last photo in the spam


Took photos of my Tadashi while he wasn’t paying attention…mwahahah nice lighting bro <3  He’ll never find me taking creeper stalker photos—


….or not.

aka taking creepy pics of friends while other friends are doing their photoshoot 

Myself as Hiro, eugeneration as Tadashi.  He used that fancy camera to take last pics.

So last night on the shoe photo a bunch of anti Shaladins started spamming the comments with ‘Shiro you’re like a bother to me’ all at the same time. Josh Keaton actually responded saying 'Lmao y'all are hilarious. A+ commitment tho.’ A couple other people complained about the antis. Then the antis started harassing Josh and the others who commented. I don’t know if anything else happened because I went to bed. When I woke up the comments on the post were disabled.

anonymous asked:

I really do love Ryan for my own reasons but like 80 percent of his stans I've come across are so insufferable, like his more recent stans seem to be a lot worse than they were a few years back.

Like they were wondering why Stephanie, his vocal coach, deleted her last Instagram photo of him when they were literally spamming the hell out of her and flooding her DMs with intrusive questions about him like??

There have always been obnoxious stans, but when IG bandom became a thing, the obnoxious stans increased tenfold. Daniel turns off his comments for some photos and Stephanie deleted her last two pictures of Ryan, and IG bandom still doesn’t understand that it’s because their behavior is totally repellent.