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coolguyfresh  asked:

Hahahahahaha, keep people of color and gays safe??? Keep your own self safe, punk. Last I checked, guns are legal. You think my life is roses cuz I'm fucking white? Get fucking real. Stop being a bitch and protect yourself. This is our country; be happy we let you even live here and have the rights you do or go to China/Russia/Mexico/any non-Western European country and see the difference. See how well you get along in Uganda, you fucking bitch ass pussy.

I do not live in a country where guns are legal and since you obviously do I am pretty sure you and whoever else ‘we’ means have zero impact on my ability to live here or on my rights. Also there’s a pretty big overlap between keeping myself safe and  keepping gays safe. Wow, you are wrong on a lot of levels. 

I’m gonna block you now, I just wanted to take this moment to show off what a mess your post was. 

One Last Time? More like One MORE Time. Amiright?

I figured that the ‘One Last Time’ prompt would be met with plenty of sad sad angst stuff, so I wanted to do something a little more upbeat, plus my brain automatically went to Daft Punk so 

p.s I know this is kind of niche but if you like it you can buy it on a bunch of stuff over on my redbubble! 


Hey. I need some new blogs to follow. And people to talk to.
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South Park
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-the front bottoms, mobo, mccafferty, citizen etc.
Avatar the last airbender
Gravity falls
Star vs the forces of evil
Bbc merlin
Harry potter

Rick and morty

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