last time i posted a photo was idk

here’s a cheeky preview of my submission for @btscoloringbookproject ;’)

very excited for this project to be finished!! please give it lots of love ♡

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You dont care? What if it really is a tattoo tho? Apparently Calvin got one at Coachella, and Eleanor has a new one as well on her finger. So they are saying they all got tattoos. I know the E could be for anything, but it's a bit :/ the timing, if it's really a tattoo of course. Idk, I just wish I could not care about these things, I get all nervous with no reason.

The last post is someone saying there are photos of him without it.

And I just don’t care. A small hand tattoo is pretty easily removed, if that’s what it was, which it doesn’t appear to be.

I’ve just been here long enough, and heard enough, and seen enough that I know Harry & Louis are real and together. I don’t have doubts. Not to say I never have, but even before I was 100% certain of Larry, I was 100% certain that Louis was gay.

Elounor is not real, never has been. She’s no threat, therefore she doesn’t bother me. I guess it’s as simple as that. 

I am occasionally bothered a great deal by the lengths they go to in order to keep Louis closeted, but it doesn’t change my opinion about him or about Harry & Louis, so I don’t see the point in getting upset over the little things.

help me.

Please! This is a major problem. I need a senior quote and I found something on a tumblr post some time last year and I screenshotted it, but, that was when I was still using my s5 and I went to get on it to find the photo and I can’t unlock it. If anyone could either help me bypass the pin or help me find a winnie the pooh quote that says something like a tree, like, you grow together like the roots and even if you grow apart like the branches you’ll always be a part of each other. I don’t know. I’d appreciate more than you’d know if someone could help in some way.

So my blog is currently deceased

I’ve been so insanely busy the last couple weeks and haven’t had a day off. But this weekend I’ll have time to queueueueue up some photos that are now like a month old and also post Scarlett’s first intro to odor class from nosework. Until then…. idk honestly there’s only like four people who actually care about this blog anyway lmao

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Name: Agostina

Nickname: Nox on internet, idiot irl

Gender: Female

Orientation: If i like you i don’t care about your genitals

Ethnicity: Latina papu

Star Sign: Leo

Height: 163 cm lemmego

Time right now: 19:00 PM

Last thing I googled: snail’s penis  i needed a photo and i got it

Favorite Band(s): Nirvana

Favorite Solo Artist(s): eeeee hannah montanna ye

Song stuck in your head: bitch if you want a burger eat a burger

Last movie I watched: koe no katachi

Last TV show I watched: i watch law & order SVU all day so TUN TUN

When did you create your blog: idk 2015 maybe

What kind of stuff do you post: Youtubers but i want to give more attention to love live

When did your blog reach its peak: eee idk maybe with the victuuri fanarts

Do you have any other blogs: nope

Do you get asks regularly: No but since i’m not actually someone it would be weird if i did

Why you chose your URL: It’s my signature

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Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw putitaa


Favorite colors: pink and dark red

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Lucky Numbers: 21 and 27

Favorite manga characters: Hinata Shoyo, Gon Freecss and Eli Ayase. MY BABUS

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2 AND IT IS NOT ENOUGH

Dream job: psychologist

Dream trip: united kingdom and japan bcs i want to buy shit

Favorite book(s): i love all the books i can’t

What I’m wearing at the moment: a spongebob shirt, homer simpson pants and boots (pijama)

guess i’ll tag jesus, my buddy the pope, keep the good job, and my mom

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Name: Sümeyye


Gender: female

Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: im pretty white

Star Sign: pisces

Height: 165cm

Time right now: 10pm

Last thing I googled: Swedish king hats

Favorite Band(s): The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead

Favorite Solo Artist(s): maybe Sia? idk

Song stuck in your head: Can’t Handle This by Bo Burham (it’s not really a song but it got stuck in my head for a couple days now so)

Last movie I watched: King Arthur

Last TV show I watched: i just started Rick and Morty (yes, i live on Mars)

When did you create your blog:  a couple of months ago i guess idk

What kind of stuff do you post: i post tweets, photos, gifs etc. of pewds  

When did your blog reach its peak: ??

Do you have any other blogs: i had but it was too much to handle so no

Do you get asks regularly: nop, but you can request or ask me stuff anytime(pls ask me stuff im hopeless)

Why you chose your URL: Because i make gifs of poods (when im not lazy) (im lazy all the time)

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Pokémon Team: idk (you’re judging me aren’t you)

Favorite colors: blue, orange

Average hours of sleep: 4-6

Lucky Numbers: idk

Favorite manga characters: i don’t that many characters 

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1

Dream job: i just realized i don’t know what to do with my life

Dream trip: UK

Favorite book(s): Uçurtma Avcısı (i think it’s called the kite runner in English)

What I’m wearing at the moment: shorts(the comfy ones), ripped t-shirt (cause i got stuck in doors a lot) and my dads jacket (yea i look like siht)

Tag someone: im tagging everybody 

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Nac/ to the person who wrote the last confession about Anto: Messi never dated Miss boomboom( Suzie idk what) and Anto didn't threaten her. Leo blocked her and that bitch claimed that Anto did it, all what you have as a proof is an assumption made by a woman who spends the time posting pics of her naked. I don't really get how can you people say someone is a gold digger through photos? Weird. And btw Messi is not stupid not to recognize the wrong and the right person for him.

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40. What’s your favourite quote? – “You’re going to make it. It will be hard, but you’re going to make it”

41. Someone who inspires you? – my mom

42. Favourite blogger? Tag them in your answer! – ikaw @paunyetaaa

43. What do you think about veganism? – idk, but I have a word with vegans, you guys are awesome. paano niyo yan nagagawa????

