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Full Of Surprises {Reader Insert}

Imagine: A clumsy little Amity girl stumbles her way into the Dauntless foundation, and to everyone’s surprise, is pretty damn good. So good in fact, that she catches her leader’s eye.

Summary: {Y/N} has worked hard since the Choosing Ceremony, fighting her way to the top with unexpected skill. When the night comes for a game of Capture the Flag, she has a little one on one time with Eric. With victory in hand, it’s that moment he realises that this little farm girl could be the initiate he’s been waiting for.

Request?: Yes! A lovely little nonny requested a Eric x amity!reader. Where Eric thinks the reader will be a total fail, but ends up top of her class. I kept out the ‘maybe some smut at the end’, just to take a break from writing it and to space it out on this blog. Hope it’s okay.

Word Count: 2595

Taglist: Let me know if you want to be tagged in any/particular pieces.

Disclaimer: The gif is not mine, credits to the used that made it. I do not own the Divergent characters, credits to the writers and producers of the series. In this, I’m more of going off the books in regard to the boys’ ages. So, it’s the year before Tris transferred, both of them being seventeen whilst the reader is of course sixteen.

A/N: I am really happy with this! I hope you are too. There is some sass, some baddassary, and of course there is fluff. And I just love Eric, so much, and this was so fun to write. Enjoy, my little bookworms 🖤

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Lazy Day(Lafayette X Reader)


Request Queue

Requests- “Lafayette x reader where they are playing video games and the reader keeps beating Laf and he gets annoyed but it’s all cute and stuff?”

“Hi friend!! I highkey just creep on your blog because it’s so lit. And your Lin Sin is like the best thing I’ve ever read. You rock. I was wondering if I could request a fic with the main French nerd Lafayette and his girlfriend being cute little needs together and watching cartoons? You’re awesome!”

A/N- (Basically reader teaches Laf how to take a break and fuckin relax.) 

Words-1,111 (that’s so satisfying) 

Your eyes fluttered open slowly, barely registering the fact that you were awake. Your blurry vision cleared and you focused up at the ceiling of your bedroom. As you rolled onto your side, your muscles groaned in protest, straining against the now new and unfamiliar movement. 

You didn’t expect to see your boyfriend lying in bed next to you. He was usually up at the break of day, jogging or working or just being more productive than you in general. 

“Laf, do you feel okay?” you whispered, placing the back of your hand against his cheek and forehead. 

“Mhm. Amazing.” he hummed, his eyes still closed.

“Why aren’t you out saving the world?” you joked.  He sighed and wrapped his arm around you loosely.  

“Because I want to be with you, ma cherie.” he said plainly. You grinned and pushed some loose curls out of his face. He finally opened his eyes all the way, taking your hand and kissing the spot where it met your wrist. “So, amour, how do you start a day where your intent is to do nothing?”  You laughed. His comment wasn’t meant to be offensive, but it could have so easily been taken that way.

“Well,” You scooted your body closer to his. “I usually like to stay in bed for awhile after I wake up. Enjoy the silence. Let your mind clear. Namiste and all that.” you explained. 

Your boyfriend nodded in understanding. “Yes. What is this ‘namiste’ you speak of?” he asked seriously. 

You giggled and snuggled up to him. “Don’t worry about it.” You pushed your head into your favorite spot. The crook of his neck so that his chin rested on your head. 

You laid there with him for probably an hour, drifting in and out of a dreamlike state. You concentrated on the sound of his breathing. It was the most soothing sound in the world. It let you know that he was alive beside you. 

You took one last deep sigh and rolled away from him. You stood up off the bed and started walking to the bathroom. 

You were brushing your teeth when Lafayette came in and wrapped his arms around your waist. You smiled and bent down to rinse out your mouth. Lafayette rested his forehead on your shoulder

“Feeling guilty for not working, already?” you asked, patting the poof of hair on top of his head. He pouted and gave a nod. You rolled your eyes. “C’mon.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him into your kitchen. You took out two bowl and two spoons. You opened up the pantry and started to reach for the cereal. You stood on your tip toes and strained your muscles. Your fingers grazed the cereal box you were aiming for, but they only pushed it further back. 

Lafayette chuckled from behind you. You saw his arm reach over your head as his hand went to your waist. He brought the cereal down to your height and you pulled it away from him. 

“Couldn’t have helped me earlier?” you taunted. You walked past him to the counter where the bowls waited. 

Désolé, I was staring at your ass.” You heard the smacking sounded before you felt it as Lafayette lightly slapped your backside. You turned to glare at him, but he just smiled innocently. You poured the cereal and walked  to the couch in front of your TV. 

Lafayette sat beside you, and you handed him the cold cereal bowl. He gave you a bemused look, but took it from you nonetheless. You turned on your smart TV and went to Netflix. As soon as the movie titles appeared you selected Young Justice. 

Lafayette gave you questioning look. You picked up your cereal bowl and leaned back against the couch cushions with a satisfied expression on your face. 

A few hours later you found yourself laying on the couch with your back pressed against your boyfriend’s chest. One of his hands lay lazily on your hip, tracing along the bone there. His other hand slowly twirled strands of your hair.  

