last set for tonight

ashleybower: I’ve spent the majority of the last seven months on set with these kids and tonight they wrapped filming season 3. Safe to say I’m going to miss them (and those cast members not pictured) a whoooole lot. ❤️ #HTGAWM #threemoredays

I Scream For Ice Cream

Ricky Horror/(Y/N)

I’ve been sitting in front of the door waiting. For what? For my first date with Ricky. We had been friends for a while, and I had eventually developed a crush on the goth boy. I thought they had been completely one-sided feelings until he asked me out last week. I eagerly said yes and we set up a date for tonight. I had tried a thousand times to ask Ricky where we were going, mainly so I could dress appropriately, but he just assured me that whatever I wore would be fine.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting but was probably only five minutes, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” I called before anyone in the house could so much as move. Most of my family had met Ricky, but I didn’t want them to get all nosy about our date. I opened the door.

“Hey,” Ricky grinned, “You look gorgeous!”

“Thanks! Now I suggest we leave before my parents come to give us a lecture.”

“Deal,” he laughed.

“Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! Be back later!” I quickly slammed the front door shut and followed Ricky to his car. “So, Horror, mind telling me where we are going?”

“You’ll love it,” he said with a smile.

“Don’t think I’ve heard of that place. Did it just open up?” I joked.

“Yeah, I heard they’ve got a mean pizza,“ Ricky pulled into an empty parking place along the street next to the city park.

"A date in the park,” I observed out loud.

“Oh god. You hate it,” Ricky looked upset.

“No! I love it! I just- I was expecting something different from you.”

“We can go somewhere else,” he offered, putting his key back in the ignition.

“No! I like surprises!” I nearly yelled. “Sorry. A date in the park sounds nice.”

We both hopped out of the car and began to walk through the park. There were a few vendors with food, and along the way we decided to skip straight to dessert. We both purchased ice cream cones from the nearest vendor. I was in the process of handing the money for my come to the vendor when Ticky stopped me.

“I want to pay for this! I invited you on this date!” he insisted.

“Fair enough,” I backed off.

After a moment of digging around in his pockets, Ricky pulled out his wallet. He peered into it, then up at me. “Well. Um. It appears I forgot to grab my cash from my dresser,” he looked really embarrassed.

“You can pay for the next one,” I offered as I handed the vendor a five, letting him keep the change.

We continued down the path before stopping under a tree. We decided this would be a great place to stop and eat our ice cream. As I began to sit down, my ice cream slid right off my cone and onto my chest, slowly making its way down my shirt.

“Crap! I don’t have napkins,” I yelled, scooping up the large chunk of ice cream as little bits dripped down my chest.

“Here! I- Uh,” Ricky stopped as the ice cream dripped closer and closer to the neckline of my top.

“Hurry before it drops too low!”

Ricky quickly wiped off the excess ice cream. “Here, you can have mine,” he politely offered.

“Thanks. We can share,” I smiled.

The rest of the date continued, with minimal bumps along the road, and before I knew it, we were headed back to my house.

“I had a great time,” I gushed as we both slowly walked to my front door.

“Even with your ice cream falling on you?”

“Yup. And having to pay for it,” I joked.

“Sorry about that one,” Ricky began to sheepishly look at the ground.

“Nonsense. It just means next time you’re paying.”

“Next time?” he asked, somewhat surprised.

“That is if you want to! I don’t mean to impose,” I rushed to explain.

“I’d love to, (Y/N),” he grinned. We had finally reached my front door.

“I guess I’ll see you at school Monday,” I smiled.

“See you then,” he smiled and made his way back to his car.

“Ricky! Wait!” I rushed to grab his wrist before he could leave.

“Yeah?” he asked, and before he knew it, my lips were crashing into his. After a moment, I pulled away.

“Thanks for sharing your ice cream,” I smiled before running into the house. 

Life Updates

1. Met new set of friends from my current locale.
2. Last shift tonight! Can’t wait to be broke af.
3. Just kidding! Will start at my new job on Wednesday.
4. I’m back on track. Since I’ll be working on a normal time again, my eating pattern will be normal again.
5. But food is life so… this will probably take a lot of time and courage.
6. I’m still fat and ugly. Fagly.

Aside from these, I guess there’s nothing much happened lately. I don’t even know what to do with my life. My mind is still a mess and still full of What ifs.

7. Date me, please.

pianogem  asked:


(E) Give me four fun facts about your current special interest!

1. Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee have both left notes on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight desk (they have the same set designer)!

2. John Oliver was offered to be the new host on The Daily Show before Trevor Noah, but Jon Stewart adviced him (as a friend) not to because of how tiring the job is and because of the good place John’s current show was in. Trevor said he doesn’t mind.

3. Stephen Colbert is actually scared of bears. That’s one of the traits he actually shares with the character version.

4. Stephen Colbert’s wife Evelyn did not allow him to enter their home in character as “Stephen” during the Colbert Report era.

I’m not trying to call anyone out, but this reply I got on my “DO NOT REPOST” post is part of the problem:

“I get why you’re angry but when you don’t properly put a watermark on all your art that is big enough and in bright enough colors to see, what do you expect? It only makes it easier for the people to repost the art to claim that it’s not yours.”

Artists shouldn’t feel the need to paste ugly ass watermarks all over their beautiful artwork/creations! But many do or have started to because of reposters and art thieves!  This statement is BLAMING THE VICTIM, WHICH IS 100% WRONG. And no offense, but this is the EXACT reasoning reposters use, and it is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.  So, please educate yourselves before you start whining about how artists ‘should know better’ and cover their art with their urls 50x over so that ignorant little shits don’t steal or repost them.

Even if you don’t repost, you are still part of the problem if you think this way.


Last set for tonight! More will be done soon, but this is all I have to upload for tonight. I have almost 700 hoodies done, so proud of myself! I want to get a cute beach picture of my trainer soon, but I need to earn more money first. I’ll treat myself to something cute when I get all the hoodies done. uwu

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

Check out the pokeholidays tag to see all the completed hoodies so far (and all the ones yet to come)!