last time i ate was lunch

“Eating healthy is boring.”
I ate pumpkin pancakes with agave syrup for breakfast, had a chocolate blueberry protein shake with lunch & dinner was turkey chili with all the fixings. Even snuck in a Digestive biscuit or two with tea time.
“I hate working out.”
Last weekend I hiked 3 miles to a fresh water pond, swam for a half hour, hiked back and had brunch.
“Healthy food is expensive.”
You ever bought produce? They’re practically giving bananas away.

Moral of the story: fuck your excuses. I am 10x happier with my lifestyle now than I have been in over 2 decades and I have the results to prove it.

P.s. this is taken after going to London, eating everything in the entire city for a week, coming back and getting back into shape a few weeks later. YES, you are allowed to vacation.

@vero-chan tagged me in a thing! So now I’m gonna force you guys to learn random stuff about me! >:D

1. Are you named after someone?
Nope! Mom just thought Jocelyn was a pretty name

2, When’s the last time you cried?

Yesterday! Yaaay anxiety!! :D

3. Do you like your handwriting?
I think its fine, but the doctors I work with wish I would spend more time on it haha (in hindsight, if DOCTORS are telling me its bad, maybe its kinda bad…)

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anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have any advice on eating decently when anxiety is stopping me? Like, I get hungry, but I live in a student house with 7 other people, and our kitchen's tiny, so it's super busy around mealtimes. I want to go down and get food, but being around that many people for that much time terrifies me. So I'm basically living off foods I can keep in my room (breadsticks and peanuts), which I know isn't great but it's better than nothing? Thank you, and I'm sending hugs for you ❤💛💙💚💜

Hugs for you too!

Ohhh, I struggle with this too! I’m trying to remember what I did for the last 2 years in self-catering res… okay, first of all I had a small fridge in my room so having cereal with milk wasn’t a huge problem and then I ate on campus during lunch

I usually cook like a really big meal on the weekends (at a time when no one else is really in the kitchen), so I have enough for a good couple of days - so it’s just a matter of saying “hi” to anyone in the kitchen, give them a smile, heat up my food, and a “bye” to go back to my room and eat in peace

Alternatively, you could also shove earphones in, crank the music, and pretend you didn’t hear/notice them…

Say you have an important test that you have to study for and can’t chat

Am I being helpful? Probably not, if anyone else has other suggestions please comment or send them through!

1 martini lunch

I went out to lunch yesterday with Jn bc now that Jem goes to preschool full-time (4 days instead of 2) our schedules line up that 6 of our 7 children are in school from noon-2:15 on T/Th. I didn’t eat all my meal and planned on having it for dinner last night with a finger of whiskey bc I really felt like the sweetness of Irish whiskey would have balanced well with the dish.

But then it was national pizza day and I was alone to watch Scandal live so dinner was 🍕🍷 instead. Today I ate my noodles but I really was curious if I was right so I poured a little 🥃along side. I rarely even get a chance to eat an actual lunch (usually it’s just like a handful of chips here, a cheese stick there) so I indulged. The baby is taking a late morning nap & it’s Friday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Cheers to the sun this weekend. Vitamin D has never felt this good! It’s unseasonably warm…Warm enough to not have to wear a jacket in the middle of February. Banana island is going well. Had a simple banana smoothie in the AM (water, strawberries, 4 bananas), ate 5 solid bananas for lunch, topped it off w/Carrot+Lemon+Orange juice. Overall I feel good and more clear headed. My digestion seems as normal as it can get, but I’ve noticed I’m retaining weight in my lower belly, suggesting constipation or slow bowel transit times. It may just be junk from last week I haven’t been able to eliminate yet or it might be the bananas causing the bulk up. I’ll observe results for 2 more days before switching back to my normal routine, but my joints, mental clarity and energy levels are feeling great. 

I was tagged by @unxpctedlygreat ( i literally just realised you didn’t have the e and spent a good few minutes wondering why you weren’t showing up to tag >_<)

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1. who are you named after?

I’m actually names after Christine from Phantom of the Opera. It’s my parents favourite show so they named me after their favourite character. 

2. last time you cried?

A few days ago >_<

3. do you like your handwriting?

Eh sometimes, it depends on the pen and paper tbh. If i have a good pen then I think my writing can look really cute, other times it’s an uneven mess

4. what is your favourite lunch meat?

