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Star has to go home but Marco says “I don’t want you to go.” like in the first episode omg…he’s crying though.

“It’s okay Marco! You’ll be fine… We’ll meet again! We’ll ALWAYS br friends, I promise.”

She packs up and fixes the house so that there’s no more towers or anything. its just a normal room again.

He wont even go in the room for the longest time. He decides that he’s being silly and goes into the room one day. There’s a little polaroid of them on the bed that Star wrote on in glitter pen.

“Thanks for everything! It was fun while it lasted, right? Be sure to have lots of fun every day, even without me! :) Love you!!! ❤ Star”

Marco wipes a tear from his eye…she put little hearts over every “i”.

Hogwarts Houses (Kingsglaive)

Here’s Crowe and Pelna as promised. Crowe turned out to be impossible because she didn’t get enough screen time (;-;) but I tried my best so let’s go.

Gryffindor. A tricky one, but what we see of Crowe, shows that she’s temperamental and even a little prickly. In the first scene, she even lasts the longest among the mages/sorcerors/word of your choice. Perhaps she’s just better at magic? I’d like to look at it as her being extremely determined and pro active. Speaking of this scene, when the retreat is called, Pelna basically drags Crowe to safety because she’s set on going to save Nyx and Libertus, not wanting to leave them behind. There’s also an air of confidence about her, that seems to come from the self and not anywhere else in particular. This is probably the weakest sorting I’ve done, because there isn’t enough canon to support it this way or that, but for now I’m settling on Gryffindor.

Hufflepuff. I was thinking he might be a Ravenclaw since he’s obviously a techie. But the parts of his character that really make him shine are qualities that I’d associate with Hufflepuff (loyalty, dedication). Especially since him being a techie isn’t really treated as a big part of his character. I actually remembered this post I saw made by @thebulletsofmusicblues about Pelna which really helped me settle on this one. On a first viewing of Kingsglaive, Pelna just seems like a generally nice guy. But subsequent viewings highlight how supportive and loyal he is to Nyx and the Glaive. I want to elaborate more on what I mean but I feel the post that I mentioned does an amazing job of explaining why I feel Pelna is a ‘Puff, so I’ll just hyperlink it here for you all. Click here
Also just to clarify this isn’t me worming my way out of writing for Pelna, I just feel the post makes some really good points and I’d feel like I’m copy/pasting what’s already been said.

Now, if there is a spirit of Marxism which I will never be ready to renounce, it
is not only the critical idea or the questioning stance (a consistent deconstruction must insist on them even as it also learns that this is not the last or first word). It is even more a certain emancipatory and messianic affirmation, a certain experience of the promise that one can try to liberate from any dogmatics and even from any metaphysico-religious determination, from any messianism. And a promise must promise to be kept, that is, not to remain “spiritual” or “abstract,” but to produce events, new effective forms of action, practice, organization, and so forth.

— Jacques Derrida, in Specters of Marx

Hey, it’s me. You probably don’t want to hear from me, but this is the last time. Promise. Just hear me out, okay? You and me, one last time down memory lane.

I’m sorry how everything turned out, how we can’t even keep a text conversation past ‘how are you’ and 'good.’ How everything seems to be tainted by some ulterior motive, and everything feels like heartbreak. But I don’t regret any of the time spent with you, and I hope you don’t regret any of the talks we had until 3AM or our friendship.

I hope you know that even though we can’t look at each other, I’m still here for you. If you call, I’ll be on the other end of the phone. Always.

I care deeply about you, which is why this is the last time I’m calling.

—  voicemail #1 // c.h.

okay pls let me elaborate on why i love “look for the force and you will always find me” so much one last time. chirrut and blaze’s relationship on based on trust, and this trust is absolute. these words, chirrut’s last words, are not a promise or consolation or some shit, bc they don’t need that. chirrut has no doubt that he and baze are meant to be together, he has no doubt that even death can’t change that, and he has no doubt that baze is gonna be looking for him in the afterlife. so he is not giving any promises, they are so past promises in their relationship; no, instead he leaves an instruction on how to find him. what he says is “we will always find each other, and i will be waiting for you, so here’s where you need to go so we can meet again and spend our eternity together”. i just can’t believe how big their love is and how sure they are of each other

Okay, let this be my last post commenting on YOI episode 12 because I just want to get these thoughts out of my mind already and move on to impatiently waiting for season 2 of my beloved Yuri on Ice.