It was becoming harder and harder for you to keep your eyes open. The same seemed to be true for Lafayette. Eventually, you stopped fighting it and fell asleep cuddled against the love of your life. 

You didn’t know how long you had napped with Lafayette, but he’d definitely woken before you. When you opened your eyes, he was staring down at you lovingly. 

“Having fun?” you laughed. His nodded and dipped his head down to kiss you. 

“I love you, ma cheri.” he murmured against your lips. 

“I love you too.” you whispered back. Lafayette kissed you once more before sitting up. 

“What do we do know?” he said eagerly. 

“Whatever you want.” you insisted. “It’s your day to do you things.” 

You felt a pang of sadness at your boyfriend’s genuinely confused expression. He worked so hard that he barely grasped the concept of leisure activities. 

“What do you like to do for fun?” you asked. 

He smirked. “You, usually.” 

You hit him in the arm with a pillow. “You’re the worst.” you groaned. Lafayette smiled and let his eyes wander around the TV room. 

“Halo?” he asked carefully. You nodded. 

“Perfect! It’s something pointlessly fun.” You grinned. Lafayette’s face dropped. 

“It is not pointless. It is war.” 

Three hours later and you had beaten your boyfriend almost every game. 

“How do you do that?” he asked, his jaw slack. 

You shrugged. “I play with Herc a lot.” You dug your spoon into the gallon of ice cream that sat between the two of you.

“Zat is ridiculous! When do you have time to play with him?” Laf furrowed his brow. 

“When you’re working.” you said nonchalantly. The moment the words left your mouth you wished you could take them back. Guilt pushed its way into Laf’s expression. 

“Oh…” he said. 

“No Laf’s it’s not like that! It’s-”

Non. I know. I work too hard. I don’t spend enough time with you.” he said sadly. 

“Laf,” you put your fingers under his chin and made him meet your gaze. “I understand that you have to work more than I do. It’s fine.” 

“It’s not fine!” he insisted. “I want you to know I care about you!” 

“I know you care about my Lafayette.” You leaned over kissed him. “And as long as I get days like this, I’ll be just fine.” you finished. 

Lafayette smiled at you, his hand grazed over you cheek lightly. 

“I don’t deserve you.” he commented. You smirked. 

“You’re right; you don’t.” you joked. 

Lafayette grinned and pulled you in to kiss him again. 

Draco Malfoy Imagine - Is Somebody A Bit Jealous?

A/N: I know I haven’t updated in forever and I really don’t have an excuse, I just haven’t had any creative writing ideas. But the Cursed Child is making me a feel a type of way so here is a fluffy Draco imagine. Also, I think I am in love with Scorpius Malfoy. And requests are still open.

Request: Hey, can I request 2 imagines using the prompt #5. “Is somebody a bit jealous?” With Draco Malfoy

Prompt 5. “Is somebody a bit jealous?”

“And there goes Chambers with the Quaffle… and he goes to score… oh, another great save from Y/L/N! She has been on fire this whole match, she hasn’t let one quaffle in at all.”

You had just saved another Quaffle. Like Smith had said, you hadn’t let one Quaffle in at all this match. You didn’t like to boast, but let’s just say, you were one of the best keepers that Slytherin had ever had.

As the crowd cheered you looked around the pitch for your boyfriend. He wasn’t hard to spot as his blonde hair stood out from miles away. You caught his eye and he smiled at you mouthing a ‘good work.’ You smiled back and brought your attention back to the game.

Slytherin ended up winning 210-150, Ravenclaw got the Snitch, but the fact that you hadn’t let any Quaffles in at all that game made it possible for you to win. You were very proud of yourself and you knew you should be at this now meant Slytherin had a better chance at winning the House Cup.

Your team all went up to you, congratulating you on your brilliant performance. People from the Ravenclaw team and people from other houses also came up to congratulate you. As the crowd slowly started to disappear you waited for Draco to come meet you so you could walk to the castle together. What you did not expect was Cormac McLaggen to come on the pitch and walk up to you.

“Y/N, right?” He asked placing a hand upon your shoulder.

“Uh, yeah your Cormac McLaggen right?” You said awkwardly walking away so his hand slipped off. Why was he talking to you? He was a year above you, this didn’t make sense.

“You were amazing out there love.” He smiled walking with you. Draco called you love and it made you sick hearing it come from his mouth. It just didn’t sound right.

“Uh, thank you.” You smiled walking slowly, hoping Draco would come and save you.

“You know, your Quidditch skills are beautiful, just like you.” He said smirking at you. Did he not know that you already had a boyfriend? And did he not know that that was the most cringe-worthy sentence you had ever heard?

“Uh, okay. So I have to meet my boyfriend, and I’m going to go.” You said rolling your eyes and storming off to find Draco. McLaggen was nice, but very creeping.

“Hello.” Draco said suddenly walking beside you. Startled, you said, “Merlin! Draco, you can’t just walk up on me like that I nearly had a heart attack.” You giggle gently pushing his side. He wrapped an arm around you and said, “Sorry love.” The nickname felt much better coming from him, it made you feel all warm inside.

