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[3/] Favorite Films: The Outsiders (1983)

“You guys know what greasers are? White trash with long, greasy hair.”
“You know what a Soc is?”
“White trash with Mustangs and madras.”

Gilbert: Who left thier phone? 

Gilbert: No one? Fine- $5?

Arthur: $10!

Alfred: I’ll give you half a pizza.

Matthew: Wait, guys I think that’s mine-

Gilbert: Turn that think into a know!

Matthew: Wait… nevermind.


Gilbert: So, guys, I think we just stole a phone. 


I’ve updated my commissions info for the 2017 year, as well as changed pricing. They’re still open! (My previous commissions post was my first attempt, and at the time I didn’t realise how time-consuming commissions can be.)

Note: If you’ve already emailed me before this post, you still get to keep the previous commission prices. Otherwise these are the new and updated pricing. 

Sorry for decimating all my followers feeds with massive wallpaper uploads. A lot of good art books came out and were ripe for the wallpaper…ing…

As a little bonus here’s my personal favorite part of the Avatar: The Last Airbender art book. Them talking about how the toy people kept bitching that Aang didn’t have enough outfits to make toys out of, so they made this clusterfuck.

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You've mentioned a few times scenarios where Fire Lord Iroh has to deprogram Zuko. What would that even consist of?

Deprogramming really is a shorthand for slowly, mostly gently, now that he’s in charge and in control, forcing Zuko to think through what his father was and what he did, to Zuko and to the world, what he saw on his travels, and what the consequences of his father’s plans and ideals were. Basically all those things Zuko did for himself in canon when confronted with the extent of his father’s genocidal ambitions. Part of it is also a waiting game. Without the prospect of earning his father’s approval at last hanging over him, it’s easier for Zuko to begin to move away from his father’s beliefs. Also Zuko just seeing the contrast between Iroh as Firelord and Ozai and Azulon as Firelords would do a lot of Iroh’s work for him.


Okay so this was supposed to post itself right after the episode aired tonight, but something weird happened when after I scheduled it and it posted itself 3 times like, immediately after. And I tried it again. And it did it again. So I abandoned the project. So I had to wait after work to watch the episode (just finished it) and decided to post this anyway because I’ve been excited for this episode and I wasn’t disappointed. Also luckily I try to always write long posts in my notes first before copying it to tumblr. So here lies last nights thoughts:

I’ve scheduled this to post after the episode Aires [tomorrow] due to the picture being from a leak, but I’ve heard a lot of people guess this is a Gemsona. Now, I noticed a lot of people saying they would be upset by this and I was trying to think of why, and I think it’s because of the way they tried to promote it.
If it is only a gemsona, what about that is a let down? The fact it’s not real? Not a real character?
Well I say if the gemsona doesn’t play a big part in either character development of Ronaldo or Steven, or plot (which is probably less likely) than this “reveal” promotion was handled by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Which, mind you, doesn’t mean this was the Crewniverses plan, or that they even knew or had a say in the matter. CN is known for doing shit like this. 
There’s a chance that is episode is actually really important, and in that case, the gemsona could be important for some reason, even if it’s a small reason. Perhaps Ronaldo gets too into the Gems as if these are comic book heros, starts going fangirl, and ends up offending Steven by being insensitive about the past events, and who the Gems are as people “it’d be so cool to lead a rebellion" or “how awesome it is to be A hero!” (As we know Ronaldo’s conspiracy infatuation comes from a place of wanting to be the center of something, of being the hero of the story so he will insert himself).
I think this is where Steven gets most frustrated with Ronaldo, and it’s here where Stevens recent character developments continues from latest episodes. I think it will be similar to when he called out Lars in Lars and the Cool Kids, only with more detailed heavy shit that makes your heart ache.
It’s interesting that, In the leaks, we see that Ronaldo is at Stevens around dark, Steven is in his pajamas, in one picture Ronaldo even appears to be passed out. because there is a heavy emphasis in the show about Stevens astral projection dream-jacking ability, maybe this might play a part here as well. 
Steven already went into Lapis and Jaspers’ mind space, BD (assumably), Garnets’, Lars’, KiKi, so why not Ronaldo? Only this time he get to actually use the power? Perhaps in this dream realm, Ronaldo is his gemsona, who probably looks like Ringo tbh, and Steven maybe puts him through a test or shows him things.
This would be an amazing moment connecting the gem world to the human world in terms of a gem directly telling a human being what’s going on (whose not a child and main characters best friend/ parent). Especially being someone who is already trying to make the town aware of what’s afoot.
This is all my speculation based off of the idea that the Gem is actually Ronaldo’s gemsona. some of these things I wouldn’t mind seeing when the show airs, but just wanted to write my thoughts down in case I’m right or close and needed proof. LMAO.
I really really hope for a new Gem, but I find it hard to see right now. Though I’m aware Ash Burch Was supposed to be voicing someone at some point, and I really hope meeting a new gem tomorrow night is how this goes down, but I’m skeptical. I guess we will see, eh

—- spoilers below!!!!!!

So as we know, I wasn’t all that close with details, but I was excited for the character development for both Steven and Ronaldo, and Steven laying some truth on Ronaldo, AND the fact he will be now relaying more accurate information on his blog probably getting all his information directly from Steven and the Gems. That’s awesome.
I was wrong about how Ronaldo experiences being a Gem, no dream world, just some extreme Ronaldo-style role-playing. But he does offend Steven, and Steven goes off on him. I probably shouldn’t expected more of a resolve than I did, however I was pleased that it was at least a very in character moment Ronaldo despite it also being a serious moment of recognition and mutual understanding about the events through out the episode. Call me pleased.
Other notes:

-I’m slightly sad Ronaldo didn’t look like Ringo in this episode, or draw a picture of himself as Bloodstone that looked like Ringo. I wanted it so bad and don’t know why.

-I wanted to see the bloodstone design appear somewhere in the show. Did it and I just not notice? Did I miss it?

-I grammar and spell corrected this before posting. I probably sucked at it.

Bering & Wells - On the Run 29 (FIN)

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JESUS the tail end of nitw’s story goes in places i didn’t expect