I can’t remember the last time I ate lunchmeat 

5. do you have kids?

no thank god I could’t cope

6. do you use sarcasm?

I speak exclusively in sarcasm

7. do you still have your tonsils?

yup :)

8. would you bungee jump?

not at all I’d be way too scared

9. what is your favourite kind of cereal?

This is gonna sound weird but I really like boring cereal, like shredded wheat, bran flakes and malt wheats xD

10. do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

I literally don’t remember the last time I untied my shoes

11. do you think you’re strong

I used to be so strong, when I worked at the wildlife shelter I could hold a moose to the ground whilst treatment was done on it. Now I can barely lift the big trays at work >_<

12. what is your favourite ice cream?

cookie dough or jut plain vanilla

13. what is the first thing you notice about someone?

their hair

14. football or baseball?

baseball if I had to choose

15. what is the least favourite thing about yourself?


16. what colour pants are you wearing right now.


17. favorite smell?

I love that smell after you pop a party popper, also vanilla

18. who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My boss

19. favourite sport to watch on tv?

The anime kind

20. hair colour?

My natural hair colour is like golden blonde, but right now it’s dyed orangey/red

21. Eye colour?


22. favourite food?


23. scary or funny movies?

I could watch either tbh

24. last movie you watched?

I watched this Japanese movie the other night called ‘As the Gods Will’ It’s kind of like Battle Royale but instead school kids all around the world are forced to play kids games where if they lose they die. Which sounded fine until I watched it and discovered just how fucking creepy the things running the games were. I literally thought the creepy as hell Daruma doll was gonna give me nightmares. 

25. what colour shirt are you wearing?

Navy blue and white striped

26. favourite holiday?

National holidays have kind of lost their fun to me now, I mostly just see them as time off work. I enjoy the personal holidays I take more nowadays which is really sad now I think about it.

27. wine or beer?

I hate beer with a passion and I only drink Barefoot wine

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last movie I watched: Arrival

last song I listened to: Sia - the greatest

last book I read: helena’s secret - lucinda riley

last thing I ate: mozzarella di bufala for lunch ahah

where would you want to time travel to?: anywhere into the future.. in like 2217 and see how the world’s changed

fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Magnus (from skam ofc) LMAO

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: on the set of skam while they film  👀👀

I tag @alterskam @josteninski @metaphoricallocker @shytarjei @v-ltersen @romialmi @issyisak @isaks-even

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Truth. I am the last person that should be asking this. When's the last time you actually ate?

Send my muse “Truth” and ask them a question they have to answer honestly! If my muse doesn’t want to answer- they have to take off a piece of clothing 

“I-….” Thace cleared his throat, ears flopping down. “……….Yesterday lunch.”


I’ve been doing well but indulged a little last night for vday so today I’m just trying to detox a little and get back into healthy habits.

For breakfast I’m having a protein green smoothie and lunch and dinner are planned. The dog has a vet appointment after work that Dan is taking him to, so I’ll be alone with Gavin and able to just make myself dinner quick. Hopefully he’s home in time for me to go to the late yoga class. If not I’ll try to go to one tomorrow.

Surprisingly I don’t feel too bad about last night - sure I ate pizza (our traditional vday dinner) and too much chocolate but it could have been A LOT worse. Plus I didn’t eat bad at work…. I didn’t turn it into an all day thing. That’s my problem….. I just take the whole day and call it a wash. But I didn’t.

All I can do today is drink some water and move on.


≫get to know me tag

Okay, since i haven’t done one of these in forever let’s do it!
I was tagged by @achillespatrochlus THANK YOU!!