“Well I would say you played very well today, but I think half the school has already told you that.” You giggled as he removed his arm from your shoulders and took your hand in his.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” you said as he cringed at the nickname, “but you also played very well today and your effort should not go unrecognised.” You said smiling at him. He smiled back shaking his head and kissing your nose. Draco wasn’t a very affectionate person, but when he did show affection, it was your favourite thing in the world.

“Let’s go have dinner shall we?” He asked as you started swinging your hands as you walked back to the castle.

After a big dinner, you went back to the Slytherin Common room with Draco by your side. There was a minor celebration going on, mainly involving the team and some of the seventh year students. A few of them came up to you to congratulate you and you politely thanked them. You and Draco walked to the dormitory steps. As you walked over Draco whispered in your ear, “Are you going up to your dormitory?”

“I think so, are you?” You asked softly so only he could hear. He nodded and then leant down to whisper in your ear again.

“Come back down at one o'clock.” He said smiling at you and he then walked up to his dormitory. You couldn’t contain your smile as you also walked to your dormitory. This was a normal occurrence for you and Draco. As Draco wasn’t too much of a fan of public affection, you would regularly meet late at night in the Common Room so you could just enjoy each others company.

You walked into your dormitory and greeted the girls you shared it with. You got ready for bed and laid down. It was still quite early, so if you slept now, you hoped you would wake up before one.

You awoke to a loud thump from the other side of the dormitory. A groggy, “Sorry.” Was said from one of the girls as they hopped back in bed. You sighed and looked at your watch to find that it was five past one. Oh merlin, you thought as you jumped out of bed and raced down to the Common Room. There on the lounge closest to the fire sat your beautiful boyfriend waiting patiently for you.

“Boo.” You said quietly sitting down next to him.

He wrapped an arm around you and you moved your body into his feeling warm and safe in his arms.

“Hello, love.” He said kissing the side of your head. You rested your head on his shoulder and stared into the fire.

“So, there is a Slug Club meeting tomorrow, Slughorn reckons he has exciting news.” You said after you a while. Draco scoffed and rolled his eyes. You lightly slapped his arm raising your eyebrow.

“The Slug Club. What a pathetic excuse for a club.” He said making you giggle. Draco was very against the Slug Club as Professor Slughorn just wouldn’t invite him to a meeting.

“It’s not that bad really, I mean, there’s free food.” You said shrugging your shoulders making Draco smile at you. “And plus, you’re just upset that Slughorn won’t invite you to a meeting.” You stuck your tongue at him as he shook his head.

“But of course, stupid Potter is in it. And that Weasley girl and the mud-blood Granger. And even Longbottom, I mean come on, he will invite Longbottom but not me?” He growled staring into the fire.

“It would be much more enjoyable if you were there if I’m being honest. The only person I really know in the group is Blaise, but I don’t think he likes me too much.” You said scrunching your face up in confusion.

“How come?” Draco asked taking his gaze away from the fire and moving it to you.

“I don’t know, I sit next to him but he doesn’t acknowledge my presence. And then everybody else from every other house hates me. Trust me Draco, it’s not that great.” You said looking at him, trying to make him feel better. He nodded and kissed your nose. Your family was very high up in the ministry and it was no secret they held a lot of power. This was why you were in the Slug Club and also the reason that Lucius Malfoy didn’t mind you dating Draco. It also helped that your mother was a Death Eater, but it wasn’t something that you showcased or wanted to pursue when you let Hogwarts.

You both talked for the rest of the night about random things and whatever came to your mind This was until your eyes started to droop and you couldn’t stay up anymore. You both went back to your dormitories hoping to get at least an hour of sleep before you had to get  up for breakfast tomorrow.

“So, I have news.” You said walking with Draco to the library. He had waited for your Slug Club meeting to finish so you could spend the rest of the day studying together.

“What is your news?” He asked taking your hand in his and raising an eyebrow at you.

“So you know how Slughorn said he had something exciting to tell us?” Draco nodded as you continued, “Well, the news was he is holding a Christmas Party and we are allowed to bring a guest and I know you hate it and all but I still thought it’d be nice if you would come and-”

“Hey, Y/N.” You stopped your rambling and looked at Cormac McLaggen standing in front of you, stopping you and Draco.

“Uh, hi.” You said as you heard Draco scoff.

“So Slughorn is throwing a Christmas Party.” He said smirking and raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m really excited about it.” You giggled as Draco’s hand squeezed yours.

“Yeah, he said we could bring someone and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?” He said, but Draco beat you to your reply.

“Sorry McLaggen, but my girlfriend is going to the Christmas Party with me.” He said furiously, venom coming from each individual word and emphasising the words ‘my’ and 'me’. McLaggens eyes drifted from you to Draco and narrowed his eyes at him. Draco narrowed his eyes back and looked him up and down. When Draco wanted to be, he could be very intimidating and you were grateful that he was there to save you from McLaggen this time. They stared each other down and with one last dirty look, McLaggen huffed and walked away. Draco rolled his eyes and started walking, dragging you with him.

He dragged you to the Slytherin Common Room, which was empty as everyone was enjoying the nice sunny Sunday outdoors. He dragged you to the lounge you sat in last night in front of the lit fireplace. The fireplace was usually always lit as it was quite cold in the dungeons.

