last time i try to get this thing to work

Been a while since I last posted any progress. Only been slowly working on things in the last couple of weeks due to various IRL circumstances.

Been trying to get some basic gameplay/combat elements started before I start really working on it and make things concrete.

Did some damage values/damage pop-ups, added few hit FX, some placeholder attack FX, and working on some character dashes for battle and also a building up special meter for various things.

It’s not much, sadly, but I’ll be doing more work now that I’ve got a bit more time free on the schedule!

Our artist, Sai, has been working on some new character art too! Will post about that soon so stay tuned!

Song used is Rivals from the Gundam Build Fighters OST.

‘It came with an image attachment of the target.’

“Hell, bring it on up. Might as well see who’d pay that much to be stolen away from their own kin. I betcha two credits it’s some princess trying to get away from a marriage or somethin’ – oh.”

a thing for @mariejacquelyn‘s look up and wonder because i cant remember the last time i was this invested in a fic OTL

Good morning everybody ♡

The last couple of days were pretty exhausting for me, jobwise. Even more so yesterday I was looking forward to train. Compared to other training sessions it was kind of frustrating though. I was not able to lift as much as the last time and I just could not get the pump. After doing what I had to do, that is getting a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth, I stopped - reluctantly.

See, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Be that as it may. Accept it and move on. I could have pushed through yesterday but that would have led to even more fatigue. It would have been a chore and I don’t want that to happen. Training to me is something epic, something that makes me very happy. If, for some reason, it does not satisfy me, I try again. Knowing that the next level is out there waiting for me.

I ate well and had a good night sleep and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Heading to the gym for arms day, I expect nothing less from my arms than to explode!

Have a great day!

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


I’m late to the Fantastic Beasts party but I arrived on time to crank out a comic for Valentine’s Day. Queenie drags Tina to a certain bakery to court a certain baker and give her sister a special surprise…

I kept thinking about the last shred of Credence escaping and materializing elsewhere in NY, without his memory and into the arms of people who love him and would never take advantage of him. I also really need for Tina to know that Credence is okay.

Special thanks to @exhibit-no-restraint for being the best cheerleader and a tolerant friend as I wailed about sad boys


anyway I really don’t like when people watch me draw but my slightly-drunken ass decided to try and figure out how to record my screen last night while I was drawing a Mako, and it’s not perfect but here’s a super sped-up thing that I would normally spend more time on. sorry i didn’t include the coloring and clean up steps :/

janellemonae Definitely in my feelings. Just found this pic. I could not believe yuh posted this. Last year, New Year’s Eve and day, was the last time I had the honor of sharing a stage with you. I still remember Paul mccartney’s and Rick Rubin’s faces being in complete shock that they were getting to witness your GREATNESS just two feet away. We sang take me with you. We all partied like it was 1999. You were our experience architect. I remember me you and @chucklightning staying up the whole night afterwards talking about so many things. Music being one. We all were excited about trying to plan your visit to wondaland. To help us finish working on the album. That night you sent me so many songs to inspire my next project and Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you or something I hear or see or think about doing that reminds me of you. THANK YOU FOR BEING A GIVER AND MENTOR to not just me but so many. You will always be my hero and a hero to so many. So tonight I am recording all night in your honor. 👁 hope to make you proud. 👁 know for sure you are watching. Until next time.

To me the show is best when it has one uber story that we tell from season to season. To get back to your last question, one of the lessons of Season 3 was, we were trying to do too many things at once. The beginning of the season was one thing, the last half of the season was another thing. There was a really cool, I thought, unifying moment in the middle when the flame revealed itself, that tied the AI to the whole grounder world, that’s what we were aiming for there. But ultimately it felt like two separate stories. Season 2 was Mount Weather all the time, with a little Jaha/Murphy icing on the cake. Season 4, I think, gets back to that really tight storytelling we do well.
Healthy eating is a right, not a privilege.

I’m 21 days into Whole 30, and feeling great. I’ve eating nothing greasy, fried, sugared or processed. Nothing with additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners. 21 days of fresh protein, fruits, vegetables, and natural seasonings and spices. And I am able to do this because I have a job and a life that allows me to go grocery shopping every week, and allows me the time to cook and plan meals. 