1. Are you named after someone?
my first name gabriela is my mom’s name
2. When is the last time you cried?
i don’t remember… maybe when they told me i failed physics :(
3. Do you like your handwriting?
sometimes… when i actually have the time to write neatly 
4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
paninis or omg today i ate enmoladas and they were gloriously good (is that even an expression?)
5. Do you have kids?
6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
lmao honestly i don’t think so
7. Do you use sarcasm?
occasionally, when the situation demands it
8. Do you still have your tonsils?
9. Would you bungee jump?
yes, but they would have to push me 
10. What is your favorite kind of cereal?
cap’n crunch or lucky charms 
11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
when they won’t come off without untying them, yes
12. Do you think you’re a strong person?
i like to believe i am
13. What is your favorite ice cream flavor
v a n i l l a
14. What is the first thing you notice about people?
well obviously their face but mainly the things they’re saying because lately i’ve been encountering such unpleasant people that say literally 5 words and i’m like ‘please stop talking, please go away’ 
15. Red or pink?
16. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?
my feet lol, i mean i hate feet in general but mine are specially ugly
17. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now?
blue jeans and i’m barefoot (looking at the ugly feet.. i should probably wear socks)
18. What was the last thing you ate?
enmoladas <3
19. What are you listening to right now?
to the air conditioner (which doesn’t work so idk why it’s on, it’s just making noise)
20. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
21. Favorite smell?
lots!! the ocean, when you’re in a forest and you literally smell nature and my ralph lauren big pony 2 perfume lol
22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
my annoying friend
23. Favorite sport to watch?
24. Hair color?
light brown
25. Eye color?
26. Do you wear contacts?
no, i wear glasses *cries*
27. Favorite food to eat?
haven’t i answer this question already? 
28. Scary movies or comedy?
uhh both, depends on my mood
29. Last movie you watched?
yesterday i watched finding dory again
30. What color shirt are you wearing?
31. Summer or winter?
32. Hugs or kisses?
33. What book are you currently reading?
omg like 20 books haha, they include: the shining, peter pan, 13 reasons why…
34. Who do you miss right now?
my friend who went to study to belgium 
35. What is on your mouse pad?
i don’t have a mouse pad
36. What is the last TV program you watched?
the simpsons 
37. What is the best sound?
38. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?
ahhhh idk! both.
39. What is the furthest you have ever traveled?
like from where i live? not that far lol, i guess the furthest is cancun 
40. Do you have a special talent?
i don’t think so haha
41. Where were you born?
42. People you expect to participate in this survey?
well i’m tagging: @jamespottuh, @klausbaude, @scottmcclaws, @obeiwan, @diggrycedric and anyone who wants to do this!

Black beans and rice – a recipe worth repeating

This five-star dish first appeared on this blog five years ago. It’s still a favorite. I made it a few days ago and decided that it was about time to share it again, because I’m sure that about ninety-nine percent of you have never seen it here before.

What you see pictured was my lunch yesterday, complete with avocado and sliced tomatoes. (MIA is the salsa and sour cream that appeared minutes later.) It’s great on its own, but it’s also the perfect accompaniment to a casserole of enchiladas, or rolled up in a burrito. Fair warning - it’s so good it’s highly addictive!

I’m taking the few extra minutes to give you this easy recipe here, rather than linking to the original, primarily because tumblr has given me headaches lately with hyperlinks - hundreds of them disappeared in my directory over the weekend. More about that later.

Happy Tuesday, and bon appétit!

Black beans and rice


  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • ¾ cup uncooked jasmine or long grain white rice
  • 1 ½ cups chicken broth
  • 1 ½ teaspoons ground cumin
  • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 cans black beans, rinsed and drained


Heat the oil and butter in large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and rice and continue cooking for another couple of minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Cover, and turn heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes, add the cumin, pepper and black beans, and continue to cook for five more minutes. This can sit off the heat and stay delicious and hot for another 20 minutes.

I’m skipping the gym tonight. I’m pretty sore through my back from both the gym last night and sitting at a desk all day today. 

It was one of those days I just felt gross. That time of the month, my hair is too long and felt messy/dirty and my back was sore. It was once again too hot to be able to go for a walk at lunch so I sat at my desk and ate. I struggle in the afternoons if I don’t get outside at lunch. 

The new skincare I ordered arrived so I am going to go nuts tonight and pamper myself so I feel fresh again.

Still sitting at weight loss calorie range (eating just under maintenance with no exercise).

