last screenshot for tonight


Meet Willie and Rayah, two more of our new character presets. The last screenshot is from our testing session tonight, which went pretty good. A few more bugs that need to be fixed yet, but nothing we shouldn’t be able to stomp out in a day or two. The game is looking and playing amazing. Mining, breaking into houses and guns safes feels good. With over 50 perks with some having multiple tiers I am stuck pondering the skill screen at night wondering what perk to pick! Leveling feels pretty good. Armor is totally overhauled, and works great now. You can just dig in and find ore now.

I know some people didn’t like A13. A14 is like taking the best of alpha 10 through 13 and making a nice smoothy out of it, and then fixing every bug known and polishing it all together for a survival smorgasbord. It is almost the game I want to ship. It just reminds me of all the fun we had making the game and really bringing it all together into a new package you guys are going to love. Look at that eye candy. Just look at it!

Oh and performance. The game is running better than it has in many alphas. We didn’t get the performance gains we wanted but it is much faster than A13. I’m getting 50-60 fps serving a P2P game with everything maxed out, where 13 I was only getting 30-40fps and lag spikes where it would dip to the 20s. Now its always running nice and smooth so I know we’ve made some progress.