Draco sat down on the lounge and you sat close to him.

“Draco.” You said in a teasing voice, almost sitting on top of him. You touched his face and held it in your hands, but he wouldn’t look at you. “Look at me.” You whispered and he finally looked at you and raised an eyebrow questioning your actions. “Is somebody a bit jealous?” You asked a teasing smile on your face.

“Shut up.” Draco said looking away from you.

“You know I was going to go with you, either way, right?” You said still  holding his head in your hands.

“It’s just, McLaggen pisses me off. Why has he taken a sudden liking to you? Not that people shouldn’t like you, but why him? I mean what was he trying to do yesterday after the Quidditch game? And now asking you to the stupid Christmas Party, who does he think he is?” He spat still refusing to look at you.

You didn’t really know what to say so instead asked, “Cuddle?” Stretching out your arms and removing them from his face. He shook his head and pushed your arms away. “Please?” You said pouting.

“No.” He murmured making you frown and look down at your hands in your lap. He looked at your sad face and sighed.

“Oh alright.” He said wrapping his long arms around your body making you beam. You instantly wrapped your arms around his and rested your head on his neck. You breathed in his fresh scent and then moved your head back up to look at him, still in his warm embrace.

“You saw him talking to me after the Quidditch game?” You asked.

“Yeah, why?” He asked looking at you again. You lightly slapped his arm, removing them from his neck.

“Why didn’t you come save me? It was torture to talk to him.” You said making him laugh. “But seriously, you have no reason to be jealous of him. I love you and not him.” He kissed your nose, his arms still wrapped around your body.

“And I love you also, very much.” He said as you lay your head back down in his neck and you both stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon, just enjoying each other’s warm embrace.

I knew she was cold when she kissed me while she was holding her drunk girlfriends hand.
Cold like 20 degrees in the summer.
She was black-haired and skin and bones. Sometimes I wondered if she looked in the mirror after she got dressed. She was beautiful.
I knew she was cold when she fucked me for hours, and then asked me what my last name was.
We were associating for months at this time.
I felt warm liquid rushing from my eyes, I was unable to contain the emotion that she lacked.
“It’s the drugs, babygirl. They’ll make you forget the prettiest girl in the world.”
She was weird, and she was picky. She smoked cigarettes, but her breath always tastes like mint gum or heaven, maybe.
I knew she was cold when we drove around for hours, she said she was on Molly,
But I didn’t know who that was. I listened because her voice sounded like silk.
She talked about music, she talked about her father and wondered aloud where he was.
Cold like three winters in Alaska combined.
I sat on the edge of her bed, while she read. I watched her and kept tracing her freckles,
While she traced my veins. This made so much sense to me,
She was cold and she ran through my veins like icicles.
I caught a glimpse of a blonde haired girl on her bedside table, and she was ordinary. Until she followed my eyes,
And the way she looked at that picture made the plain blonde haired girl so god damned beautiful.
She told me she was her past and I asked if I was her future.
I knew she was cold when she replied that she didn’t have one.
Cold like the month of November.
She liked train tracks, and she’d take pictures of the trains that came every once in a while,
I knew she was cold when she jumped in front of one last minute, until I was crying,
She rolled away and said “stop caring about me so much,
Stop wasting away into me.”
I knew she was cold when she kissed me like I held all of the galaxies in the whole universe inside of my mouth.
Cold like the tips of my fingers from tracing her veins.
She liked drugs, said they made me feel something other than nothing. Cocaine was her favorite. She said that made her feel everything.
She said it made her waste away into nothing, but she was skin and bones and I still thought she was everything.
I knew she was cold when she tapped on my window at 3 am and crawled into my bed.
She made me feel things that I’d never tell my mother.
She made me feel things I’d never talk to God about.
Cold like the drip drip drip of the faucet, while she’s sniffing white lines on my bathroom counter.
I was religious, she was not. She made fun of the five bibles I had lined up on my bookshelf.
“You believe in the unproven. You believe in God and you believe in me.”
I knew she had turned me cold when I took all of my bibles off of my shelf.
I knew she had turned me cold when it was Sunday, and I was sitting in a pew next to my mother, thinking of the way she fucked me.
I knew she had turned me cold when I leaned over to sniff her white lines, I wondered if she thought I was as beautiful as I did her while she watched me.
I knew she had turned me cold when I felt for her veins, instead of her freckles, I felt for her hands, but they were wrapped around my throat instead.
—  cold like my heart

Regina Harris
Convalescence Pt.8

Amelia had spent the rest of the day in a patient room, switching her clothes for a pair of scrubs soon after the vomiting incident. She’d been given anti-nausea pain medication and was now spending her afternoon watching horrible TV shows. When Owen entered her room in burgundy scrubs, Amelia couldn’t help but laugh, thankful for the source of temporary entertainment.

“Dr. Hunt, board certified neo-natal surgeon at Grey Sloan,” she teased, “What brings you here?”

“You’re not the pregnant lady screaming about pain?” Owen asked, feigning ignorance.

Amelia’s smile dimmed a little. “No, I’m not the pregnant lady.”