44. Ever been close to death? – yes

45. Post the last photo you took with your phone. – 3210 lang phone ko

46. What is the time over there and what are you thinking about? – it’s already 12:45 and I’m thinking about mac&cheese

47. If you had the chance, would you look up whats your future or correct a mistake in your past? – answered

48. Ever got drunk? – yes

49. Ever smoked weed? – yes

50. Do you believe in aliens (paranormal in general)? – yes, si bebe boy bry hahahaha

Thank you bb pawi :*

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isn't william nylander with his long time gf? idk their photos are still up on instagram

I’m not 100% sure if Willy and Philippa are still together…yes their photos together are still up on Instagram and I recall Willy saying that his love life was “complicated” but I haven’t seen anything posted of the two of them together in the last couple of years. If anyone knows (for sure) otherwise, let me know!

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what do you think about larry and ziam being in a closeted relationship? I'm having a major conflict over this because i used to not ship either of them then i started hardcore shipping larry but i wasnt sure if they were actually in a relationship but then i did some research and i though they were but some days im just like naw thats silly ive been on tumblr too long and then the same thing happened with ziam i want t believe in both but what are the odds ya feel me?

External image

It is rare that that two guys in a boy band are dating and it’s also extraordinary that two other guys in the same boy band are dating too. Seriously, what are the odds? Right? Even though it seems to be so out of the norm, I can assure you that it’s possible. Zayn and Liam are secretly dating just like Harry and Louis, and both couples are madly in love and still going strong.

These are the reasons that I have no doubt in my mind that those two ships are real.

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Was feeling myself this morning so I took some progress photos. The ones on the bottom were from about a year and a half ago when i was on 8-9 different meds for a fractured skull, post traumatic epilepsy, traumatic brain injury and just a slew of brain problems. Army doctors wouldn’t let me lift, or run, or do any sort of exercise. Which over time made scared as shit to do any form of cardio or anything high intensity. I started gaining weight and I want to say I was around 195 in the last two. Idk where I am meow all I know is I’m feeling way better and this last month and a half of progress is solely due to crush and the motivating community it comes with. So stoked to keep pushing and seeing more progress. Sorry for the sappy mid day post haha

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With the pic zayn posted today he captioned it #nosuperimposing so naturally i looked that word up and superimpose means "to place or lay (something) over something else" i was thinking does he mean like bearding? like how gigi was a coverup and now it's gone? idk it's just a thought that i had

Yes, nonnie, I do. I definitely think it’s meant to shade bearding in general, whether the act of bearding as a whole or the more literal approach of faking intimacy by layering his image in photos with the beard. Either scenario fits.

The timing of his post is also a clue. We’ve all seen G*g*’s continued stunts this week with her sad photos, necklace wearing and SC foolery last night to give Zigi lovers hope that their ridiculous ship isn’t dead. It probably caused Zayn to want to push back against that nonsense and I for one am happy he did. Zayn knows we’d put 2 + 2 together. 

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Now if only Liam would jump in, that’d make my day complete.

2,000+ Follower Event :D

So I figured out how to treat you guys for all the fun, loyalty, and dank memes for the however long I have had this blog and been fire memebleming it up on this crazy website!

So this this Wednesday (10/26) I will be wearing my Marth cosplay for a Halloween event as well as on Monday Evening (10/31).

SO what’s in it for you?

You guys will be able to request photos/poses of me in Marth cosplay!

Always wanted to see Marth dabbing? Sticking his leggy out real far? Or really wanted to draw Marth but did have a reference pose?! Now you can!

Side note: If my camera works then there will be nicer photos otherwise I may have to work with phone cameras. My photo editing skills are limited as well, but I know some basics.


  • Prefer not to have anonymous requests but if you are too anxious then I totally understand
  • Please start your ask with “Cosplay Request” or “CR” so I can tell it is for that and not a general ask. THIS IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise I may misinterpret or ignore your ask!
  • Request must be SFW. I am not taking off my pants. The general public will not appreciate that.
  • Falchion requests will be limited to a few, as I will be on a school campus when I wear my costume for the events so idk if my sword prop is allowed
  • You don’t have to be following to make a request!
  • I have ever right to deny any request as these will be for free for use kinda thing.
  • Please don’t edit my photos without permission. You are allowed to trace over for a drawing or use as direct reference however.
  • I will be accepting requests until Sunday (10/30). That is your last chance! Last time to send in anything

So yeah! Send in your requests! Thank you guys for such a wonderful fandom and experience!

i thought i could scan it and post a decent photo, but my scanner isn’t connected and idk how to do it so.

if you can’t read it clearly enough it says:

Dear Tina,

This is your time to come out of the shadows and shine! Do not be afraid to go find yourself. Take a journey and find the glee within. Search for the things that will make you feel the happiest and most complete. I have seen you evolve so much in the last four years from a quiet stuttering goth to a bright young woman, unafraid to open herself up to joy, friends and new experiences. This is no time to be scared! Take a risk: ask someone out, assert your opinions, enjoy shopping for a new dress. You’re in your senior year so enjoy the lasts of everything. The last time you’ll walk through the halls of McKinley. Bask in the joy of those moments. I know the break-up with Mike hurt like hell, but it made you realize the chances you’ve missed. I want you to see that good can come out from bad. Appreciate what you DO have that makes you smile and laugh instead of worrying about the things you don’t. I know you can do it… The sky’s the limit. Break a leg and make me proud!