last pizza

  • Person A: *pouts*
  • Person B: What?
  • Person A: *pouts more*
  • Person B: Talk, you idiot!
  • Person A: *tears up* I never thought I will have to say this, love. I never thought it would come the day that you will chose something over me and that I would doubt your feelings for me! Where was the time when you swore that you'd make me happy and give me everythi-
  • Person B: GODDAMN IT. FINE. Take the last slice, fucking hell. *shoves the last pizza slice to A*
  • Person A: *grins sheepishly* I love you so much!
The signs reaction after eating very yummy food

Aquarius – will have barely taken the time to savour the taste as they’ll be onto the next item, however they’ll definitely be the expert on whatever they’ve eaten and will happily provide any and all information that they have.

Pisces – will have a dreamy look on their face along with a big smile and especially if they’ve just devoured their favorite fish dish as anything seafood is at the top of their list for “yummy”.

Aries – will be happiest discussing the origin of the food, the fresh herbs and spices they tasted and how much they love exotic foods.  Then it will be off to another spot for dessert so don’t get too comfy.

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Draco's Bachelor Party [Part 2]
  • Draco: We have one beer and one slice of muggle pizza left before we head out to the strip club. Who wants?
  • [Ron reaches for the slice]
  • Harry: Do we have to go to a strip club?
  • Blaise: rule number 2 of Bachelor Parties: A Strip club will be visited: Deal with it.
  • [Ron reaches for the last beer]
  • Draco: Weasel! You can't have both!
  • Ron: Why not?
  • Draco: Man rules!!
  • Blaise: Men should never hesitate to reach for the last beer or the last slice of pizza, but not both. That's just plain mean.
  • Draco: [points at Blaise] SEE?!!
Dear Future Wife,

Please know that you’ll have me wrapped around your little finger. I’ll give up the last slice of pizza, the last piece of gum, and the last deep-fried wonton – to you, and you alone.
You’ll also get my jacket when it’s cold, and when it’s so hot that the backs of our legs are sticking to plastic chairs, I’ll share my last chilled beer with you.

When you’re tired and haven’t slept well, I’ll let you sleep in while I get the kids up and ready for the day. I’ll rub your back when you’re stressed, and make your favorite meal for no reason at all.
I promise to never watch a new episode of our favorite TV show without you, and that you’ll never have to ask me twice for a cuddle.


my favorite part about stranger things is that one scene in the first episode where dustin brings the last slice of pizza to nancy’s room and is all like “hey you want it?” because at first i was like. here we go. we gotta deal with the trope of a kid having a crush on his friend’s older sister now again. oh joy.

but no. no that’s not what happened at all. he doesnt have a crush on her. it turns out dustin genuinely just wanted to know if nancy wanted the last slice of pizza because he’s just a nice kid. i love him.