I spent the past few days thinking about why so many people felt unsatisfied or even disappointed by episode 12 and I think I’ve reached a conclusion most of us can agree with: It didn’t deliver an emotional climax.

I don’t know if it tried to deliver one and failed or it just chose not to, hoping that the promise of season 2 would be enough, but the point is that there was none.

What do I mean by ‘emotional climax’? Like the kiss in episode 7, or the airport scene in episode 9, or the engagement and banquet in episode 10. Something that shocked and awed everyone at the same time, that amazing surprise, that big development that changed things and meant something but also that made us feel something. That positive punch in the gut.

And episode 12 just… had nothing like that.

I mean the pair skate was beautiful and I adored it and that last scene when Yuuri is running down the bridge in Saint Petersburg to meet Victor and Yurio was just as great and actually had me squealing quietly, but it wasn’t quite the level of what we’ve seen before.

And I can honestly understand why people feel unsatisfied. Because, in simple terms, we got the build-up but the pay-off never came. What I mean by this can be explained by what we’ve seen in episodes 6 to 10. 6 was a build-up to the developments we later see in 7, while 8 was a build-up to 9 and 10. Episodes 6 and 8 may have been less eventful in terms of developing Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, but in the end they were necessary and important for what happened in the following episodes. They weren’t all that satisfying on their own (this especially went for ep 8, I think) but paired with the events of the next episode, we all but forgot about that uneventfulness because it overall contributed to the amazing feeling we got once we hit that emotional climax (like the airport scene in ep 9 and the following engagement in ep 10).

Now, this is relevant to ep 12 in a few ways. Episode 11 certainly felt like build-up to something big, and that would make sense, I think we can agree here, we all felt like something big was coming in episode 12 (as is usually the case with finales). And by “something big” I don’t necessarily mean Yuuri winning gold or a wedding (though admittedly, many of us would have liked that). I think most of us though simply expected and were looking forward to Victor and Yuuri’s bedroom conversation, to them finally getting on the same page and understanding each others’ feelings. I think most us just wanted to hear Victor say that he wants to stay with Yuuri, even if he will no longer be his coach. I think we all wanted to hear that their private relationship is just as important as (if not more important than) their professional one and that just… never happened.

As of right now, Victor and Yuuri still don’t seem to be clear on what their relationship is and what they want from and for each other and we certainly haven’t seen them openly discuss it, despite the fact that ep 11 was building up to that and setting up that scene. So we basically got the build-up, but instead of the climax, the tension just sort of plateaued then began slowly falling.

I’m more than willing to attribute this to the fact that the ending was changed last-minute in order to accommodate for a second season, and perhaps the original ending did have an emotional climax to it, but this one just didn’t.

I mean, Yuuri’s flawless Free Skate had a climax of its own and I think it was great and important, but for example both Victor and Yuuri’s decisions to continue/return to skating were rather anticlimactic. They were relevant of course, but they sort of appeared and disappeared without really trying to move the viewers - they were mostly just plainly stated and the audience was left to somehow feel something from that.

At the same time though, I don’t think that episode 12 was bad or that making a second season is a bad idea. I’ve already said this the week before episode 12 was released but it was impossible to fit a satisfying conclusion into just 23 minutes. It just wasn’t physically doable. I’m sure the original ending tried to do it, but I doubt it would have succeeded either. It would probably also be unsatisfying in some way, but it wouldn’t even leave an option for a second season.

So overall, I’d say it was a good thing. Because a second season can give us character backstories (*cough* like for Victor and Yurio *cough*), and more character interactions, and more development, both in terms of characters and relationships, and an actual satisfying conclusion that wouldn’t feel rushed.

Victor will be able to return to his career, then properly retire when the time comes (rather than do so abruptly after taking a break), Yuuri will be able to get that gold medal he deserves (and we can explore his psychology deeper) and  Yurio will (hopefully) get more screentime and we will be able to understand him and relate to him better (and he’ll have more screentime which is always a good thing for someone that was meant to be a main character and then sort of faded into the background).

