last time i gave a shit

can i tell you all a tale. cool thanks.

so i pre-ordered these lil shits like last week but for some reason amazon had a crap attack and never process my payment and then said they were going to deliver them but never did so i finally gave up today and cancelled my order, determined to go on a hunt around town to try and find them.

so i start my hunt. nebraska went from being 70 degrees for like a week to 34 degrees and rainy today. i hate the cold but whatever. as i’m driving to the mall (we have one aaayy) it’s like starting to lightning and thunder like crazy and i’m excited because even though thunderstorms give me nightmares (it’s a psychological childhood thing lmao) i love them because they mean warm weather.

no it starts to fucking hail and i’m stuck in my car for a solid ten minutes until i decide to get out of my car since i have an umbrella but the wind almost snaps it in two as i’m running for the door. keep in mind it’s freezing and i’m trying to not slip on the inch of frozen hail on the ground.

finally make it inside to hot topic. find and purchase my lovelies. got the last el w/ eggos even though it’s not the chase (i want wig!el so bad 😩) and make my way back outside.

hail has frozen like a friggin lake. it’s snowing the biggest snowflakes i’ve ever seen and it’s THUNDERSNOWING which is like one of the coolest phenomena to experience ever and i’m prancing around the parking lot waving my hot topic bag around and screeching cause this is the coolest shit i’ve seen in a while. finally i’m freezing and my feet are wet cause i was dumb enough to wear socks and birks in a snowstorm. driving home was like the worst because everyone was terrified it was slick but i made it because my subaru is the best.

but like. i have these two tiny overpriced figures and i’m so happy. 😭😭


“i realized that there’s a lot more to me than i’m usually ready to acknowledge, both good and bad. in that realization, i noticed a common thread. we are who we are, even when we try our hardest not to be. it’s a challenge to accept it sometimes. so i gave those other sides of me a persona, and a name – then the stories came like a flood.

I fucking miss Lost Girl. That show may have been a hot smoldering ass mess more than half the time but in so many ways and in so many critical aspects of representation, it gave me exactly what I wanted -needed-to see on television. I’m craving those elements now that it’s gone. It did leave a void. I miss you, Bo Dennis.

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Prompt: “Can I have a Kylo ren smut, you’re just someone who lives on the death star, best friends with Matt, you draw Kylos mask or some shit like that

Word Count: 2118

Warnings: Smut

A/n: this is my first time writing smut so I’m soRRY IF IT SUCKS I WAS BLUSHING THE WHOLE TIME WHILE WRITING AHHH

You sighed happily. It seemed that today would be the first time in a while that you had time for an actual lunch break. You were filing the last of your relentless paperwork, turning off the light at your desk as you collected your notepad and started towards the cafeteria. General Hux gave a curt nod as you headed out. You had become close, as you were both constantly drowning in work so you would always be the last ones out of the work stations, sometimes engaging in conversation if the paperwork didn’t involve any substantial thinking. You were the Secretary General of Galactic Political Affairs concerning the First Order. A mouthful of a title, but it seemed to be a position that didn’t involve much field work, since your Commander didn’t often choose to approach things from a diplomatic route. But that was not to say that your political intellect wasn’t useful when assessing how to invade planets or convince nations to surrender under the weight of the First Order.

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No one agrees where The First came from… though the story goes he appeared in the skies when the sun first rose above the land.  

For WHATEVER reason, Geoff gave me the hardest time. I’ve never redrawn one picture so many times before - whether it was his clothes, his pose, his cape, the background - and don’t even get me started on the colors of the border. This easily could have been done last week, BUT. That’s all apart of living, right? RIGHT. But here he is, and I’m relatively happy with how he turned out ;P 