150614 Dokyum’s replies on Twitter

pledis_17: [17’s dokyum] positive energy dokyum is here~ i’m going to talk to everybody a lot, hope you have a good time!!!!

fan: what are you doing
dk: we’re preparing for our performance!!

fan: did you eat something delicious for lunch?? what did you eat?
dk: i ate tonkatsu and ramen!! eat well heuheu 

fan: DK! what do you want people to call you, cute? or masculine?kekekekekekekeke 
dk: i like it all!!<3

fan:  omg i like you a lot dokyum-ah!!!!!! dokyum-ah, be careful of your throat and be healthy. i want to go to a fansign ㅠㅜ
dk: see you at a fansign soon!!@@

fan: if tomorrow was the last day to live, what would you do?
dk: i would go see fans right now heuheu

fan: seokmin-ah, are you going to do province fansigns? are you going to other provinces? seokmin-ah, wash your hands cleanly and be careful of MERS and the heat 8ㅅ8
dk: be careful not to get a cold!!! take good care of your body

fan: i really love your voice ♡♡♡
dk: thank you, you will hear a better voice from me!!

fan: hi dokyum♡♡what is wonwoo doing??keke  
dk: he’s getting his hair done!!

fan: my heart thumps whenever i’m in front of you <3
dk: sorry that my actions are lacking!!! heuheu (he doesn’t really know how to react)

fan: i want to receive some of dokyum’s positive energy
dk: always smile and have fun!!!! hwaiting

fan: dokyum-ah, wake me upㅠㅠㅠ
dk: don’t sleep!!!!!@@@@ you’re awake, right?

fan: what do you think of aliens?
dk: our friends!!!

fan: sob ㅠㅠㅠㅠdokyum-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i really really like you ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♥︎ don’t get sick and always wear a mask ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
dk: be careful of the cold, really heuheu health is first! 

translated by vernonstop
please credit if you’re going to use it somewhere else!!!


“What’s this?”
“But why did you make this, Yunho-ya? You didn’t have to…”
“I know, but last time you ate my food, I got to see you smile.
And so, I’ve promised myself that I would make you smile every time I see you.”
“WHAAT??? But why…?
“Do you know how beautiful you are when you smile, Jaejoong-ah? See, like now-”
“Ah. Uhm… I’ll tell you what, I promise to smile for you every time we are together. But only if you let me cook next time, okay?”
“Okay.” ^^

“You’ve got something-”

“Mr. Right” - A Modern Day Yunjae Fairytale, Chapter 4/?


Previous Chapters: 1, 2, 3.

Yaaay! So, I’m really pleased with this new chapter; finally some unspoiled Happy-Time for our sweet Couple. ^^
This chapter is a gift for my sweet followers; especially those of you who have been cheering me up and encouraging me these last few days; (you know who you are… ^___~)
I love you all!

My gifs/edits.


Lunchtime at the “Lucky Cat Cafe.”

Let’s all just pretend that this is the Cafe. XD AND  I’M SORRY FOR SPAMMING YOU GUYS WITH MY FACE. You must be tired of seeing my face.

We ate at Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen for lunch last NexCon and it was DELICIOUS. Random story… The lady who were going to serve us was flipping out a bit. We waited for a table and when she called us, she said: “Table for Hiro and Tadashi!”
And before we sat down, she told us: “I’m a huge fan of the movie!” and it was so amusing because she was so giddy. XD <3

And yeah, it was pretty much a date.

Baytsum is also good for dessert. ewe

I shall get back to drawing now. I promise, these are my last set of photos. I just had to post them separately because reasons. XD

First set of NexCon photos are here! And you can see way more photos in my Facebook. Teehee.

Photos are by betsyselanoican!

The Littlest Dragon Slayer

A little scared of our trip last year,
to the far northlands, home of the bear.
Mountains, forests and an ice cold lake,
no swimming or castles of sand to make.

Fresh air and sunshine, stars in the sky,
camping and hiking, climb mountains high.
That didn’t sound like much fun to me,
I’d rather visit a nice warm sea.

Drive lasted hours, slumped in the backseat.
We ran out of snacks, then nothing to eat.
We read a new book of funny rhymes,
I fell asleep a couple of times.

Some stories were good, some I got bored,
some I laughed loudly, others I snored.
Arriving late in the darkness of night,
waking early to rising sunlight.

First we ate breakfast then a short hike.
Had lunch with dessert, what’s not to like.
Then a museum of the natives past,
legends of old and now fading fast.

Heard some stories, we saw a show.
My favorite was of long ago,
it was of a little kid like me.
The bravest kid there could ever be.

She was the daughter of the great chief.
He died protecting all from the thief,
who flew in the night stealing their food.
Thus the cause of their thousand year feud.

The girl shortened her father’s long spear.
Then roamed the forest without a fear,
to find who took her father away.
Then slay the dragon, no time for play.