I’ve been reading varying accounts of other people who do Whole30, and it’s like” Oh, it’s so easy! It just takes time!” Well you know what, many people do not have that luxury. I can’t imagine doing Whole30 while going to school, or raising children, or if you work something other than a 9-5 job or have multiple jobs. And when you’re trying to get by and just stay above the poverty line, that last thing on your mind is figuring out how to make an olive oil-based mayonnaise using an immersion blender.

I had a similar reaction when I’ve done bootcamps at my gym. They outline a six-week program of calculating your calories, and as part of that recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day (so if you weigh 200lbs you drink 100 ounces). Now imagine living in Flint, MI and trying to do that. 

I am all for health improvement and weight loss through making better choices, like eating fresh foods and drinking lots of water. But it’s a fucking tragedy that those 1) those are choices that many in this country cannot afford to have and 2) that being able to make those choices is a mark of privilege. 


How did you come to this show? Did you go through a whole audition process for this role? Yeah. Not that I’m in the stage of my career where they’re offering me parts in The Revenant, but I try very hard to go through the audition process because I feel like I learn quite a lot about the character and the people I’m going to work with. The last thing I want is to get there on day one and realize that Kat [McNamara] and I hate each other. So, I went through the entire audition process. I was actually doing a movie in L.A., at the time, so I missed the busy audition season. I finished filming and was freaking out going, “I’ve been unemployed for four days. What do I do? I’m going to die alone without a job, for the rest of my life.” My manager was like, “Just calm down. Stuff is coming.” And then, I got Shadowhunters and I was like, “Oh, I love this, and I’m sorry that I panicked.”

Thank you

Hey, all you cool people, thank you so much for your responses and encouraging words regarding my last post about Newlyn Hills. It looks like most people would prefer shells, so I think I will go with that. Real life continues to be busy as heck (last weekend was a total bust - and I guess clubs were broken anyway?) but I might have some time this weekend. I know I said that last weekend, and that didn’t work out, so I can’t make any promises, but I’m going to try my darnedest to get something uploaded. 

First I will have to finish the park, because it’s not really a shell, and I can’t just leave an assortment of items and blotches of terrain paint on the lot. XD I also have some more monkeying around to do with the clubs that I have set up in town. If I can at least get those two things finished, I can upload Newlyn Hills/Lynport as is. Then I will upload completed versions of the shell lots as I finish them. I have some time off around Christmas, so maybe that’ll be a good time to wrap things up. 

Whew. Thanks again to everyone for being so patient! I am behind on Tumblr so I have been missing everyone’s lovely posts, but I hope you’re having fun. :)

Mary Watson feels

I’m more than a little distraught that Mary is dead. I loved her. I loved her personality and the goodness that she had in her that shone through in important ways, (Just like Sherlock) I wanted good things for her, so many good things. And that’s what made me get teary as I lay in bed late last night trying to fall asleep. I literally lay there and got emotional all over again…thinking of our fan fiction. 

When someone dies in real life, very often if they’re under a certain age you’re left grieving because of all the things they’ll miss out on seeing and doing. Because they should have had more. Our little version of this is our lovely fan fiction adventures of Mary Watson. I lay there thinking about her spending time with Molly, teasing and also advising Sherlock, figuring things out before anyone else, working cases with John and Sherlock or maybe even with Molly, having the loving and respectful marriage that she deserves, raising her daughter as she continues to grow and maybe even going on to have another child later. (And I’m getting emotional again) We all wanted that for her. All of that and more.

Mary Watson deserved to have that life that meant so much to her. :’((

kids falling in love. a tiny ladrien doodle i did to wind down before bed. last day of finals tomorrow! I’m hyped for what the summer may bring! 

tabrenzy  asked:

Indeed, Anon, despite the fact that we don't know you, I know one thing. Everyone deserves a happy end, some people get it easier than others and some have to work a little harder, but please, trust me, it will be worth it, you are so strong and you need to keep moving forward, bad times don't last forever and no matter what there will always be that one person in the world who cares about you, just try to think of that person when thoughts like this come to you and take care of yourself.


