last time i posted a photo was idk

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Nickname: my roommates have given me a variety of nicknames beginning with “Kam”
Star sign : Leo
Height: 4′11
Time right now: 3:25
Last thing I googled: Australia time (y’all are so far ahead of me??? i can’t believe i’m conversing with people from the future)
Favorite music artist: Rebecca Sugar probably? 
Song stuck in my head: what’s the use of feeeeling, blue? 
Last movie I watched: Moana 
Last TV show I watched: Steven Universe
What am I wearing right now: pajamas :D
When I created my blog: a while ago man idk. i’ve been here a while
What kind of stuff I post: video edits, with the occasional text post or photo edit. mostly reblogged memes
Why I chose my URL: ??? don’t know but i can never change it now. this is me forever
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Slytherin 
Pokemon team: Valor
Favorite colour: light blue/green probably? any pastel 
Average hours of sleep: 6-7 during the school year, 8-9 on vacations
Lucky number: 5
Favorite character: Pearl my girl
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 
Dream fictional creature you would want to be: a successful adult 
One interesting fact about you: I never at any given time know what I’m doing ever

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relationship status: single 

favorite color: pale blue, mauve, wine (changed it up so i’m not saying the same three colors each time lmao)

pets: none but cats are a+++

last song i listened to: “alive” by hillsong young & free (ccm)

favorite tv show: skam

first fandom: carry on?? i think?

hobbies: reading, writing, taking pretty photos, making pretty things, listening to music, hanging out w people, + spontaneous midnight drives (is that weird idk)

favorite book: i don’t know there are too many the murder of roger ackroyd, tuesdays with morrie, carry on, tsoa, the book thief

worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: durian candy (in the words of my sister it tasted like a garage) (don’t try it)

favorite place: my room, my church, my city’s downtown area

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anonymous asked:

idk how long I've been following you but that's the first time I've seen a photo of you and you're adorable!

Aw thank you! That means a lot!

I used to post pictures of myself a lot more (tagged under “me” “selfies” and “personal”) but I haven’t really posted many in the last like 2 to 3 years cus I haven’t felt very good about my self. I can’t even bring my self to do the “top 10 selfies of the year” things any more, which I used to love posting.

I did have a boost of confidence in my appearance when I did an internship August-November last year, and I have quite a few pictures from that time that I like (including the ones I just posted). I should post more of those.