last post of the day guise



GUISE here’s the MASTERPOST to ALL the photo sets that i posted for deez vday cards  

Remember me?

The last fanfic I posted was in May of 2016! I started this in 2015 and it is now 2017. I really enjoyed this blog, but got away from it when I moved and started college. I recently went back and read some of my old fanfics and really do miss writing sometimes. 

The whole point of this post is to say I’m going to attempt to write on here again. Even though I work a full time job (16hr days omg help) and go to school. My inbox is full so I have plenty to keep me busy!.

Miss you guise <3

Here at Doctor Who Tumblr we ponder a lot of what-ifs. Like, what if we had our own TARDIS and could travel through space and time to wherever and whenever we wanted? What if we went on an adventure with The Doctor, where would we go and what would we do? What if pizza was a liquid and you could drink it through a straw? 

Fine maybe that last one doesn’t really make any sense. How about this: what if we got to ask Peter Capaldi any question we wanted, what would it be?

Well we’re not sure, there’s so many questions we could possibly ask, so we thought we’d throw it to you guise and see what you thought. Make a text or image or whatever-you-want type of post saying what you would ask Peter Capaldi if you had the chance using the hashtag #Ask Capaldi, and we’ll reblog some of the best ones throughout the day tomorrow.