So yeah, overall, the ending of the anime lacked an emotional climax, that positive punch in the gut that forced us to feel things, which left many of us feeling a bit empty and unsatisfied. But at the same time, I’m not upset with episode 12 at all because it’s a promise of getting to know these characters better and of a proper, wholesome conclusion - both of these being key in a character-driven story such as Yuri on Ice.

A STEREK STORY (and delirium)

Do you remember when Scott thought that Derek died (s03e05) and he wasn’t able to heal because he felt guilty for his death?

Well, after Allison helps him to heal, one of the first things he says is: “Stiles, where’s Stiles?” even if there is no reason to believe he is in danger. It’s like Scott’s last promise to Derek was to keep Stiles safe.


I’ve always believed that (until season 4) it was Derek who acknowledged and understood his feelings for Stiles (Stiles was just…well…Stiles. Kinda lost in his Lydia world, wondering about his sexuality). Scott knew it though, like every body else in the pack, simply because Derek made it very clear to them

But he tried so hard to keep him away. For so many reasons:

1) Stiles is a “child”

2) “I killed my first love”

3) “people I love die”

4) Trust issues

5) He knows and respects the feelings Stiles has for Lydia

“Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are. Even Stiles calls her cold-blooded.”

6) He loves Stiles’ smile. And he knows how dangerous and painful a relationship with a werewolf can be.

But nobody can deny that Derek is totally in love with Stiles, because:

1) He makes him smile:

2) And makes him act like a baby (because he had to grow up so fast that he’s still a child in so many ways, SO BASICALLY WHAT STILES GIVES HIM IS WHAT HE NEVER HAD THE CHANCE TO HAVE):

(come on, Derek. No one believes you)

3) This little, defenceless human is a hero, a BAMF and he’s not afraid of him

4) this BAMF is kind and funny and brave and full of love

5) He dreams of him

6) no words needed 

7) Derek kinda freaks out every time Stiles is in danger


And then, finally, it looks like Stiles understands something (and, yes, it looks like our ship is going to become canon)

BUT…Season 3B. Stiles literally loses his mind (STILES WHAT ARE YOU DOING)

While Derek’s still totally and madly in love with him:

And the Nogitsune knows it:

But then season 4 comes, and while Derek finds a distraction (okay, totally fair)…

…Malia decides that Stiles is her mate:

And then Stiles finally gets it:

Because when you’re losing someone… 

…you understand how much that someone is important to you.

And how many lies you told yourself,

how many chances you missed,

how many kisses got lost forever,

and how many “I love you” passed over in silence.

But what’s meant to be will always find a way.

You can call it Fate.

I like to call it Sterek.

Dating Jonathan Byers Would Include:
  • When you first started dating he was too shy to even look at you
  • You kissed him first
  • He was confused at first but didn’t hesitate to kiss you back
  • You always playing with his bed hair because it’s so soft and fluffy
  • Sleepy morning neck kisses
  • Him taking pictures of you doing ordinary things
  • “Jonathan, you know I hate being in front of the camera.”
  • “It’s the last one I promise.”
  • It’s never the last one
  • Movie nights
  • Him falling asleep in the middle of the movie while you play with his hair
  • Random hug attacks from you
  • Falling asleep on each other while studying
  • Long walks in the woods
  • Taking care of Will while him and Joyce work
  • You making pancakes for him and his family because your pancakes are the best
  • Him always being shy around you even after few months of dating
  • Cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles every night you stay over
  • Him falling asleep on your chest
  • Hot make out sessions whenever you’re alone in his house
  • Him getting a boner and getting  embarrassed because of it
  • You blushing like crazy because who knew you had that kind of power  
  • Coffee dates
  • Driving in the middle of the night dates
  • You said I love you first
  • Him being shocked and confused
  • “You-you do?”
  • “With all my heart.” 
He Promised

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Requested: By some evil anon that wanted to rip out my heart. (Thank you :))

Pairings: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Scarif may be done for, but Y/N has a few last words for the love of her life.

