last table read

imagine you and your F/O reading/watching/listening to/etc the thing where they’re from and whenever you point out the things you dislike about the canon and whatnot your F/O nods and agrees with you that it should have been done differently and that the creator(s) clearly had no idea what they were doing in those parts

DESTIEL BECOMES CANON at the end of an episode like dean and cas kiss and the screen cuts to black executive producers jeremu carvman stay tuned for scenes from next week’s sooperbloop

THE NEXT EPISODE starts with a shot of dean walking into the bunker’s kitchen and he’s wiping sleep from his eyes and maybe wearing his robe and when he gets to the coffee pot cas is already there in nothin but his disheveled dress shirt and boxers and so dean props his chin on cas’ shoulder and squeezes his hip and knocks his forehead against cas’ cheek and is like “hey”

and sam comes in and is like “did i miss something”

and dean and cas jump apart all awkward and dean scratches his head while cas just squints and dean’s like “we, uh, this is uh–it’s kind of uhhh”

and sam shakes his head and waves them off like “don’t hurt yourself. so there’s this case…”

bethgrantactor: I love these people and all of the beautiful creative, hard working artists who I’ve been privileged to work with, laugh with, learn from on @mindyprojecthulu @mindykaling has been a strong, vibrant, inspiring leader to whom I will be forever grateful. Our last table read ROCKED! We are bidding farewell in the most beautiful and still hilarious way with a script by Mindy and our beloved @mcwarburton directed by our sweet @itsspillertime All together for your pleasure! Thank you everyone, season premieres on SEPTEMBER 12th! Thanks for pictures #kristychan ❤️❤️❤️

I just saw in snapchat  the last table read and the instagram post of marlene basically confirming there’s going to be a time jump in 7x20 so we are going to see emison with their babies and all over the media there are throwback posts and the actors are posting their goodbyes…


While we still have 15 more days of filming , I sit here with a heavy, but extremely full & grateful heart after our official last table read of Pretty Little Liars. Aside from a murder mystery, mysterious Rosewood, the Hunt for A, and a lot of sketchy characters…the foundation of this show started and ended with friendship. Through it all, these characters stuck by each other’s side. Knowing and working with each of these ladies has left such a huge mark on my life. And I’m not ready to say goodbye. ❤️