thank you for this ask

;v; i hope you are reading those,anon

and i hope you are well right now

We can’t make coffee in this flat so I’ve been listening to shake it off by taylor swift once each morning to energise myself, it’s been working very well this far but I don’t know for how long I can go on like this. I had a very funny dream last night but every time I try and write down my dreams it always gets unbearably long and I do not have energy for that right now, also I love being listened to when I have something to say and knowing things about things. Currently sitting in the kitchen with my parents listening to Aretha Franklin and doing exactly nothing mmmm Lovely


last year i was lonely and depressed and wondering when exactly things were going to get better, like there was going to be this one Shining Crystal Clear Moment in which everything suddenly became better

but that’s not how it works. that’s not how life works. it happens one step at a time and sometimes it’s so slow it’s painful and it doesn’t feel any different but then you look up and you’re sitting beside a new friend and you’re both laughing quietly in a meeting and trying not to be noticed but you’re both crying from laughter about something you can’t even remember anymore and it just hits you that….one year ago you hated yourself and you hated everything about your life and now you don’t

one day you’re walking down the street and people run up behind you and jump on your shoulders and you laugh because wow they actually ran to catch up with you because they like you and they want to hang out with you 

you’ve got people who drunkenly tell you they want to be your friend and the next day when everyone’s sober and the cold light of day casts shadows on the activities of the night before those same people are making a real effort to get to know you because you’re not as useless or awful as you’ve always thought you are

people who listen to you talk about the things you like and don’t tell you it’s boring, who compliment you on the things you’re talented at and help you get even better

people who will sing with you and hide in closets with you so that you’re not alone on your bad days and who will dance when you record a snapchat video instead of hiding from the camera like they’re ashamed to be seen with you

and it plants this seed in your mind…like if all of these amazing people who are all so different and diverse see something in you that they genuinely like, so much so that they’re willing to become friends with you independent of family obligations or the restricting confines of childhood, there must be something really good about you.

it comes. it will all come. it won’t come the way you expect because that’s not how life works but it comes in hidden forms and sometimes you just don’t realize it until you’re crying with laughter on a monday morning in the midst of a meeting with someone you didn’t know twelve months ago and life is different than the way it was supposed to be, but it’s good. so, so good.

just hold on.

my favorite thing about the morgan jones character is that his whole storyline has been, to some extent, him working through and coping with trauma. they didn’t write him to get over in right away. following the timeline, duane died in season one/two and morgan is still trying to work through the trauma of losing his son and the guilt that is lingering over it. morgan is such an interesting character on this show with complex issues and i hate that all of last season he was reduced down to “the guy who doesn’t want to kill people”


I have a lot of catching up to do on Life and Work Stuff ™; I had Katsu and then was sick for two weeks so shit backed up and also I am contemplating a Major Life Thing today so I’m going slightly totally completely bonkers.

BUT! The last week in March I’m gonna basically try to go hermit myself somewhere and do nothing but go on walks and read and write (unless this is not a possibility due to Major Life Thing) but either way, I am hoping to get back on the writing train soon. I have actually started the next chapter of state of grace, god fucking forbid, and I’m REALLY hyped about the next couple chapters for a few reasons so once I have time to actually focus on them I hope they won’t take too long. No promises, though, because Life Keeps Happening.

(also because I wanna work on some of my original stuff too)

ANYWAY there appear to be a bunch of new people here, so hi, I’m Abby, feel free to drop me a message if you are so inclined because even when I’m stressed and overwhelmed I’m generally on this hellsite way too often and I love talking to people. 

Curious Little Things 3. Castiel.

Title: Curious Little Things 3

Summary: With the wet dreams happening more frequently and Y/N not being able to actually get off lately, she’s getting more agitated by the day and more flustered every time she sees the little angle. Will he finally confess?

Triggers: Smut. So much fucking smut. I love it.

Enjoy ;D

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It’s the little witchy things...

It’s been bone dry and 80 to 90 degrees every day for the last month. In London. It’s getting ridiculous.

I consider trying whistling up rain for the first time. Check the forecast for my area. 0% chance of precipitation for at least the next 24 hours. *sigh* Not much to work with…

I decide to do it anyway around 11, using @stormbornwitch‘s method as my starting point.

I sit outside with my bowl of water and my pendulum, whistling low and long, trying not to lose my focus as some obnoxious idiots make a commotion in the next building over.

I look up at the perfectly cloudless sky, sigh, and go inside. Oh well. I tried.

2 hours later…

*pitter patter… pitter patter… PITTER PATTER*

“Is that… HOLY FUCK!”

I run outside just to make sure I’m not going insane. It’s not the theatrical storm I envisioned, but it’s raining. IT’S FUCKING RAINING!

My night. It’s made.