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Writing prompt : Patsy and Delia on GBBO

Ok so I have seen maybe a total of…three or four GBBO episodes? (It’s the type of show that I’m really happy it exists and I will gladly watch it with friends but I don’t have any particular desire to watch on my own.) So this is instead going to be a series of headcanons rather than an actual fic. I apologize for anything that I may have misrepresented about the show

  • Patsy is a florist who picked up baking on her own because she was raised by her father who is a terrible cook. She is very stoic and focused and at times feels uncomfortable joking with the hosts and the other contestants.
  • All of her bakes tend to be floral themed (she makes beautiful icing flowers. “Professional rollerdexer” translates to “professional level icing abilities” in this AU.)
  • The one other contestant she makes friends with is the unflappable, glamorous, Beatrix Franklin, a women’s fitness instructor who has a knack for somehow making the most perfect pastry dough ever seen by man. The two bond over being the only two contestants who are almost completely self-taught due to their respective home situations
  • A running joke throughout the series is cuts to Trixie and Patsy stress smoking outside the tent while their bakes are in the oven and everyone else is mingling and drinking tea.
  • Barbara and Delia are our Mel and Sue stand ins respectively (honestly you barely even have to write changes in their personalities, this comedy duo would be golden don’t lie.)
  • No but seriously take a moment to imagine Barbara and Delia saying “Ready. Set. BAKE!” together in unison this is a very important mental image for me
  • Every single episode Delia comes over to flirt with Patsy, playfully stealing tastes of her batter and icing, and using double entendre after double entendre. Another recurring gag of the series is Patsy’s looks of confusion while panning to Trixie losing her shit the next oven over.
  • Patsy of course starts taking Delia’s feedback the most seriously, even though she’s not really a judge. She spends the off days in the florist shop jotting down notes in her recipes based on everything Delia said, completely forgetting what Julienne and Evangelina (the actual judges of the show) told her was good or to work on.
  • While Delia thinks her flirting with Patsy is just a gag for the show (she flirts a little bit with everyone on the show after all, even Barbara though she’s mostly oblivious to it) Barbara offhandedly mentions offset at one point that she should spend less time focusing on Patsy otherwise the audience might think they’re playing favorites and Delia’s like “I’m not…oh.”
  • Delia is a lot more restrained around Patsy’s station now, and flirts a lot less, and at one point during their stress smoking sessions Patsy mentions it to Trixie whose response is just “well she’s not violently flirting with you anymore” and Patsy’s just like “wait what.”
  •  When Patsy goes home that week she starts looking through her recipe books and notices all of the notes that mention things Delia’s said and she’s just like “…oh.”
  • After that the two actually start talking to each other. Like in the breaks between segments Patsy will sidle up to Delia and they’ll exchange stories about their childhood, Patsy about her time in boarding school, Delia about her childhood in Wales. They laugh about their time in University, Delia the wacky broadcasting student and Patsy the studious biology major. They actually become friends, joking more quietly with each other, and as the rounds get smaller and smaller there’s this sort of unspoken sense of urgency between them, this dread that they both share that maybe Patsy will be eliminated this round.
  • It takes all of the courage Patsy has to offhandedly say “you should really come see my flower shop in Chelsea sometime” and when Delia smiles and responds “if your flowers are half as good as your bakes I’m sold” it’s as if Patsy’s won the whole thing.
  • Miraculously Trixie and Patsy make it to the last round. The show stopper is a wedding cake. Patsy creates a beautiful four-tiered affair, a lemon cake with yellow flowers fashioned out of candied lemon and orange peel (it matches Delia’s trademarked yellow blazer perfectly.) She is bumbling and blushing when she presents it to the judges, and yes it’s because she’s overcome with emotion at having made it this far, but it’s also because of how Delia’s face lights up when she sees the finished product.
  • Once the show ends, Delia receives a bouquet of yellow tulips, a small homemade cake with lemon buttercream frosting, and a card with the address of a flower shop

Also for your consideration baking fans: Pushing Daisies Pupcake AU with Patsy as Ned and Delia as Chuck

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Hi I need advice , my boyfriend and I are trying to name my cooch , I named him franklin but we can't think of any names :P

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you guys can pick one together ;)

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I was wondering about how you did the snowglobes. Is the glass part something you ordered online? I was looking for a Christmas present but all I can find is how to do it with baby food and mason jars. Thank you if you can help. Your work is amazing!

Oh my gosh Anon, it’s not a fun process. But I’ll give you the overview because this info doesn’t seem to be easy to find! I had to try different stuff for several years to figure it out. You can get the glass, stopper, base and even snow bits at National Artcraft. Be sure you only use pure silicone sealant and adhesive in the globe – nothing else will hold up underwater permanently. Only plastic-based stuff can go in the globe (obviously no metal or wood, and be aware that most paint won’t work). Polymer clay works, but Premo works better than other kinds, and it’s a good idea to avoid dark colors more often than not. Attach the stuff you want in the globe to the very middle of the stopper– the stopper is going to dome up when you put it in, so stuff around the edges won’t be staying level.  Give the silicone a couple days to REALLY cure, then work the stopper into the globe. I find this to be one of the hardest parts, but there’s nothing I can tell you that’ll help. Just practice it before you attach your stuff, I guess.  Mix DISTILLED water ONLY with some rubbing alcohol and a bit pure glycerine.  You’ll want to figure out a way to soak the snow bits for however long it takes them to sink. I’ve been using a french press for that, with mixed results. Then add them to the water mix. Load this stuff into a squirt bottle, use needlenose pliers to peel back a small corner of the stopper, jam the tip of the bottle in there, and fill the globe. When it’s full, wait a few days and tap the globe every day to dislodge the air attached to your figure. Then repeat the pliers and squirt bottle routine until all the bubbles are gone.  Last, you seal the stopper to the glass with more silicone and attach the base.  Whew! It’s a big hassle, but if there’s a better way to go I haven’t been able to figure it out.