I laid in bed thinking of all I heard.
Remembered most all, details blurred.
Woke the next morning ready to go,
to fill in the blanks I didn’t know.

I went to the shore before sunrise.
I climbed on the rocks. That wasn’t wise.
Had to know if the legend was true,
then fell in from slippery shoe.

Hit the water with a splash and scream.
I floated down and started to dream.
I woke up much later warm and dry.
But there’s no sign of bright morning sky.

I felt all around for a way out.
Then saw light from something’s big snout.
I screamed and jumped, bumped my head and then,
I knew I was in that dragons den.

Her nostrils grew bigger, warm and bright.
Would I be cooked for a tasty bite?
She started to laugh and I to cry.
Was I to live or was I to fry?

She said “Hello” in a dragon tone.
“Glad to see you, I’m always alone.”
I was much surprised to hear her speak.
Her nature was gentle, almost meek.

Now in the brightness of her warm light.
We sat and chatted into the night.
She told me the truths I had to know.
And when she’s done burping I could go.

Dragons can wait to burp but it’s slow.
Or blow out flames with a mighty glow.
A truly bad idea, we both think.
So we waited for her belly to shrink.

We waited and waited for hours or more.
So she could shrink and unblock the door.
And when most all of her gas gone away,
I could slip out to the light of day.

By now it’s late and dragon’s still plump.
Rocks all around, I sat on my rump.
She spoke of the last to be with her -
It was the littlest dragon slayer.

“She was three feet tall and very bold,
Not much more than eight or nine years old.
She charged at me with her tiny spear,
tears pouring down, she showed no fear.

She plunged the stick in my outstretched paw.
She tried pulling it out to poke me some more.
The tip broke off; I’ve had it since then,
tucked away safe in my dragons den.

The girls cause noble though a mistake.
Her dear father’s life I didn’t take.
He chased me into the dark of night.
Belly swollen, I couldn’t take flight.

I ran and ran then climbed a tall tree.
But the brave young chief followed me.
He heard some chicks cry out on a limb.
Surviving the wind their chance’s grim.

Was the branch to weak, he couldn’t be sure.
But reached for the nest and made it secure.
He was a brave man, doing his best.
But fell to his death saving the nest.

The small girl glad to know what was right.
But she’s still very sad at her loss that night.
It wasn’t my fault but I share the blame.
Though sad, she forgave me all the same.

While in the forest the rest of that day,
we planned how to keep others away.
I promised to sleep most of the year,
hiding when there are people to scare.

The slayer agreed to spare my soul.
Keeping her friendship is my life’s goal.
She would try to visit when she could,
into the darkness of the night wood.

I gave her a claw as proof of who won -
that famous dragon slaying mission.
She wore it always and was admired by all”
I said it was now on the museum’s wall.

The dragon then shared more of her life,
her times of happiness, times of strife.
There’s never to be any flying at all.
Unless to answer another dragons call.

Said she’s free to swim under the ice,
but never when the weather is nice.
And while out for her last swim of the year.
I fell in and she found me there.

She brought me back to her little den,
where she’d hibernate all over again.
Our chat ended as her eyes turned red,
her tummy stirring, she warmly said.

“Please take the tip of the slayers spear,
So you can recall your time spent here.
Think of me fondly now that we’re friends.
And trust that a dragon’s love never ends.”

She finally burped, I held my nose,
but that’s how a dragon friendship goes.
Then out the backdoor and into the wood,
I ran as fast as ever I could.

Now thinking, of course of mom and dad,
the sooner I’m back the less they’ll be sad.
Then the rangers soon found me safe and sound.
They were all happy I hadn’t drowned.

Back at the camp we all hugged and kissed.
I was safe and assured I was missed.
But then all the questions that they had -
Over and over until I got mad!

They didn’t believe my dragon tale.
I showed them my proof to no avail.
It was thought that my memories blurred -
by all the stories that I had heard.

Tales of dragons and slayers in the night,
all normal causes of a child’s fright.
A doctor checked the bump on my head,
then sent me back home for time in bed.

I’m glad for the friendship of a dragon.
But all in all it wasn’t much fun.
I’ve learned new things and a good lesson had.
That a kid all alone is very very bad!

And now I’ve shared my legend with you.
Like the slayer’s, it’s mostly all true.
But if you don’t believe I’m sincere -
I’ll show you the tip of that little spear.

~:~ the End ~:~