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Name: Bironicus (or Io)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female (Which I’ve always been weirdly set on)

Height: 5′7

Sexual Orientation: Bi female leaning (at the moment anyway)

Favourite Colours: LIME GREEN. (and white)

Time Right Now: 7:58pm

Average Hours of Sleep: …7 or 8? I’m a badn’ I know

Lucky Numbers: 2!

Last Thing I Googled: “im a froggy george formby chords”  …

Number of Blankets I Sleep with: Just the one! A big duvet with pokemon bedsheets :3c

Favourite Fictional Character: I’d have to say Ruby from Steven Universe. I relate to her on a personal level, and I cosplayed her at MCM Manchester last summer! 

Favourite Bands/Artists: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Porter Robinson and Blank Banshee off the top of my head (yes i unironically like vapourwave laugh at me) but there are a million other songs I like but never listen to anything else by that artist.

Dream job: Either Prime Minister World Savor Peace Bringer Io or some bum artist in America. There is no in between.

What I’m Wearing Right Now: PYJAMAS! :DDDDDD

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favorite things (bands)  → Slipknot

Jim Root on finally winning a Grammy: “In some ways I was starting to get the feeling that we were like the Leonardo DiCaprios of the Grammys. I think I used it as a doorstop for a while. Then I had it on the back of my toilet.” 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Band Moms

You know the ones who

  • Fit us for uniforms
  • Mend our uniforms
  • Buy our uniforms
  • Drive us everywhere
  • Run fundraisers
  • Sell concessions and tickets
  • Take us to our lessons
  • Feed us
  • Comfort us when we come home frustrated
  • Cheer us up when we feel like we’re bad
  • Listen to us when we’re beginners
  • Come to our concerts
  • Listen to us play the same thing over and over again
  • Cheer us on
  • And make what we do possible

We couldn’t do it without you guys!

2015’S BEST SUMMER SONGS // [listen

1. the mowgli’s - whatever forever | 2. cruisr - go for it | 3. phases - i’m in love with my life | 4. x ambassadors - renegades | 5. san sisco - run | 6. boxed wine - innocent | 7. langhorne slim & the law - strangers | 8. sunset sons - blondie | 9. max and the moon - actor | 10. hunter hunted - blindside | 11. flyte - light me up | 12. superfood - mood bomb | 13. kyko - headlights | 14. kodaline - ready | 15. san sisco - bitter winter | 16. anthem academy - every little beat | 17. smooth ends - southbound | 18. nova and the experience - we made | 19. compny - lovers | 20. fort lean - cut to the chase | 21. only real - yesterdays | 22. the mowgli’s - i’m good | 23. freedom fry - yeah you | 24. kid astray - it’s alright | 25. best coast - heaven sent | 26. new politics - west end kids | 27. mat kearney - one black sheep | 28. rac (ft. nate henricks) - back of the car