last post of the night then im off to bed

An actual interaction I had last night

Me: new rule. no more spongebob quotes in bed

Boy: :^) *opens mouth*


Boy: …

Boy: …yes Mrs.Puff

Noblesse vs Texts From Last Night

(mostly Muzaka vs texts from last night)

can werewolves and modified humans get drunk/high? probably not, but that won’t stop me

some of the content under the cut is not intended for minors because Muzaka is an awful drunk with no limits that’ll get himself killed by Frankenstein

Long post ahead!

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Assfhjhffdasadsgdggr I have some random bruise under my eye that looks like I got punched right in the eye??? And idk where it came from, my face was okay when I went to bed last night??? My bf was being annoying this morning, I got a really disturbing anon message on my other blog and when I told a friend about it they were being super annoying about it, like it was my fault someone decided to send that kinda message to me???

I’m so tired and annoyed right now I feel like I could cry.

anonymous asked:

Fam im heated so i been dating this girl for like 3 months she pushed for us to be exclusive so i dropped all my hoes and everything we cuddle 5 nights a week its serious im thinking bout marriage and shit but whatever she goes out with her friends last night and i guess she meets some nigga there anyway last night she makes a snap in the passenger seat while some nigga driving got the kung fu grip on her thigh she makes a snap saying "Kay im soaked" with the water emoji kays her best friend

guessing she meant to send it to her best friend and accidentally posted it to her story then she posts another one in a bed recording dude with his shirt off walking with the caption “round 2” so i text her what shes doing she says shes laying down bout to go to bed i say goodnight acting normal so i keep watching snap knowing shes lying about and hour later she deletes the snaps so i assume she did it accidentally this morning i ask her what she did last night she reads it no response. advice?

Drop her

this is worse than butt dialing shorty actually posted video evidence on herself