Nice going, Owen thought as he pulled a stool near her bedside and sat down. “How are you feeling?”

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Imagine: The Wrong Choice

„Oh you guys are together now? Wow that’s amazing.“ I said with a pained look in my eyes. I hope he didn’t notice. I knew it the moment she showed up that Peter would fall in love with her, Wendy Darling, the perfect girl. She was blonde and a lot more beautiful than I was with her honey brown eyes shining like gold. I just had to admit that she was perfect for him. They matched so perfectly. And I? I was just the kind of girl that was not special in any way. My short, a little curly hair, dark brown as dirt and my eyes a mix of green and brown also not very interesting. I realized that I would never be enough. Not for such a perfect boy like Peter Pan. When I looked at him it sent chills all over my body. How could a human being be so damn perfect. Messy dark brown hair eyes green like the forest and his lips. They looked so perfect and soft. But all that it didn’t matter anymore because I already lost. It was too late. I thought back to the time when Wendy wasn’t here yet. Pan and I were like best friends and sometimes even a little more. He showed me all the special places no one has ever seen before. He even took me to skull rock and told me about the heart of the truest believer. No one has ever heard this story except from me. When he saw me he hugged me tightly and long and sometimes he even took my hand. At night when I had a nightmare he used to look after me and sleep next to me so I could fall asleep again but I guess this all didn’t mean anything to him. As I used to be the only girl on the island he probably thought that I needed special attention. But now things changed. Wendy was there. He could choose who should be his lost girl now and obviously it wasn’t me anymore. Pan was already gone busy with ruling his island, telling the boys that they had to work harder and that they shouldn’t waste so much time on fights. I sat down on the ground and put my hand on my forehead trying to hold back my tears. The thought of them two being together felt like someone was ripping my heart out. The feeling of not being good enough, I was so fed up with it. I thought coming to Neverland would save me but actually it felt exactly like back home. My sister had always been better than me. She had better grades than me, she had the better genes and she was a more likeable person than I could ever be. And now it was all the same here in Neverland. “It will never stop.” I mumbled and got up to get back to work I didn’t want to annoy Peter more than I already did. I felt so unnecessary like I didn’t even belong here. During my time in Neverland I never had this feeling before. The lost boys quickly accepted me and so did Peter but that was over now. I felt shut out like a ghost. I walked to my tent to grab my bow and arrow and was just about to leave into the woods to hunt. When Peter saw me he grabbed my arm and held me back. “Where are you going?” He frowned probably wondering why I wanted to go away from camp so late. “Why do you even care so much?” I asked trying to look not too annoyed. “Because I’m the leader. I need to know where my people are.” He said with a harsh tone of voice. “So?” He asked raising his eyebrows in question. “Hunting.” I said with an ironical smile on my face trying to get rid of his grip but he wouldn’t let go of me. “So late? It’s almost getting dark (Y/N).” I rolled my eyes at him. “I’m not a five year old Pan I can take care of myself.” He let go of my wrist and watched me walking away. I just wanted to get away from everything. Peter, Wendy, the boys, the camp and especially my thoughts. And nothing was better than distracting myself with hunting. Because hunting means concentration and concentration means no time for thoughts. I went far away from camp. Too far as I noticed because suddenly an arrow was shot at me. I just saw it quickly coming closer to me and closed my eyes expecting the pain to hit my chest but it never happened. When I opened my eyes Peter stood right in front of me. He had caught the arrow and now held it in his hands. The person who was shooting at me was probably already gone. “See why I need to know where my people are?” He said with a furious look on his face. “You could have died (Y/N).” He stepped closer. “Listen Peter thanks for saving me but it wasn’t even necessary.” I said trying to walk away from him. He appeared right in front of me. “I wasn’t done yet. Why are you so mad at me for saving your life?” He stepped closer to force me back until his face was only an inch away from mine. The feeling of him being so close to me gave me goose bumps. I couldn’t help but stare down to his soft warm lips. I so wanted to kiss this guy .. But he had a girlfriend and still was somehow flirting with me and eventhough I knew he didn’t know how I felt about him it made me angry. He didn’t even realize that he was messing around with my feelings all the time. I got so angry that I pushed him away from me and walked off. “But I was.” I said without turning around again. I didn’t want him to see the pained expression on my face. I left him behind completely puzzled about my reaction. I didn’t even answer his question. When I returned to camp I saw Peter and Wendy sitting on a log near the fire. The lost boys were dancing around it, so was I usually but today I totally didn’t feel like it. I sat down next to Felix and tried to talk to him. While he was telling me stories about another lost boy who did something completely ridiculous today I was constantly looking at the two “lovebirds” holding hands, laughing and kissing. My stomach dropped and I felt like wanting to throw up. After a couple of minutes I just stood up and walked off. Leaving everyone behind in confusion. “She’s only having a bad day.“ Peter told everyone loudly. I entered my tent and started crying silently. This night I couldn’t find any sleep. Later when the dark night had come over camp and everyone was sleeping already I left my tent to look at the stars. Surprisingly it helped me to calm down a little. I sat there for at least an hour before I tried to go back to sleep. Totally exhausted from crying I finally closed my eyes and drifted away into a deep sleep with one last tear rolling down my face. The days, weeks and months passed and nothing about my situation changed. Except of the fact that falling asleep became more and more difficult for me. I started to develop nightmares and lay awake often. I kept the habit of watching the stars at night to calm down. I missed Peter and I missed the feeling of his arms wrapping around me. One night, I was sitting on one of the logs again, staring at the sky. Suddenly I heard the noise of breaking twigs and cracking leaves. ‘Damn’ I thought. I didn’t bring any weapons. I was totally defenseless. I whipped around to see who was there but I couldn’t see anyone. Suddenly somebody appeared to my right. “Peter! You scared the shit out of me.” I said tauntingly but too tired to actually be mad at him. “What are you even doing here?” I whispered anxious not to wake anyone up. “I was just about to ask you the same question.” He said trying to sound as he always did. Sassy and challenging. But his voice cracked. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything but I could tell by the sound of his voice that he just cried. “Are you okay?” I asked suddenly worried about him. “What happened?” I continued because he didn’t answer. “It’s… It’s about Wendy.” I frowned. What happened that Peter Pan, the toughest boy on earth lost his poise. “What did she do?” I asked feeling jealousy and anger forming in my stomach. “I saw her.. Together with another lost boy in the woods… just a few minutes ago. I asked her for how long this was going on and found out that she had seduced a couple of boys already.” “What?!” I asked in disbelief. “You can’t be serious Peter. I’m so sorry.” I said wrapping my arms around him. He rested his head on my shoulder. I caressed his back and comforted him. “What did you do to her?” I asked not sure if I wanted to hear the answer. I knew what Peter Pan was able to cause with his magic. “Nothing. Just banished her from Neverland. Don’t worry I didn’t do anything worse to her.” He said releasing from my hug. “I just feel so dumb. I didn’t even notice anything of that. This is all my fault..” He began and before he could go on with how bad he was and how he hated himself for not being good enough for this worthless girl I interrupted him. “No Peter.. Stop it.. Nothing of all this is your fault. You’re a wonderful smart handsome guy. She doesn’t even know what she has done to herself by leaving you. She’ll regret it the minute she’ll arrive at home. She’ll so regret it that she let you go.” I said not noticing that I was drifting away into rhapsody. Peter watched me carefully as I went on talking about how amazing he was. I blushed when I realized that I was still talking. “Thank you.” He said also blushing. “You need some company while sleeping.. like in the old days?” He just smiled and followed me to my tent. And we fell asleep side by side together. It was an amazing feeling to feel his warm arms wrapped around me and everything I have ever felt for him suddenly hit me so hard that I had to smile while snuggling even closer against his chest. And that’s how we fell asleep. Everything started to normalize again between us. We were even closer friends than we were before. Until one day Pan walked up to me. “Hey.. Do you have a few seconds for a little talk?” He asked me putting his Hand to his neck to rub it. Was Peter Pan actually nervous around me? “Of course.” I said frowning, puzzled about his behavior towards me. He led me into the woods and suddenly stopped next to a tree stump. We sat down. “So what is it that you want to talk about?” I asked not being able to hide my curiosity. He smiled and looked to the ground. Was he blushing? “Well you know (Y/N) I was thinking about us and.. We became closer and closer and there’s this feeling I can’t describe when you’re around.. Well I don’t know how to find the right words but I think I can show it to you.” He said slowly leaning in until something I not even dared to dream about happened. His soft warm lips touched mine. It was the best feeling in the world and he was so tenderly and cautious. We both had to smile because the kiss was so incredibly beautiful. When we broke apart he looked at me with a very happy look on his face but there was still something he thought about. “What is it Peter?” I asked worried about the answer he’d give. “I’m so sorry that I haven’t done that earlier. I just realized that I never wanted someone else but you. I just didn’t notice it until now.” And with that we were leaving the woods spreading the good news to all of the lost boys.


