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Peter Parker telling you he’s Spider-Man

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//Can you do a “peter telling you he’s spider-man” to the reader where they’re best friends and just their reaction and such??? thx I luv your account!!//

“Is that a picture of me on your fridge?” you ask Peter, looking at the selfie you and him took at an amusement park last summer, “I look 12.”

He looks up from whatever he’s doing on his computer to give you an embarrassed smile.  

“Oh, yeah. It was the one time I bought a disposable camera and I was just at the store and, ya know, I thought I’d get them, um, developed. And Aunt May saw that one and just, er, she put it there.” he stumbles, shaking his head, “Was that believable?”

You look at him and laugh, pulling a pudding cup out the fridge.

“Not at all.” you smile while searching for a spoon.

“Yeah, I just had it on my phone and thought it was nice.” he mutters, getting up from the table to wash you a spoon from the mountain of dirty dishes.

He turns on the faucet and sticks the spoon under the steaming drops, staring out the window that rests above the sink. His head is tilted slightly to the side, his gaze fixed on something you can’t see. 

“You alright Peter?” you ask, easing the scorching hot spoon from his grip.

“Do you know who Spider-Man is?” he asks suddenly, slamming the faucet off with surprising force.

Your spoon freezes halfway to your mouth, his sudden flare of anger surprising you.

“Uh, yeah of course. He’s the one swingin around town saving people and stuff. I haven’t heard anyone call him Spider-Man though. It’s usually somethin like spider boy.” you say warily, stirring the pudding absentmindedly.

“Oh, I just um, saw it, on a…web…site email newsletter thing.” he says, his voice softer now as he turns to sit back at the table.

“You’re weird man. What’s wrong? Those guys at school bothering you again? Aunt May forget to knock while you were taking a shower? You lose your “Weird But True” book” you ask, trying to lighten his suddenly somber mood. 

“No, it’s nothing y/n.” he says sharply, banging on the keys of his computer harshly.

“Peter, for real. You literally went from happy to murderous in five seconds.” you laugh, sliding in the chair next to him.

“Just drop it.” he says, his voice softer now.

You peak your head to the left to get a look at what he’s doing on his computer, but before you can see, he slams it shut. 

“I have to tell you something y/n. I want to tell you, I want to tell you more than anything. But I can’t.” he sighs, his hands balled into fists.

“Woah. You’ve never not told me something.” you say, punching his arm playfully, “You’ve told me about every crush you’ve ever had. You told me when you wet your pants in third grade and I covered you until you got to the bathroom. You even told me when you stole that comic book from the store and I went with you to return it!”

“Yeah well this isn’t a stolen comic book y/n!” he shouts, slamming his fists on the table with sharp anger.

Your pudding cup slips from your hands in startled response. 

“What the hell Peter?” you shout right back at him, not understanding how he could have something so serious and not tell you, “I get it if you feel like you can’t tell me right now but I’m not gonna sit here while you get pissed at everything I say.”

He runs his fingers through his hair and groans loudly. The only time you guys have ever fought was when he wanted to do a Volcano for the science fair and you wanted to do something with mice. But there was never any yelling, just angry talking and throwing paper cups at each other.

He’s never yelled at you like this. 

“You don’t get it! It’s not that I can’t tell you right now, it’s that I can’t tell you ever y/n!” he yells through clenched teeth, pacing the dining room back and forth.

“Why not Peter?” you yell back, confused and exasperated.

“Because you could get hurt!” he cries, his voice cracking.

He turns around sharply to face you, grabbing both your shoulders and pulling you close to him.

“You’re my best friend in the entire universe y/n. I can’t imagine a world where you’re not in it. If something ever happened to you…I…I wouldn’t make it okay? I just wouldn’t be able to keep going if you weren’t there.” he sighs, pulling you against him in a strong embrace.

“Peter…” you mutter softly, pulling back to look at his face, “I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

“But…what if it wasn’t up to you? What if you got hurt because of something you can’t control? Because of me?” he asks, his voice turning more into a whisper with every word.

You pull away from him, crossing your arms across defensively.

“You’re scaring me Peter.” you sigh, the silence that forms around you somehow louder than the shouting from before.

“I’m him y/n.” he says, taking a step towards you.

“Who?” you ask, your thoughts muddled and confused.

He opens his mouth to say something, but closes it, then opens it again.

“I can’t tell you.” he groans, letting his head fall in his hands.

He drums his fingers against his legs while walking in tight circles. Everything about him is nervous and frightened. 

“I can’t take this Peter. I don’t know how to help you. I just…I’m gonna go okay? Call me later.” you muter hurriedly, turning to grab your book bag.

Before you can take a step towards the door, you feel something tighten around your hips. You’re spun around and tugged straight into Peter, his hands gripping your waist. You look down to see web like string attached to your hips, connected to Peter’s wrist. You look up at him slowly, your hands trembling in confusion and fear. 

His eyes are wide and concerned. They bore into yours, somehow calming your racing heart.

“You’re the spider boy?” you ask, your words more of a statement than a question.

“No.” he says with a small smile, “I’m Spider-Man.”


Just some selfies. Tried on some bathing suits that I bought last summer but didn’t end up using. Finally comfortable with myself so hopefully I’ll swim this summer :). Not worrying about how to wear a wig while swimming helps a lot and makeup isn’t really a worry anymore either (yay laser!)

Also that red/black lace nighty I found yesterday in a bag of old clothes. That was one of the first things I bought in Feb 2016 (~4 month pre HRT). I fill it out a lot better now lol. Also looking at my pics from Feb 2016 I can see a ton of changes with my face and while I weight a little more now I look so big in Feb 2016 so the weight now is going into better places :)


I got tagged by @dklem​ to show my phone background, the last song I listened to and a selfie! Thanks for that!

Yeah you can see a pattern in the phone backgrounds about the stuff I like….and yes I did the purple picture with shiro myself and I liked it

And Outro:Wings has been the song I listened to almost 24/7 lately bc its just so damn inspiring to work hard (like almost every song by BTS)

The selfie is from last summer and with mY LITTLE BROTHER LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS HE WANTED US TO DO THE PEACE SIGN AND TRIED SO HARD TO COPY ME AND CHECK IF HE IS DOING IT RIGHT I just have a lot of emotions about this picture