last paper to type

(I almost didn’t want to share this, but now I’m feeling brave.)

Every action has its equal opposite reaction.
Thanks to Donald Trump, our country’s fractured into factions.
Try not to crack under the stress, we’re breaking down like fractions.
We smack the POTUS in the press and don’t give retractions.
I get no satisfaction witnessing his fits of passion–
The way he shrieks and tweets, and dresses in China-made fashions.
Our oppressed citizens are frightened, wondering if they should cower,
While a Nazi runs the show behind the chair of power.
This prick won’t listen his citizens that loudly beseech him.
Somebody remind Senate that he’s got enough dirt on his back so we can at last impeach him.
Type up papers, Senators. Someone file the proceeding and serve it!
We all respect the chair, but that Donald Trump does not deserve it.

anonymous asked:

Hi Mike and Aaron, congratulations on your second anniversary. The years have corresponding gifts of particular types: First is paper, lots of money last year!, Second is Cotton, loads of undies this year? Oh, I did go teal on Tuesday and was so happy to be with you virtually on your anniversary. Many happy years to you from Ireland.

Thanks for the congrats message all the way from Ireland! It’s pretty cool knowing we have blog followers so far away that were #goingteal with us!! Our first anniversary, there was $$ involved but one of the things that he loved the most was every month the first year, I wrote him letters on my feelings of how I was feelings about him being my husband, and I put them in a book type of format. He still tells me he still goes back and reads that and loves every letter I wrote him. This yeah, the cotton, there are definitely underwear involved with his gift this weekend! Not that we’ll have them on long! 😜 thanks again!! I love my blog followers!! 💙