Hope you enjoyed.. I would have posted it yesterday already but I forgot my laptop at home *slaps herself in the face*.. I just wanted to thank all of my followers and hope that you enjoy my stories! The next one will be up soon (It’s a request) I’m currently taking requests btw just feel free to ask.

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What do you think would happen if Neil accidentally kissed Aaron instead of Andrew?

this is probably the crack-iest thing i’ve ever written omg i’m sorry


When Neil walked out of his math class, Andrew was leaning against the wall waiting for him. He always did this so they could walk to their Russian class together.

Today, Andrew was wearing a long sleeve black shirt, obscuring his armbands. That wasn’t unusual, though even Andrew had been wearing more short sleeves in the 90-something degree heat. This morning when Neil left, he had still been asleep, so Neil hadn’t seen what he was wearing yet.

He bit back a comment about how he wasn’t gonna be the one to carry Andrew to Abby if he passed out because he was too stubborn to change and got overheated. They both knew Neil would, if it came to that. But Neil also knew that Andrew was walking around under that shirt from pure force of will, and that he would somehow be fine. Andrew was nothing if not stubborn.

Neil just moved next to him, both pressed against the wall while Neil’s classroom emptied out. When the hall was finally clear enough that they could walk without feeling like they were in Eden’s on a Friday night, Neil moved to stand in front of Andrew. He just watched Neil with a bored stare and a raised eyebrow.

