last sunday :)

Ya girl is back with some head canons because the last one went pretty well so let’s try this out.

Sunday mornings/sundays with the OTP.

•spending all morning in bed doing absolutely nothing besides watching bad TV and marveling at each other

•lazy morning sex

•sunday pancakes with one half of the OTP cooking and the other half commenting on the others ass as they cook.

•"yeah babe you show that pancake it’s your bitch"
“I can’t with you.”

•lazy days in pjs sprawled out on the couch watching movies

•"I’m too tired to moovveee"
“I’m not carrying you.”

•staying in bed all day, refusing to leave for anything but food and the bathroom.

•being grossly in love and happy with each other’s company.

•person A) “You look so amazing, I can’t be anymore in love with you it’s impossible” Person B: *just woke up, hairs a disaster, has syrup on their face, drinking coffee angrily* “Are you blind?” “Blinded by love” “You’re too dramatic for your own good… but I guess I love you too”

•kisses all the time, seriously, just lots of sloppy kissing on the couch, in bed, making lunch just these assholes are in LOVEEE ok.

•along with sex, there’s a healthy dose of just talking, enjoying each other’s company, doing stuff as normal as cleaning the house becomes some dramatic declaration of love.

Add more if you like!


In order from oldest to newest stories. All stories are written by me. 
Feedback is highly wanted. 

* = popular (200+ notes)
** = faves (600+ notes)

Late Night Call**

Close to You (Smut)**

Trying Something New (Smut)*

In This Moment - One, Two

Dance For Me*


Sex Bomb (Smut)**

Better Together (Smut) - One, Two

Come Home to Me*

Turning Me On (Teasing)*

This Isn’t You (contains a fight)**

Playing Nurse (Smut)*

Try My Best**

Hickeys (Smut)**

Treat You Better*

Losing My Mind* 

Always Be The Same (Smut)*

Craving You (Smut)*

Falling To Pieces*

Bad Reputation*

One Hundred Miles Away (Daddy Shawn)**

Panic Attacks* 

Running Low (Smut)**

Promises (Smut)**

Moans (Teasing)*

Don’t Be A Fool (Smut)*

This Isn’t Love*

So Much More (Smut)*

Turning Me On (follow up + smut)

Car Sex (Smut)**

Priorities (Smut + jeep sex)**

Kids in Love (Valentine’s special)*

Tease (Smut)**

It’s Not Jealousy (can be a trigger)*


Anchor (sexual + trigger warning)**

Save A Life*

Keep It Down (Smut)**

One Last Time (Smut)*


Sunday Mornings (Smut)**

L’Uomo Vouge (Smut)**

Holding You Back (Smut)**

Hold On (trigger warning)**

Good Girl (Smut)**

Broken Dreams*


Monsters (daddy Shawn)**


Too Much**

Your Body Is My Wonderland (Smut)**


Vive el Momento (Smut)**

Just Right**

Quickly (Smut)**

The Only Exception**

Bad Temper**

Issues (Smut)**

Hang on To That Feeling (Trigger warning)**

Views (Smut)**

All My Love**

Little Things**

Boys Like Him**

Harder (Smut)**

Blurred Lines (Smut)**


Someone Like You (Smut)*

Act Like You Love Me:

Part One*
Part Two* 
Part Three*

Bring It Back:

Part One*
Part Two (smut)*


Part One*
Part Two (Smut)*

Line blurbs:

Waking up to Shawn’s boner (smut)**

Do You Miss Her?*

I’m Sorry He Broke Your Heart 

What The Hell Are You So Scared Of?

Today Was The Happiest Day In His Life*

Do You Ever Think About Marrying Me?**

You Want To Have Kids With Me?*

Not As Much As She Likes Her*

We Don’t Make Each Other Happy Anymore*

I Promise You, Nothing Had Ever Happened At That Point* 

Baby Please Wake Up, You Promised You Wouldn’t Do This Again*


Dating Shawn would include**
Dating Shawn would include pt. 2**
Shawn dating a short girl**
Shawn dating a tall girl*
Shower sex*
Bedtime (not sexual)*
Shawn coming home from tour*


Visited Cape May last Sunday :D It was so nice to see the beach again even if it was only a few hours ;;v;; ♥

Also, I have personal IG :D ((hhhh i’m still wondering what else I should upload there hahahazzzzz))

this is not love - the unhealthy and unhappy relationships of musical theatre

the party goes with you - 35mm: a musical exhibition // the right girl - follies // the guilty ones - spring awakening // the great compromise - bloody bloody andrew jackson // the little things you do together - company // poor monty - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // this is not love - lizzie // maybe i like it this way - the wild party // what is it about her? - the wild party // in love with you - first date // you belong to me - murder ballad // ever after - bare: a pop opera // dividing day - the light in the piazza // could i leave you? - follies // the ladies who lunch - company // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // nobody needs to know - the last five years // the i love you song - the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee //