last one of macarena for now also


so yeah I’m back from HobbitCon DREI and it was so amazing even better than the first two (yes this is possible). We had a little pre party on Friday by going to Pizza hut, the pool and then chilling in the bar. It was amazing seeing all my friends again and basically making fangirl noises every time one of our friends checked into the hotel and turned out to be on the same floor (PARTY FLOOR!). And then on saturday we had some awesome panels (PORNOBALKEN) and this awesome party where these elfies come from. WAAR IS DAT FEESTJE?! sadly my selfie stick broke that night (kaputt gemacht xD) but I took a lot of selifes the next days anyway (if I took an elfie with you pls send me an ask so I can tag you on facebook ;)). I didn’t buy anything except for the dwarfgroupphoto (after which I had to get out of my bofur cosplay because that thing was killing me). the only sad thing about Hobbitcon is that Deano wasn’t there, but he just has to come to HobbitCon 4! (which was announced shortly after Jed Brophy told me there was going to be one). It was great seeing all the actors again and talking to a few of them again. Jed now knows how to do the Macarena xD. I got a lot of nice comments about my Arwen cosplay, thank you guys <3