last outlaw


regina mills appreciation week; (day four) favorite happy scene → ice cream run.

Imagine doing a favour for the club

A sudden stream of light woke you from your sleeping state. The sound of raspy voices didn’t stop you from clouding yourself in the warmth of your sheets. You didn’t know what time it was. You didn’t care. Last night you’d worked late and planned to sleep the entire day. Ice bit at your skin as your sheets were pulled off you. “Rise and shine, darlin’.” In a huff you opened your eyes and glared at the three bikers standing in your bedroom. You had become a ‘friend’ of Samcro ever since you moved to Charming. Mostly being affiliated had its perks…

“What do you want?” Your rage was spit in half a whisper. A groan escaped your lips as Juice threw you a hoodie from your drawers. The VP’s chuckle filled the air,

“Club needs a favour, babe.” You rolled your eyes and cast your hoodie over your head. Of course the club needed a favour. You nodded towards Chibs’ to greet him.

“And that would be?” You pushed past the three men to enter you bathroom. Swiftly you shut the door to allow yourself some privacy. A thick Scottish accent drained through the door,

“We need to get our hands on some explosives.” Soap cleansed your hands before you opened the door and faced the three men.

“Should I ask why?” Mostly, you were a normal woman, with a normal job, who wasn’t affiliated with criminals and didn’t deal in explosives… but when the Redwoods Originals asked, your entire being changed.

“If we told you, we’d have to kill you.” Chibs’ sent you a cheeky grin. You nodded.

“When you do need them by?” You lip caught between your teeth as you looked at the VP, specifically, the shirt adorning his torso.

“Tonight.” Shit.                                                                                                                            

“I don’t think I can-…” The packet juice pushed into your hand stopped you mid-sentence. You shook you head and pushed the envelope back into his chest. “I don’t need your money. I’ll get what you need.” The prince melted you with his royal smile as he moved closer.

“We’ll meet you here at 6.” You nodded as the bikers began to exit your room. “Oh, and (Y/N)?”

“Yes?” You rubbed your forehead.

“Opie’s out of town. We’re going to need your help to do the… Exploding.” You glared at Jackson before erupting in laughter,

“Get out of my house, Teller.” A smirk escaped the blonde’s lips as he agreed to your demand,

“Yes, Mam.”


Black clothes cloaked your body as waited for Samcro to turn up. You quickly checked the backpack to make sure everything was ready to be set up. Nerves crept under your skin, eventually flooding your stomach with butterflies. You watched out your window as a black van rolled up to your house. It was almost perfectly camouflaged with the navy engulfing the orange sky. Locking the door to walked outside to greet the MC. The door opened and you climbed in, slinging the backpack on the floor, between your feet.

“Got everything?” Clay’s voice was straight. He was ready to get this job done.

“Everything’s in the bag. All ready to go.” You felt the gentle swaying of the van as it began to roll into motion.

“Here, darl’, you’re gonna want this.” Tig handed you a black cap to tie your locks under.

“Thanks.” Silence filled the cab for a moment. You looked around to see who you were working with. Clay, Jax, Juice, Chibs, Tig, Happy, Bobby and Kozik. The perfect combination of men to get a dirty job like this done. “Where exactly are we going?” You looked over to Clay in the front seat,

“An off-road just outside of Charming.” Of course the Sons of Anarchy wouldn’t blow anything up inside of Charming or they’d have the local PD sniffing around their clubhouse for weeks…


Darkness secured the area. An old red house sat in the middle of a yard littered with dying grass and old rubbish. “You ready, sweetheart?” Tig squeezed your shoulder.

“Let’s get the job done.” The MC guided you into the house. Instantly, stale air filled your lungs as you looked around.

“We’ll get out the shipment of guns while you set up.” So they were thieving a load of guns from another… Gang? You set your backpack down and pulled out the equipment.

“You sure you’re ready for this?” You laughed and looked up at Kozik.

“Do not underestimate me.” He smirked, putting his hands up in defence,

“I won’t.” Your fingers began to play with wires while Samcro carried out their illegal shipment.

“Need any help?” You looked up to Juice as his tower stood strongly above you. You smiled,

“Take these wires over there and lay them down.” Juice’s hands were rough when they grazed yours. The hands of a hard worker. You continued to play with wires and lay them amongst peeling paint and rotten floor boards.

“Okay.” You stood up and admired your artwork, checking to make sure everything was exactly where it needed to be. “This place is ready to blow.” You looked over to Clay for his confirmation.

“Alright. Let’s get it done.” You followed the MC into the cold outside air and watched as Happy and Bobby placed one last box of guns into the back of the van. Out of your backpack you pulled out a remote. “Blow this place up, kid.” Feet pounded on the earth as you all began to ran back to the van. Once your finger pushed the button a swarm of heat clouded the area…


You groaned as your curtains were pulled back to reveal the aching light of the sun. You were exhausted from last night. The adrenalin rush that had powered through your body made you wish you were dead today. Slowly, you opened your eyes and looked up to see a goofy grin and a Puerto-Rican beauty. “You really have to stop waking me up like this.” His chuckle was warm. Juice gently sat on the end of your bed as you sat up.

“The club wanted to thank you for your help last night.” Juice gently laid a small envelop in your hands.

“Thanks.” You looked at it before placing it on your bed-side table. “I actually had a lot fun playing outlaw last night.” You bit your lip as you watched Juice’s eyes lingering on you.

“Do you know what’s better than playing outlaw?” You smirked and ‘innocently’ shook your head.

“Educate me.” You leaned forward as you crawled over to the outlaw, landing right next to him.

“Screwing an outlaw.” You laughed as Juice scooped you up in his arms and lay you back onto your bed.