. Poe.”

[The Grim Grotto, Chapter Thirteen]

You’ll notice that Brett Helquist drew the orphans in their “usual” cloths in the final illustration of “The Grim Grotto”. This is a big continuity error on his part.

So we’ve established the Baudelaire orphans are actually in their Queequeg uniforms when “The Penultimate Peril” begins. So Violet’s ribbon should still be in the waterproof pocket, which would explain why she reaches for it.

The conversation was so bewildering that the eldest Baudelaire wanted to concentrate as hard as she did when she was dreaming up an invention. Tying her hair up helped Violet focus her inventing mind, but before she could find a ribbon, Kit smiled kindly at her, and produced a ribbon of her own. She gestured for the eldest Baudelaire to sit down, and with a gentle look in her eyes, the distraught and pregnant woman tied Violet’s hair up herself.
[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Two]

After that the orphans change into their Hotel Denouement uniforms behind a tree. What happened to their Queequeg uniforms?

“Change?” she asked.
“I guess so,” Violet said with a sigh. “It seems a shame to waste all this food, but I can't eat any more brunch.”
“Perhaps the volunteer who is cleaning it up will bring it to someone else,” Klaus said.
“Perhaps,” Violet agreed. “There’s so much about V.F.D. that remains a mystery.”

[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Two]

Apparently they just left them with the rest of the brunch to be picked up by a volunteer.

“When you’re done with your brunch, you can change into your uniforms behind that tree, and signal to Frank that you’re on your way. Do you have something you can throw into the pond?” […] “Don’t worry about the brunch things, Baudelaires. One of my comrades has volunteered to clean up after our picnic. He’s a wonderful gentleman. You’ll meet him on Thursday, if all goes well. If all goes well-“
[The Penultimate Peril, Chapter Two]

Okay, so the person Kit is talking about here is clearly Dewey Denouement (whose identity she’s not allowed to reveal to newer members). So I guess Dewey picked up whatever was left of the brunch and the Queequeg uniforms. He’s the last known owner of the original ribbon. There’s some symbolism here of Violet carelessly abandonning her ribbon/identity/independence to the organization, even though there’s very little chance she’ll ever retrieve it.

If I had to guess where the original ribbon went, I would say it’s currently stored within the secret underwater library underneath Hotel Denouement. So it’s not really a continuity error on Handler’s part. More worrying is the mysterious case of Violet’s disappearing hospital gown: (Link).