last roadtrip

Agent Carter - Modern AU: Road Trip.

Agent Thompson has been undercover for months now. He has been traveling with a van -pretending to be an affluent american man traveling around Europe- in order to locate roadside motels that HYDRA used as safe houses.

He suspects that something big is coming on - Three of the big fishes from HYDRA are staying in motels nearby- and call for back up. Director Carter decided to go in person to evaluate the situation by herself .

“Nice car do you have there, Carter. Being SHIELD’s director really pay off, uh?”
“Good morning to you, too, Agent Thompson. So, what is the situation here?”
“I see you are still all business and not fun. C'mon i will tell you every detail in our road trip.”
“It’s not a road trip, Agent. It’s a mission. And for the record, i’m driving.”
“Of course you are.”

“It’s very nice to see you again, Peggy.”

“You too, Jack.”

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I'm awake now and last fake roadtrip idea: on the way home Jack starts out the drive and makes sure everybody has games/ music devices all charged up before they leave. Things go relatively smoothly compared to the drive up and halfway there Jack convinces Geoff to take over so she can rest. He reluctantly agrees but soon finds, to his utter delight, that everyone else sleeps the rest of the way home. His only trouble is waking them up back at the garage so they'll all get out

The vacation wasn’t so bad once they got to where they were going. The lads got out their energy and the gents got to sight see and they all got to be a little more normal for once. It’s Geoff’s turn to drive home, because even Jack is exhausted after a couple hours, and he’s dreading it. Soon playful bickering dies down into tired mumbling and then lapses into silence. Geoff risks a glance in the rear view mirror only to see a whole van of sleeping Fakes. Jack’s face is smushed against the window, her jar slightly hanging as she breathes heavily. Jeremy’s face is on his arms as he curls into a ball in his seat, expression hidden from view but his shoulders heaving with sleepy breath. Michael has his arms crossed and his chin rests on the crown of Gavin’s head as the brit is slumped against his side. Ryan’s chin is touching his chest as he slumps forward and Ray is passed out with his head in Ryan’s lap. It’s a rare moment of complete peace with just the highway, softly playing music, and his family sleeping safe and sound behind him. The next road trip doesn’t seem so troublesome to him anymore.

+love on the road ; a playlist for those moments in the car where both of you just enjoy the music and each-other. 

[twin shadows, the killers, jack’s mannequin, vance joy, andreas moe, last lynx, kings of leon.]