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mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade

okay just hear me out here. So you know how Neil has this thing where he just… fixes people? Like, he started “fixing” Andrew and Aaron, worked on and became an example for Kevin. He even intentionally laid the groundwork for Jean to escape Evermore, and one of the very few scenes we see with Seth involves Neil starting to talk him through his self-hate. Neil starts doing this weather he means to or not, so how many people has he helped before coming to Palmetto state?

How many people are floating on a couple wise words from a strange boy they never really knew, all these years later?


Thank you guys so much for liking the post about what Maxwell’s phone would look like! I read through everyone of your reblogs and replies and I’m so glad you all like it!

So @juminhansome requested this one, the latest text Maxwell sent to the guys. It is really fun to make though I don’t think I can quite grasp how Bertrand would sound like in texts. Thank you for giving me ideas of what else to make!!

If you wanna see more of Maxwell’s phone, or anyone’s in general, you can inbox me here and I’d be happy to make some!

See my last Maxwell Phone Home (THANK YOU and credits to  @violetflipflops for this tag this is such a great title I hope you don’t mind me actually using it 😅)

listen, the first time neil replies “i love you too” after andrew says “i hate you” andrew is absolutely speechless, he just stares at neil with wide eyes, he’s never heard those words being said to him before and yet here this absolutely scarred, beautiful man, a liar, says those words to him in all honesty and andrew hates it, he hates it so much, and he hates neil and he hates this spark in his chest and he hates neil’s understanding eyes when he tells him that andrew doesn’t have to say it back, he’ll wait as long as he has to, and he hates that he is kissing neil now, putting every feeling he can’t voice into the kiss, he hates it, he hates it…

artemis is such a mommys boy. like. he composes a fuckin song for his mom which he sets as a specific ringtone for when she calls him AND has a slideshow of photos of her on his phone also when she calls him. what the fuck. also he gave up all that gold for his mothers sanity but like….a fuckin SLIDESHOW


ed is tall???????



-Between them rolled the unmistakable sound of a cat’s purr.

Obsession, Chapter 6

And so I finished! My favorite scene of the first part of the Tendencies series by @kryallaorchid. The last line was so good and what a great way to make a cliffhanger. I was in the edge of my seat in this chapter and had to reread it several times to fully absorb the weight of this scene. Damn.

Sorry for the lack of consistent between characters, altho i think by the last pages i found a comfortable way to draw them. 

P.s.: Now I will finally read Quiver! I’m prepared myself and i havent even spoiled myself because i want to be really surprised! ( be honest with me guys, how many tissues im gonna need?)