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The time is the too fast. I do not feel at all like 40. But Princess Lilian always said it’s how you feel that counts

Happy 40th Birthday Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden! (July 14, 1977)



When Silvia takes care of Estelle, a friend with whom Silvia often talks on the phone, describes it as sounding like this: ’But, Estelle. No, stay here with grandma!’ Followed by, ’I must go, Estelle ran away’.


Members of the British Royal Family attended a Service of Dedication on Horse Guards Parade before formally unveiling the new Iraq Afghanistan Memorial on Victoria Embankment Gardens, London. They also attended a reception for those who served in Afghanistan. | March 9th, 2017 

FEifらくがき16 | Moto

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Avatar parallels: Siblings

You can’t deny it that this pic of Zuko being all sweet with his little sister is very identical to this promotional still of Seita and Setsuko of the classic Ghibli film, Grave of the Fireflies. Even zuko’s relationship with kiyi is similar to the one the two Japanese wartime siblings have. I think the artists who drew this still for the comic book based their drawing off this Ghibli still.

types of historical fiction i’d like to see
  • dumas: a french (romantic) musical
    • additionally: the french romantic musical in general 
    • additionally: gay george sand movie
  • exploration of the russian revolution that, rather than limiting the perspective to an aristocratic one and focusing just on the Last Royal Family™, interweaves several perspectives at once, showing the full extent of how shitty romanov rule was 
    • kind of like gloria whelan’s angel on the square but with more peasants
  • something that’s kind of like assassins except it’s called scientists and it’s about a whole bunch of cool lady scientists from entirely different eras
  • the ida b wells movie
  • gay victorians, an ongoing series about fictional gay victorians
  • gay victorians, an ongoing series about real gay victorians
  • every lesbian period drama scenario ever
  • non-linear, multi-generational exploration of how the nature of war changed from the start to the end of the nineteenth century, focused on entirely different, unrelated people who are all somehow tied together thru that common thread 
  • the mary shelley movie
  • shakespeare in love 2: shakespeare in love with a man
  • going back to war in the 19th century: #Sort Out Your Crimean War Nurse Priorities, or the mary seacole movie / documentary / literally anything
  • a movie about two medieval nuns in love, featuring lots of stained glass windows, gothic architecture, and catholic imagery, and yet somehow a happy ending
    • caveat: no weird male-gazey forbidden nun sex scenes allowed
  • a show about, like, early modern playwrights or medieval nuns or the russian romantics or something, except it’s comedic in its tone while still taking the subject seriously
  • documentary series that takes famous/important literary works and places them in their historical context
  • i already said lesbian period dramas but some kind of glorious theater rom-com featuring waistcoats and questionable love poetry and comic misunderstandings and happy endings and all sorts of gay shenanigans
  • something about the figures of transgressive soviet art/music/literature 
  • in case anyone’s forgotten: lesbian period dramas

When I say “I ship Tyzula” I don’t mean I ship Azula being a complete narcissistic bitch and controlling Ty Lee through fear tactics, I mean I ship two best friends who fell in love. Ty Lee is shown to be (arguably) the person is Azula’s life that she cares about the most. I ship Tyzula, I ship Ty Lee being there and helping Azula recover and them being able to have a happy life as princesses in the Fire Nation.