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daft punk discography appreciation: Random Access Memories (5/5)
released: May 17th, 2013
“The idea was really having this desire for live drums, as well as questioning, really, why and what is the magic in samples? Why for the last 20 years have producers and musicians been extracting these little snippets of audio from vinyl records? What kind of magic did it contain? Because harmonically the samples are just an F minor or a G flat, something not so special. It occurred to us it’s probably a collection of so many different parameters; of amazing performances, the studio, the place it was recorded, the performers, the craft, the hardware, recording engineers, mixing engineers, the whole production process of these records that took a lot of effort and time to make back then. It was not an easy task, but took a certain craftsmanship somehow cultivated at the time. ” - Thomas Bangalter [x]

flower cloak.

Life Of The Party // All Time Low

~ n e w   b e g i n n i n g ~

Naruto grown up so manly and handsome, and Sasuke now even more gorgeous(ultimate beauty), but SP style and designs ruined it too. Kishimoto messy quick sketches looks a lot better than movie itself, so I couldnt resist to color it and edit a little ^___^


NEW MUSIC VIDEO: All Time Low - “Life Of The Party”