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Final Fantasy XV

Noctis: Cold, cold!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

Prompto: FREEZING cold!  Д ಥ )

Gladio: You wanna stand under that waterfall and let it toughen you up a little.  ( ¬_¬)

Prompto: I don’t think that would be good for my camera…. or me.  (・∩・)

Backseat fishing
Final Fantasy XV
Backseat fishing

A small compilation of some backseat fishing

Prompto: I’m all fished out and I haven’t even fished.

Noctis: Yeah, yeah.

Gladio: What? Can’t you catch us anything bigger?

Prompto: Man! Isn’t there anything big here?

Prompto: Wah wah wah~

Gladio: Now that’s pathetic.

Gladio: Puny just like yours.

Noctis: Hey!

Prompto: I was hopin’ to see something epic. A mortal struggle between man and fish.

Noctis: Talk about backseat fishing.

miraculous roadtrip headcanons

i’m not sure why this idea came to me but it did. (aged up because you don’t want four 15 year olds driving around france unsupervised.)

  • nino and alya are the only ones allowed to drive. marinette can barely walk in a straight line when she’s around adrien and nino is not about to let her drive his car. adrien only got his licence last week and can barely drive four blocks without panicking.
  • alya gets very angry very easily at idiots who don’t use the freaking turn signal oh my god. she enjoys honking the horn at them. nino has introduced a honk jar. alya owes him a euro every time she irrationally honks the horn.
  • alya never actually calls shotgun but she always gets the passenger seat when not driving. 
  • the only reason nino puts up with her backseat driving all the time is because watching marinette and adrien interact in the rear view mirror is hilarious.
  • marinette falls asleep really easy in car journeys and always brings a blanket with her because she gets cold easily too. adrien tries to steal the blanket whenever he sees an opportunity. he fails each time.
  • when she’s asleep marinette has a habit of stretching herself out in weird ways. on more than one occasion she has ended up draped over adrien. when she finds out, she’s mortified.
  • adrien doesn’t mind. in fact, if marinette is leaning on the door or window, he’ll gently pull her over and encourage her to use him as a human pillow. adrien says that it’s because he wants blanket access. alya says he’s deluding himself.
  • nino finds this ridiculously cute and is very verbal about it to the point that adrien goes red because it’s not his fault that marinette is warm and snuggly and her hair smells like cookies and she’s perfect cuddling size and shut up nino stop laughing come on.
  • nino and marinette are in charge of roadtrip playlists. it’s an unwritten rule. they have a ‘belt-these-tunes-out-at-the-top-of-your-lungs’ playlist, a ‘marinette-is-asleep-so-here’s-some-chill-music’ playlist, a ‘we-need-to-distract-alya-otherwise-she-will-get-in-a-fight’ playlist, and a ‘we-think-we-are-lost’ playlist.
  • unbeknownst to marinette, nino has a ‘holy-shit-alya-look-marinette-and-adrien-are-both-asleep-and-they-are-SNUGGLING-playlist’. this particular playlist is played way too many times.
  • one time they were stuck in traffic for five hours and adrien managed to teach himself how to solve a rubiks cube. marinette wanted to punch him because it took her five years to solve hers.
  • sometimes alya vlogs the roadtrips. most of the footage consists of arguments with nino over driving, adrien singing along to the moana soundtrack at full volume, and marinette and adrien fighting over the blanket whilst they’re both asleep in the back.
  • nino likes paper maps. alya likes google maps. there is much arguing.
  • on their last roadtrip the air conditioning in nino’s car broke so they had all the windows down. adrien ended up swallowing a fly and now refuses to roll his window down ever again.
  • there is a unanimous agreement that if call me maybe ever comes on they are all obligated to sing along, no matter what.

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I’ve been creating forest treasures for a few years via @pocketmoss and now finally have business cards. Never too late right?! Haha. Anyone remember the illustration from last year’s October roadtrip? 🌲🚗




Exceptionnal architecture. por mzagerp
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Himeji, japan.

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"We slept in the same bed for space reasons but now we’re just waking up and there’s something about your bleary eyes and mussed hair" for Lams?

John wakes up first. Though Alex has, historically, needed less sleep, he can sleep anywhere and falls asleep the second his head hits the pillow. John drifts in places that are new and strange, and the slightest thing will wake him up. He likes to know where he is. He likes to know where all the exits are, to have an escape route whenever possible.

So it’s John that wakes up when the very first rays of winter light are coming through the blinds and the heater clicks on. Not that he needs the heater–Alex is still asleep next to him, warming the sheets and the blankets and John’s skin. They both shifted closer to the center of the mattress during the night and John knows he should shift back now, but he’s going to let himself have this for just a few more minutes, just until he’s awake enough to know better. He wonders what it says about them that even with a king sized bed to sprawl out on, they still ended up close enough to touch.

He’d been a little disappointed last night, to be honest. Well, excited, then disappointed, then excited, then disappointed again. A roller coaster of emotions during those first ten minutes of check-in from the moment the clerk said they had no double rooms, through his clarification that they had a room with a sofa bed, up again when the sofa bed turned out to be broken, but back down once he remembered that it wouldn’t be a cramped double bed they’d be sharing, but rather a roomy king.

Or not so roomy, it turns out.

This whole thing has been a mistake since day one. Who the fuck takes a road trip in fucking January? Who asks their best friend and high school sweetheart to come with them to win back the love of someone else? And what kind of fuckhead is invited on a last-ditch proposal roadtrip by someone they once thought they were going to marry and actually agrees to the fucking thing?

But he’d do anything for Alex. It’s a character flaw he’s working on.

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A Roadtrip | Pt. (2/2)

Originally posted by jeonify

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Member: Jeon Jungkook

Words: 7k of pure filth

Synopsis: The title says it all. Jungkook makes your planned roadtrip to Busan a bit messy.

A/N: This is just pure filth, and I’m not regretting it for a bit. It has been a while since I wrote smut so please tolerate me jghgsjkfsjgk. Anyways, suffer with me, and enjoy the reading ;)

Pt. 1

You thought Jungkook being in your presence was already awkward enough.

However, being with him in one room, all alone, made the awkwardness even worse.

Jungkook put down the bags on the floor, before lifting his head up, scanning his eyes through the hotel room quickly. The room was neither too small, nor too big, with two comfortable beds placed in the middle of the room. The room had one window, but it gave a beautiful view on Busan’s beach, the white sand and the clear sea satisfying your own eyes.

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