Warnings: angST, character death, Rogue One spoilers

Word Count: 1,034

A/N: I don’t know what happened. This is that fastest that I have ever written an imagine, and I almost made myself cry?? This man is going to be the death of me.

This wasn’t happening.

He was the best spy that you had and even when he went away, you knew in your heart that he was going to come back. He promised.

He was strong. Strong willed, strong minded. He was supposed to come back to you. “Cassian?” you called into his ear piece. You had never been so grateful for them. You had thought that you were thankful after all of the countless times that you guided him through Empire territory, but now, you were thanking whatever god that there may be that you were there for him.

“Y/N?” he was out of breath. You knew that he had been injured, but at this point he sounded like he was floating away. “Is that you?”

“Yes, Cass it’s me.” You felt the tears streaming down your cheeks. People all around you were breathing quiet sighs of relief. The plans had made it through, you had just an inkling of hope again. It was exactly what the rebellion needed. But you needed him.

“I’m so sorry.” He said quietly. His voice was so soft that you almost couldn’t hear him.

“It’s okay, Cass. You don’t have to apologize.” The tears were coming harder now, but there was no way in hell that Cassian was going to be able to hear them. He needed you now, and by all means you were going to be there for him.

“I just want to say-”

“Don’t act like this is goodbye.” You said, the words coming out more harshly than you had expected. “I can’t handle it if you act like this is goodbye.”

His breathing was growing heavier. This was bad. This was very, very bad. You had been praying in the back of your mind for a miracle, maybe since the day that you had met him. Just one crazy miracle of your own. That both of you were going to make it through this. That you were going to walk out the other side with Cassian’s hand in yours.

But there is a reason that they are called miracles. They don’t come around often.

“Y/N?” Cassian’s voice called you back to reality.  

“Hmm?” you hummed, knowing that if you tried to form words he would hear the frog in your throat. You weren’t going to tell him that you were crying. You were going to give him one last grace while he was still in this universe, if it was the last thing that you did.

“If this isn’t goodbye, then what is it?” Leave it to him to make you laugh at a time like this. But it wasn’t a laugh that lifted spirits. It reminded you of the tension that was making your body seize up.

“It’s… see you later.” You said after a moment of thought. If the force was real, and you knew in your heart of hearts that it was, then you would be seeing each other again.

“I better not be seeing you for a long time.” He said, his voice still soft, but a new edge of determination had peeped through.

Of course, even at a time like this, he was trying to protect you. To make sure that you were going to be okay. Next to the rebellion, he cared about you. Sometimes he would lie and say that you came before the rebellion, and sometimes, you like to pretend that it was true.

“I love you.” you said, before realizing that you hadn’t said anything loud enough for him to heat you. The tears were coming in hordes now, and you had to take a moment to catch your breath. “I love you.” you said again, wanting to be sure that he heard it.

“I love you more,” he said, and you could hear the smile in his voice. Maybe that was your miracle. He was smiling. Not as big of a miracle as you had hoped for, but you were grateful for what you were granted. If the universe gave you a smile, you were hardly going to turn up your nose at it.

“I love you most.” You replied.

“Just this once, maybe let me win?”

It was the same joke that he had made countless times before, insisting that there was no way that you could possibly love him more than he loved you. He had taken his hand in yours, laying it over his heart. “You feel that?” he would say. “It’s all yours.”

You laid your hand over your own heart now, reminding yourself that it was still beating. “Alright, Cassian, you love me most.”

“Of course I do. All yours love.” You knew that his hand was on his heart as well. You couldn’t explain how, you just knew. “Promise me that you are going to-”

“Cassian?” Your heart was out of control. “Cassian?” You asked one more time. But you knew. It had only been a matter of time.

The blood was roaring in your ears, and you knew that there was no reason to stop the tears. They flowed freely, racking your body with sobs. You felt yourself shaking, unable to stop yourself. You felt helpless.

Cassian was gone. They were all gone. ‘Rogue One’ as they had named themselves. Their mission had succeeded, but what of those that left on it.

Every single one of them was never coming home. Never going to kiss their loved ones again. Never going to make a snide comment about the Empire, or cause you a headache with all of the whining. Everything they had ever been and ever could have grown to be, had just been obliterated.

You were spiraling down a dark path. One that Cassian would have hated to see.