“Yes?” Neil asked, not touching but inclining his head slightly.

The other eyebrow shot up. “Yes?” Andrew repeated.

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A few years ago I was in Santa Cruz with the skateboard company formerly known as The High Five, and Jonathan Perez was doing this pivot to kickflip in a radical ditch. It was getting really dark and he had been trying for hours and once I got some good frames the flash was getting brutal for him in the dark so I stopped shooting. I don’t know if anyone thought he would land it at this point, in the dark, but just in case I set up a flash and pointed my camera at the epic crew of dudes we had assembled that day. Sure enough on one of the last tries before it was too dark he landed one and rolled away too perfect and the crew went nuts. I’m stoked I was able to get a picture of their reaction to this epic battle. I like to think that a photo of a big group of old and new friends freaking out like 6 year old’s because someone landed a trick is a good example of why we do this.

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OKAY, so I know you are NOT lacking in fic prompts to fill, but I just thought I'd drop this off for when you might have a minute to jot down a bit of it.... BELLARKE COYOTE UGLY AU! Clarke is in New York, trying to make it as a singer/songwriter and needs a job to pay the bills. Then she meets Octavia and Raven; Coyotes.

money for nothing, and the (blonde) chick for free

“I don’t need your money,” Clarke grinned, sliding the bill Bellamy had offered her back across the bar counter. “But I could use your help with something.”

As he asked with what, suspicion and apprehension filling his low voice, Clarke spun around and grabbed the megaphone, raising it to her lips, which were curving up into a smirk.

“Ladies! Attention, ladies!” She yelled, hopping up onto the ancient but sturdy bar. “Did I mention we have a last-minute addition to our list of specials on tap for tonight?”

The raucous crowd of women quieted a bit, to her surprise—who knew a small-town girl like her, new to the bartending scene, could command the attention of one of the hottest joints in New York City. Of course, it could have something to do with the cutoff shorts and extremely tight crop-top she was wearing, because that seemed to be working pretty damn well for more than a few of the women in the bar tonight. (And Bellamy too, if the heat lingering in his dark eyes every time he looked at her was any indication).

Running a hand through her messy hair, Clarke glanced at Bellamy, whose apprehension had slipped into stunned nervousness, and then at Anya, who appeared to be somewhere between annoyed and amused. There was no turning back, though, not with all the attention suddenly on her. So Clarke took a deep breath in, hoping and praying her gamble would (figuratively and literally) pay off.

“We’ve got a prime cut of man right here for auction, and the bidding starts at thirty dollars! Any takers?”

“What?” Bellamy exclaimed, though Clarke could barely hear him over the whoops of the bar’s patrons. “Clarke, what are you doing?”

“You just promised you’d help me repay Anya,” she called down sweetly to him before raising the megaphone up again and asking for higher bids. “This is how I’m going to do it.”

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How do you sum up your feelings about someone who gave you so much inspiration? About someone who did so much more for your heart and soul than you are even able to comprehend?

There was always something so special about Roddy Piper. The first time I saw the guy, I was a chubby kid with big teeth who got bullied in school, so when I saw this crazy bastard walking through crowds of people who were spitting at him, throwing things at him, and hurling all kinds of insults, and all the while, he was smiling… that did something to me. I remember thinking, “Wow, he doesn’t care at all.” He seemed fueled by their hatred. Their rage put a big smile on his face. He loved chaos. He loves inciting that evil in people. He loved giving the fans a bad guy for the good guy to beat up.

Even when Roddy was “good”, he was still just as bad and as crazy as he ever was. I remember when Roddy was on TV wearing a Hot Rod t-shirt and a kilt, and he ripped the leg off of Zach Gowen, I thought “Holy shit, this guy is something else!” To SEE Roddy Piper, you just felt like, “Now THIS is someone!” He was something else. He was other worldly. It’s bizarre to call the guy a legend, because he’s above that. There are plenty of legends. Roddy was an icon. He was a king. He was my hero.

Some days, you’d be watching Raw and the familiar snare and bagpipes would play and out came this crazy lunatic, far beyond his prime but as if anyone would ever tell him. He’s give the crowd that reassuring grin to let them know, something chaotic was about to go down. The landscape was going to change. I can remember many times, just hearing his music would bring tears to my eyes.

Now, the tears are there because I’ll never hear it again. Not like I use to.

Roddy was fearless. He was above any standard that anyone might have put on him. He would go beyond everything you’d expect him to, and he would take on the world if he could. As a performer, he was a God. As a person… he was a role model. He was inspiring. He made me believe that I had so much more to offer than anyone else had before me. When I met Roddy, I’ll never forget, there was a huge line behind me, but when I finally got to his table, he saw the look on my face and disregarded my attempt at a handshake and hugged me. I started to choke up a little so he dug his knuckle into my back and said “It’s okay. I’m one of you.”