King Michael | King Ray | King Geoff | King Gavin | King Jack | King Ryan

Diggsydog off for a bit...Take 3

Fellow Shippers, it is with a joyful heart full of SamCait goodies that I bid you farewell for a little bit. Builders are back on site and I’m freaking out! Last time I gave myself self-imposed Tumblr exile I lasted 2 days, shit hit the fan and I was back to the puzzle. But the pieces are aligning nicely and the fuckery all pretty transparent so while I’m feeling this way it’s time out for me. I’m check my DMs and a few fav blogs from time to time but seeing if I can last til Oscar Wilde! God I hate real life! How dare it intrude on my secret obsession! For the 2 readers of my blog here’s my quick take on things. 1. Married 2. They use SM to place themselves were they aren’t. We saw this with LA and Costa Rica. 3. MM, Shat/IW, Sam, Starz, Lionsgate all in bed together for follower sharing, PR game quid pro quo. 4. Got them more followers, yes…totally embarrassing, yes. Win/lose game. 5. Can feel the push back now. Sam retweeting ‘couples’ tweet during GG was a real dig and the video of them attending Seattle…together… 6. I’m hoping since Sam will already be around for Seattle he will be able to attend Caitriona’s Oscar Wilde award ceremony…Seattle nice cover for his availability… 7. Ignore the rest…it’s all Bullshit. Even if Sam comes to Ducklip’s rescue (again) for sympathy follows…it’s all bullshit… 8. Sam will always protect Caitriona…she will always remain squeaky clean…he is an honourable man. 9. They both lie but mainly Caitriona. Sam will use other means to lie to avoid verbalising it. They both have to at this point. 10. 'Suggest you ignore’ wisest of Sam’s words… Good luck! Full steam ahead! I’ll be back at the bar soon!!

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“Thanks” Ellie said brushing the dust off her uniform.

“No problem” you grinned. Ellie looked up at you a genuine smile forming on her face.
“She has nice eyes” you thought after examining her for the longest time.

However her smile soon disappeared and was replaced by that usual sarcastic expression she usually wore.
“I mean I can take care of myself so whatever”.


“[Y/N] come help me kill this shit biscuit!” Wade suddenly called to you.

“Right I’m coming” you yelled back. You gave Ellie one last smile before running off. You felt her eyes on you the entire time.


ok i have some thoughts:

1) i havent been watching cuz the show is trash, literally just watched this episode and skipped everything that wasnt mickey related cuz this show lost my love a long time ago but ill be damned if i dont see mickey

2) fuck fiona with her wanting him to be safe shit she literally just went              ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when ian went missing last time so she can fuck right off - also when the fuck has she ever been in a healthy relationship? shes a hot fucking mess (am i making it too obvious that i dont like fiona?)

3) that scene under the bleachers and in the boat yard killed me and gave me life at the same time

4) mickey going from “hey i live in the alley behind your house” to “your son calls me daddy too” made me so happy 

5) cant explain how happy it makes me that ian got in the car but one concern - how is he gonna get meds? i mean idk i havent been watching but i hope he still takes them so hows that gonna work? we dont want it to all go to shit again

6) “lets ride” yaaassss

ohhh my god i can’t remember the last time i’ve ever cried tears of joy about anything my sister and brother and law who have been struggling with infertility for several years just gave me a card with an ultrasound picture in it and i’m going to be an aunt in july and omggggg i can’t stop crying i’m so happy for her this is so great this is so awesome holy shit

09.10.2016 / 29 Days Till A’s

?/100 Days Of Productivity 

Hey guys!! I know I’ve been pretty inactive over the past month due to prelims and preparation for the A’levels (even though i didn’t want to but i guess i kind of gave up on the 100 dop lol) 

(ノдヽ) the exams are coming really soon and i’ve been feeling super stressed over the past few days. Even though the studyblr community has been a constant source of motivation for me, i think tumblr is a really huge distraction and i need some time to sort stuff out on my own. (and get my shit tgt ;_;) Hence, I’ve decided to go on a hiatus until the A’s are over, and this will be my last post till the end of next month :) 

All the best to those who will be sitting for the O and A levels, we can do it!!! (❛ᴗ❛) 

AU where vessels were God’s way of giving his children toys.

Just imagine it…

10 year old Lucifer is just like:


“That’s what you get for being a little shit. Luci. You’re grounded anyway.”


“Hey, if you don’t want him I’ll take him.”


And in the distance you hear a distressed 11 year old Michael because 5 year old Castiel keeps kiSSING THE WINCHESTER FATHER GAVE HIM!


“Look, all I’m sayin’ is, I don’t think you should let ‘em get to you like that.” Jax said with a frown creasing his brow as he covered your shoulder in his large grip. “Okay? Snart’s an asshole.”

“No, it’s fine…” You lied. “ I just…”

“Just what?” He prompted. “What did they say that got you so hot?”

