last selfie of the summer


Just some selfies. Tried on some bathing suits that I bought last summer but didn’t end up using. Finally comfortable with myself so hopefully I’ll swim this summer :). Not worrying about how to wear a wig while swimming helps a lot and makeup isn’t really a worry anymore either (yay laser!)

Also that red/black lace nighty I found yesterday in a bag of old clothes. That was one of the first things I bought in Feb 2016 (~4 month pre HRT). I fill it out a lot better now lol. Also looking at my pics from Feb 2016 I can see a ton of changes with my face and while I weight a little more now I look so big in Feb 2016 so the weight now is going into better places :)

i remember last summer basically the entire studyblr community posted selfies of themselves it was so cute but i chickened out idk if i should post one a year late so yall can see my face