So, even though you wanted to lay down on the floor and cry until you ran out of tears, you wiped your cheeks and removed your earpiece.

You had two options, you could have yourself a pity party, or you could get to work. You knew which one Cassian would have chosen. You had the death star plans, but better yet, you had something that only Cassian could have found a way to give you.

You had hope.

I’ll keep this short and to the point:

So I was looking on wikipedia for some information on what happened before WW2 (because I’m starting to mentally prepare for an even worse case scenario than the one that fucking happened two days ago) and I found this sentence on the page about the nazi party:

“Germans voted for Hitler primarily because of his promises to revive the economy (by unspecified means), to restore German greatness and overturn the Treaty of Versailles, and to save Germany from communism.“

I know I’m not the first person, nor the last, to make this particular comparison but it’s impossible not to draw the parallels here with what currently just happened in the US. You can literally just replace the corresponding words and not change the structure of the sentence at all and you’d get an accurate description of the outcome of this election.

Moving on to the second thing I want everyone to keep in mind:

Remember this scene in CA:TFA?

Dr. Erskine says here:

“So many people forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own.”

It’s one of the best lines in the entire movie.

Because it states in one simple and elegant sentence one of the most important ideas that one should keep in mind when talking about these sort of historical events: fascists hurt the very people they claim to “protect”, their own people, and I am still coming to terms with the fact that history is repeating itself before my eyes.  

What frustrates me even more is the fact that WW2 is one of the most studied eras in our history (if not THE most studied - just look at how many programs dedicated to this there are on the documentary channels, they’re everywhere!) and humans are somehow able to have all that information and detailed analysis at their disposal about what, why and how it all went wrong and got to that place, and at the same time completely and willingly ignore all of it and, worst of all, do the exact same thing all over again only decades later. 

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CP 14 Days of Love #13: Bromance

Day 13  of @softkent‘s Valentine’s Day Fic-A-Thon

If Nursey’s honest with himself, he couldn’t really have asked for a better Winter Screw his senior year. 

Dex, who’d growled demanded volunteered to handle Nursey’s date, had met him at the designated meet-up spot with Chowder under his arm. The smirk he’d leveled at Derek had been darkly promising. 

“Didn’t think it’d be right for us to abandon Chowder to an evening alone,” Dex had quipped. Nurse had relished, briefly, in the thrill of knowing Will had arranged this, had intentionally made sure that Nursey was here with no one but him - ahem - the team. Then his attention was pulled to the not so quietly moaning Chowder.

“I can’t believe Cait abandoned me! Our last Winter Screw, and she’s home.”

“Visiting her aunt, from Paris, who’s she’s not seen in like….a decade.”

“Away from me!” 

The rest of the night had continued in the same vein: the three of them wandering around, seeking to cheer up Chowder. 

They’d bumped into Whiskey and Foxtrot, Dex all but interrogating their dates, Nursey playing at stealing them. 

At some point there’d been alcohol and Nursey dragging Chowder out onto the dance floor to so that they could send Farmer snaps of them having a blast. 

Nursey had  checked in on the frog he’d set up to find the couple blushing adorably in a quiet corner of the hall. 

Success in interpersonal relationships (the genuine kind - the kind that lasted more that a year and beyond a shared class) was a relatively new feeling, but it was one he was beginning to get used to. 

Just like he was beginning to get used to the tentatively proprietary way Dex’s hand sought out the belt loops at Nursey’s hips, when he leaned in to let Derek know he was heading back to the Haus to finish his last final project. 

What he wasn’t  used to but perhaps should be after four years of friendship was a drunk and sobbing Christopher Chow.


Chowder swiveled wildly on his feet, swinging from Derek’s side to plaster himself across his chest, burying his face into Derek’s sweater.

“Devek!” Chowder sobbed, raising big watery, brown eyes to stare forlornly into Derek’s.


An anguished cry was the only response he received before his arms were once again full of adorably drunk goalie.

“Come on, buddy. Hey now, I thought we’d had a good night,” he chuckled, passing a soothing hand over Chowder’s hair.

“The bes’night,” came the muffled reply.

“Right. So, what’s with the tears now, bruh? Need me to call Cait?”

