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                                         part eight: the Last Patrol

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how and when the band realized they were in love with you ?


  • The two of you had been dating each other for a while, but the topic of ‘love’ never really entered Murdoc’s mind. He had never been with someone long enough to actually fall in love with them. In fact, he’d never been in a relationship before he met you, period.
  • One morning, Mudz had woken up uncharacteristically early. He wasn’t a morning person whatsoever, so he had almost turned over to go back to sleep, but then you caught his eye. There was something about the way you looked–something about how your hair was splayed out on the pillow, how your lips were slightly parted as you slept, how the sun coming from the window made you look almost angelic.
  • Murdoc knew he was in love with you there and then. He had never seen somebody look so beautiful before. He was a mess when he realised he had really fallen for you, though. Like, honestly–it probably scared him half to death.


  • You and 2D had been really good friends for a while before you started dating, and he had been in love with you for as long as he could remember. You made him feel the way nobody else did. It was as easy as breathing with you.
  • He realised he was in love with you when you made him laugh until he could no longer breathe and his stomach hurt. He felt almost euphoric in that moment, and he wanted nothing more than to hold your face and to kiss your lips.
  • He was incredibly scared, though. The last few people who loved him ended up cheating on him or doing something that really betrayed his trust, so he was very wary about his feelings for you when he first realised it was love that he felt for you.


  • Russel first knew he was in love with you when you both spent the day listening to yours and his favourite music. You just spent the day talking and cuddling with each other. It was complete contentment, and that was something Russel hadn’t felt for a long time.
  • You had been together for a while and, not wanting to hide his feelings from you, he told you he loved you right then and there.
  • Of course, he was quite nervous about being in love with you at first. It’s not something he’s sure he has fully experienced before, and new experiences are always scary, no matter how comfortable you are with the person you’re experiencing it with.


  • The two of you were out at the park one day, hanging out and having fun. You were both really close friends, although you both knew that there was something more to your relationship than just platonic feelings.
  • It was getting dark out, and Noodle had decided that the two of you should play on the swingset for a bit before going home. 
  • She fell in love with you when you were swinging back and forth, your hair blowing in the wind, your smile lighting up your full face. It really scared her at first, but she got over it quickly, and ended up kissing you lightly on your lips as you were walking home together.