We talked for 20 minutes, maybe more. We laughed about how I knew his daughter. We talked about why he loved Kentucky. We were cracking up together, talking like old friends. He would look into your eyes as if he was seeing a family member. He would hold you as if you were his own. He believed in every person he met. Finally, after gabbing forn early a half an hour, his son reminded him of the line behind me and we snapped a picture. I thanked him, and he scooped up a picture of himself holding the WWF Championship and the Intercontinental Championship and signed it for me. I’ve gotten Roddy’s autograph about 20 times on different things and I’ve only paid once, but that was before he saw that it was me. Anyone who’s ever been with me when I’ve approached him at a con or a show will tell you the same thing.

One thing that I loved about my hero was that once we met, he remembered me for life. The next day after we first met, I took my friend to meet him and he gave him a big hug. After they talked, he looked to me and smiled even bigger. “I remember you!” He gave me a big hug, kissed my cheek, and told me he loved me. That was commonplace for every time I saw him. Literally, every time we spoke, he’d give me a hug, a kiss on the cheek (or the neck, whatever was closest) and tell me he loved me. Before stepping away, he’d always say to me, “May all your dreams come true.”

In 2012, one of my dreams came true. I asked Roddy what it would take to get him to play my father in my upcoming film, Single White Males. He replied:

The next time I saw him, I approached him about it and he was more than happy to join me. We filmed the scene two days later in an empty restaurant, and man, I have never seen someone go from being just a guy to being a character so quickly. He was Roddy, but he was bigger. It’s hard to explain, but I remember just feeling that every word he was saying was genuine. He had such a strong ability to become what I needed from him, and when we were done, he asked me, “Was that okay?” I was nearly in tears. His performance was so perfect that I couldn’t possibly find any reason that it wouldn’t be. It was everything I had dreamed of. Before we said our goodbyes that day, he said it again, “May all your dreams come true.” I looked him in the eye and said back, “Roddy… they just did.”

When we had the film’s posters completed, I told him that we had a few and he offered to sign a bunch of them to help me sell them. When I saw him the following year at a Ring Of Honor show, he asked me how I was doing, asked about the film, and when I told him I had gotten into wrestling as a manager, he smiled big. “You’re like the new Roddy Piper, huh?” I must have smiled a mile wide because he cut me off, “Don’t go thinking you’re gonna be better than me!” He laughed and patted my arm, then he got very serious. “Give ‘em everything, man. Don’t hold back. Don’t ever be afraid.” We took a picture together, one of our last ones together, and I stepped away. As time rolled on, I got more advice from Roddy via different methods of contact. He always kept it real with me. I knew what was right and what was wrong because of what he would instill in me. I learned from him. I became better because of him.

Roddy Piper had that affect on a lot of people. He was great, but he made everyone else great. It’s so strange to me, because as a hero, he was always there. You never knew when he’d pop up on Raw, or when you were gonna see his name scroll across the screen right before he showed up to make someone else better. You never heard a bad word about Roddy Piper, from anyone. All you ever heard about was how great he was, how selfless. I’ve never told anyone this beyond my closest friends, but when we filmed for my movie, I offered to pay him, but he shrugged it off and shook his head.

He gave me everything. He made me the villain that I love to be. If I live to be 100 years old and I do 100 shows a year, I’ll work to my body’s discontent to ensure that I carry on the legacy that he provided. I have never understood the appeal of heroes, but the world’s greatest villain was mine. Roddy Piper will always live in my black heart, and every step I take toward and near a ring will be because of him. There will always be so much love in my heart for that wonderful human being. It’s just heartbreaking that he passed away from a heart attack, because he gave so much of his heart to every person he met. Immediately, you were accepted the moment you came into view. Roddy loved us all. I loved him back.

Rest In Power, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. You will always be my hero.

(so a post about kittens inspired a thorki fic) (I may have a problem)

Loki stood with his chin held high, newborn son sleeping soundly in his arms, his newborn son with pale skin and golden hair. He looked decidedly unlike his husband Thrym standing at his side, gruff, bald, and with leathery blue skin. He definitely resembled a certain prince of Asgard Loki may have had a rendezvous with on his last night of freedom before this damned marriage.

His father, sitting at his throne and giving Loki the most exasperated look he could manage, cleared his throat. “Well, Loki? Do you wish to explain yourself.”

“Not particularly.”

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Arrow Minific: Once Upon a Dream

Summary: Felicity has discovered a new love–and it isn’t Oliver Queen. 

[Notes: This will be my last fic for at least a week, guys! I’m going on vacation, so while I do hope to be around Tumblr when I can, I won’t be writing (although knowing me, I probably will, something teeny–I’ve got Olicity fever, y’all). But I wanted to write one last little fluff nugget before I left–semi-inspired by machawicket‘s adorable sleepy drabble (x)–because seeing our vigilante cupcakes cuddling up in bed is everything. :)]


Since they left Starling City behind, Felicity has fallen in love—deeply, madly in love.

Not with Oliver (or rather, not just with Oliver).

With sleep.

Years of constant coffee and adrenaline and an active brain made her think she was getting away with it—the late nights in the Foundry folding over into early mornings at the office into evening board meetings running long and back into the Foundry again. She thought she thrived on it, that she was one of those people who didn’t need much sleep to function at full capacity. Sleep was for the little people, not for MIT graduates and VPs at twenty five and vigilante teams and ninja hacker goddesses.

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