“Nooo. I’m a strong dependent man.” Sob. “I don’t need – I don’t need.” Sob. “I’ll call her later.” Sniff.

“Ok. So, no Farmer.” 

“This isn’t about Farmer! This is,” here Chris grabbed two fistfuls of Nursey’s sweater and hauled himself upright enough to level his stricken eyes at Derek once more. “About us! It’s about us.” 

His head fell once again, this time landing firmly against Derek’s sternum. 

“Whoa! Hey. Chowder? Chris? What do you mean ‘about us’?”

Perhaps, it seemed, Nursey had been celebrating his own success with relationships too soon.

“What do you mean us, buddy?”

“I mean –” Hiccup. “You’re going off to Columbia –” Gasp. “And gonna make fancy liberal arts friends.” Hiccup. “And – and — you and Dex.” Sob. “You’re going to – to – smolder at each other.” Sniffle. “And – and –” Sob. “You’re gonna forget all about me! You’re non-chill ex-goalie!”

The wail that followed that admission caused more than one of their fellow students to pause.

“Hey, Chowder, chill. Bro. I need you to chill for me. Deep breaths.” He demonstrated. Chris seemed to make some nominal efforts at matching him.

“Chris, bro - listen to me, ok. You’re not, like, expendable to me, bro. You – you’re my sunshine.”

Sniff. “Sunshine?”

“Yeah. You know, me and Dex may smolder, but you bring all the light, Chow. Always with the smiles and the enthusiasm. Reliable, warm, never blue for long. Sunshine.”


“Yeah buddy, I’d wilt without you.”

“So, we’re friend-friends. Like, keep in touch after college friends?”

“Yeah, Chowder, keep in touch, meet-up on vacations, Snap from across the country, text everyday. I keep telling you to send in your application to Columbia for grad school.”


“Mmhmm. Come to New York with us.”

“I like New York.”

Nursey chuckled. 

“I’m sure New York likes you, too.”

  • Ralph: There's something I need to get off my chest.
  • Jack: Is it your--
  • Ralph: And it's not my shirt.
  • Jack: A-Are you sure?
  • Ralph: Yes.
  • Jack: Because you know I could help you take it off.
  • Ralph: I'm positive it's not my shirt.
  • Jack: ...
  • Ralph: ...
  • Jack: Did you want me to take mine off?
  • Ralph: Why are we even having this conversation??

- So I guess this is what 7.12 consist of and now I’m just growing even more impatient, I wish 7.12 was 7.09 instead 😭😭 I really cannot wait. Not only is there sex but there’s also humor!! I’m about to put myself in a coma until March 5th (Also I got a little carried away and read the spoilers for 7.16 even though I promised myself I wouldn’t and now I want to cry even harder, it’s going to be a sad one)

Credit: the_walkingdead_spoilers on IG
(They have the synopsis for the last 8 episodes)

Bossy as Usual (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,942

Summary:  After your less than professional encounter on a plane, you find out your new business partner is Park Jinyoung. A man whom, despite all the reasons otherwise, you find impossible to stay away from. 

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One Last Dance


Steve Rogers X Reader

Requested by anon

A/N: Inspired by Adele bc she gives me emotions about exes that I don’t even have. And also I’m sad so I’m bringing all of you down with me. 

Dedicated to @thenightmarebeforebucky

Words: 724

Prompt: He should’ve asked her for one last dance.

Warnings: feelz man


He should’ve asked her. He should’ve held her in his arms, whispering promising words between pressing kisses to her forehead. He should’ve told her how much he loved her. He should’ve…he should’ve.

But he didn’t. And yet, he should’ve.

He regrets it, that much is true. He can’t stop thinking about his mistake either. The truth was he’d never loved her as much as he believed he did. And, he regrets that. Because he really did love her. Just not enough to ask for her forgiveness.

And admit his wrong.

And admit that she was his greatest treasure.

And admit that she was his anchor.


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Kitten Day Finale

Good evening folks. As promised I extended any kitten day drawing re-blogs until this evening, so be prepared for one last onslaught of sketches. Then it’ll be back to just the usual daily updates. Thanks so much for your participation and your patience, this has been great  ❤