Pursing your lips, you blinked up at Jax… Sure, you might have overreacted and probably shouldn’t have stormed out of the bridge after Leonard and the rest of the team started teasing you about you obvious crush on Jefferson Jackson but the last time you checked, he was pretty oblivious about it and if you could help it, you were sure as shit going to try to keep that way.

Nothing…” You gave a quick shrug and smiled. “I just needed to cool off a little, I guess.”

“You know I got your back though, right?” He said as he pulled away, giving you a broad grin.

And that was why you liked him. He was so sweet, so brave, so loyal, so… Jax.

“Right.” You finally replied. “Just like always.”

“Just like always.”

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine being a Legend and getting teased for having a crush on Jax*

Request: (@asian-aaron-samuels) Can you do an imagine where the reader is a Legend and one of the younger teammates like Jax and has a crush on him that all the older teammates tease them for? Please and thank you!

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I'm planning to shoot up my school.Do you have any advice? :)

Wow, what an original idea..not. The mass shooter copycat routine is so damn passé these days, don’t you think?

You do realize you’ve asked me this question like, three times already in the last two days. You pasted the Q in the exact same manner complete with a smiley face (how cute). I come to find out today that you cut/pasted the same thing on another blog - of which I thought, gave you a perfectly good bit of “advice”, tbh.

So, honestly now, what more do you need? Attention, perhaps?

I’m not playing the game. You’ll have to bug someone else with that shock value Q of yours for the shits and giggles…

I can’t believe the fandom is complaining about nobody caring about the Yuu boys and Zarc not getting saved. Now you know how we feel when the girls got the same treatment for most of the entire anime. The girls deserve to be saved since they didn’t give Yuya any shit. The girls deserve better treatment and the writers could be granting us this wish at last for a good ending. The Yuus gave Yuya lots of shit. Yuto tried taking control of his body, Yugo sent Yuzu to Synchro with him and Yuri carded his dad. Get over it. You just can’t deal with the fact that Zarc is gone. This is what I call karma. The girls are finally getting the treatment that they deserve. The Yuu boys time in the spotlight is done. 

Jungkook probably...
  • Teacher: I gave someone a 0 on our exam last time.
  • Students: ...
  • Teacher: Jungkook, you got a zero.
  • Jungkook: what? Me? Why? I answered everything and I'm sure they're all correct!
  • Teacher: yeah everything is correct but yOU EVEN COPIED JIN'S FUCKING NAME
  • Jungkook: *faces and glares at Jin* well shit fam you told me to copy everything

You know what I hate? When people try and tell me how to run my blog. Like, excuse me bitch, but the last time I checked, I gave no shits about your opinion, and guess what? I still don’t, so if you don’t like the way I run MY blog, keep your mouth shut and hit the unfollow button coz idc m8



I was going to combine this and the request from BRYBEARLOVE but decided that it’d be cooler to write two prompts instead of one, that way everyone wins (:

Word Count: 1091

Y/E/C- Your eye color

Y/F/N- Your first name

Y/L/N- Your last name

Y/N/N- Your nickname


It was dark by the time Snafu got off the train, the moon was high in the sky and the stars shone almost too brightly for his liking. It felt good to be back in New Orleans and off of that piece of shit island. He shouldered his bag, gave a silent goodbye to his friend Eugene, and he was off.

He walked down the street, the cool night air felt good after the humidity he faced only a few weeks prior. Snafu walked towards the old apartment’s he lived in, and stomped up the creaky wooden steps, not caring if he woke anyone up. Truth was he was totally exhausted and just wanted to sleep in a real bed for once. Jogging up the last few steps he reached his apartment, trying the door handle only to find the handle locked.

He was about to dig around his bag for the key when you opened the door, night clothes on, and a rose colored robe wrapped loosely around your waist. “Can I help you, sir?” You took the last drag of your cigarette, and snubbed it out in the ashtray you’d carried over with you.

The tan man struggled with his words for a moment, which was surprising considering how mouthy he usually was. “I’m- I’m uh, sorry to bother you ma’am,” he started, his stone blue eyes flitting up to catch your (y/e/c) ones. “This here is my apartment, had it since before the war.”

You shook your head, hair bobbing with the movement. “I’m not a ma’am,” you corrected, lips pouting just a tad bit. “And this is my apartment, has been for seven months,” You saw the look on the man’s face drop, and a small sigh escaped your lips. “I can welcome you in, if you’d like. There’s a spare room, though I suppose you know that,” You pulled the door all the way open, gesturing for the man to come in. “Oh and do take your shoes off, I’ve just swept the floors. You gotta name?” You asked him, on hand on your hip as you shut the door and locked it again.

Snafu nodded, looking around the small apartment to see what you’d changed. It hadn’t changed much, though you had changed the paint to a nice beige color rather than the sickly green it had been, and you’d rearranged the furniture. “Snafu- Er, Merriell Shelton, Miss, thank you for letting me in.” He placed the olive green bag on the floor as he unlaced his boots, laces making a small pop sound each time they came off of a rivet.

You hummed and scooped the bag up, carrying it into the spare room just next to yours. “Now, Snafu, I do expect you to find a job and help clean up around here, after all I can’t do it all by myself,” You tossed the bag onto the bed, and walked back towards the kitchen. “Coffee or tea?”

Snafu froze in his place as he heard you speak; you were gonna let him stay here? Damn, you were a backward broad. He didn’t object though, just nodded and stood in the middle on the living room. “I’ll take a coffee, thank you,” He took his cap off and held it in his hands, his curly brown hair stuck up in tufts where the hat once sat. “What’s your name?”  He followed you into the kitchen, and took a seat at the small circular table.

“(Y/F/N) (Y/L/N),” You said, grabbing two mugs from the shelf above the stove, and set a small glass bowl of sugar on the table before searching the refrigerator for the pitcher of milk. It was a newer model than Snafu had ever seen, hell if he didn’t know any better it might as well be brand new. “But you can call me (Y/N/N).” You set the milk down with a thunk and turned back towards the Percolator that sat on the stove. You gripped the handle and began pouring the hot coffee into the mugs, handing one to Snafu once you’d filled them both sufficiently.

He nodded in thanks, only pouring a dash of the milk into the darker liquid. “I only have one question, Miss (Y/N), and then I swear to God I will leave you be,” You quirked an eyebrow, taking two scoops of the sugar and a splash of milk in your coffee. “Why is a Dame like you bein’ so generous to a wet blanket like me?” You chuckled, taking a sip of the hot joe.

“My brother would’ve wanted me to.” You said, lips pulled into a tight smile. And Snafu knew what that meant.

Two months had passed and Snafu’s sleeping had finally evened itself out, though he still woke up every time you made breakfast before heading out to work. One day he woke up earlier than you and decided to do the cooking, after all he did owe you more than anyone he knew. It wasn’t nearly as good as yours was, in fact it was borderline terrible, but you enjoyed it nonetheless happy that the man had tried.

He had a job now too, working at a clothing department. It wasn’t what he wanted to be doing, hell he wanted to be an author when he was a kid. He wrote every day regardless. He wrote all about the war and what he and his boys went through, and how terrible that god damned weather was. And he asked you for help, you being an English major and all.

“You ever have a lady, Snafu?” You asked, lighting a cigarette for yourself and tossing him one and the matches when you were done.

He snorted, fingers tapping the keys on the typewriter in a slow, but well-paced manor. “You ever have a man, (Y/N)?” Snafu took the smoke and lit it, chuckling smugly. That comment earned him a slap to the back of his head and a scoff from you.

“For a man who has so much charm I’m surprised the girls aren’t dropping like flies around you.” Your voice was teasing, and you made your fingers walk across his shoulder.

“Feisty, sommes-nous?” He asked, the French words rolling off his tongue with ease.

You rolled your eyes, and crossed your arms on your chest, clearly not understanding anything but the word “feisty”. You sighed and turned towards the door, leaning on the frame before exiting. “If you ever learn how to take a hint, Merriell, come see me.”

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If those spoilers are true, How do you think Jeremiah know about Mon-el's secret? It doesn't make sense how he'd know.

I will say the girl who gave these spoilers last night stated that Maggie/Alex will be filming a date scene where they run into Maggie’s ex. Today guess what was filmed. Maggie/Alex date and they run into her ex. So I’m pretty confident on the spoilers lol.

As for the Jeremiah thing. He’s been stuck at Cadmus who hates aliens. Cadmus spends their time researching aliens and how to get rid of them. I’m sure he was able to figure shit out after helping them escape in ep7